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Open Letter to Purina & Pathmark

Dear Mr. Pathmark and Mr. Purina,

My name is Cathy Keisha and I'm a well-respected and well-connected cat blogger.

Remember when Mi Bandara overcharged TW for my Fancy Feast?
You can bet she got her money back!
It has been brought to my attention by The Woman that, within the past 2 weeks, the price of a 3-oz can of regular Fancy Feast has risen from 72¢ to 83¢. That's an increase of 11¢ or 15 percent. I don't know which one of you is responsible for this but I'm not going to take it lying down.

As I understand it, the Consumer Price Index has risen by less than 1% in the last month, so a 15% increase is totally out of line. Is it corporate greed? It's corporate greed at its worst when it effects the cat! Hiss! Spit!

If Pathmark is responsible for this increase in the price of my Fancy Feast, I'm going to start buying online or at Shop Rite. Yeah, I know the peeps have already cashed in two of those Pet Club $9 coupons this year, but it still doesn't make up for your outrageous prices. I didn't ax you to renovate your store into some fancy-smancy place that no longer carries many of the products that we used to buy so I shouldn't have to pay through the very stunning nose for it.

Wonder if it's time for dindin yet? I'm starving!

Not long ago, the peeps were getting two cans for $1 in Pathmark and then they went up to 59¢ a can. The past few weeks, they've been on sale for 60¢ a can and we think it's a big bargain. Do you think when you take it off sale, people will forget that it was 73¢? In the past 3 years, you've raised the price 66% (from 50 to 83¢) while Pop's salary has remained the same. Something has got to give here and, believe me, this cat ain't eating store brand.

If this is an across the board hike by Purina so that I'll buy your expensive Mornings Gourmet or whatever the heck they are, it ain't working. I know what I like and I'm going to keep eating it. You didn't get me with the Elegant Medleys or the Cheese Delights or even the Gravy Lovers so what makes you think I'm going to change this time. OK, I did fancy the Elegant Medleys for a little while.

Unbeknownst to you, I've been cheating on the both of you. I've been going grain-free in the mornings, eating Soulistic Luna Tuna, Autumn Bounty and Island Illusion that we've been buying at Petco. I could switch to eating that exclusively and not eat Fancy Feast at all. Sure, I'd miss it for awhile but I'd adapt. It'd no doubt be better for my health. I mean, the peeps stopped eating red meat entirely over 30 years ago and they never missed it.

All this reminds me that I wanted to ax you exactly what the hell "meat by-products" are and why are they in my grilled tuna? Ditto the "artificial and natural flavors" and "added color." Cats are color blind. We don't care what color the tuna is as long as it IS real tuna and not meat by-products.

I don't think you know who you're messing wit'. My teeth and claws are razor sharp! I know I'm just a little ghetto kitteh; but when I have questions, you'd better have answers, na mean? So, why does a 3 oz. can of non-premium cat food cost almost a buck???? Someone is looking to get out of bankruptcy on the backs of the cats and kittens. I want to know who's responsible for this miscarriage of justice!

Perhaps its time to cash in my Mr. Chewy gift card, if it's still good. I've heard nothing but good things about their prices and customer relations.


Very truly yours,
Cathy "Stunning" Keisha

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  1. Happy Monday to you all.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. My mommie say´s it´s the same here in Sweden all the prizes goes up a lot but not what mommie earns at her job :(

  3. Oh, we loved Mr Chewy when we had a gift card there.

    And while we aren't exactly color blind we don't want artificial colors in our foods.

  4. CK, once again, you have written a letter which will be a service to us all. I don't personally east Fancy Feast (my peeps are too cheeps) but I do eat another Purina brand. The stores and companies rely on peoples' poor math skills* and assume they will not work out percent increases versus the CPI. Good for you for keeping them in line!

    *Don't get Mom started on math skills of her students! They couldn't even scale up a recipe she doesn't think!

  5. You tell 'em CK. I think Simba was right on with her comment too. THey think our oomans are too stupid to figure out how much prices have raised in a year.

  6. And you know what? You're paying extra SALES TAX on the price increase, too! What a rip off. We are customers of Mr Chewy and their customer service and product selection are TERRIFIC.

  7. Apparently Fancy Feast is now thinking that they are first tier quality food! They are not.

  8. Come on now CK, don't be shy, tell them what you really think!

  9. Mr. Chewy has great service, but they're also about 70 cents a can. But there's no sales tax and if you order $49 or more, it's free shipping. So still might be cheaper than Pathmark.

    It's about 50+ cents a can from Amazon with subscribe and save. Maybe that's a good solution?

  10. My human never looks at prices when she buys stuff. At least not until recently, when she realized that she pays more to feed us than what it costs to feed herself. She is not very good at budgeting.

  11. Go Keisha! Go Keisha! Rip 'em with your best shot!

  12. Keisha, you should run for president. And make sure all the kitty food is priced decently, and doesn't contain yucky stuff.
    I would definitely vote for the well spoken you!!

  13. We agree! We used to eat Fancy Feast (thinking it was good because it cost less) but then we received our coupon from Mr. Chewy and we tried the better quality food and guess what? We like it better and it's better for us. We now eat Wellness, Weruva, Merrick, and Avoderm (but only the chicken, turkey, and duck flavors).

  14. I'm with yourself buttercup, it's only going to get worse due to the droughts in the Midwest...corn...most cat food is made with corn.
    We also adore Mr.Chewy but prices are going up everywhere!

  15. If I understood what you said I would agree with you CK! I have discovered it is probably better to agree with you than not!!! love Austin>^..^<

  16. WE love Austin's comment but we agree with you anyway. The price of cat food is out of sight. I love that letter and hope that you really did mail that. We should all sign it with our sharp claws.Take care.

  17. If I were Purina, I'd be shaking in my boots. Cathy Keisha is NOT a kitty to be messed with! Send it to your local paper, your elected officials...make TW stand out on the street and get signatures. I'll be right here supporting you, from the comfort of my own beddie.

    xo, Katie

  18. CK, you are SOOOOO skeery! I bet those peepuls will send you a bunch of free stuffs just to keep themselves safe from your mighty teeth and claws!!! I mean, *I* think you're skeery, and you like me (I think).

    Yes, I am sorry about the Dreamies. I luff them because you sended them to me, but alas, they are yet another Kitty Treat whose allure is lost on me. I tried! I still have them, but I think maybe they should go to Aggie & Wally and Madie Mitten Kitten if it's okay by you.

    I can't WAIT till you get answers!!! XOXOXO

  19. You tell'em CK! WAY TA GO!! (Pee Ess: Mr Chewy is pretty pawesome)

  20. Yikes...that's expensive. We love Mr Chewy too and have gotten a lot of our food from him.

    Our Publix has this posted for next week:
    Fancy Feast Gourmet Cat Food, 3 oz can, 10/$5.90

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  21. Holy Moly! We pay $.68 a tin up here in Canada. Wes only get it once in a while, when Mommy gets it in the US on sale. We thinks we should boycotts them!

  22. Girl, that was THE best blog ever! Fanks you!

  23. The price hike are dictated by the retailer not the manufacturer. We love Mr. Chewy. Go for it.

  24. well my peeps aren't gonna give up meat...Dad is a total meet and potatoe guy...Mom could live on fish...but me...I am so gonna try some of those cans you mentioned from Petco...grain free...hhhhmmm..."Mom, Dad!!!...runs downstairs...hurry up and go to the pet store, it's almost dinner time...runs to get Mom 's, go on, I watch the house..."

  25. So you thought I looked pretty cute today, eh? Heh heh. Want to come over tonight and take a little snooze on my tower? We can play that harp video too. XOXOXO


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