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Senile Saturday—New York Eye, Ear & Whaaat??

Pop relayed a story to me that he'd like to use this Senile Saturday. He's been very busy at work so he axed me to post for him. Normally, this is the day for the peeps to say a few words, but I'll let him get away with it just this once.

Pop had cataract surgery at a well-respected NYC hospital. While he was waiting to be taken up to surgery, one of the doctors came in with his patient. They sat opposite Pop and TW and closed the privacy curtain. Pop and TW could still hear them talking about her "eye" surgery. They started hearing things like "There are two ways we can do this. You tell me which way you'd like to have it done. We could thread a needle up through your bellybutton or … make a small slit under your breast." It was then that the peeps knew what kind of surgery she was having—and it wasn't eye or ear surgery. That's when the peeps renamed the hospital New York Eye, Ear and Tit Hospital cos she was having a tit job!

✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿

Here are some pictures TW took of the garden they used to have when they owned the house. They're kinda faded but she assures me that the garden was lovely. Some friends and neighbors said it was award winning, just like me. The captions are TW talking.

This was the entrance. There was a red rose bush on one side and white jasmine on the other. The jasmine is a little hard to see.

Here is the "Absolut" lattice, cut to look like a bottle of Absolut. I hope I'm not the only one who remembers their ad campaign. (I bet you made that up, Woman!) There was a Trumpet plant growing up the lattice.

Some decorative grasses, sage and my senility can't remember what those
tall yellow flowers were.

Salvia, Hibiscus, with tall grasses and pink Shasta daisies off to the right.
Note from CK: Don't let the folks forget my auction for Baby Patches Momma starts on Monday.

Thankful Thursday—Mail Call Two

I have the bestest furrends in the world! The bestest furrends in the universe! I could get used to these Thankful Thursday—Mail Calls! MOL!

Today we got a package from Baby Patches and her Momma at Nip and Bones. This gave us leaky eyes because BP's Momma is going through so much right now and she thought of me. Just last night I read about her new financial problems and how she might lose the store AND her home. That's not right! I try not to be too political on this blog because I'm a cat, first and foremost.

BP and her Momma
Baby Patches Momma has run up some medical bills and must choose whether to pay her mortgage or health care. This isn't some 3rd World country. The U.S. of A. is one of the richest countries in the world and we have citizens who are forced to make choices like this. Today the Supreme Court did the right thing upholding President Obama's Affordable Care Act, but we must go even further so that people will NOT lose their homes and/or businesses if they develop health issues. Health costs must be capped so the working folks can afford them, not just the 1%.

You might notice the widget on the sidebar for BP's Momma. If you have a few extra green papers, please go over and help our furrend. Thanks to all who can do so.

Now to the fun stuff! Let me tell you about the wonderful goodies BP sent! There was a Brownie catnip pillow like the one I got in my Secret Santa that had to be discarded after the moths attacked, a honeysuckle knot, a package of 2 Bowie Chasers from Cat Dancer, a Speedster automatic smousy and a Kitty Boink! Over the next 2 weeks, I'll be reviewing these goodies AND announcing a special auction for Baby Patches and Nip & Bones that gonna be the coolest auction EVER! Now I've got to decide which toy I want to play with/review first!

Thanks so much to Baby Patches and her Momma for remembering this stunning kitteh from da hood!

It's next to impossible to get me to pose once the flashy box comes out!

Toon Tuxie Tuesday

The CB is made up of some wonderful cats and their humans. The other day, I mentioned in a comment over at Spitty's place that TW failed miserably at cartooning me. Yesterday, Wendy of Wendy's 3-D blog made this most excellent facsimile of myself. She noticed that my big eyes are my best feature and even put the cow markings on my arms. 2 paws up for this fine avatar Wendy! BTW, Dante and Dylan are fine looking hunks of mancats.

Don't I look stunning? Duh! Of course I do!


My second order of business is to remind you to remind your humans that this Saturday is Senile Saturday. It's the last Saturday of every month and is the one day of the month when your human is allowed to post to your blog; be it a photo that you're not in, a dumb poem or one of those boring old stories that the humans love to tell and think are funny. We cats get to take it easy and continue to plot our World Domination. If the human forgets, you have the right to post something totally embarrassing about them; e.i., a story or a picture. Last month, TW forgot and I posted that shot of her draining a beer bottle at the tender age of 3 1/2. She better remember this month cos I found a picture of her sitting on the potty chair. HAH! Shoot me a note at stunningkeisha(at)hotmail(dot)com if you'd like the banner. You don't need the banner to participate but TW came up with something lame to set the tone for Senile Saturday.

Easy On Sunday—WINNING!

Yesterday was a big day for me. I'm sorry I didn't get to visit with furrends but I'll make up for it, I promise. You see I WON THE BLOGPAWS NOSE TO NOSE AWARD for TWITTER DESIGN. Yes, this stunning ittle ghetto kitteh is now sporting some heavy-duty hardware! Woot! Now I know what Beyonce feels like when she wins all those Grammies! I was sure busy what with the phone calls, the innerviews, the photo shoots! Everyone wants a piece of me and you guys can say you knew me when!

This is gonna look great in my trophy case—and the peeps better BUY me a trophy case. I've earned it.

How about this award! Dunno why they had to put TW's name on it too. It was all ME.
We were Live Streaming and what a roar went up in La Casa Keisha, as well as at Blogpaws when my name was announced. Thanks to all my furrends in attendance that believed in this kitty from da hood. I especially want to send a shoutout to my homey @MaggieTKat, who called the minute I won, and to @BoSoxAmy, who saw me hitchin' and graciously gave me a ride to Salt Lake City and cushy accommodations. And I can't forget Glogirly, who designed my winning Twitter page! You guys are the bestest.

Here's my acceptance speech:
I'd like to thank Blogpaws and Halo Purely for Pets for recognizing this little ghetto kitteh. I'm accepting this award for all the ferals, strays and shelter cats, who haven't yet found their furever homes, and are not s lucky as I am.
I feel like I've revolutionized cats on Twitter. When I first logged on back in May of 2009, all the cats I befriended were sweet, cutesy and submissive. Since I came on with my brashness and always keeping it real attitude, more and more have imitated me, thank Cod. Everyone knows most cats aren't lovable and sweetness, but we're independent. We take no prisoners and we bite the ones we do take.

What, besides this cool piece of hardware did I win? My charity, A Call 4 Paws, will be getting 5,000 bowls of pet food (and I'm sure Linda digging on it cos it's grain-free)! My furrends at the cat sanctuary will be having dinner on me for a few weeks.

I heard from Linda last night and she's as THRILLED as I am!

AND, if all this wasn't good enough, I found out that my sisfur for a day, Isabel, now has her own furever home and is thriving!

Thankful Thursday—Mail Call

Pumpkinpuddy in her stroller.
Last week I posted about how nearly all my toys had to be thrown out because moths had eaten them. For months, I've been chasing the mature moths for the peeps but we didn't know the nest was in my toy baskets until last week. After reading my post, some of my BFFs offered to send me care packages. The first package arrived on Monday, from a great Twitter furrend @Pumpkinpuddy and her sibs EK and Candy. They also have a wonderful blog, Adventures of a Suburban Kitty. If you don't know her, stop by and give her a shout out.

The package was pawsome! It contained a nip nanna, a kickaroo, some little silver fishies, a couple of brand-new Kong toys, and even one of her Toki Poki cards! Many, many thanks to Pumpkinpuddy and her Mom for putting my package together. My new toy basket no longer looks empty.

The loot in my care package from Pumpkinpuddy.
TW took a few videos of me smelling the package and the kickaroo.  She didn't give me all the toys so as not to overwhelm me cos then I wouldn't know which one to play with. The biggest hit was the little fishies. TW threw them down the hall and I was a blur as I raced after them. This was a fun game that ended much too early. TW says I went to the window and lost interest; I say it was HER who abandoned me. Then I had my way with the nip nana. There are no pictures to document it.

Anyway, thanks to Pumpkin, I now have some cool toys. You're the bestest!

A note about the moths: I've been chasing them for over a year, but the peeps couldn't see them with their old senile eyes. Instead they chose to make fun of me; even excusing me of having "floaters" in my eyes. "Oh look, she must be chasing those imaginary floaters again! Haha!" Then they said I was in "MoMo-land", wherever that it. Well, it might've cost me my entire toy basket, but I got the last laugh! HAH! Now when the peeps see my chasing something or staring intently at the floor, they pay attention.

Cat in the Box

Click on the pic to hear Little Boxes by Malvina Reynolds.
♪♫Little boxes on the hillside / Little boxes filled with kitty catties / Little boxes all the same ♪♫

Yesterday I was over at Brian's Place and he mentioned International Box Day. I must not be on the right mailing lists because this was the first I'd heard of it. Then I checked out the CB page and picked up this spiffy banner, which I think was made by Ann.

Like all cats, I love boxes to stand on, hide in or explore. I'm lucky that I get tons of boxes cos the peeps don't drive so they have to buy lots of stuff on the internet which is delivered in boxes. They even get their water delivered in boxes for me to play in! Here are a couple of my favorites; i.e., the ones the TW could easily find.

They better handle with care!
I'm looking kinda sexy in this one! (Hope Spitty can control himself.)
This one still contains all kinds of fun white stuff!
Let's see how long it takes them to find me.

My fave! In the Poland Springs box!
I love boxes, however there is one box I NEVER want to see again.

The Gift That Keeps Giving!

TW bought me a box! What, it's for Pop??
Yesterday was Father's Day and when I mentioned I had bought Pop's presents dirt cheap at, many of my furrends—OK, just Fusa— axed what I got him. I can now reveal the secret presents since Pop has had time to open them.

I bought Pop a bunch of feather pillows—not the kind filled with nip or vine—cos TW said his current pillows were pathetic. I don't know cos Pop won't let me lay on them. They're in the box on top.

Please excuse the piles of laundry in the background.
This next gift is a good one that you guys should take note of. It's known as a body pillow!  I generously gave it to Pop for Father's Day. I don't exactly know what humans use them for.  Of course, I had to try it out to see if he was going to find it comfortable. I'm just gonna sit here for awhile …

My eyelids seem to be getting very heavy. I think this may be a bit too comfortable for Pop. It's a lot more comfy than that piece of concrete that he calls a mattress.

Pop's on the computer. I don't think he'd mind if I took a little snoozola. He's not even paying attention to me. I could get used to sleeping here on a body pillow.

Whoa! This is good! This is a good gift… a really good gift! Pop is gonna totally thank me for this!

Sorry Pop. This is now


Happy Pop's Day to My Special Pop

Well, he's not exactly my "Father," but my Pop is the most special human in my life. This post is for him with all this kitteh's love. He's the reason why I'm still in my furever home. He calls my his stunning Smokey Gray Diva.

Chillin' with Pop.
Pop even got on TV last week. Andruw Jones hit a home run that landed in the next section over from him and TW. You can see them giving high fives. Woot!

Here's to all the other Cat Daddies out there:
And let me send Father's Day wishes and condolences to a special Cat Daddy, who lost his little boy two days ago. My heart goes out to the father of @SeabassCat. Plush CK is with him right now giving him lots of cuddles.

The Attack of the Killer Moths!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Wednesday Word of the Day to bring you this special news story. A story so frightening that most of you will be beset with nightmares tonight and napmares during any naps for the rest of the day.

It started several months ago when, you may recall, I mentioned that both of my feather wands had biodegraded. At the time, TW told Pop that they looked like they'd been eaten by something. Maybe we had a mouse? I said that's absurd cos I'm the best little mouser money can buy. There's no vermin under my watch. Pop had to agree with me.

Everything has been copa and setic since then. Like many of my furrends, my toys are in a wicker basket left out on the floor so I can peruse through it at will. This week, TW decided I needed one of those furry smousies to keep me busy so she went deep into the basket to look for one. I heard a scream! OMC! What she found could only be described as hari and kari. All my toys with feathers had been eaten and all the furs was eaten off my little gray furry smousies. Now we're beginning to doubt that they all biodegraded. Something is rotten in La Casa Keisha. Something has eaten all my toys! Who—or what—would do such a thing??

This can happen to you!
My entire toy box was subsequently quarantined and anything that's not a spring or plastic ball had to be thrown out! Excuse me for a minute while I hyperventilate. Gasp pant pant! The only toys I have left are a few favorites, like my Vine toys and Skineeez mice that never get thrown in the toy box. TW is even wondering about the wisdom of that after her friend told her to look them over with a magnifying glass to check for crawly things. Gasp pant pant! We've never actually seen any of these crawly things, thankfully, but we have seen adult moths so we suspect the culprits who've been eating my toys are the larvae. We do know, it's not me.

We actually only found one moth in the basket, but it gets WORSE—much worse. My other toy basket—the one in Pop's room that used to belong to Autumn—was crawling with half a dozen of those ugly brown things. All those toys had to be thrown out too. Escuse me while I hyperventilate again. Gasp pant pant! Pop did try to save some by putting them in a plastic bag and freezing them but TW is afraid to open the bag. The peeps say they haven't seen any moths since the Toy Purge so they're happy. The cat isn't happy. She misses that box of toys she never played with more than you'd ever know. They were a status symbol.

TW has put all this cedar and lavender stinky stuff in her closet but doesn't know what to do about the rest of the condo since she doesn't know what's poisonous for me. She's even doing daily vacuuming of the living room rugs to get rid of any eggs that might by laying within. The peeps would like to put some moth balls or something in the vacuum cleaner bag but knows that's not the safest way to go health-wise for them or me. A package of diatomaceous earth has been purchased but TW is kind of scared to spread it around due to her asthma. Not only did I lose all my toys but I have to listen to the sucky thing every day rather than once a week. Just shoot me now! Whatta you mean overly dramatic. We'll see what overly dramatic is when YOU find them in your cashmere sweaters!!

This can happen to anycat. One day you have a mess of toys that you hardly ever look at and the next day, they're gone! They're eaten alive! I guess the good news is that I don't have anymore hand-me-down toys.

The evil crux of this is that your favorite little ghetto cat is now without toys. OK, I do have my foam-rubber rockets that I actually play with. Pop has just paid the first half-year property taxes of over $5,000 so I'm scared to ax him to pony up more money. TW said she doesn't want to collect another basket of toys that I'm not going to look at. What's a kitteh to do? You may see me with my little tin cup, standing on a street corner, collecting toys.

I Accept this Award and This One and This Other One

I've gotten three different awards in the past few weeks. Before I begin to tell you about them, I want to apologize for my lack of posting and visits to my furrends. Things have been crazy around here. Well, that's what TW told me to say but, let's face it, she's just damn lazy, is all.

My #WLF comrade, Savannah of Savannah's Paw Tracks gave me the Liebster Award. If you recall, I also won that award on February 26 from Glogirly and Katie. You can read my answers from that post. The only answer that's really different is the last post I visited cos this time I visited Savannah's blog.

King Spitty the Kitty presented me with the Illuminating Blogger Award. He wants me to share an illuminating fact about myself and then pass it on to 5 other bloggers.

The first part is easy enough. I've shared a couple of illuminating facts lately, such as that I'd never had a sunpuddle until very recently. My sunpuddles are gone by about 9 a.m. so I have to get up early.

The other fact was the I haven't drank water in over a year. OK, I took a few laps at Pop's sink about six months ago. My Drinkwell fountain arrived and I haven't LOOKED at it. I barely go into the room that it's in. It arrived to much fanfare four days ago.. TW has kept the box in case it's such a bust that she has to return it. My fur is tented almost daily and the peeps make sure I eat extra stinky goodness. In addition, my stinky goodness contains high moisture for hydration and healthy urinary and kidney function and low ash and low carbohydrates to help maintain urine pH balance so hopefully all is well.

This past Caturday, my new doggie pals Dogs N Pawz gave me the Sunshine Award, which I'd won in March 2010. That was a long time ago when Mariodacat gave it to me. This time around, it comes with some questions. If you have questions; I have answers.

Favorite number: I've been digging on Pink's Raise Your Glass recently. That's quite the dance number to make my paws start tapping. The peeps like old peoples' music like the Ramones and Velvet Underground. To each, their own.

Favorite Non-alcoholic drink: At Nipclub, I only drink Niptinis (shaken, not stirred) made the special way Mario or @KConlon1 makes them for me. At home, I drink the pumpkin soup from my Luna Tuna and a little of my humans' blood.

Facebook or Twitter: Twitter, hands down! On Twitter, your followers aren't always sending you notifications to play dumb games and attend stupid events that are important to only them. Twitter is totally cool because I'm a DJ at the Nipclub and Nipclub Monthly and I have my MLB Anipal furrends @LilyLuWhoT, @SeattleP, @CrazyFusa and @Boomiethecat. We all root for different teams, but we respect and love each other.

My Passion: Playing in my tunnel, with my Silvervine fishie and, especially, playing catch the foam rubber rockets that TW shoots to me. TW even says I have a one-track mind cos that's the only thing I like to do. I'm also passionate about biting the peeps, tuna and napping.

Check out all those yellow rockets waiting to be played with! My pathetic nip plant is behind me
 but look at the ugly basil plant cluttering up my windowsill.
Favorite Pattern: I don't exactly know what that means. I kinda like the pattern that's on my peeps green papers. You know, the ones with big George Washingtons. The Benjamins are even better.
Yeah, this is my favorite pattern.
Favorite Day of the Week: Thursday cos that's Nipclub night! Caturday comes in a close second cos Pop is home.

Favorite Flower: Tuna! Tuna is a flower, isn't it??

The beautiful tuna is apparently a tropical flower.

Anyone who hasn't yet received these awards should feel free to claim them cos anyone reading this far deserves recognition. I would love to pass the Sunshine Award and Liebster Awards to is my new furrend Selina of One Eye On the Future because I just met her, although I did know her from Brian's Place and trying to find her a home. I'd love to know more about what makes her tick purr.

Keeping my paws crossed that it won't be another whole week until I see you guys.

Wednesday Word—Variety

"They" say variety is the spice of life. I say, who the hell are they? I don't think I like spice but I do like variety—sometimes. I love to vary the place I eat. I mean, don't your peeps love to eat out occasionally? So does this little kitteh.

My feeding station in the kitchen
My placemat and food/water dishes were always in the kitchen. That is, until TW started dropping things out of the cabinet onto my head while I was eating. You might remember the tale of the Quick Oats. Our galley kitchen is 7 x 7 and that's including the appliances so that'd leave about 7 x 3 feet to actually walk in. When the kitchen was remodeled several years ago, the peeps got the bright idea to put cabinets above my feeding station. Not a good idea to inconvenience the cat.

My feeding station was moved out into the foyer. The light was better and I didn't get claustrophobia whenever I ate. When I want to "dine out", I either go to the Litterbox Lounge or Pop's Place. That is, whenever I get finicky, TW moves my food dish to accommodate me. (Now tell me I don't have her well trained!)

The "Litterbox Lounge" is halfway between my normal feeding station and my litterbox. Unfortunately, the placemat comes with my bowl since this is squarely on the rug in the hall. Even though, Pop's Place is off the ground, I consider the Litterbox Lounge more upscale, since it's carpeted. "Pop''s Place" is self explanatory. It's on the table where Pop's food usually sits. I'll go there for a leisurely Sunday brunch. Yes, I get to sit ON THE TABLE! How many of you guys get your meal ON the table?

A diagram of my new feeding station and the "restaurants" I frequent.
My kibble dish and (heh heh) water dish are still in the kitchen. I think TW is trying to discourage me from eating my kibble.

BREAKING NEWS: TW ordered a Drinkwell Fountain for me!!! Finally! I had a cheap ripoff fountain a few years ago that I wouldn't use. I believe TW has threatened me if I don't drink from the Drinkwell that she paid a lot of green papers for. I take that as a "dare" so we'll have a standoff for sure. As my furrends know, I haven't drank anything except the pumpkin soup in my grain-free food since September 2010. The peeps don't know what turned me off water. They suspect it was the anti-plaque stuff the v-e-t told them to mix in it. They have water bowls in every room for me and they stand untouched. As a Great Man—as opposed to "they"—once said: Water rusts your stomach. That Great Man was my Grampa.

Who's going to Blogpaws?

Today we all find out who will be using TW's pass to Blogpaws 2012. I read Pop all the entries, without telling him who posted what, and he's gonna whisper the winner in my ear. Wait, did I hear correctly??

Certainly not me since once again I'm in soft focus. Sheesh!
With the winning entry of "Ugh! This doesn't taste at all like tuna! Whoever tricked me will pay dearly for this!" two new furry furrends will be enjoying Blogpaws 2012 in beautiful Salt Lake City.

Without further delay, I give you …

Easy Like Sunday

Today I'm doing easy on the kitchen chair right next to Pop, who's reading the Sunday papers. I finally got off his paper and settled on this chair. Yeah, he still gets REAL papers. I'm waiting for the peeps to get into the 21st century so I can lay on the keyboard while he's trying to read. Actually, I think this chair is more comfy that any keyboard. Hope my homeys are enjoying their easy.

DON'T FORGET to enter my contest for a pass to Blogpaws 2012. Airfare and hotel is not included. Enter here. Contest ends tomorrow night after Pop comes home and reads the comments.

AND… Whoa! I got my 200th blog follower. Thanx Truman!

June is Busting Out All Over

Amid much fanfare, I present to you the June 2012 Cathy Keisha Stunning Calendar.

I chose this picture because Pop is petting me on the head and June is the month we honor our Dads. I've already ordered Pop's gift. Even though, they aren't a sponsor of this blog, can I recommend you go to Beyond the Rack for some cool deals? The deals change every day. Even though their prices are discounted anywhere from 40-80%, it's always smart to compare prices like we do. This month, they feature a lot of men's gifts but shop early because they're not too swift when it comes to delivery times, which could take 3 weeks to a month. If you decide to buy from them, please use the following invitation link: so TW can get a very small kickback. To fully disclose, she gets $10 for each friend that we invite who places an order. This is the site where TW got that soft blue bamboo/cotton blankie that I love so much and my raised food dishes. We've bought quite a few things from them and have always been satisfied. Wait till Pop sees what I got him this year! I'm sure he'll love them as much as I will.

DON'T FORGET to enter my contest for a pass to Blogpaws 2012. Airfare and hotel is not included. Enter here. Hey, Woman, you forgot to put Blogpaws on my calendar. It's so hard to get good help!