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CK's Year End Rear End Review

Since I see others doing a year's wrapup, I'll once again include a copy of the Christmas letter I stuffed into the peeps cards. Click to biggify. I hope it's readable but I have my doubts. You get the idea. Katie and her girl played an important role in my life in 2012. I won a Nose to Nose Award, became a Real Housecat and a media star, continued my run as a hit DJ at Nipclub. and Pop celebrated the big six-oh.

Thank you all for your friendship over the past year. I hope to continue our relationship in 2013. I hope to have some giveaways and do some fun stuff next year. You all mean the world to this little ghetto kitteh. MWAH!

I'll be DJing at #Nipclub tonight at 9 pm if you'd like to join the festivities. Lots of nip, vine, etc.

BREAKING NEWS: Our friend Linda at A Call 4 Paws is looking for a cat person to stay at their cat sanctuary in Jonestown, PA. The rent and utilities are free. You get to care for 80 or so cats. It's perfect for a writer or artist. If anyone you know is innerested, please call Linda at 2017366625. Let's spread the word. 

Family Reunion Minus the Cat

You know I don't allow the peeps to put their ugly mugs pictures on my blog. I may make an exception today since it's Senile Saturday. Let me tell you about my day on Thursday. The peeps were supposed to go out on Wednesday but we had a Nor'easter so they went on Thursday. They left me around 12:30 and didn't return home until—big gasp—10:45 pm! That's right, the little kitteh was abandoned. I did get even.

Not a piece of catnip to be found! Photos by Nancy Maguire.
When the peeps finally dragged their sorry asses in the door came home, I gave them the back of disrespect. That's right. Plus, the first thing Pop saw upon coming in the door was that I'd had some furrends over and we trashed the place. The Christmas coat tree was lying on the floor with all the ornaments shirts that hadn't yet been ironed strewn about. Disregard the strike outs; TW did that because she wants to tell her side of the story cos she's the senile one here. Can't argue with that but I want strike out privileges too!

TW's fudge & the book
TW here. We had a wonderful time visiting with the family. I don't look forward to all the travelling—over 2 hours both ways—but love getting to spend time with folks I see once or twice a year. This year, instead of exchanging gifts, Karen and Nancy made a commemorative recipe book with every one of us contributing a recipe or two. It came out wonderful. I'm lucky enough to have a family in which all the woman love to bake. Everyone's cookies was delicious and my cheat fudge was even a hit!

We meant to take an early train home but lost track of time so we had to catch the 9 pm train. By the time we got home, CK met us at the door and was so excited to see us. (CK: Liar! I was actually starving and was begging for food.) Her Pop noticed the coat tree laying on the floor so we checked CK out for post-concussion syndrome. We were relieved that she looked none the worse so concluded it must not have landed on her. I fed her and since we were hungry from the journey, we sat down to eat. CK quickly jumped on the table. She wanted to be with us rather than eat her own food. After getting some loving and petting from her Pop, she plopped down on the table between us and started purring loudly. She was even doing that double purring thing even though neither of us was touching her. (CK: OMC! She's making it all up! She wants to ruin my reputation! Pull the plug on the computer! Pull the [censored] plug!)

Family portrait. I'm sure you can pick the peeps out.
Afterward while her Pop was getting ready for bed, she got the zoomies, happily zooming around the house to show us how elated she was that we were home. She ran through her tunnels and all through the house. Besides my not being able to pet her and being afraid of her, she's basically a nice cat. and …

CK here. Sorry I'm being forced to pull the plug here. I've been libeled and slandered enough! I hope you enjoyed that nice piece of fiction by The Woman. And she wonders why I bite her.

Christmas Wrap-up

OK, so I've come to terms with the fact that I didn't get the semi-automatic weapon that I axed for, even though 2 of the boxes seemed to be the right size.  Hope everyone else got what they axed for,

Whoa! Is the rifle in one of these boxes bearing my name?
I was moping around the prezzies I did get when TW brought out a new package of foam rockets, only they called them missiles, which is fine by me! This package had 5, instead of 3 for almost twice the fun! I was in heaven while Pop and TW took turns entertaining me. I did do some serious biting on the smousie from Sukiroo earlier in the day when I thought the peeps weren't looking. I'll do a review in a few days. I also loved my Colorado Catnip quilt. Of course, when the camera came out, I got shy and wouldn't perform. I must add that I won every present I got today. The peeps never opened that HUGE box that they bought me. I have to wait until Balsam leaves to get that. I'm gonna sell tickets to watch Pop assemble it. MOL!

  1. My Colorado Catnip quilt folded in half. Do I look nipped up or what? You can see some of the missiles.
  2. Before dawn when I was looking to see which packages were for me.
  3. There was plenty of discarded tissue and wrapping paper strewn about the floor for me to roam through.
  4. My Sukiroo smousy.
  5. On my Tree of Pain waiting for TW to shoot a missile at me.
  6. Another photo among the wrapping paper.

Please disregard the quality of the photos. They're dark cos I wouldn't let TW use the flashy light and grainy cos she was using a high shutter speed to try to offset that there was no flash. We've agreed the only way I'll let her take my picture is without flash. We tried to lighten them in Photoshop with limited success. Let's just say that if TW was looking for a festive picture for next year's Christmas card, she struck out.

It must be Christmas magic! TW did something nice for me yesterday. I didn't think she had it in her. I've been trés stressed since Balsam moved in. You see, I love scurrying up my Tree of Pain and playing with the foam rockets. But MY tree has been shoved behind Balsam. I've been acting out by biting the peeps more than usual. TW, bless her pointy little head, finally realized what was wrong after I had some runny poos. I have a tummy of iron but the other day, I must admit I stunk up the joint.

Our family room has been a mess since Balsam took over. There's eight feet of him, my two cat trees, my three tunnels, their furniture all in a 17 x 17 ft. room. Something had to give. There was no way she could move around and play with me. I couldn't scurry up the tree and every time she shot a rocket, it landed behind the tree.

Last night, she moved my small tunnel into the hallway. It's not a wide hallway and it's in their way; but I love it there. I finally got to run through it again and have some fun. This morning, she made Pop move my Tree of Pain out from behind the tree so I can scurry up it again and we can play. I feel so much better. I'm really looking forward to Christmas now rather then wishing it was over. Thank you TW. Let's play!!!!!!

Here's a little Christmas card to all my blogging furrends, featuring my Tree of Pain. Everyone reading this is a blessing to me. I really appreciate your furrendship. Just between you and me, that gold ornament was liberated from the tree in Jersey City Town Hall many years ago. HAH!

(If this sign isn't flashing, click on it to start it.)

Do You See What I See

I thought I'd join Brian and his sisters on their Santa watch. Maybe he's up North near NYC and that's why they haven't seen him. OK, the trees aren't green anymore and the picture is from the archives but I can pretend. We're gonna have snow flurries tonight so I think he's coming soon. Also TW is too busy with stuff like writing cards and wrapping gifts to help me write blog posts and visit my furrends. She's doesn't even have time to play with me. That is unacceptable!  I have a lot of energy and I'm frustrated so I'm biting the peeps and getting in trouble. I hope Spitty or Savannah can teleport over tonight and they can help me knock down the tree. I need someone to play with.

URGENT: My furrend @TheNascarKitty's Dad is being forced to re-home two of his cats or face eviction from his apartment. This is breaking his heart. Big Boy and MooMoos need new homes. He wants to keep them together if he possibly can. They're 4 years old and are in good health. They were rescued from a basement when they were 2 years old. If you live in Wisconsin or in the general vicinity and you know someone who has room in their house and their hearts for these 2 litter mates, please go to the blog page he's set up for them.  Big Boy is a big boy. He's a 20-lb tabby, who's a gentle giant. He's a lap cat, who loves to play and be cuddled. His sisfur MooMoos is a cow cat, who loves head bumps and sitting in your lap. We need to spread the word so that these guys can find new homes ASAP.

Big Boy (left) and MooMoos (right) need new forever homes.

Wednesday Word of the Day—Sadness

It was with a heavy heart and leaky eyes that I read the following post from a dear, dear furrend of mine. Someone I've known since I first joined the Twitter anipal community in 2009—in fact the little dog who coined the word anipal—has left his Earthly body. He was over 17 years old and in failing health.

Frugal Dougal meant so much to all of us. In 2009, he let a little ghetto kitteh spin some tunes at his monthly Pawpawties although she was new to the community and had never DJed before. Through his monthly Pawpawties, he helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for animal charity worldwide. I learned about the plight of Lennox from Dougal as he led the fight to get her freed and returned to her owners.

Words escape me and I'm sure others can provide a more eloquent eulogy. I only want to say how much I love him. He taught us to be more compassionate and he taught me I could be furrends with a little dog from across the pond.

Twitter is a much sadder, lonelier place today. The world is a much sadder, lonelier place today. Purrayers and many hugs to his Mum Lynn. Godspeed. Frugal Dougal has left the building. So long, mai pal, until we meet again. If you throw any Pawpawties OTRB, save the last dance for me.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

I was framed!
Many of you have axed about the traumatic incident that kept me out of TW's bed the past 2 nights. I'm here to honor your request. Here is TW's side first.

TW: CK was lying on her pillow snoozing and I started to fall asleep on my side of the bed. Suddenly I was aware that CK had gotten up and seemed to be closing in on me. I half turned around to see her about 4 inches from my head, staring intently. I know the drill. When she stares like that. She's waiting to attack. I've been attached too many times to not know the drill. Yes, I'll admit I'm scared of a little 9.9 lb cat. I knew she was angry because we spent all day decorating the tree and she didn't get her usual playtime. There wasn't time to play rockets or let her run through the tunnels. She does seek revenge if she thinks she's been wronged. I cowered under the cover for awhile. I felt her beady little eyes staring at me. I finally got up the courage to jump out of bed and was able to lure her out of the room with noms. Click. I locked the door. She cried for the longest time but I wasn't letting her back in.

CK wound up sleeping with her Pop, who adores her. During the night I opened the door so she could wake me when she wanted breakfast. After breakfast, I initially locked the door but then after she cried I decided to let her in. Bad move. She jumped right on the bed and closed in on me again. I again managed to get out of bed and chase her out of the room.

OK. Now that you heard the lies, I'll tell you the truth about what really happened.

CK: You guys all know that I'm in recovery like my furrend Savannah. Yes, I can be feral—I admit that—but that wasn't the case the other night. Yes, I was angry about not being played with and I do hold a grudge. But this night—being so close to Christmas—I thought I wanted to snuggle. It was very cold in the house and her body heat felt so warm. I hesitated because I'm not the snuggling type. I shy away from any coddling or affection. I debated whether I should go for it. Before I could work up the courage, TW was out of the bed. She ran in the other room. Whoa, she getting me a midnight snack! Score! Then she locked me out.

After all that, I still thought I wanted to snuggle the next morning; but this time, I was met with a baseball bat. OMC! I yelled, when I saw her pick up the bat. She means business. I skadaddled and heard the door click shut behind me. I don't know what she was thinking.

TW: It was an INFLATABLE bat. I wouldn't hit you with it.

CK: Woman, you said your piece. These are MY closing statements. Butt out or face contempt of court!

Who's telling the truth? TW with a bat or CK resting on TW's bed.

What's a kitteh to do when this happens? I never attacked her the other night. It's all hearsay and innuendos. Tell me, if you were a juror and you heard both sides of the story, who you'd side with—her sob story about fearing yours truly or my confession from the heart and soul?

Sunday EZ

What a day I had yesterday. The peeps decorated the tree finally so I had to snoopervise. Boy, was that a lot of work. From top to bottom: First I had to inspect the cabinet where the boxes of ornaments were to make sure Pop took them all out. Then I sat on the boxes. Later, I watched intently as the tree got decorated to make sure everything was put on correctly and met my standards. As if that wasn't enough, I had to check inside the box of decorations that go around the rest of the house.

At last, it was time to get my Sunday EZ on. I'm pictured on TW's bed although I was banished from that bed last night. In another post, I'll describe how I was once again framed.

Week in Review at La Casa Keisha

It looks like Balsam is here to stay although he still is clad only in lights. He has 2 ornaments on him. One is the thousand year old Santa that's so old his coat is yellow and the other is the Fancy Feast ornament that I won from Pumpkinpuddy.

Let me get serious for a moment. The Woman is on Facebook and, no, I don't approve of this. I don't approve of her co-opting all of my friends and their humans. For laughs I log onto her page and take a look around. Recently, a post by one of her friends caught the eye of this little kitteh.

"In other news today on the home front, our 18 year old cat, Halle, aka The Battleaxe, showed up today after 2 days of apparent tomfoolery. Have no idea where she was, but she was wearing 2 collars 
(a purple one and a pink jingle collar). Halle doesn't wear a collar, but some sort mayhem must have ensued …"

Well, there's a person who doesn't know squat about us cats and our social lives. Everyone knows that cat was pawtying at the Nipclub, had too many Niptinis and found herself in some male cats soft beddie. Most of TW's friends are clueless so she had to start raiding mine. I don't mind too much about the ones who she's already met cos she could lie and say they're friends but now she's encroaching on the humans of my furrends in the cast of the Real Housecats. Next she'll want to join the CB!
Please do not encourage this behavior. I may have
to delete her account if this continues.

Waltzing in the Winter Wonderland.
Next item on the agenda: I wanted to show you guys the stunning outfit I wore to the Winter Wonderland #nipclub pawty. You know, the pawty where TW forgot my DJ shift cos she was too busy cavorting with friends she hasn't seen in months. She did make me this outfit with her bare little fat human fingers on PhotoShop and I think it's kinda cute. I won a really cool prize—a cat blanket from Colorado Catnip. Colorado Catnip is one of the vendors in the Nipclub Holiday Bazaar. They feature some really nifty blankets and toys in their Etsy shop. I tried to win something for my pal Savannah but guess I wasn't fast enough. Next time for sure!

TW mailed my Secret Santa and I hope the cat who gets it, likes it. I put in 3 kinds of treats and lots of toys. I can't tell you who it's going to cos it's supposed to be a secret. I'm really good at keeping secrets. TW sealed it without putting the big toy in so I had to bite her and make her correct her error.

I'm laying on my new quilt which I haven't even gotten yet!
Pop is now on his winter stacation. I'll have Pop home fighting me for computer time until the beginning of next year. I'll try to read everyone's blog, even if I don't have time to comment.

The Wacky World of CK

Last night something inneresting happened. TW obviously thought it was beyond hysterical. I hope you will too.

This episode takes place in the bathroom where TW is brushing her teeth. CK enters, stage right. I immediately spot something on the floor that shouldn't be there. What's this on the floor? Let me step on it and find out. **Crinkle crinkle** Meanwhile, Pop was sawing wood in the other room. This is fun and it makes a loud noise! **Crinkle crinkle** I decide to find a comfortable position on this tissue-like paper. **Crinkle crinkle** Maybe if I turn this way. **Crinkle** No, let me try it this way. **Crinkle crinkle** Do I hear laughter??

The more I crinkled, the harder TW laughed. I didn't know what was so funny. I hoped she wasn't laughing AT me! I began to pace. **Crinkle crinkle** Soon, she had tears running down her face. **Crinkle crinkle** HAHAHAHAHA. TW was having uncontrollable fits of laughter. Once she starts laughing, she can laugh all night. MaggieTKat's and Prudence's Mom can back me up on this. They roomed with her at Blogpaws. Then came the part when she spits the water out rinses her mouth out. Just to make things inneresting, I started making that cooing sound. **Crinkle** COO **Crinkle** COO **Crinkle**. The woman was spewing water all over the bathroom. She was spouting like a whale! OMC! Woman, control yourself. Don't make me have to slap you! I yelled! I don't think we woke Pop up cos he was snoring loud enough to drown out an atomic bomb although he'll tell us the heard it all. MOL!

The paper—I'm sure you guessed—was the wrapping from a new roll of TP. I've decided to recreate the moment in the living room in living color, for my readers.

Musical Chairs Foto Frenzy

I decided since things are kinda slow at the old homestead, I'd post another Foto Frenzy picture. This is foto #2134, which was picked by Katie and her girl.

Every night when Pop comes home from work, I clamor for his attention. I sit on the table and wait to be petted. Then we play a game of "Musical Chairs." I always want to lay in the chair he's sitting on cos it's nice and warm and smells like Pop while he always tries to innerest me in the empty chair next to his. I'll walk around and get in his face and he'll point to the chair and gently coax me. Finally, he'll say "you want this chair?" and get up. That's my cue. I'll jump off the table and make him walk me to my food. After a few go-rounds, I'll finally decide which chair I want to lay on.

Sweets For the Sweet

Those kittehs at Feline Purr-spective Sherlock, Ash and Traveler presented me with the Super Sweet Blog Award! I'm sure they thought of the post with me posed next to the 4-lb chocolate turkey or maybe it was when I was coerced into posing with the 4-lb chocolate bunny. Either way I certainly am one sweet cat!

Krause's chocolate makes Pop weak in the knees. Human catnip, I call it. MOL!

Since I'm not allowed to have sweets, I'm gonna let Pop answer these sugary questions. The answers are Pop's although the wording is my own.

Cookies or Cake?
Cookies. Chocolate chip cookies or fresh baked Christmas cookies.

Chocolate or Vanilla?
Chocolate. Dark chocolate in particular. It's a health food, you know.

What is your favourite sweet treat?
Bear Claw ice cream. It's dark chocolate ice cream filled with chocolate coated cashews and caramel sauce.

When do you crave sweet things the most?
I'll answer this for Pop. When doesn't he? HAH!

If you had a sweet nickname what would it be?
I think Pop is a sweet enough name for my Pop.

CK, your intrepid reporter, is across the street from Hoboken's Ben & Jerrys
 watching as Pop heads inside. He doesn't know I'm here. They're advertising
the Sweet Blog Award! How cool is that?

Now I'm going to answer a version of the award that I wrote specifically for us CATS.

Nip or Vine?
I prefer Vine over Nip. I never went much for nip toys. I prefer interactive toys. Gimme a feather or a wand toy any day of the week over a catnip smousy.

 Neko Fly or Da Bird?
Neko Fly, of course. The toys are more imaginative. Of course, I'll take peacock feather over either of those. The only toys I like more are my foam rubber rockets. They rock!

What is your favorite stinky goodness?
Fancy Feast grilled tuna. The peeps try to give me other inferior foods but this is the only one I finish. They can keep their grain-free Soulistic food. *scrape scrape*

 When do you prefer play time with your human?
Anytime after 11 pm is good for me. Actually I'd play all day long if TW would let me. She's always too "busy" to play interactively with me. She says the more she plays with me, the more I want to play.

If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be?
Actually TW calls me—heh heh, you're not gonna believe this—Sweet Cheeks, but only after I fall asleep and can't maul her. If I catch any of my furrends using this nickname, you won't be as lucky.
◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊
I'd also like to thank my sweet furrend Cotton from Cotton's Candy—which just happens to be one of TW's weaknesses—for giving me the Friendly Blog Award. He created the award for all his furrends who have welcomed him to the Blogosphere in the past year. I'm honored to be one. I'm going to pass it back to Cotton and to everyone who takes the time to leave a comment on my blog. I read each and every one. I know everyone is super busy so it means the world to this little ghetto kitteh.

I'm accepting the award in this photo.

Sunday EZ With Balsam

Notice my cat trees on either side of Balsam,
who is nekkid as a jaybird.
The peeps went and picked up a tree. I thought they were going to bring Fraser back but they came home with someone new. I guess Fraser either retired or the peeps told him his services were no longer needed. They say a line was forming to grab Balsam if they didn't hire him. Uncle Vince even wanted him. So Balsam is now living with us and I don't like him. He took up residence by the window. To accommodate him, the peeps shoved my cat trees away from the window.  In the photo, you can see how my poor cat trees were tossed aside like dirt. They had taken my tunnels out of the living room but they did the smart thing and returned them tonight.

Tomorrow the peeps will dress Balsam in lights and glittery bling ornaments. While they're doing this, they will forget they have a cat unless I get into one of the ornament boxes. Then they'll be all like "no Keisha" and "don't go in there, Keisha."

It's best I just take it easy today and hope that when I wake up, Balsam will be gone and my cat trees will be in their rightful place. Did I mention that the peeps came home so late, I missed my entire DJ shift tonight?? Why oh why does this cat have to suffer so!!!

All I want is what I deserve. My furniture shouldn't be moved to accommodate interlopers. Zzzzzzzz.

Week In Review at La Casa Keisha

Hmmmm, which boxes are mine! Prolly all of them.
The packages have been flying into La Casa Keisha this week and I hope they keep coming! I've got five of them so far. The couple that weren't directly addressed to me contained my stuff also. Thanks go out to Pumpkinpuddy for the Fancy Feast ornament and the wonderful humans at Greenies for a super wonderful Christmas present. I'll put those 4 bags of Greenies to good use. At least my stomach will. TW wasted her money on more of that grain-free food from Petco. Then there's a HUGE box that's supposed to be for me. I wanna know what's in it. The peeps are whispering about getting rid of my tree of pain so this better be good. I received my first 2 Christmas cards and the cards I ordered arrived so I can start to send them out as soon as TW has a few spare thumbs to lend me.

If they gonna send this tree to the shelter, I better get a bigger and better one!

That brings me to The Woman. She's been feeling poorly all week. Last Friday she got shot. That's right she got shot—at CVS. She told me he got her in the left arm. Now you know that TW isn't my favorite person but I'm getting my posse and we're gonna avenge this shooting. TW thought she was being all smart and brave when she walked over 30 blocks home after she stopped the bleeding with a little bandaid.

Do I look happy? No, I don't. I'm here to hunt down the person who shot TW.

Saturday night, hours before my DJ shift, she became ill. Her throat closed up; her chest tightened. She began to sniffle and complain her throat was sore. I screamed at her: Shape up, Woman! I have to DJ in awhile and we're not cancelling!! This Nipclub Holiday Bazaar was MY IDEA and I'm NOT BAILING ON IT!! Ya heard! I was beside myself until 8 o'clock when she took control of the keyboard. All was then right with the world.

Today is the first day she hasn't been all mopey and dopey all week. Believe me, when I locate this CVS guy, he's gonna be road kill. You can make book on that!

Wednesday Word of the Day—Shadow

OMC! Is it the Bat Cat Signal? Is it the logo for Glogirly Designs? The Shadow knows!

I'd like to thank Glogirly for the cool blog headers she's been working her magic on for me. The little ghetto cat appreciates it.

I Am the Cosmos

Everyone knows by now that I'm a DJ and that I'm into all kinds of music. OK, TW is into all kinds of music. I like the rap and hip hop but she rarely lets me play it. I am the Cosmos is a boring dirge an amazing song by the late Chris Bell of Big Star. It's been covered by everyone from the Posies and This Mortal Coil to a haunting version by Peter Yorn and Scarlett Johansson. Today I am the cosmos and I have 3 stars to prove it.

Everyone also knows the 411 on this award. I can receive it up to 6 times, each time adding a star to the logo. Then I link it back to the cat who awarded it to me and send the award back to them. Only then can I make someone else a star. But first, about my stars.

The first one came from the Spit-man aka King Spitty at Spitty Speaks.

Then I got one from Austin at CATachresis.

Finally those kittehs at Feline Purr-spective Sherlock, Ash and Traveler presented me with one.

I think it says something that they all came from handsome mancats, don't you?

First I'll give the award back to my 3 handsome mancats and then I'll present it to whoever needs an extra star to complete their bingo card. HAH!

Sunday EZ

The pawty's over. I've taken my bows. Hope some holiday shopping was done. Time to rest my weary—but still very stunning—head and settle down into some ME time.

Go away papawrazzi! My claws is sharp and I know how to use them!

I warn you! I'm not afraid to use these sharp claws!

I'd like to thank everyone for the awards and stars I've received during the past week while I've been fundraising. I'll be posting about them this coming week; so if you've given me one, don't despair.

Shop Anipal. Support Anipal Charities

With Chanukah starting in 8 days and Christmas 25 days from today, it's time to get serious about shopping for your friends and family. Below are some of the new vendors added to the Nipclub Holiday Bazaar, which kicks off tonight at 6 pm EST. 

@dylcat1 Kitten Whisker Knits-hand knit scarves
@cheshirek Postcards, Greeting Cards and Pet Portraits
@colehauscats Quint's Art Shop and blog
TheCatPostIntelligencer Animal inspired images and acupuncture images

TW went completely gaga when she saw @dylcat1's Whisker Knits. For some reason, she's a big fan of anything mohair. She's been known to go shopping with her friends and then fight over the one mohair sweater on the rack! No sweaters here, but plenty of lovely scarves, many made with a mohair blend. The prices are reasonable and 10% of the price is donated to Alley Cat Allies. Winning!

You can't go wrong when you shop at the Nipclub Holiday Bazaar. No waiting on lines or seeing that online wheels turning round and round. Even though, tonight is the official kickoff to the Bazaar—from 6 pm EST to midnight—the shops are open. We appreciate everyone who's already started supporting our vendors. They'll be tons donated of prizes. A huge thank you to @KritterKondo, @WinstonTabby, @LittleJack_1, @whskr, @flicka47, @danapixie, @shaynacat, @flacatlady, @Sparklecat, @ColoradoCatnip; @glogirly, @GeorgeTheDuck, @WildHare2634 and @dylcat1. OMC! I may have to stay the entire pawty to try to win something. I KNOW I'll be spending lots of Pop's money. Heh-heh.

To put you into the holiday spirit, I've finally gotten TW to make my December calendar page and not a day too soon. Maybe a day too late though. Hope it's festive enough for you.

Click on the image to biggify and print out.
BREAKING NEWS: Please vote for my Auntie Pauline's book The Gift of Magic. I believe the voting will last until tomorrow. It's one vote per person/computer. The book is about a hero cat named Trouble, as he tries of save his owner when they become shipwrecked while saving lives at sea. There are FOUR hero cats which makes it a must-read. Your votes are appreciated. The page also has a 5-star review of the book and links to purchase it.