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Nurse Update & May Calendar

As you probably guessed, because TW is such a wuss when she's sick, Senile Saturday was cancelled. She should have had it done weeks in advance since she only has to do one a month. The coughing is noticeably less; nose-blowing has also decreased as has the stomach issues. They're having other issues though. Doesn't this plague every go away?

As promised, your stunning May 2013 calendar. Click the photo to biggify or print out. We're thinking of using this photo to make some Stunning Keisha swag. TW may be wearing a similarly-designed tee at Blogpaws, if she makes it through this plague intact. I'd appreciate your meowing yay or nay if you'd consider purchasing a product with this design or if you think others would.


The peeps are still in a bad way. In fact, they are pathetic. TW has a double whammy: sinusitis AND bronchitis and has been having tummy problems as well. I think she may have horked up a hairball yesterday. I've spent some time in bed with her trying to get her to play with me nurse her back to health. Luckily, there's plenty of food in the house for me; although the peeps are running short. Hope they don't start eating MY food! I can't wait for TW to start playing with me again. I even had to punk out on #Nipclub last night even though they had a really cool theme cos she didn't want to feel up to helping me.

Katie might think she has it bad with a Cat Sitter but I'd take a smelly Cat Sitter over humans that do not respond to my wishes. I am being so neglected and ignored. Woe is the pussycat. I still love all my furrends and hope to start commenting soon.

Paging Nurse Keisha!

Once again I've assumed my role as Nurse Keisha. I have to yet again apologize for not visiting my furrends but both my peeps have been waaaaaaayyyyy under the weather. After being sicky for about two years weeks, Pop finally went to the doctor and was diagnosed with an undefined "chest infection," which can be anything from bronchitis to pneumonia. TW has been feeling puny since Saturday and her doctor's appointment is tomorrow. While she hasn't been coughing as much as Pop, she's used a box of 180 snot rags in 3 days. Ouch! All she wants to do is sleep! Can you believe that?? Not only that, but to add insult to injury, she's comparing the way SHE feels to the way I felt last week. GASP!!!! "Oh, CK, remember how you felt last week when all you did was sleep, well that's how I feel now." As if, Woman! I didn't see you crammed in a box and shot full of toxic stuff like I was! That's her excuse for my lack of blogging and visiting and her lack of playtime for the cat. I'll expect a doctor's note tomorrow excusing her from playtime or it's playtime as usual.

New Toys

Last month I won a plethora (Sunday word!) of toys at the SciFi Pawty and TW has been remiss about posting about them. Since she's decided she's too busy to take my dictation, this will be more like a photo blog.

My new loot.

Enjoying my new loot.

My furrend Boris Kitty even sent a pack of ultra-cool, ultra-rare SciFi Toki Poki Cards, featuring him and Edgar Kitty! In case  Boris looks familiar, he's the spokescat for

The bag tasted good but the treats were a fail.

I went for these treats in a big way. OK, I chewed on the bag but barely sniffed the treats. Anycat care for an open bag of G Zee's chicken flavor?

In this video I'm sorting through the toys to pick out my favorite. Notice how I turn away when I see the camera.

I loved the chili pepper. Guess what? TW put the other toys away for a rainy day or something. How can a cat be spoiled by too many toys when the new ones are rationed? I demand a recount (or another new toy)!

Thank you @BorisKitty and Humanz 2. SciFi Pawty is pawsome and so is my prize!

Keisha was Here

The peeps tell me the back in Prehistoric times, there was a funny drawing of a man named Kilroy but all you can see is from his nose up. TW said the cover of this video reminded her of that so she found this image.

I have so much fun with my foam rockets. Here are a couple of angles where I abort the rocket's mission before it can get me. My ToP gives me a good angle to those rockets.

Kilroy Keisha was here!

Health Update: For those wondering, I've been lethargic since I got shot up on Friday. I got a combination 3-year FVRCP and 1-year Rabies vaccine. The peeps are against vaccines for indoor cats but since I bite them so much, they wanted ME to be protected. They claims they did it so if one of my bites got infected, the authorities couldn't take me away from them. Yeah, I took a bullet for you this time, peeps, so you owe me big time!! I'm finally beginning to snap out of it a little bit and do some running around.

Blog the Change 4 Animals

I'm innocent! I didn't shoot no one!

We animals need a lobby. A strong lobby. Apparently the ASPCA and Humane Society don't know how to lobby or should I say, don't have the funds to lobby effectively. I'll tell you what I'm talking about.

Since the end of last year, three people I know on the Interwebs have been told to give up their beloved family members because of landlords and laws. One heartbroken woman gave her babies to a shelter and saw them get adopted by someone else before she could get them back. Another moved. Still another is a rebel and after trying to no avail to re-home them, kept them and is hoping not to get caught.

Click on image to biggify.
You see it more and more: states, towns and landlords making arbitrary rules about the number of cats/pets one may have. In our own complex, they passed a rule several years back that owners were allowed no more than 3 pets. The number of pets one owns should be a common-sense thing. If you live in a small apartment like we do, you obviously should think of the pets and not have a hunnert living there but it you live in or rent a big spacious house, you should be able to keep as many as you can reasonably take care of. We're not talking eccentric cat ladies here. Those hoarders may have the cats' well being in mind when they take dozens in off the street; but, ultimately, the poor animals suffer neglect and ill-health since the hoarder can't afford vet bills. They also live in deplorable conditions because cats are fastidious animals who aren't accustomed to living among their filth.

Now contrast that to, oh let's say guns. I'm sure those same landlords don't have the same rules about how many guns one can own or bring into the house. Animals are regulated; guns aren't. Let's think for a minute: what causes more damage to homes and property? Cats or guns. That seems to me like an easy one but it's not so easy for lawmakers since someone with a gun can kill them if they vote the wrong way but they can handle most cats (see picture below).

Why is it so hard to pass laws making background checks mandatory to own a firearm? My peeps have gotten 2 of their cats from shelters—including myself—and they've have to fill out forms and get background checks for each of us. In fact, they originally had TW's name mixed up with a similar name and they weren't going to let her adopt me. Some shelters will even visit your home a few weeks after an adoption to see that the pet is being properly cared for.

While the current gun legislation on the Senate floor is weak, it may have prevented many of the massacres of recent years. The legislation to require background checks at gun shows and denying guns to the mentally ill may have prevented at least a couple of the recent slaughters.  It might have stopped the massacre at the midnight showing of the newest Batman movie in Aurora, CO.  A University of Colorado psychiatrist told the university's behavioral threat assessment team about him.  Of course, they sat on their asses[sments] and did nothing.  The gunman at Virginia Tech was already ruled mentally unfit, but the state somehow interpreted the rules to mean he had to have been committed to a hospital and he was allowed to purchase.  A man who killed his family in Wisconsin would have been barred from purchasing online because of a domestic violence arrest and who can forget Colombine, where the two teenagers would now be too young.

According to the Huffington Post, at least 3300 people have been murdered by guns since Newtown. How many humans have cats murdered? For that matter, have many have pit bulls murdered? Don't even get me started on BSLs (Breed Specific Laws).

We at Blogpaws and BtC4A need to form a lobby. Where does the NRA get its big bucks? From gun and ammo makers. We need to tap the bigs in the pet industries, who make billions off animals to help finance our lobby. We need famous spokespeople, who are willing to speak out as well as help financially. We need famous Cats of the World, such as Morris from 9 Lives and Grumpy Cat to do PSAs. Our lobby will also force laws to clean up shelters, abolish animal testing and take a no tolerance stand on so-called shelters that euthanize animals. We have to make this happen or we're going to see more restrictive laws telling us how many animals we may have and what breeds they should be. We. Can. Do. This.

Mail Call For the Cat

Kjelle with the gorgeous blue eyes.
I've told you how my peeps get along so well with our Concierges. Hugo called late Monday night to tell Pop that I, not him or TW, had a package. It was the prize I won from Kjelle Bus, aka Charley Rascal, in a raffle he had on his blog to celebrate 40,000 page views. How cool is that? A package from Sweden for me!

Heh heh, you want me to pose, dontcha?

I couldn't wait for TW to open it for me. She always likes to torture me first by trying to get me to pose with packages. I wasn't playing along. Just open it, for cripes sake, I hollered!

Is that his pawtograph? Can you turn it around so I can see his dreamy blue eyes?

He sent a bunch of really cool toys and a postcard with his pink pawtograph. There was 3 furry smousies and 2 hairy caterpillar toys. I've already tossed the red smousy high in the air and batted it around. TW hasn't let me have the others for now.

Thank you, Charlie Rascal, for the cool package.

A couple of pics with my red smousy toy from Kjelle.

Under the Weather

My furrends who aren't on Facebook may have not seen the following post from me:
TW says we had a bad night last night. I was restless and doing a lot of swallowing. She hopes the hairball isn't causing an obstruction. I now have an appointment first thing tomorrow morning in Secaucus. My PTU is out for me to get used to. As if. Heh heh! I'm eating normally, have no trouble going to the box and am alert. Keep those healing purrz and good karma coming
Yes, I've been under the weather for the past 2-3 days. Pop thinks the weather might have something to do with it. Out of nowhere, it got up to 80˚ Tuesday and Wednesday. I was dragging. The peeps thought it was too early to turn on the A/C but the house was stifling. TW finally turned it on Tuesday night to try to perk me up. Wednesday I tried again to hack up that darn hairball and again nothing came up.

Last night was the worst. I tossed and turned and kept swallowing hard. I really scared TW when I started sort of moaning. I was audibly breathing but my body wasn't moving up and down. TW was monitoring me to make sure my breathing wasn't labored. She knows all the drills. Maybe that's why her head plays tricks with her and she's so quick to call the v.e.t. She says Savvy's Mom may be onto something suggesting acid reflux.

All night, TW comforted me. She was a real trooper; refusing to go to sleep until I was comfortable. She even laid her head on my pillow next to me, which made me feel better. She couldn't lay that way long because of her cat allergies but she tried.

Secaucus Animal Hospital.
The other day, she's called the mobile v.e.t. and made an appointment for next Wednesday. This morning, she decided she couldn't wait to get me checked out so I have an early appointment Friday with Dr. Hatch at the Secaucus Animal Hospital. It's where Pop used to take Faith; in fact, the v.e.t.'s office still had him in the computer. No way will they take me back to Hoboken and the scene of the crime.

The reason TW and Pop didn't rush me to the v.e.t. is that I'm been eating very good, using my box (both pees and poos), I've been grooming quite a bit and I look alert.

Today is much cooler. all the windows in the condo are open and I've been running around like crazypants. The peeps claim that they're not going to be fooled into cancelling my appointment. My PTU is out and, believe it or not, I've been napping and playing in it. Heh, heh, I'm tricking the peeps into thinking they're gonna get me in there tomorrow.

Please send healing purrz, positive thoughts, prayers, good karma my way. Oh, a few kind cat Moms have axed about donating for my v.e.t. bills since my peeps are both out of work. After we find out what the damage is, TW will put a widget on the sidebar of the blog. I hope she can figure out how to do it. Thanks to everybuddy for their good wishes, especially those who want to donate. We love you all very much.

UPDATE: I just got home from the v.e.t. Apparently I have asthma just like TW. When I get an attack I have to share her inhaler. How gross! I'm 11.4 lbs. I wouldn't let them cut my claws or do any bloodwork or xrays. My teeth are fine so no cleaning is necessary. I got my shots and anal probe. I was a real terror even though TW had Comfort Zone in the PTU. I WAS quiet most of the way there and all the way home. TW was cheating on me with a few of the adoptable cats there.

Wednesday Word of the Day—Trapped

I felt trapped. I couldn't get past her. I couldn't even send Pop an SOS.

Yes, I was held hostage against my will. Here's the 411. I've been sleeping in Pop's room almost every night; although I hop onto my pillow on TW's bed after my early morning feeding. I stay there until I hear Pop get up. He's been getting up later and later since his forced retirement. As soon as I hear him stir, I go RUNNING into his room for some good loving. Before he shaves, he picks me up and cuddles me. I purr and purr and melt into his loving arms.

I know; I'll pretend I'm asleep. Maybe she'll go away.
Sunday morning, TW got up first and was futzing around. Then she heard Pop get up. Before I could react, she sat on the bed, effectively blocking my egress. She started talking softly to me like Pop does. I … I don't know what happened but I stayed. I was sleepy so I didn't realize what was going on at first. TW says I even started "pre"-purring but I still wouldn't let her pet me. I was trapped like a rat so I tried to make the most out of a bad situation.

I could hear Pop starting to shave and I knew that he was hurting that his Smokey Gray Diva wasn't there purring at his side. I hoped and purrayed that TW would go away and make breakfast or something. The soft lies kept coming. "I've never had a pretty little girl like you before." "You mean the world to me." "Oh, Cathy, you know I love you." Uh, I know nothing of the sort! All lies and empty words. I turned around and gave her the back of disrespect. She kept whispering. Finally I pretended to be asleep.

Meanwhile, Pop was wondering where I was. He didn't have an inkling of the foul play that befell me. I'm sure he wouldn't have been happy. I think she put some kind of voodoo spell on me cos when I finally was able to leave, I stood outside Pop's room but wouldn't enter. I felt so … violated. I hope TW isn't gonna make a habit of holding me hostage. [Ed. note: CK could've jumped off the bed if she wanted but she stayed. I'd go so far as to say she liked it!] Er, please disregard that last sentence. That editor's note was NOT approved by the cat!

Once freed, I'm showing my distaste for the entire incident.

CK on Patrol for Marg's Birthday

Guess what? I got some whiffies yesterday and will get more today! It's going to go up to maybe 80˚F degrees but we might get rain showers. There was some action outside in da hood that I couldn't take my eyes offa. The Public Service Gas and Electric guys came in their truck and one guy rode up in the bucket to the top of the electrical pole across the street. I snoopervised the entire operation. I was riveted as I watched closely to see what, if anything, he was doing up there. The peeps said he didn't look like he did anything. Score one for the kitteh!

I also noticed a strange sight. They changed the  sign over the Lincoln Tunnel. Usually it's some dumb advertisement for the Gap. This one was special. I took a picture of the new message and have posted it below.


Graphic by Ann from Zoolatry

The Night My Life Flashed Before My Eyes!

At almost exactly 1:40 a.m the other night., I gave the peeps quite a scare. TW was tossing and turning and trying to sleep. I've been sleeping with Pop for the last month or so but I decided that night was a good night to sleep with TW. Her allergies were acting up and I thought I'd add to them. She could hear my rhythmic breathing—can you believe she claims I was whistling out of my nose—on the pillow next to hers. Suddenly …

On my private pillow with HHGutt.
… wait for it …

Wash, wash, wash, groom. Oops! X-rated photo.
… the little ghetto kitteh started hacking her stunning little head off. I coughed and coughed and coughed some more. TW was sure I was gonna toss my cookies—or at least a hairball—so she comforted me shooed me out of bed. "out, OUT, damn cat," she cried! OK I exaggerate a little bit. Well, yeah, she should have comforted me. I ran into Pop's room and turkeyed on his rug—of course the rug, I'm a cat!—still coughing. Since I'd washed extensively before coming to bed, they were waiting for a hairball but nothing came up. I finally stopped when he insisted on shining that godawful flashlight on me.

I then left his room to go out to the hall rug. TW was waiting there and petted me for the longest time to calm me down. I wouldn't let Pop near me with that danged flashlight. TW figured out I was alright when I tried to bite her. Heh-heh.

After she was sure my little episode was over, she returned to bed and a few minutes later I followed her. Her allergies were still bothering her and I wanted to see her through them. She'd comforted me and I wanted to return the favor.

Lookit how innocent HHGutt looks when I know he tried to choke me.

Playing with my peacock feather.
In case you're wondering, the next day I showed no ill effects from the night before. No coughing or anything. I had one of my binge days, where I clean my plate and I played the same as usual. The peeps think maybe I had a temporary obstruction, which I than managed to swallow. I'm sure that HHGutt tried to strangle me. I felt something choking me even though I was sound asleep. It was a terrifying night for both myself and my peeps. TW is talking about calling that v.e.t. who comes to the house again. Money is a little tight so I bet I can talk her out of it.

Final Four Fun

When Pop was cleaning out his desk at work, he found some mighty inneresting things and brought home the stuff that wasn't crawling. Some of the stuff even has dust and dirt and possibly human remains from 9/11. *Bows head* He even brought me some souvenirs. One of the souvenirs was a little kitty-size basketball. It's a wonderful little ball that has the same feel as a real basketball! Just in time for the NCAA finals. I'm sure everybuddy knows that I picked last year's winner in the March Madness brackets. I sure bragged about it to anyone who'd listen. This year, due to circumstance, I didn't pick brackets. I guess TW was afraid I'd make some money if I won.

For those who don't know—and probably don't care, MOL—the Final Four takes place today night in Atlanta. Louisville vs. Wichita State and Michigan vs. Syracuse.

CK with the ball. She dribbles upcourt looking to make her break. The Toms are double-teaming her. Point five seconds left on the clock. She fakes left, goes right and puts it up from beyond the arc. Nothing but net! The Alleys—helped by CK's career high 47 points—win!

CK's trey at the buzzer beats the Toms and sends the Alleys into the Final Four for the first time. Tuna Kat gives her the game ball as the celebration begins!

Back to reality. What do you mean by that, Woman? I could have won that game. I'm very athletic! It was even mentioned in my profile! Some of our furrends are involved in brackets of their own over at AmazeCats. I still don't know why I wasn't invited to the dance but that's neither here nor there. I am a Top Shelf Cat whether they say so or not. They dissed me plain and simple. Sparkle already advanced to the Elite Eight, voting for Cody ends 2 pm today and next week you can vote for Allie and da Boyz and my BFF Katie. Stay tuned to their blogs cos I'm sure they'll give you all the details you'll need to know to vote. I can tell you that you'll need a Facebook account to vote on their FB page. If your peeps have one, make sure they vote also.

Stupid Human Trick #8639

When Pop was still gainfully employed, he used to call TW every day when he was on the bus to let her know that she could start cooking dinner. About two weeks ago, the doorbell rang a half hour after he called. Nobody rings our doorbell! Even the Chinese delivery guy knocks on the door. In the rare event someone does dare to ring the doorbell and TW isn't expecting anybody, she yells menacingly "Who's there!" hoping to scare anybody who shouldn't be there away. As if! I usually go to the door with her to offer real protection. Anyway, the doorbell rang at about 6:15 but TW took her chances and answered it. It was Pop! But why was Pop ringing the doorbell when he always carries his keys? Just as Pop started to explain that he must have left his keys home that morning, he suddenly discovered he was holding them! Was his face red! Gasp! Is Pop slipping? Is he becoming just as senile as TW? What will become of CK if they really DO forget they have a cat or they forget to feed me?

April Come She Will

It's April and I didn't even get a post up for April Fools. TW is lying down on the job once again. She's also late with my calendar but at least she came up with a good theme—Baseball. April is when all baseball fans look forward to the upcoming season with hopes that their team will win it all. Hope springs internal, as they say. The peeps, however, have no such hopes for the 2013 NY Yankees, who look like they could lose 100 games. They can't hit and they can't pitch and they didn't even have the foresight to put me on the Jumbotron! Some other team did and at least one of my furrends should recognize the team that plays in this stadium. I hope I won't be a baseball orphan this summer, while TW yells and curses at the tv every night. Click on the calendar to biggify and print out.