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Confession is Good For the Soul

I'd like to show you more of the lovely cards Parker Sax Kat and his brofur Kenzu have sent me. BTW, the cards weren't they only thing they sent me. They also sent me some gifts, which TW won't give me until Thursday. The bi-atch that she is. She's also saved the most precious Valentines card until then.

Aren't the cards lovely!! They're all miniature works of arts and I love them all. Look at all the detail!

You can biggify this image by clicking on it.

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned …

Yes, as is the way, romance never runs smoothly. Anyone who's known me for a long time on Twitter or has read between the lines of this blog knows I'm hopelessly in love with one Buzz Lucas. The big, orange tabby is the mancat of my dreams. He's tougher than any cat I know, having survived a coyote attack and beat cancer. But he thinks he's too old for me. Yes, he courted me for a bit, sent me Christmas prezzies and even gave me a gold heart locket one year for Valentine's Day. Then, he disappeared. I'm not ashamed to admit, I chased him. I wrote on his FB page … I tweeted him … I sent him Christmas cards … all went unanswered. Pop was not pleased that his stunning smokey gray diva was being taken for a fool.

When I axed who was going to be my Valentine this year, I was sure I was over Buzzy. But was I?

An hour after swooning and purring as I listened to Parker and Ken romance me with Beatles music, this little fickle ghetto kitteh spotted HIM over by the bar. I froze. Finally, I couldn't help myself. I threw myself at Buzz. Yes, I'm ashamed. After all, I now love another.

Then a few cats retweeted my come-on and Buzz loved it.

We talked about ipawd games and our baseball teams—he's an LA boy who loves the Angels—and then we had to part. I'm not a kiss and tell so I'll leave some things to the imagination. I was sad cos I don't know when/if I'll ever see him again. He has lost weight and is beginning to look his age (about 18).

My two new loves relaxing at home. Photo © Wanda Kruse

Afterwards, I started to feel really guilty. I don't want Parker and Ken to feel like they're getting sloppy seconds or anything. I need to forget the past and start thinking about my future and how happy Parker/Ken are going to make me. I'm going to start by taking down Buzzy's picture and replacing it with the Valentines that those sweet, handsome Kruse Kats sent me. If you see Parker/Ken, don't tell them about my little dalliance. Although, if I may quote Spitty the Kitty: "All this silly 'monogamy' nonsense is a Human invention and does not apply to us kitties! We have plenty of room in our hearts for many loves!"

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  1. CK you are a polyamorous cat.
    Nothing to be ashamed of

  2. Rudy was best buds with Buzz. It is a red cat thing. Parker says, daliance, schmaliance. All is great in love and red cats.

  3. I am so glad I don't do the romance thing - too complicated!

  4. So you're putting the past to bed and moving on...probably don't limit the field fura while

  5. Me as One of the kind of slut totally do agree !
    I love you all ; )

  6. Don't feel bad CK, you can't help it, when ya got it, ya got it!

  7. Whoa, CK gets around! We can tell that those mancats just can't resist your beauty.

  8. Brian said it. YOU got it, Girlfurriend!

  9. This is a regular soap opera! ....or...
    maybe Buzzy would like to watch.
    heh heh

    ; ) Katie

  10. Oh yeah, CK...that's one good thing about us cats...we can love many.

  11. THANK YOU for finally popularizing my philosophy, CK! These Humans are so, well, limited in affairs of the heart! I love many LadyCats, each with pure devotion....and some might even love me back, though alas, it does not appear you are among them. Sigh. "Parker & Ken" indeed.

  12. Better than any Soap on TV! Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  13. Your life is a soap opera CK. I can only dream of such!!

  14. my stars cathy keisha; were I given a nickel for every boy I love; I'd be a millionaire a billion times over; though my confession is I love no one better than I love...

    me, myself and I

    hugs from dai$y


  15. Grrl Furend,
    Me loves ALL the mancats in my life (except maybe Kozmo)
    An if yous would like pictured of yous dancing with your swains at the ball, email me - Penelope.catfromhell (@)

  16. Oh so many pretty Valentine´s cards you got !!


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