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Food For Thought

I've had some extra time lately so I've been reading the diaries of The Cats That Came Before. TW doesn't know that all her cats have passed along diaries/journals of what life was like while they were alive. Long before blogging, they had the foresight to write these journals. How pawsome is that? Of course, these journals can only be seen and read by other cats such as myself.

Please excuse the poor quality of the scan. The photo is hunnerts of years old (like TW). I'm lucky it didn't biodegrade before I could scan it!

I've been finding out some fascinating facts from the diaries of Faith and Chizzy (short for Machismo). For instance, they tell tales about cat food cans that were 6 full ounces, not the 5 ounce cans some of you are lucky enough to get today. Sometimes, there would be sales where these cans would be 5 for $1! Can you believe that! And, are you ready for this one? Pathmark used to sell sardines in gellee that contained whole fishy chunks. Think of all the beneficial Omega-3s. OMC! Can you imagine going to your plate to find a fishy head with the eyes staring back at you! I don't know about you but that sounds amazingly nommy and appetizing to me! Can you just see it! Apparently, according to the journals, the humans didn't think it was so appetizing when they opened the can first thing in the morning. Hey, there's no accounting for humans' taste. I bet your humans are all grossed out reading this. Apparently, this food was so rich and fishy that Chizzy was beset by urinary crystals and had to be put on a special sardine-free diet.

TW, can I have the food with the eyes?? Yeah, that one!

Today, lots of premium brands like Tiki Cat, Avoderm, Wellness and even Whiskas make sardine cat food but is it all chopped up or do the eyes have it? I want my food to only have eyes for me! How about you?

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  1. I remember being able to get my kitties sardines. We keep voting for you!

  2. Oops ! They only allowed kitties in U.S.A to vote !
    Unbelievable ! I'm not eligible !
    But I can purrs for you, I hope you win, Miss CK

  3. I agree: food with eyes rules! I want it looking at me when I eat it!

  4. Wow you are beating the dogs. Pawsome and well done on the silly caption contest. Have a marvelous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Funny what we all learn from the past CK!

  6. I've been voting two times a day (one for each email address) since day one. I do appreciate the daily reminder tho even tho I keep a yellow sticky up on the computer. I still appreciate the reminder. Trying so hard here - would love to see you win.

  7. Sweet pics! I eat Whiskas but hate the sardine one! I am making the Staff person vote for you CK :)

  8. Mommy went "urk" thinking about eating eyes!

    What a wuss.

  9. we iz purrty sure whiska's purrfect fish sardeenz has de eyez but frank lee cathy keisha, we bee eatin it sew fast we iz knot sure if we saw an eye ore it sawed uz....we will chek with R bellyz !!

  10. Those cats that came before sure had it good...guess that's why the humans call them the good ol' days.

  11. Mommy is suuuuuch a WUSS. She blanched and said EWW at the thought of eyeballz. WE boys think it's TOTALLY RAD!!!

    (Pee Ess, we voted! we voted!)

  12. We're voting up a storm here for you, CK!

    How cool is it that you've found the lost diaries of those cats that came before. Surely there's more dirt you can dig up. ; )

    xo, Katie

  13. Hi CK, long time reader first time poster. Not really, I just always wanted to say that. The HuMom is voting 3 times so far. Once by Twitter, once by Facebook and once by email. She's going to get the boy/man to do some voting too. She just needs to see how that will work out since she's already using his email address. We'll do our best to get you past the dogs!

  14. Mom tried feeding us sardines one time. She thought the oil would be good for our coats. You know what? We didn't eat them. We took one sniff and walked off.

  15. Fishies with HEADS and EYES? Really??? Cause that sounds PAWSOME! But maybe it's just a legend, like the Yeti, you know. Say what? Footprints, you say? Huh.

  16. Oh CK! Me used to gets a food like that called Snappy Tom! Me LOVED it. Purrhaps me shall goes on a fast until Mommy can find me something like that!
    BTW, Wes put a link for your Luckiest Pet contest on our blog!

  17. Hi CK...Momz remembers those chunky eyeball sardines...nommy for cats, yucky for momz

    I can't vote for you cause Petfinder requires me to choose a "" (for some dumb reason) and we don't have one...No cable or dish here...Why would they need something like that in a pet contest?


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