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Hazy Shade of Winter

I know I’ve bored you enough with Snowmageddon but snow or no snow, Winter has reared it’s ugly head. As luck would have it, Winter is week five’s theme for 52 Snapshots of Life hosted by TLPB. I thought I’d have some new images but the weather failed to cooperate although we’re expecting a “major snow event” Sunday night into Monday. Sure it’s gotten very, very cold but you really can’t take pics of cold except maybe some humans bundled up. I try to limit human exposure on this blog. The less pink, the better.

Frosty Friday Foto Frenzy


Holy Blizzard Snow Day, Batman! I’m glad the teleporting tunnels were all working yesterday and you could enjoy my Gotcha pawty. Unlike the MTA and NJT, Stunning Keisha didn’t shut her tunnel down for 8 inches of snow. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway. You can get extra entries by tweeting it every day. I’m so tired, I could sleep all weekend but we have a blog post to get out. Anyone up for a Foto Frenzy?

I’m on Cloud Nine

OMC! Have I been terrorizing the peeps for nine years? The time has just flown by.

It’s been nine years since this little ghetto kitteh first stepped paws into this condo! Now I know every inch of it—all the nooks and crannies.  I know all the hiding places and all the sleeping places. I've bitten every inch of the peeps. I’m home, Baby, and anyone who doesn’t like it could move out. Yeah, I’m looking at you, Woman.

Wednesday Word—Snowmageddon

Where’s the snow?

All last weekend, the weather forecasts got worse and worse. First we were expecting three- to six-inches of snow. Then a foot or more. Finally this appeared on my Twitter timeline. GASP!

Shake It Up Baby

TW has an oddball habit—so what else is new?—and I’m wondering if your human may do this. She says she got it from her Mother aka Gramma. I find it peculiar and annoying. Annoying in that it delays my dinner by a few hours seconds. She does it without even thinking about it.

I Often Dream of Art

Welcome to the weekend and to this week’s art image. (You can see the other art by clicking on Athena & Marie’s Caturday Art Blog Hop.) Later in the post I’ll be featuring this week's Snapshot since it’s a rerun from the other day. I’ve salvaged another blurry pic from the archives in PhotoShop by making it grayscale. Yes, it was created in 2014 but it was reinvented two night’s ago when I took it into Pizap to add some needed color. Pizap has added some cool filters since I’ve last visited them. I thank Athena and Marie for giving me the chance to rescue these otherwise unusable pics. Below is the original image.

Friday On My Mind

Hooray! We’ve make it to Friday! That means we’ve made it to another Foto Frenzy. This one promises to feature some stunning fotos and why wouldn’t it? The fotos of Nicky are in another folder. HAH!


We’re gonna start your Foto Frenzy picks with #4500, chosen by one of my Twitter furrends, Bode's (@4catsstrapski) Mom. Bode went OTRB a year ago but we still love him very much. Angel Bode is always trying to help animals who need forever homes. We applaud that.

Wednesday Word—Sleep

No, Woman. This is MY bed!

Sleep for humans is overrated. There, I said it. Humans spend over half their lives sleeping and that isn’t right. Humans pick the most inopportune times to sleep. Why do humans want to sleep when it gets dark at night? They should be playing with their cats during that time.

We have a problem around the condo and we hope that someone has a solution. It pertains to my TW’s sleeping habits. We’ve read advice before but throw everything you know about cats out the window. I’m not like them.

Dreaming Dr. King’s Dream

Shelter From the Storm

I know you’re waiting for the ending of my Wednesday post about our friend George so I’m going to make you wait a little longer. HAH! I’m starting with my entry in Athena and Marie’s Caturday Art Blog Hop. I was playing around with a couple of pics that I had already played around with. Here’s the result of my playing. I like the above pic cos the blankie has an almost 3-D effect.

Joyful Friday Foto Frenzy

I’ve decided to switch it up and participate in 52 Snapshots of Life hosted by The Lazy Pit Bull on Friday cos there’s just too much going on Saturday. You know I have to let you in on what happened to George’s kitties! TW hasn’t written it yet so I don’t even know how it ends. The Snapshot's theme is Joyful and TW is joyful that our BtC4A post is behind us. MOL! Seeing the kitties eat also makes us happy but this blog is about ME and only ME. 52 Snapshots is a blog hop so be sure to check out the other Joyful entries.

BTC4A: Think Global, Act Local

Blog the Change for Animals (BtC4A) takes place quarterly on the 15th of January, April, July and October to bring attention to animal causes that matter to us. I’m honored to participate once again.

My human aka TW was living in a “bubble.” Even though she kept reading about feral colonies and community cats, she always thought it was “someone else’s problem.” She hadn’t seen a stray cat in our area for over 20 years. She thought we had it covered. She had another think coming

A few years ago, our concierge mentioned there were several cats living in our parking garage that residents were feeding. A quick look showed their ears weren’t notched. A red flag went up but she was still in denial.

Wednesday Word—Heart

How did these cute kittens worm their way into this tough fire captain’s heart?

Meet Uncle George. He’s not a real Uncle but he was a dear friend to the peeps. George was a captain in our fire department who later moved upstairs to TW. The photo above shows George being helped after getting injured in a fire next door to the peeps. A confirmed bachelor, he lived alone and had never been owned by an animal.

My Weekend by CK

Happy Monday morning. I thought I’d tell you what I did over the weekend—or what I didn’t do.  My peeps were out practically all day Saturday with Prudence’s humans. I had no one to talk to or play with. There were no drone flights. For those who don’t know, Pop and I got a DRONE for Christmas and I love to watch it fly—or sputter. Pop isn’t too good getting it up in the air. Oh, yeah, I attacked Pop early Saturday morning. No consequences cos he’s not a drama queen like TW.

I Got the Music in Me

Dunno why I chose this as the lead pic. Maybe cos it’s colorful; maybe cos it hasn’t been posted recently.

This is week #2 of the brand new photo hunt called 52 Snapshots of Life! This one is hosted by The Lazy Pit Bull and this theme—or challenge as I like to call them—is right up my alley. Those new to this blog may not know I’m a world famous cat DJ, having worked for PawPawty, Blogpawty and then Nipclub. I’m semi-retired now and I think I earned it. This is a Blog Hop so check out the other entries. You can use any social media medium to join in, just use the hashtags #PBSG and #52Snapshots.

A Friday Frenzy for A Fresh Year


Welcome to the first Foto Frenzy of 2015! I can’t believe I actually let Pop talk me into giving TW last Friday off. What was I thinking? Let’s get right into the fotos YOU picked.

Wednesday Word—Bonbons

In November we received a Hauspanther email about an Etsy store called CatnipConfections that not only made cat toys out of catnip but also honeysuckle, valerian and silvervine. Seeing how I love my valerian cow and my addiction to silvervine, TW decided to place an order. She also ordered Christmas presents for my cousins BB, Isabel, Makena, Katie, Jinx and Nikki. Even though Debbie at CatnipConfections was busy, she made sure my order arrived on time.

TW had to open the box early since she was seeing Aunt Pauline and needed to wrap the gifts. I’m sorry TW didn’t get a photo of how cute everything was presented. The peanuts were in a paper bag like the peanuts you’d buy at the ball game and the candies were in a candy-shaped gift box that was too pretty to wrap.

You Say You Want A Revolution

With the New Year starting, I’m reading a lot about how I should be making revolutions of things I’m gonna do in 2015. I’m here to tell you it’s rather hard—if not impossible—to mess with perfection. I don’t need to change in any way. My peeps, however, do; so every year I make revolutions for them. Most years they don’t take my revolutions seriously so I have to bite some sense into them.

A New Snapshot of Life


I’m excited cos this is a new year and I’m participating in a brand new photo hunt called 52 Snapshots of Life!  This one is hosted by The Lazy Pit Bull and the themes—or challenges as I like to call them—might not be as stupid trying as the one at the WhistleStop Cafe. In fact, they might come over to say hello! They have a real live linky tool too. That said I may at times go back and revisit the old PhotoHunt. I like being unpredictable. Click on the image below to see the other participants.

This week’s challenge is NEW and I couldn’t decide which of my new toys to feature. I finally settled on the same feather toy I featured from my Secret Paws package. TW got some good shots where I’m in focus—big surprise there. No surprise though that I bit her shortly after this pic was snapped. Guess you can say I’m a pit bull of a cat!

Happy New Year!