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Game On!

I’ve got Game. I know I didn’t have to tell you that. Game is this week’s Saturday PhotoHunt theme. I’m a whiz with a b-ball. I was axed to join the Harlem Globetrotters but I had to decline. I’m that good. I also had to turn down a basketball scholarship at Syracuse. Orange isn’t my best color.

TW has game too.

Thanksgiving Oopsies, (I Mean Memories)

Every cat’s humans do stupid things once in a while but my peeps are the Champs. This year wasn’t nearly as bad as the year that they had two raw turkey blood juice spills which led to two floor steam cleanings or the year TW spilled half the pumpkin pie filling on the oven door. My fave Thanksgiving mishap was the year they bought Mrs. Smith’s pies rather than making their own but didn’t know you had to bake them before eating. You can imagine what transpired when Pop “poured” the pumpkin pie out of the box! Clean up in Aisle 6!! Bring a mop!

Giving Thanks

Even though I’ve traded my pilgrim hat for a Santa hat, I have much to be thankful for. Today I’m thankful for my blogging, Twitter and Facebook furrends. I’m thankful that you keep reading my blog even though I don’t have cool giveaways and TW slacks off on letting me visit you. I’m thankful that I’m not still in a shelter like I was in 2005 when TW didn’t think she was ready for another cat, even though she knew I was waiting for a home. I give thanks that my peeps provide hilarious material for my blog even though they haven’t provided much recently. I’m thankful that I’m keeping it real and the peeps still haven’t kicked me out.

Wednesday Word—Turkey

On Monday, I axed what had captured my attention. Only now can I reveal the answer to the Monday Mystery.

The unveiling of the 2013 3-1/2 lb chocolate turkey! ♫ TA-DAAAA! ♫ The vast majority of you guessed a turkey but no one guessed a CHOCOLATE turkey. MOL!

Monday Mystery

What am I looking at? What the hiss is going on?


TW: Come out from UNDER the bed, CK.

CK: Make me!

TW: You've got to come out now!

CK: Why?

What's the OVER/UNDER on whether or not I listen to her?

Are You A Ghetto Cat?

This is going to be a series that I'll visit from time to time. This is sign #1 that you just may be a ghetto kitteh like me.

You know you're a ghetto cat when you have wand toys of all different lengths, brands, shapes and textures …

Count along with me.

Wednesday Word—Twins

Plush CK met Plush Savannah of Savannah Paw Tracks at Blogpaws. The conference cramped my style but Savvy did a great job of keeping me company—and out of trouble. Listen to a bit of our convo.

Well, it isn't a Tuxie Tuesday, but you get the drift. And, yes, there were plenty of unattended purses lying around.

Two for Tuxie Tuesday

What, you may ax, can be better than one stunning tuxie? Why two, of course!

CK Does EZ

Even though the weather has been getting colder, I am warm and cozy in my "mauve" thing aka my cat bed. (I know it's blue but don't tell my peeps.)

Neat Neat Neat

TW hasn't been doing her job and helping me post or visit lately. In lieu of a real post, we're participating in the Saturday PhotoHunt, even though TW knows nothing about the theme: NEAT!

Living room, circa 2007. It's a regular ad for Condo Beautiful magazine.

Wednesday Word—Mouses!

I'm here to accept the Mouses Award, which Nerissa invented to celebrate his second blogoversary, from Spitty. I thank both King Spitty and Nerissa for this bright and colorful award. Because I'm so generous, I'm going to pass it off to a few other bloggers at the end of this post.

Newsday Tuesday

The postman's been busy bringing packages to the condo with my name on it. They've been just as busy NOT bringing packages. It seems for every one I get, they lose one. This just hisses me off to no end. I did receive my prize from Dana Pixie from #Jackspawty on Twitter and my replacement package from Christina of Peace Love & Whiskers. It hisses me off that she HAD to send a replacement package since this was an item I'd won in the auction she held for charity. All the money I donated was spent on postage. That does NOT make the kitteh happy.

Funny Photo Hunt—Sale (x 3)

I decided to participate in the Saturday PhotoHunt at the very last second.

Talk about a SALE, remember this pic? TW actually paid only sixty cents for a case of Fancy Feast in PetSmart. Because she bought some other things, she never noticed the bargain until she got home. I'm sure she would've told them. NOT!

Thankful Thursday on Friday

Sammy of onespoiledcat had a Sam-O-Ween costume contest that I entered. I usually don't enter contests anymore unless I can win moolah or a donation for A Call 4 Paws cos it's just too much work to drum up votes. It's also hard to root against my furrends. I recently met Sammy so I decided to go for it.

Wednesday Word—Scram!

I wrote a post in August about the peeps buying a new executive office chair. I mentioned that I was going to let them try it out to see if it fell apart before I sat in it. I can't run the risk of injury to myself. They've been sitting on it without incident with their large girths so it should be safe for my svelte 9.9 lbs.

Dona Nobis Pacem

This is the 3rd year I've Blogged 4 Peace. Blog Blast 4 Peace was founded by Mimi Lenox 9 years ago. We're not a particularly creative family compared to all the other Peace Globes we've seen through the years; however we've been a family of peace activists so this is a blog near and dear to our hearts and souls.

This year TW thought it would be fun to showcase some of her old peace buttons on this year's peace globe. There were plenty more where these came from but they got lost in the move or they fell apart years ago. We couldn't think of anything to top our animated one from last year.

Panic in the Condo!

It was a long day for The Cat.
CK here. Let me set the stage for you. It was a warm late October day when TW came home from shopping to discover the Super had left us off the trick or treat list. She hastily made up a sign and hung it outside. After all, the peeps had bought a ton of candy and didn't want it to go to waste. Of course, I'm talking about the non-chocolate candy that they buy since so many kids are allergic to nuts and milk. The chocolate would NOT go to waste.