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Happy New Year! Feliz Año Nuevo!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everybuddy for the outpouring of love I received for my last post. In our complex, carbon monoxide has been an ongoing problem. They think they’ve solved it in one building; and, hopefully, our problem is resolved as well. I’m gonna keep my paws crossed especially since we’re expecting a “significant snow event” starting Wednesday night.

PSA—Emergency in the Condo

I’m gonna tell you something that might save your life.
Dateline: Friday, December 27. Two days after Christmas and it started like any other day. TW was still sickie but her coughing had let up some. She dragged herself out of bed and went over to the computer to help me answer e-mail and visit my furrends. I was in my mauve thing, sleeping dictating to her. Suddenly, some terribly loud beeping caught our attention. TW jumped up. This wasn’t the neighbor’s beeping. This was OUR beeping.

#WholeFoodsPets Taste Test

Let me preface this Whole Pets® review by revealing that I am not only the World’s Most Stunning Cat but also the World’s Fussiest Eater. I won’t eat my food if it’s given at the wrong time or in the wrong dish. Let me also say kitty don’t play all this hippy-dippy grain-free food loaded with vegetables and sweet potatoes. OK, so I will eat cranberry.

When I was in jail before the peeps paid my bail money, I was fed nothing but kibble. The peeps were instructed what to feed me: a quarter cup of kibble twice a day. The peeps didn’t listen cos they don’t like me eating kibble. They give me around 10 pieces every night cos they say wet food is healthier. I still prefer kibble.

The Joy of Wrapping Paper

I can’t say it enough—I had a great Christmas! I got so many pawsome things; one better than the next.

When TW got up, she put Pop’s gifts under the tree. I scaled the gifts like Mount Everest. Woohoo! Note: I think that top box was empty and that’s why it’s caving in.

Merry Christmas!

Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for. We get to open our prezzies and maybe undecorate the tree. The Christmas (Fancy) Feast will soon be eaten and you'll be getting your EZ on.

I Got to Open My Secret Paws

The grinch known as TW relented and let me open some of the presents in my Secret Paws' package. The package came from the Random Felines. This was our first year doing Secret Paws so when I got a box from the same cats I sent my prezzies to, I thought that’s how it worked. Thanks so much Maestro, Tim, Tom, Mozart, Ivy, Spud, Junior and Mom Jeanne! Too bad Junior couldn’t come along. Heh heh.

The Dog Cookie Heard ‘Round the World

Half this cookie is missing but we don’t have a dog. WTH?
Your Roman Reporter Cathy Keisha has all the news that’s fit to blog about on this early Senile Saturday. Today's blogcast is about the dog cookie heard 'round the world. I’m on location in my very own condo.

Wednesday Words—Every. Cats. Dream.

Can I reach my Secret Paws gift from here?
The peeps finally blinged up Doug E. Fir last Saturday. Thought you’d like to see it. We didn’t take many pics this year.

HH Gutt: I bet you can’t climb to the top of the tree, CK. I will stand look-out for you.

CK: You’re on! Gonna wait until the peeps are all nestled; all snug in their beds …

A Very Star Wars Christmas

Back in September, I won a Glogirly contest. The only Glogirly contest I’ve ever won. The prize wasn’t for me; it was for my Uncle Vince. He collects Star Wars memorabilia. I knew he wouldn’t have this. I so wanted to win it for him because he and Aunt Marta do so much for my peeps. How much does Uncle Vince love Star Wars? He had a Yoda ice sculpture at his wedding reception although I’m certainly a more stunning Yoda.

EZ Sunday

Getting my EZ on atop of the blankie that TW wishes to put in the wash. The peeps finally put some bling on Doug E. Fir today. I slept all day snoopervised. They dropped a lot of ornaments. Pop would put one on and Doug would eject 2. A fun time was had by all. Oh, and Pop ate a dog cookie. More about that another day. Wonder why he keeps barking … Whachoo guys doing today?

Love is #WholeFoodsPets

Love is just a four legged word. This slogan for the new line of Whole Foods pet line has to be my favorite slogan EVER! When I heard about this new line, I couldn’t wait to taste it. Fortunately, they sent me an entire box to taste test!

TW loves Whole Foods. She used to work about 8 blocks from the one in Chelsea and would spend at least one lunch hour a week shopping there. I’d watch as she unloaded her reusable shopping sacks.

What the Well-Dressed Cat is Wearing

Fur! The well-dressed cat is wearing fur, unless you’re one of the those Cornish Rex or Sphinx cats. I’m also wearing a very trendy feather boa over my stylish gray and white furry tuxedo. It’s all about accessorizing.

C is For #CuriousCat

I've written this post on behalf of the BlogPaws Pet Blogger Network for Royal Canin. This little ghetto kitteh is being compensated for helping spread the word about Royal Canin, but Stunning Keisha only shares information I feel is relevant to my readers. If you know what’s good, you’ll keep reading.

Prof. Keisha: This morning I have a fun lesson planned for you. We are going to learn about Humans, how they interact with cats and their many misconceptions about us. Royal Canin did a survey and found that many cat owners are stereotyping us. For those students who may not know, Royal Canin was founded by a veterinarian in 1968 so they have more than 40 years of experience in delivering individualized nutritional solutions. Questions? Nicky, you go first.

Nicky: Are we going to get to nom some Royal Canin cat food?

ME Monday

The photo above was taken back in the day when I used to jump up on the shelves to get closer looks at the decorations. These days, I don’t waste my time. I’d rather bite the peeps than knock over the display any day.  My furrends are welcome to do honors. Just watch out for the snow globes cos they’re extremely toxic to cats.

Kinda Looks Like Christmas

This week’s PhotoHunt theme is Creativity. If you look in the dictionary under creativity, it will say “something TW doesn’t have.” Enter my Pop. Click on the collages to biggify.

You Gotta Be In It To Win It

At first I wasn’t gonna post today but then I noticed the Mega Millions jackpot was up to $291 million. NO ONE needs that kind of money. So why am I encouraging all my U.S. furrends to talk their peeps into buying tickets?

CK Does Limericks

The Cat does most of her best thinking when she lying on one of her blankies, surrounded by toys. My kitty mind lights up with imagination and creativity. Last night I came up with some limericks. I hope you like them.

Hello December!

I want my calendar to be the first Christmas decoration hanging on your wall so I made it extra special. For your convenience I added the special #Nipclub pawties that I’ll be DJing. Don’t forget #Nipclub every Thursday night. I DJ from 8-9 pm. On Catmas Eve, I’ll be handling the 9-10 pm shift so the peeps can go out car—ha ha ha, I don’t think I can type this—carolling. HAH! They’re not actually going carolling but it would be funny if they were. The thought of this slays me! Catmas Eve, hosted by @GeorgetheDuck, is a charity event with donations going to Black Cat Rescue, the December #Nipclub charity. Click on the calendar to biggify and print out.

Let me take this opportunity to apologize for yesterday’s post. I shouldn’t have showed TW cos I scared many readers off. This kitteh has learned her lesson. I hope you can get that image out of your head.