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Scary Yet Stunning

Scary Yet Stunning

Happy Halloween everybuddy! This week’s appropriate photo challenge theme is Scary. As you know, I’ve been doing scary all week, starting with my Gramma’s Ghost story. Originally, I thought about using an image of TW, but that would be too scary so I settled on some unsettling images of myself.

Even though I’m stunning, I can look scary too. The image above was taken Wednesday night with my new iPawd Mini. TW used the mirror feature in PhotoBooth. She usually doesn’t use the features but this was too good to pass up. Knowing TW, you haven’t seen the last of this feature. She’s all about sabotaging my stunning image. Still it’s scary yet stunning.

Fright Night Foto Frenzy

Fright Night Foto Frenzy

HOOOOOWWWWWWWLLLLLL! Cue the spooky music! Tonight is Fright Night aka Mischief Night when all delinquent cats—why is everyone looking at me?—go out spraying egging houses and other fun frightful things. Now that the intro is done, have I got a bunch of frightful fotos this week. MOL! I picked these three fotos at random and there isn’t a single one to use as a lead.

Wellness Pumpkin TruFood is the Perfect Treat This Halloween

Wellness Pumpkin TruFood is the Perfect Treat This Halloween

Disclaimer: I received product from in exchange for my fair and honest review. No money exchanged hands (or paws). is not responsible for the contents of this post. Stunning Keisha (that’s me) only share products that I believe in.

I’ve written about Wellness Trufood before but thanks to, I got to taste it! They filled my trick or treat bag full of the pumpkiny goodness. I’m not one for chicken or turkey but I chowed down on the Wellness TruFood Tasty Pairings with Chicken, Pumpkin and Turkey grain-free noms—until I found out it was good for me. It then became gut-rot.

Gramma’s Ghost

Gramma’s Ghost

Whoa! Have I got a Halloween ghost story for you today! Wish I could say I read it in a book but this is a true story about ghosts. Hope it doesn’t scare your peep too much.

My Pop has a police scanner. He listens before he turns in for the night or when he hears sirens outside. The other night he went to bed and turned on his scanner. Then he called out to TW that a call had come in from their old house.

Haunted CK Rises From the Crypt

I’m saving this week’s 52 Snapshots theme of pumpkin for later in the week but I thought I’d show some early Halloween art. All you guys have been showing off the scary frames for the past month. I’m gonna save the bestest for next Saturday! Bwa ha ha!

My art for this week has nothing Photoshopped you’ll be happy to know. The frame is Pixiz and the lightning filter was also done online.

My Peeps Are Lushes Foto Frenzy

My peeps are lushes foto frenzy

So there; I said it. Welcome to a brand new Foto Frenzy. Pop and I disagreed on which foto to use as lead but I won out. Heh heh. I think by now everyone knows the rules of this feature. No photoshopping, no cropping and you take a chance by picking the fotos.

Wednesday Word—Tocktober

Stunning Keisha
I’m hear to talk to you about Tocks.

Every October, the Cat Blogosphere celebrates Tocktober to honor Angel Derby. I didn’t really know Angel Derby but I salute his memory.

Cat Claws Has a Surprise Giveaway For You

Cat Claws™ subscription box review & giveaway

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary subscription box from Cat Claws in exchange for my fair and honest review. No money exchanged hands (or paws). Cat Claws is not responsible for the contents of this post. I only share products that I believe in.

I am super, super, super excited to welcome Cat Claws™ as a new sponsor of this blog! Why am I so super times three excited? Because TW has been a customer of theirs since 1992, that’s why. Aunt Pauline first innerduced her to this fantabulous mail order company when she sent Autumn a Nipper toy—which we renamed Pauline—for Christmas. We became fans. Our first cat trees were bought from them including the pink one I still love. They come fully assembled which is a plus where my peeps are concerned. There’s so many things to love about the Cat Claws brand, including my peppermint sticks (above) that are still faves of mine.

Welcome to Keisha’s World

Welcome to Keisha’s World
There’s a whole ‘nuther world outside this window but it’s not Keisha’s World.

This week’s 52 Snapshots’ theme is World. Which way shall I take this? I’ll welcome you to Keisha’s World where everything I post is part of my world, meaning that any pic in the archives is part of MY world. Kapeesh?

My world revolves around running through my tunnels and playing with foam rockets. It’s a blogging world where I have giveaways, share my favorite fotos and tell you about cool products. Mostly it’s a world full of biting the peeps and keeping true to my feral roots.

In the Year 2525 & Other Fotos

Stunning Keisha foto frenzy

Welcome to an abbreviated version of Friday Foto Frenzy; abbreviated cos we ran a post yesterday and cos TW sliced half her thumb off this morning. At least that’s what she’d have you believe. Her thumb—of course it’s her dominant hand, the left one—had a little run in with the business part of the pill splitter. There was lots of blood and for once I wasn’t blamed for it. As I dictate this post, it’s heavily wrapped but still throbbing and hurting. Suck it up, Woman! You didn’t visit me to read about her finger though so let’s get frenzied!

Blogging the Change for Adoptable Cats

Paw Fest, Blog the Change

TW and Pop went to the third annual Paw Fest a few weeks ago. It was the first for them. They braved cold temperatures, winds gusting to 20 mph and drizzle to check it out. Of course they left the stunning cat at home.

Wednesday Word—Idol

Cat at window with laser eyes
I’m gonna wait here till they come back! Maybe they’ll see my lasers.

TW has been having a lot of trouble falling asleep. She was lying awake at 2:30 a.m. when she heard a loudspeaker or some kind of speaker phone outside of the building. Usually the only time we hear those is when the town needs to inform the residents to boil their water or some emergency. It went on for awhile so she finally staggered went to the window.

The Hungry Little CK in A Pumpkin Patch

Weruva Pumpkin Patch Up! review

I’m happy to announce we have a brand new sponsor: We are late to the pawty cos we’re non-conformists but we recently placed our first order with them. The customer service and everything else was outstanding. They make you want to order from them.

My first review is for Weruva Pumpkin Patch Up! Supplement. This is totally a natural for me since I love Weruva’s food with pumpkin soup except this isn’t pumpkin soup, it’s puree. Heh. Lemme give you the 411 on this product and then tell you how you can win a box to try it from

Don’t Call Me Animal

We used to have the actual Sesame Street character Animal but the peeps gave
him away so Oscar the Grouch will have to stand in for him.

Are you ready for this week’s 52 Snapshots’ photo challenge? I think I am. It was kinda hard to decide which way to go with the theme of Animal. Since I don’t consider myself to be an animal, I thought maybe I’d use pics of the peeps but decided it was a bad idea.

Funtastic Fall Foto Frenzy

It’s Friday again but I hope you guys aren’t getting Foto Frenzy-ed out. My views and comments have been down the past couple of weeks so I’m hoping this isn’t a trend. This is my audience participation feature where you decide what you want to see.

Wednesday Word—Mess

or Why CK Will Never Have an Open Litter Box

HHGutt did it! I’ve been laying her all day.

TW was cleaning my box the other afternoon morning and noticed it could use a bit more litter. She got the bag of Smart Cat and poured some in. Then she closed the bag and brought it back inside. Her intention was to come right back in and finish in the bathroom with my litter box.

Breakfast at Keisha’s

Of course I’m comfortable.
Of course I’m comfortable? Why wouldn’t I be?

It was just another easy like Sunday with Pop only I found a new “bed” to lay upon. It was the peeps new cereal. I know I’ve told you they stuff their faces with unhealthy sweet stuff, but they both agreed that this healthy kibble is pretty darn good.

A Stunning Fall Frame

This week’s 52 Snapshots theme is Framed. As a little ghetto kitteh, I’ve been framed so many times I’ve lost count. I’ve been framed by TW but mostly by HHGutt. It seems whenever he bites one of the peeps, I get blamed for it. Seriously, for the first four years I was in this condo, every time I heard a po po car go by with sirens blaring, I’d yell “I didn’t do it” and hide. I don’t really have snapshots to show all this so I picked a nice Fall frame and used a pic where I look innocent. Then I added an October calendar for extra credit.

A Fresh Fish Flounder Kinda Frenzy

Who can say Foto Frenzy!!! It’s time for me to tell you the rules of our little feature. I need some new guesses cos I only have a couple more in the queue and then TW is gonna start to choose them if’n my furrends don’t step up. Guess a number between three and 5379 and in the coming weeks, you’ll get to see that foto as well as get your name up in lights a holla. Try to be imaginative cos all the common numbers have been taken. All Most* fotos will be untouched by Photoshop magic except to add the watermark and number.