Monday, April 8, 2013

The Night My Life Flashed Before My Eyes!

At almost exactly 1:40 a.m the other night., I gave the peeps quite a scare. TW was tossing and turning and trying to sleep. I've been sleeping with Pop for the last month or so but I decided that night was a good night to sleep with TW. Her allergies were acting up and I thought I'd add to them. She could hear my rhythmic breathing—can you believe she claims I was whistling out of my nose—on the pillow next to hers. Suddenly …

On my private pillow with HHGutt.
… wait for it …

Wash, wash, wash, groom. Oops! X-rated photo.
… the little ghetto kitteh started hacking her stunning little head off. I coughed and coughed and coughed some more. TW was sure I was gonna toss my cookies—or at least a hairball—so she comforted me shooed me out of bed. "out, OUT, damn cat," she cried! OK I exaggerate a little bit. Well, yeah, she should have comforted me. I ran into Pop's room and turkeyed on his rug—of course the rug, I'm a cat!—still coughing. Since I'd washed extensively before coming to bed, they were waiting for a hairball but nothing came up. I finally stopped when he insisted on shining that godawful flashlight on me.

I then left his room to go out to the hall rug. TW was waiting there and petted me for the longest time to calm me down. I wouldn't let Pop near me with that danged flashlight. TW figured out I was alright when I tried to bite her. Heh-heh.

After she was sure my little episode was over, she returned to bed and a few minutes later I followed her. Her allergies were still bothering her and I wanted to see her through them. She'd comforted me and I wanted to return the favor.

Lookit how innocent HHGutt looks when I know he tried to choke me.

Playing with my peacock feather.
In case you're wondering, the next day I showed no ill effects from the night before. No coughing or anything. I had one of my binge days, where I clean my plate and I played the same as usual. The peeps think maybe I had a temporary obstruction, which I than managed to swallow. I'm sure that HHGutt tried to strangle me. I felt something choking me even though I was sound asleep. It was a terrifying night for both myself and my peeps. TW is talking about calling that v.e.t. who comes to the house again. Money is a little tight so I bet I can talk her out of it.


  1. Oh you poor little thing! those naughty hairballs decided to come out the other end! Some times it's better that way :)

  2. Well at least if the Vet must be involved you won't have to go in the PTU for nasty rough ride. Hope you're feeling better, CK!

    ....big props for doing it on the rug. I always aim for the rugs here too. We've got one that has light colored dots on it so I like to use them as targets. That way it REALLY shows up.

    ...loved your line about TW knowing you were doing ok when you tried to bite her. haha!

    : ) Katie

  3. Sometimes I cough, too. But the vet says I'm ok. Maybe TW gave you her allergies!

  4. Harry the Farm cat gets all haucky like but nothing comes up. I never know what is up with that

  5. Were you hacking or coughing, CK? Hacking is when you are hunched up like you are going to hurl a hairball. Coughing is when your stretching your neck way out instead of hunching over. Among other things, coughing could be... wait for it... allergies! Yeah, just like your human. Although you would have to ask a vet to see what is really going on. All of us here have coughed now and again (aside from the usual hairball thing), and it doesn't seem to be anything.

  6. Glad you were OK Keisha. Sending healing paw to you and TW. We hope her allergies are not too bad today. Have a marvelous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. CK, I do that hacking cough thing! I do it especially after The Staff has shouted at me, just to make her feel really guilty!

    (The Staff - I never shout at Austin!!!!!)

    Anyway, Hope you are ok!! Purrs, Austin xox

  8. Miss CK, You and Me always have something in common ; )
    My mom can figured out I was alright when I did bite her too ! I used to do Cough too. In general, after I drink. Mom guess I drank too fast ! But I always O.K.
    I paws crossed and purrs for you, just in case

  9. Way to aim for the rug, CK. If you aim for the bare floor, they get complacent, with the easy cleanups, you know.

    Glad you are feeling better!

  10. I sure am glad you are okay now and I hope there are no repeat purrformances anytime soon!

  11. Well, CK. You're in good company. My kittehs think 3am is a good time and ALWAYS on the rug. Glad you are better though. A visit from the v.e.t. is to avoided at all costs!

  12. cathy keisha...two werds:

    hackin...coughin...peacock stoooooooooooopid rood noizee caca droppin burd featherz....

    N tell TW ta strap a slice oh sea bass under her noze...breathin it in will help her allergeez

  13. Glad you survived your ordeal. Do I need to put the bitey on HHGutt?

  14. Sure glad everything "came out" OK CK...Must have been a super scary night...

  15. Seriously, CK, how did your peeps expect you to hack up a hairball with a big ol' flashlight beaming on you??? You can't do that in a spotlight. Sheesh.

    pee ess...I have done some hacking like that and not produce anything. The mom pats me on the that's gonna help...right....


  16. I suggest that TW decontaminates her bedroom of all dust, mites, fleas, pollen immediately so you both can have restful sleeps *giggles* and xxx's

  17. Whistling out your nose?
    That's what caused the swallowed a whistle ;) heehee
    Glad you are OK :)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  18. I cough/sneezt and cough/sneezt one day last week like I was trying to blow sumfing out my nose. I guess I must've blowed it out cause I stopped and haven't uttered a peep since. The Humans worry too much. Pfft.

  19. You know Mommie does that to me to - every time I start choking practically to **death**, she is all, "not on the bed, I just washed that bedspread...."


  20. and CK---as your BFGF I bet I can make sure you get the v-e-t visit if I add a teeny bit to TW's biskit jar...heh...heh

  21. CK! Grrl furrend! Me is purraying yous feels better! Purrsonally, me LOVES Mommy's Sneakers for the yak!
    ME gots my Mommy this morning with the allergy and a hairball yak!

  22. My word, what a night. Glad you are feeling better now. Good of you to help TW through the allergies :)

  23. What a night! Hope all is better now and sleep is actually restful.

  24. CK, I HATE when those happen! I'm glad you're alright! Late-night drama, eh?


  25. What a scary night. You could have given your humans heart attacks with all that carrying on. We like to do that kind of thing in the middle of the night as well…and of course on the rug. Glad you are A-OK! Purrs and hugs from the kitties at The Cat on My Head, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  26. What a relief that you're all right. I have coughing fits sometimes. I bark like a seal and Mama makes me take some smelly stuff from a dropper. Purrs, Ateret

  27. You can NEVER trust this stuffed cat´s *sigh*

  28. It's that Gutt alright...glad all ended up well CK!

  29. YOu ARE gonna see the v-e-t, right? That was scary, CK...


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