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My Crib

Welcome back to my crib. Last week, when I showed you my kitchen, I noticed my hard food mysteriously vanished. I have some culprits in mind. There were comments made about the lack of food. I'll point out that my bowl was full before my guests arrived. I love company and I put out trays of noms so leave my bowl alone.

When you enter, the first thing you'll see is my perch, or as I like to call it "My Gym," because I get mucho exercise swinging off it and playing on it. It's situated it so that I can pretty much see everything going on in the condo, not to mention anyone entering or leaving.

Welcome to all my furrends.

Right in back of my gym is my main scratching post. I've worn out a couple of these in the 4 years I've lived here. You can't be too thin or have claws that are too sharp. TW keeps my coated rubber bands on front of it and I climb up and steal them.

My play room has tons of my toys. I even have a soccer ball.

My play room is right off the foyer. My tunnel and cat tree from Nips & Bones are in there as well as a cool scratching post that I inherited from Nicky. Notice the catnip plant on the window ledge right behind the tree. I never actually touch it because I like my nip dried, not green and leafy. I don't eat veggies.

I love jumping on the bookshelves, which are about 9 feet high. The picture below doesn't show the top of them but you get the idea. A lot of the time they're crapped up with decorations for some dopey holiday or another. Soon, they'll be full of Easter bunnies. Sometimes while TW is doing her crossword puzzle, I'll lay on the couch or chair and wait to be noticed. Or I'll hide on my "sulk chair" under the table.

I hope everyone is enjoying their visit. Hope you don’t mind if I get comfy.

The peeps say I'm an all-around good cat because I don't scratch "their" furniture or climb up the floor-length curtains. I did christen that nice Tibetan rug though.

I’m guarding my toys better than my food bowl.

You can also find my basket of toys in my play room. As you'll see, I have another one in the bed room.

That's it for my play room. Next I'll show you my bedroom and my secret stash of food. Thanks for coming. Please don't finish all my hard food on the way out.

Animal Olympics

My furrends have asked me "Keisha, just what events do you qualify in?" Well, I'll tell you. Jumping is my main skill, besides biting, of course. I can jump 43 inches straight up to the top of my cat tree and 49 inches from the cabinet to the top of the book shelves. While in the air, I can also perform twists and turns to fetch whatever the woman throws to me. My PetFinder blurb said I'm a superb athlete and they're right.

I won the Gold Medal in Pairs Skating w/BuzzLucas

I'm also going to try my paw this year at the triathalon. From the top of the cat tree, through the cat tunnel and into a cardboard box across the room is something I've been training for. I can do it in seconds, flawlessly. Grace and speed are my middle names.

My next sport is hockey. I play this best in the middle of the night. I have great paw control as I guide the puck (or smousey toy) through the bedrooms.

I have all kinds of talent that I've yet to nurture. A cat such as myself can become a Gold Metalist at anything we put our minds to, which is why I'm going to try laying on one of those luge sleds. Besides, I look so stunning in the helmet. Don't you think so?


You're all my Sweeties!

Welcome To My Crib

This is Cathy Keisha. Welcome to my crib. Come on in. All my furrends are welcome. For the next few weeks, I'll be giving you a guided tour of CK's crib.

The first stop just happens to be the most important room of the house: the kitchen. TW calls it a "galley kitchen" because it's only 7 x 7 feet. This is where I get my grub. This Garfield mat is one of many that the peeps have for me. I also have a cool dish for the soft food which isn't in the picture. Notice how empty my hard food dish is!

Next are the containers my hard food and my treats are kept in. In order there's my Science Diet, Iams and some store brand called Authority, which I hate but the peeps keep feeding it to me because Nicky used to love it. News flash peeps: I ain't Nicky! The container marked Cat Treats is my favorite cos it contains Greenies and Party Mix. I get these when the Yankees win, the Sox lose or when I'm good. I'm glad the peeps aren't fans of the Nationals! You may notice the containers and dishes aren't plastic because plastic can seep into the food and that isn't good for you.

The kitchen also contains the oven, where TW makes her delicious, award-winning baked chicken. and the refrigerator. When TW doesn't give me a whole can of food (which would be most of the time), she puts the rest in the refrigerator. I don't particularly like it cold; but since I'm starving, I'll eat anything. There's also a cabinet where my dishes and some of my canned food is kept that The Woman couldn't be bothered taking a picture of.

I hope some of my furrends will invite me into their cribs. Stay tuned for more of the grand tour of my crib.

Tummy Tuesday

Many of you have asked if I like to have my tummy rubbed. The answer is an emphatic NO. Anyone who tries to rub me there will lose one or two fingers. Perhaps the entire hand will wind up scratched and bitten. In fact, I don't even roll over on my back with the tummy in the air. So here, dear furrends, are some pictures of the elegant markings on my tummy that neither man nor beast have ever seen before.

TW says the markings look like I'm wearing a bikini.

Come on, pet my stomach! hee hee

I do, however, love to roll over on the newspaper while Pop is trying to read. But, then again, what cat doesn't.

Buenos días!

Allow me to introduce myself. Me llamo Hernia Hernández Gutierrez but my amigos call me HHGutt. This is now my blog. I am the world's most stunning cat, even though I'm a mancat. I'm a tuxedo cat. Cathy Keisha is unavailable right now. I'm sure you are as happy as I am about that. Admit it, she's arrogant and over-bearing. I'm not. I'm sweet and charming.

At the computer, typing this blog post

My family came across the border many years ago. I've worked as both a home health worker and a mouse catcher in a Mexican restaurant. I lost the first job after I couldn't show legal documentation. Do cats need documentation? Thank you Lou Dobbs.

Cathy's bed is so comfy. Yawn! Think I'll take a siesta

Please come and visit me sometime. You are always welcome. I'm a nice cat, not like Cathy Keisha, who's in an undisclosed closet screaming her head off right now. Next, I will try to take over her Twitter account. See you there. Oopsy, Mom is home!