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March Forth!

Which date is a command? March 4th. HAH!

I apologize to all my Jewish furrends for forgetting to include Passover on the 25th.

I may not be posting or visiting as much cos our lives are going to be changing in not such a good way. Hope you'll still stop by and visit once in a while and not forget this little ghetto kitteh.

Wednesday Word of the Day—Dogs

TW has joined something called the "Pet Committee" of our Condo Association. Monday she hosted the first meeting. She joined because she thought they'd be discussing the feral colony in the parking garage and wanted to make sure they knew about TNR. There are only 2 other members but I high-tailed it into my office UTB like I'd never seen a human before. These were humans who smelled of DOG.

They mostly discussed DOGS! Our complex is one of the only pet-friendly places in town but it seems none of the residents has registered their dogs with the town. It seems like everybody has at least one dog. They're all over the place! It's outta control! These non-registered dogs becomes a problem when one of them bites somebody. Then they don't know if the dog got a rabies shot or not. That brought up the other problem: humans with big unregistered dogs don't keep the dogs on a leash when they're out in the hall or outside. This could lead to the above biting situation. These irresponsible dog owners don't pick up after their dogs either. They let them piss in the hall or on the elevator and they don't bother to clean it up.

A Dog?? In my apartment?? OMC!!

TW doesn't allow me to go out into the hall because of those big dogs that aren't on leashes. She's not scared of them but says I should by very afraid. One time a pit bull that TW said was a sweetheart almost came into the apartment to get me. I think you know who would've won that fight. I have sharp teeth and claws and I'm not afraid to use them.

I think it's cruel to keep a huge dog confined in a 1000-foot apartment. They have nowhere to run or stretch. Some of you have woofie fursibs. What do you think?

ToP Tuesday

Here's the first photo of me in the top penthouse of the ToP. Why would I want to look at YOU, Woman?

Bonus soft focus pictures!

Whatchu looking at, Woman??

What do you mean what am I looking at? Car-tv.

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Please vote for me in the Luckiest Pet contest so I can win green papers for my favorite charity. You can vote once a day from each mobile device. Those furrends from out of the U.S. can pretend they've moved to New York and become a Time-Warner subscriber but don't tell them I told you that. In fact, Pop says he can vote more than once a day from his work computer. Again, you didn't read that here. A great big THANK YOU to those who have been voting every day. I can't believe I'm not in the Top 10 and a bunch of DOGS are.

Food For Thought

I've had some extra time lately so I've been reading the diaries of The Cats That Came Before. TW doesn't know that all her cats have passed along diaries/journals of what life was like while they were alive. Long before blogging, they had the foresight to write these journals. How pawsome is that? Of course, these journals can only be seen and read by other cats such as myself.

Please excuse the poor quality of the scan. The photo is hunnerts of years old (like TW). I'm lucky it didn't biodegrade before I could scan it!

I've been finding out some fascinating facts from the diaries of Faith and Chizzy (short for Machismo). For instance, they tell tales about cat food cans that were 6 full ounces, not the 5 ounce cans some of you are lucky enough to get today. Sometimes, there would be sales where these cans would be 5 for $1! Can you believe that! And, are you ready for this one? Pathmark used to sell sardines in gellee that contained whole fishy chunks. Think of all the beneficial Omega-3s. OMC! Can you imagine going to your plate to find a fishy head with the eyes staring back at you! I don't know about you but that sounds amazingly nommy and appetizing to me! Can you just see it! Apparently, according to the journals, the humans didn't think it was so appetizing when they opened the can first thing in the morning. Hey, there's no accounting for humans' taste. I bet your humans are all grossed out reading this. Apparently, this food was so rich and fishy that Chizzy was beset by urinary crystals and had to be put on a special sardine-free diet.

TW, can I have the food with the eyes?? Yeah, that one!

Today, lots of premium brands like Tiki Cat, Avoderm, Wellness and even Whiskas make sardine cat food but is it all chopped up or do the eyes have it? I want my food to only have eyes for me! How about you?

Design by Glogirly Designs

Please vote for me in the Luckiest Pet contest so I can win green papers for my favorite charity. You can vote once a day from each mobile device. Those furrends from out of the U.S. can pretend they've moved to New York and become a Time-Warner subscriber but don't tell them I told you that. In fact, Pop says he can vote more than once a day from his work computer. Again, you didn't read that here. A great big THANK YOU to those who have been voting every day. I can't believe I'm not in the Top 10 and a bunch of DOGS are.

TW's Surprise

A few years ago, TW dropped something inneresting on the floor. It was white and looked like a little plastic tampon thingy. Can I say that word in mixed company? Anyway, I played hockey with it for days not knowing what it was. In fact, when we have company, people are still axing what it is. I've decided its story can be this month's Senile Saturday. It'll save you from having to read more of her poetry.

TW was feeling poorly so she reached for her voodoo meds. She dropped the capsule from the Oscillococcinum she took, which is a homeopathic remedy for flu-like symptoms. Neither of us knew what this magic elixir contained but this capsule sure was a fun toy. All she knew was it was homeopathic so it must be good. No side effects to worry about.

Yeah, I've got the stuff! Who's buying?

The reason I mention this today, years after the fact, is that TW read a disturbing article in the Sunday paper about this stuff. Seems the main ingredient in it is anas barbariae hepatis et cordis extractum 200CK HPUS. Sounds impressive and even a bit romantic to those with a Valentine's Day hangover.

Translated from the Latin, it contains extracts of Muscovy duck heart and liver, which homeopaths believe to be reservoirs of the influenza virus. Basically pate. Pate that's diluted 200 times.

Hey Ducky, guess what's in these capsules?

TW didn't like or eat liver when she was a little tyke so you can imagine what went through her pea-size brain when she read this! I took great glee seeing her face as she read this article. After all, she thinks all this voodoo mumbo-jumbo is the cat's meow. Heh-heh—but it's really the duck's innards.

Please don't tell @GeorgetheDuck about this. It may give him flu-like symptoms.

Please vote for me in the Luckiest Pet contest so I can win green papers for my favorite charity. You can vote once a day from each mobile device. Those furrends from out of the U.S. can pretend they've moved to New York and become a Time-Warner subscriber but don't tell them I told you that. In fact, Pop says he can vote more than once a day from his work computer. Again, you didn't read that here.

The Luckiest Cat

Some of you may not realize that I'm a cat. A TW search on that website brought her to my stunning face. She e-mailed the link to Pop and the rest is history. Pop fell in love with me and made me the Luckiest Pet in the World.

Seeing as I'm all about me charity, I've entered the Luckiest Pet of 2013 Contest. I've even used my mug shot in my entry. From now until March 18th, I'll be axing for your votes. You're allowed to vote daily; one vote for each computer or mobile device person (wink, wink).

The Grand Prize is a $500 Gift Card from Petco or Petsmart and a $5,000 donation in my name to a rescue designated by the Grand Prize Winner (approximate retail value: $5,500). Of course, you know that I've chosen A Call 4 Paws as my designated rescue. They're pawsome and they could use that money to build another indoor structure for the cats. It would mean so much for the quality of life of those cats when it rains or snows.

There is one runner-up prize: a $250 Petco or Petsmart gift card.

Click here for the direct link to my page. You will have to fill out some info for them or log in if you're a member.

I'd like very much to win that donation for Linda and her cats. I'm so serious that I've placed a call to Waffles at the FBI (Feline Bureau of Investigations) to see if he'll be my Campaign Manager cos Waffles Too might still be too young to know the ins and outs of politicking but his cuteness is always a bonus. 

Please vote for me and the 80 cats at the A Call 4 Paws Cat Sanctuary. Those cats are counting on your votes.

CK has a Brand New Look

My trés creative friend Glogirly is at it again. She thought my Twitter background was getting old and stale so she went to work on something new. Of course, I think the Yankees never go out of style but one look at this year's roster made me wanna distance myself somewhat. The new design brings me back to my Communipaw roots. Once again I'm keeping it real out on the mean streets. I'm patrolling the alley looking for trouble anyone who ain't supposed to be there. Ain't noone messing wid this ghetto kitteh. Take a look—@CathyKeisha—and let me know what you think. I love it!

RIP Tree of Pain

Today my Tree of Pain started a new life. A life without me. It moved to Jersey City to become part of the A Call 4 Paws family. I hope it'll make those rescue kitties as happy as it's made me over the past four years. We sent it off along with lots of other donations. Mostly MY stuff, might I add. In the bottom photo, you can see how happy it made Linda. She said because of my donations and fundraising for them, it's enabled the kittehs at A Call 4 Paws to eat high-end food. And, yes, she finally found someone to look after the residents of the cat sanctuary.

Sniffing around my tree before Pop built it.

Sniffing around after Pop built it.

Hugging my Tree of Pain

It was my fave place to play rockets.

Over the years, TW has taken hundreds of pictures of me and my Tree of Pain.

Linda from A Call 4 Paws with the loot.

Good bye, friend. You served me well. I hope the Tower of Power will pick up some of the slack.

Stalking My Prey

TW is getting out of control and I don't know what to do about it. Seriously. I don't know if I didn't train her correctly or what. This biting method has been backfiring. What a conundrum. She still hasn't figured out that stalking is an art form that cannot be accomplished in a minute or two. Let me set the scenario.

Step 1. I lead TW over to the tunnel I like to play in and stick my head in one end.
Step 2. She sticks her hand in the other side and sorta wiggles it around.
Step 3. I stalk my prey. A few seconds pass and my back feet start moving causing my backside to wriggle back and forth. Sometimes TW's reflexes cause her to pull out prematurely even though she knows I'm not going to touch her hand.

Stalking my prey in the Tunnel of Pain & Suffering. Where you going, Woman! I ain't through with you!

Kittehs, if I don't run through the tunnel right away, TW gets up and walks away. Any kitteh worth his or her salt, knows that we need time to stalk. Timing is everything in catching our prey. So is patience. She doesn't seem to comprehend this simple logic. The Woman has little patience, especially when The Cat is involved. I have to wait till my prey is hypnotized by my stunningness before I pounce. I say it's only a minute or two. TW claims she waits for 4 or 5 minutes before she bails. She really needs to get her internal clock batteries recharged.

The Woman always has lame excuses why she bails like "I don't have all day like you do" (as if! This cat is very busy!) or "I have chores to do" or "I thought you fell asleep." Then there's my favorite "If only you knew how much my knees hurt." Huh? How about MY feelings and how you just hurt them? I want to play and she disses me using THAT sorry excuse? It's not like I keep her on her knees for hours.

Don't even suggest that I bite her cos if I do, then she won't play with me for months! OK, maybe it's just a few day or a few hours but that's years in a cat's life.

She does the same thing with the smousey laser. If I don't jump the first time she moves it, she turns it off and walks away. Her excuse for this poor sportsmanship is something about batteries. I'm guessing she's running low on batteries cos she sure doesn't expend much energy playing with this cat.

EZ After My Big Day

OMC! What a day I had yesterday! While it's true I didn't get to the big Valentine's Ball or even the Tabby Club Valentine's Day pawty, I certainly didn't sit home. Parker S Kat and myself spun love songs at the Nipclub from 8-9 pm and went out afterward. I'd like to thank Parker and Kruse Kats for playing along on my V Day adventure and for the lovely handmade cards, the toys and the lovely necklaces they sent TW and myself. You guys are truly number 1 on my hit parade! I'd also like to thank you—my furrends and readers—for sticking with me as I beat this theme into the ground. Your comment are always so important to me.

TW bought a Blimpie home for lunch so she could treat me to some luncheon meat turkey breast.  Can you believe I started purring as soon as I saw the sammich? I thought that would be the highlight of my day. But the day got better!

After lunch, I received a very unexpected surprise. I had mail! Not just any old mail but mail from—wait for it!—BUZZ LUCAS!!!!! Yes, kittehs, my sweet Buzzy didn't forget me this Valentine's Day!!! He sent me a beautiful card with a paw-written message from his heart and he also sent me his heart. This little kitteh almost burst with joy!

I'll always sleep with my surfer dude Buzzy's (top right) heart next to me!

What did YOU do for Valentine's Day? Did you have any unexpected surprises?

Sweeties Day

Thanks to Mr. Puddy and his Mom for the purdy graphic.

Thanks to Parker, Ken and their Mom for the gorgeous cards
and the toys and furs. You really know how to woo a ladycat.
I you too.

Happy Valentine's Day Parker and Ken!
I enjoyed our little romantic interlude. Hope you had fun also.

And Happy Valentine's Day to everyone reading.

Confession is Good For the Soul

I'd like to show you more of the lovely cards Parker Sax Kat and his brofur Kenzu have sent me. BTW, the cards weren't they only thing they sent me. They also sent me some gifts, which TW won't give me until Thursday. The bi-atch that she is. She's also saved the most precious Valentines card until then.

Aren't the cards lovely!! They're all miniature works of arts and I love them all. Look at all the detail!

You can biggify this image by clicking on it.

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned …

Yes, as is the way, romance never runs smoothly. Anyone who's known me for a long time on Twitter or has read between the lines of this blog knows I'm hopelessly in love with one Buzz Lucas. The big, orange tabby is the mancat of my dreams. He's tougher than any cat I know, having survived a coyote attack and beat cancer. But he thinks he's too old for me. Yes, he courted me for a bit, sent me Christmas prezzies and even gave me a gold heart locket one year for Valentine's Day. Then, he disappeared. I'm not ashamed to admit, I chased him. I wrote on his FB page … I tweeted him … I sent him Christmas cards … all went unanswered. Pop was not pleased that his stunning smokey gray diva was being taken for a fool.

When I axed who was going to be my Valentine this year, I was sure I was over Buzzy. But was I?

An hour after swooning and purring as I listened to Parker and Ken romance me with Beatles music, this little fickle ghetto kitteh spotted HIM over by the bar. I froze. Finally, I couldn't help myself. I threw myself at Buzz. Yes, I'm ashamed. After all, I now love another.

Then a few cats retweeted my come-on and Buzz loved it.

We talked about ipawd games and our baseball teams—he's an LA boy who loves the Angels—and then we had to part. I'm not a kiss and tell so I'll leave some things to the imagination. I was sad cos I don't know when/if I'll ever see him again. He has lost weight and is beginning to look his age (about 18).

My two new loves relaxing at home. Photo © Wanda Kruse

Afterwards, I started to feel really guilty. I don't want Parker and Ken to feel like they're getting sloppy seconds or anything. I need to forget the past and start thinking about my future and how happy Parker/Ken are going to make me. I'm going to start by taking down Buzzy's picture and replacing it with the Valentines that those sweet, handsome Kruse Kats sent me. If you see Parker/Ken, don't tell them about my little dalliance. Although, if I may quote Spitty the Kitty: "All this silly 'monogamy' nonsense is a Human invention and does not apply to us kitties! We have plenty of room in our hearts for many loves!"

The Cat's Out of the Bag

Wonder where that expression came from. I don't think even Faraday, Maxwell and Allie knew for certain, although they offered a few explanations.

By now everycat knows who my Furry Valentines are. Someone said they gave it away on their blog, Kruse Kats. I say if you had a Valentine's date with the World's Most Stunning Cat, you'd shout about it too.

I'll be on the arms of Parker Sax Kat and his Norwegian Forest Cat brofur Kenzu of Kruse Kats. Ken was adopted a few months ago after Mom Wanda saw an ad on Craig's list. I won't go into the whole story but it's his former family's loss and Kruse Kats' gain. Twitter and the CB have gained another handsome mancat.

You might remember when Parker tried to hit on me last year. We were trying to get people to vote for Amy's quilt. That little pipsqueak is all grown up now. Even though I'd love to have a handsome mancat on each arm, three's a crowd so if any ladycat would like to talk to Ken, he's on Twitter as @KenNKat1. Maybe we can double date.

The tweets of love were flying when Parker and Ken dedicated their 8 a.m. DJ shift to me during Nipclub Monte Carlo! You can click on the tweets to biggify them. Can you believe it? It was as romantic as all the beautiful Valentine cards they've been sending me. I promise to show you the rest of them in the next couple of days.

Can you think of a better problem to have?

But, alas, the plot thickens …

Who Let the Cats In

Yes, I'm a cat but occasionally I'll let a dog into my life and into my condo but only on tv or the computer. I have lots of doggy furrends on Twitter and Facebook but don't think I'd really like to meet one. One of my Twitter furrends is @TillmanSkates. Tillman, for anyone who's been under a rock for the last couple of years is the skateboarding dog who has his own tv show on the Hallmark Channel called Who Let the Dogs Out.

Isn't Brutus handsome even if our tv is a hunnert years old?
The latest episode of Who Let the Dogs Out featured interviews and footage from last year's Blogpaws, which is the biggest pet blogging and social media conference held on a yearly basis in the U.S. TW went to Blogpaws 2011 and she had a wonderful time. She even found time to make some contacts who sent me products to review. There's nothing this kitteh likes better than trying new food or toys. She learned all about networking and blog hops like this one.  Last year, Plush CK represented me and accepted my Nose To Nose Award for Best Twitter Design. I have the award displayed prominently and TW is instructed to show it to anyone who visits.

The tv show is especially well done—for a dog, I mean. Tillman and his friends are so talented—for dogs, I mean. On the Blogpaws segment of the show, I even got to see Nipclub Head of Sekurity @BrutustheDane up close and personal, as well as the Blogpaws' staff. Tillman rocks!

TW hopes to be going back to Blogpaws this year to see Tillman and all my friends in person and to learn how to make my blog the most popular and famous cat blog out there. I want to grow my audience and make contacts so I can get lots of free products to review.

Anyone hesitating about going to this year's conference in Tyson's Corner, VA, on May 16-18, should put their fears aside. You'll get to meet all your online friends and make others. Where else can grown peeps walk around with stuffies and flat pets and not look out of place?

On last word of advice to the organizers at Blogpaws: Have some cat stuff in the swag bag this year!

I'd Like to Thank the Academy

I'd like to accept this award for all the cats who are still looking for their forever homes.

Tonight the Grammy Awards are being handed out. Although I'm not up for any this year, I did receive a few awards recently. Can you believe TW doesn't appreciate my singing? The way she hollers at me, you'd think I was some Tom singing on the fence. For her info, I sing like Beyonce. So there.

I'll start with the most recent award, which was presented to me by Abbi, Atere, Livia and their Mom Stephanie about a week ago. They write the entertaining The Musings of a Crazy Cat Lady. They presented me with the Reality Blog Award. Since I've already received the award several times, I'll let you read my answers here. They're worth reading.

Next, I was presented with the 2013 version of the Liebster Award which is supposed to go to blogs with less than 200 followers hence the reason the awards says "discover new blogs" right on it. I'm lucky enough to have a few more than 200 followers of which I'm very proud. This honor comes via Spitty the Kitty of Spitty Speaks. Thank you, King Spitty.

The makers of the award want to know 5 things about me so here goes. I'm stunning. I'm a stunning virtual DJ. I bite my humans. I like human toys better than cat toys. I like to be FURminated.

The nosy buggers also have five questions for me.

1. What is your favorite thing to do? Play. All roads lead to my tunnel in the hall. I also like to eat.

2. What is your favorite time of year? December cos Pop is home most of the month I'm a cat so all the months run together.

3. What's the most important thing you want to do? Isn't that redundant to question #1.

4. Who is your favorite person or animal pal? Pop is my favorite person because without him I would have been sent back to the prison shelter a long time ago. Pop sticks up for me even though I bite him more than I bite TW. I have many anipal BFFs but I don't want to name my favorite for political reasons. I bonded with Herba from the Burba a long time ago and still value his love and furrendship.

5. Where in the whole wide world would you like to go? Where else? Into any closets or rooms where the door is shut. An alternate answer would be I'd like to go back to Communipaw and see what's become of the old hood and if it's been gentrified yet. I'd also like to go to Fort Knox so I can get enough gold to support my peeps. They're on a fixed income and it hurts to see them scrimp on buying stuff for the cat.

I also received the Lobster, er, Liebster Award from the Purrime Minsterettes of Planet Purrth Shiva and Jaya, who also awarded my with the Purrime Minsterette Pees on Purrth Award of which I'm very honored. They axed five additional questions which I'll try to answer as best I can.

1. What song makes the soundtrack of your life? I dunno. There are many songs. TW would say her soundtrack was Winter Hours' Island of Jewels. She reads a lot into the lyrics. But no one axed her. Mine is maybe something like Pink's Get This Pawty Started cos I'm all about pawtying. On the serious side, I'd have to go with a brilliant song by Lene Lovich and Nina Hagen called Don't Kill the Animals. The lyrics are brilliant and they're me. As a bonus, you can dance to it.

2. Who is your favorite politicat and why? That would have to be my PM bosses Shiva and Jaya. They're all about peace and ending animal abuse and abolishing the evil VC (vacuum cleaner).

3. What kind of anipal scares you the most? My teeth and claws are sharp. I have no fear. I do fear clueless humans that destroy the Earth and then deny stuff like Climate Change and Global Warming and even Science itself. They cut down trees and release toxins and poisons into the air, ground and water and then they blame cats for killing birds and wildlife.

4. If you could be human for one day, what would you teach Planet Purrth about love and friendship? I'd outlaw all guns and weapons and shoot anybody who still wants to own a gun. It's NOT their 2nd Amendment right. I'd also shoot anybody who hurts animals of any kind.

5. If you could travel to a far-away destination on Planet Purrth, where would it be and why? That's a toughie. I'd probably travel to see Shiva and Jaya at 10 Downing Street. They might knight me or something. Then I'd like to go on a Stunning Keisha World Tour so all my admirers could meet me. Kinda like Pip and Puddles only I wouldn't be sick.

CK photobombing Rihanna at the Grammys before I accepted my award.

Another Day, Another Valentine

Today I got some mail. I received the prize I won from Fur Everywhere. Thanks Carmine and Milito. Unfortunately, we don't have pictures yet. I love my Greenies SmartBites and nip nana; but you want to know my favorite part? It was the packing paper. TW ran all over the condo with it and I was close behind. Who doesn't love the sound of crinkly paper. You can see my furrends at Bengal Cat Domination chasing the crinkle paper here.

I also received another Valentine's card from my Furry Valentine! This one is so sweet. My initials are on the outside and the inside reads "My gal CK in diamonds" cos that's what the cat on the card is made out of. Not real ones, silly! I'm not going out with Donald Trump's cat. This card made me happier than all the money in the world. OK, that's just a saying but I'm sure the real stuff is coming.

Sorry about TW's lack of photography skills.

A few astute cats have figured out who's paw I'll be on at the big pawty that Mollie and Ranger are throwing. In case you haven't, I'll throw out some hints. He's been featured on this blog once or twice and shares a blog with his fursibs that I've mentioned dozens of times. He's also a virtual DJ on Twitter, just like I am. He's got a new brofur who's also wooing me. Both are legal and they're actually fighting over little ole ME!

I'll be DJing at #Nipclub Monthly Monte Carlo tomorrow night if I can teleport out. We having a blizzard with forecasts saying over a foot of snow and wind gusts over 60 mph. I'll be nice and cozy in a room at this resort hotel with my Furry Valentine, who's also spinning tunes. Pawty runs from 2 pm EST Saturday to 2 pm Sunday and benefits the Owensboro Humane Society.

Wednesday Word—Premiere

Today is the World Premiere of my new video so step lively on the red carpet. If Joan Rivers gets in your way, you have my permission to knock her over claw her. MOL!

This—my most ambitious video to date—shows a predatory cat on the prowl for a late-night snack. Watch as this cold-blooded killer, played by yours truly, hunts down prey under the cover of darkness. Never was so much "said" in just over one minute. Full-screen viewing is not recommended since it was filmed with minimal light. Sit down, relax and enjoy the premiere of Midnight Snack, which can also be viewed on YouTube.

Midnight Snack was written, produced and directed by Cathy Keisha. Music used by permission of Richard Ball from his album The Art of the Flute. All copyrights apply. Click here if you'd like to hear more of his music or to purchase it.

Hope you enjoyed the video and I'll be looking forward to reading your reviews.

The Dilemma

Over the past few days I've heard some disturbing rumors. There are kitties who think I—your Stunning Keisha—is involved in the cacciatore rape of a minor cat. I'm here to put your mind at ease. I may have had a little tryst with a certain orange intern but I'm innocent of what I'm being excused of. This, after all, is a PG-rated blog. I have never touched the little orange kitty although I bet he has hearts in his eyes for this stunning kitteh. I can get any man cat I desire, so why would I want to rob the cradle? Believe me, I don't want anymore trouble with the law. This adult cat has standards. Besides, I couldn't do that to my furrend, Katie. So get your mind outta the gutter, King Spitty. MOL!

Now that that's put to rest and out of the way, I can continue my train of thought. Yesterday, mixed in with all the bills for the peeps, a Valentine for me came in the mail. No, stop the presses! There were 2 Valentines. Seems my Furry Valentine's brofur has a little crush on me also. I hear he's singing "Silly Love Songs" to me but what's wrong with that, I'd like to know. Heh-heh. What's a lady cat to do? Can I show up at Milo and Alfie's with TWO handsome man cats?

In case you can't read it, the little one says "You stole my heart."