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Candles in The Wind

Hola! It’s Saturday and I’m up to this week’s PhotoHunt Challenge, which is Candle. Even though we have many candles in the condo, it wasn’t as easy as I thought since TW likes to use something that’s already in our library rather than setting up a new photo shoot.

Being a cat on top of every situation, I’m snoopervising the Christmas decorating. There was parts of three candles in the pic. The most obvious one is the Santa in the bottom right corner. I’m the youngest thing on this table. All these tchotchkies are far older than myself but not as old as Pop and TW.

Frenzy Atop the Tree Of Pain

I picked this foto.
Technically, it’s still Fall even though it seems Autumn ends with Thanksgiving. Everyone seems to like this series and it’s an easy post for us to do. For your convenience and so you can see what numbers have been picked, I’ve created a tab on top for Foto Frenzy. Some numbers are popular and have been chosen 2-3 times. With 4582 numbers to chose from, you guys must all think alike.

Happy Turkey Day!

Wednesday Word—Turkey

I’m reviving a Thanksgiving post from 2011 with a little bit of editing. I figured I’d rerun it since I don’t think I can improve on it. I’m also starting with some art I made in 2011. These little postcards used to be my headers before I met the multi-talented Glogirly.

When Pop told me he'd bought the Thanksgiving turkey, of course I was thrilled. It was curious that he bought it online but that’s the way of the world. Whatever. I couldn't wait to see it and sniff it to see if it met with my approval. From the size of the box, it was a HUGE one! Size definitely matters to this kitty. Heh heh! Pop said he'd open it and place it in the pan so I could have a photo op. I can’t believe they trust me enough to let me post with the turkey!!

There WILL Be A 2015

Happy Monday cats and kittehs! Forget those signs that say “The end is near.” I’m here to announce they are WRONG! There will be a 2015. How can I be so sure??

Cats of A Feather

Welcome every cat to another Saturday PhotoHunt theme pawty. This week we have another challenge that is made for cats. Feathers. What cat doesn’t like playing with feathers? We all do. We may not all like catnip but we like feathers.

Hello Friday

#1306 PhotoShopped up the wazoo

Are you ready for Friday? Are you ready for the one day a week when YOU pick which fotos go in this post? It’s what I call the Fall Friday Foto Frenzy. For those new to my blog, you—my readers—pick numbers between 1 and 4582. TW is adding fotos all the time. Each week I post three of your picks. it’s that easy. The fotos you pick will be published unPhotoShopped, no matter how bad (or stunning) they are. It’s an opportunity for me to show some of the fotos we take that don’t happen to fit any of my past posts. The next round begins next week so start choosing.

Wednesday Word—Cow

I know I’ve been eating a lot lately but who you calling a COW, Woman! Oh, you’re not. Good. Better for your health.

It’s All In the Name

Welcome to Monday and another post about FOOD!

You’ve heard me rant about the grain-free gut rot TW feeds me for lunch but now she’s found some grain-free food that I really like. Unfortunately, she only feeds me this on Sundays. The fact that I love this food is very puzzling to her little human brain.

I’ve Read It in Books

This Saturday’s PhotoHunt isn’t very challenging. Books is such a cool theme. By now everyone knows that my Aunt is P.M. Griffin, the famous Sci-Fi/Fantasy author who’s also written some very cool books about cats and other creatures. The cat books include THE GIFT OF MAGIC (the award-winning novel with the four marvelous cats), TROUBLE THE CAT, the two-story collection leading to it, and THE BASTET TRILOGY with three unconnected tales (except by Bastet's presence), two of them award winners. You can read my review of Trouble the Cat and my short innerview with Aunt Pauline. TW has been her friend for four decades. Andre Norton was Aunt Pauline’s mentor. I posed with a few of Aunt Pauline’s books when we gave them away during the annual SciFi pawty on Twitter.

You Can Find Me in Pop’s Room


All our Foto Frenzy picks this week are set in Pop’s room, which is apropos since I spend most of my time here. Ernie and Bert Wally of The Island Cats picked #248. I always loved to roll around in and rub all over Pop’s clothes when he came home from a hard day at the office. He would throw them on the bed and two minutes later I’d be all over them. Notice how I’ve been using the past tense. I’ll give you two guesses who spoiled my fun. Yeah. Her. She actually told Pop that my claws were making snags in his good shirts. She told him not to throw them on the bed. She ruined my love fest with Pop’s shirts. Why does Pop listen to her?

Wednesday Word—Stretch

I know I hear something …

Double Door Pleasure from #RichellPet

This post is sponsored Richell USA and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Richell products, but Stunning Keisha only shares information I feel is relevant to my readers. RichellUSA/Richell is not responsible for the content of this article.

"Over the river and through the woods, to Aunt Ruthie’s house we go … “ My peeps aren’t world travelers. The only time they travel is during the holidays to visit family. The Cat—ME—has to stay home. I have to miss out on all the fun and the delicious food. Last year they even saw real venison live vishus DEER in Aunt Ruthie’s yard! Did I mention the food? 2014 is a whole new ball game. The peeps can load me into my new Richell® pet carrier, strap me into the train seat and away we go. I know I’d be the hit of the gathering cos there would be so many new ankles to attack people to  bite meet. I’ve always wanted to bite meet the Mom of my cousins BB, Isabel and Makena and my Aunt Karen, who fosters cats and woofies for Brookes Legacy Animal Rescue might be there. (Of course, the photo above is just part a dream sequence. Had it been the real deal, I’d be in the PTU, which would be strapped onto the train seat.)

We Can Eat Heroes Just For One Day

I’m a cat. I think of food … all the time. Hero is the PhotoHunt challenge this week and I can only think of one kind of hero. You got it … a sandwich filled with all kinds of salty, tasty lunch meat. I pulled the pic above from the blog I did about a certain sandwich shop that was allegedly cheating it’s customers out of one inch of their foot longs. TW doesn’t shop there cos there’s none within walking distance. Come to think of it, TW hasn’t shopped at their competitor either. I want my cut of turkey breast roll when she does.

Close-Up and Personal

Welcome to another (Not) Friday Fall Foto Frenzy brought to you by ME with help from YOU if you picked a number. Today I’m featuring some close-ups, which are not to be confused with selfies. TW is responsible for the photography.

KatieBella of Katie Isabella Colors My World opted for #163, which is today’s lead foto. Check out the devil horn markings on either side of my nose. Bwaaahaha! It’s completely unexitedcoto unedited and completely stunning. Sorry I don’t have a story behind it. I do look like I’m ready to talk to TW and I don’t look very pleased. Can anyone come up with a caption?

Dona Nobis Pacem

I’m honored once again to be a peace blogger. For this, my fourth year participating in BlogBlast for Peace, my Peace Globe is dedicated to Pete Seeger (1919-2014) who died earlier this year. The words inscribed on this globe are taken from words Pete had written on his banjo, “This Machine Surrounds Hate and Forces it to Surrender.”

Slave to the Clock

Maybe I can set the clock ahead to 4 p.m.

Since we in the U.S. turned back the clocks Saturday night, I thought this post would be appropriate. You did remember to set your clocks back? Good! I didn’t think you’d forget. This post has been sitting in my Blogger drafts for a few hunnert weeks now so I have to dust it off. *Blows* Cough, cough! It’s so old, it still has the old-style watermark.

TW says I’m a slave to the clock; that I clock watch like someone who has a nine-to-five job. I say she’s wrong, of course.

Bunny or Barbie

Happy Harvest to everybuddy! I hope you got lots of treats yesterday and your peeps didn’t eat themselves sick on trick or treat candy.