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Let’s Mix It Up with Nature’s Variety Instinct! #sponsored

Let’s Mix It Up with Nature’s Variety! #sponsored
Disclaimer: As a member of the Blogger Outreach Program, I received this product
in exchange for my fair and honest review. No money exchanged hands (or paws). Chewy is not
responsible for the contents of this post. I only share products that I believe in.

Hmmmm, if that title seemed like a threat, that’s not what I meant. I’m talking about food; noms. I’m gonna give you some raw facts about Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost Mixers Chicken Formula freeze-dried cat food topper. Whew, that was a mouthfull.

A few short months ago, TW wouldn’t have dreamed of having me review a raw food product. I had turned my stunning little nose up at every freeze-dried raw treat she’d brought home for me. Believe me, there were many; she offered me all different proteins and brands. That all changed when I did another review.

Today I Rest

Today I Rest

The Greatest Gift! #10CK

The Greatest Gift! #10CK #sponsored

As if you wouldn’t guess, today is my 10th Gotcha Day. Prezzies, I got a few. Thanks to Shoko and Ellen from 15 and Meowing for the cards and gifts. The peeps also got me something or at least I hope they did. As I have over the past 10 days, I have a present for one of you! This one is for your peeps and is open to everyone. I’ll leave you in suspense while we join the conclusion of my story.

Colorado Catnip High #10CK

Colorado Catnip High #10CK #sponsored

At the beginning of 2013, I reviewed a blanket I won from Colorado Catnip Toy’s Etsy shop. Four years later, I’m still loving on the blankie, which you can also call a quilt if you’d like. In the image above, I’m laying in my Colorado Catnip bed, pointing to their blankie. Today as part of #10CK, I’m gonna give you the chance to win one of their stunning blankies.

We innerrupt this important blog post to bring you Part 6 of my Gotcha story. You can also read Part OneTwoThreeFour and Five and enter the corresponding giveaways.

What’s a Pawty Without Food? #10CK

What’s a Pawty Without Food? #sponsored

Yesterday on #10CK, I told you about a new whisker-friendly cat food bowl; today I’m gonna help you fill it up. I’m celebrating my 10th Gotcha Day with some pawsome giveaways, provided by some pawsome sponsors.  My 10th Gotcha Day is January 29 so make sure to keep those cards and gifts coming.

May 11, 2013, will forever be known as the day this little ghetto kitteh first tried Taste of the Wild  kibble. I’d won a magnet from Mariodacat at #Chilipawty. In jest, I told him I already had a Mario magnet so he sent me a pawsome care package. In the package, he included a sample package of Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain kibble. In 2005, I wasn’t even dreaming that someday I’d be eating healthy “hippie” food. We now join Part 5 of my Gotcha story.

Does Your Cat Have Whisker Fatigue?

Does Your Cat Have Whisker Fatigue? #sponsored

The peeps have always said I’m a slow and picky eater. I take a few bites and then walk away, only to return later for a few more bites. This continues until most of my food is gone. They also say I’m messy cos I like to put my food on the floor to eat it. I’m lucky I’m an only cat or I’d wind up starving.

After ten years, I have a confession to make. I have whisker fatigue. TW has tried buying me those oblong dishes but I won’t eat out of them. What’s a cat to do?

The “Soap" Opera Continues #10CK

We’re back to celebrate my 10 years in the condo with another #10CK giveaway. During my celebration, I’ll be giving away over $175 worth of prizes with giveaways up until the 29th, my actual Gotcha Day. Today’s prize will be for your humans cos they feed you and keep you safe and warm.

The “Soap" Opera Continues #10CK #sponsored

My Gotcha story continues:

You Can’t Be Too Rich, Too Floofy or …

… have too many Skinneeez shmousy toys! #10CK continues with another pawsome giveaway. I’ll be giving away over $175 worth of prizes before the end of the month to celebrate my 10th Gotcha Day on January 29. All items are CK-tested favorites of mine.

You Can’t Be Too Rich, Too Floofy or … #sponsored #giveaway

Our story continues.

Wednesday Word— #10CK

#10CK logo courtesy Barb Kowalik

Welcome to #10CK! I’ve had a run like no other both in the condo and online. I’ll be celebrating my 10th Gotcha Day next Friday and, guess what, you’ll be getting the presents! I’ll be giving out 10 prizes in 10 days. HAH! That’s gonna be fun for you. It’s been a ton of work for TW. I’ll also be looking back on my humble beginnings.

Geisha Keisha in the Zen Garden #giveaway

Geisha Keisha in the Zen Garden #giveaway #sponsored

I don’t have a litter box; I have a Zen garden. Yep, Weruva’s new natural cat litter made from Hinoki wood and green tea has transformed my box into a Zen garden. TW loves how this litter smells. She also loves green tea. Lemme give you the 411 before I tell you what The Cat thinks.

Disclaimer: As a member of the Blogger Outreach Program, I received this product in exchange for my fair and honest review. No money exchanged hands (or paws). Chewy is not responsible for the contents of this post. I only share products that I believe in.

I Come in Colors Everywhere

It’s time for some new creativeness from yours truly.

Ye Royal Foto Frenzy

Ye Royal Foto Frenzy

Happy Friday cats and kittens! Hopefully, they’ll be no oops fotos on this Frenzy. I love this first entry brought to you by King Spitty. TW had just returned from the bodegas so the plastic shopping bags were still strewn all over the table in #2496. Of course she could have come home hours before and not put those sacks away. Wouldn’t be the first time. No reusable totes on this day and that suits The Cat quite well. I’ve plopped myself down and I’m looking pleased with myself. Of course, I could be smiling for my furrend Sugar the Golden Retriever who’s got a smile that could light up a room. Sugar is having risky surgery today and we wish him well.

Wednesday Word—PowerBall

Wednesday Word—PowerBall

Is there another word that’s on more human lips in the U.S. today than PowerBall? If you don’t live in the U.S., PowerBall is a lottery game offered in 44 states. At the end of this post, I’m gonna tell you how to up your odds of winning $1.5 billion. By the time you read this, it could be much higher too.

Who’s Challenging Me?

Who’s Challenging Me?

I’m taking part in this year’s Pet Blogger Challenge. I’m not sure how inneresting those readers who don’t blog will find this but I’ll try to add a bit of humor to my answers. The questions were kinda personal. I hope y’all will find my answers inneresting and just perhaps you’ll learn something about me you didn’t know.

1. How long have you been blogging? And, for anyone who is visiting for the first time, please give a quick description of the subject of your blog.

I started blogging in September 2009 after building a following on Twitter. The blog’s subject is Cathy Keisha aka Stunning Keisha. I’m a little ghetto kitten who blogs about my stunning life living in a condo with Pop, TW (The Woman) and HHGutt, a stuffie who doubles as my double. This is a cat blog that aims to be both educational and entertaining although I’ll be the first to admit I’m more of an entertainer than an educator.

Stunning in 3-D

I’ve got my 3-D glasses on and so should you cos I’ve got some 3-D art for this week’s Caturday Art Blog Hop, hosted by Athena and Marie. Let’s start the show!

Foto Frenzy and a Few Bloopers

Foto Frenzy and a Few Bloopers

It’s Fresh Fish Friday so it’s time for our first Foto Frenzy of the year. I’ve added a new feature that I hope you’ll enjoy. For those new to Foto Frenzy, this is an interactive audience participation feature where you get to pick a random number of a foto between three and 5626. In a future post, I’ll spotlight your choice with a link back to your blog (if you’re a blogger) and a paragraph explaining the foto. We’ll post the fotos no matter how embarrassing some might be for TW, who isn’t known for her photography skills. The fotos won’t be photoshopped or altered in any way except to resize and add my watermark and the number of the foto to help you keep score. Got that?

How My Healthy Diet Keeps Me Young #NaturalBalance #ad

How My Healthy Diet Keeps Me Young #NaturalBalance #ad

My name is Keisha and I’m semi feral. I’m wild, energetic and I play for keeps. I love to run. I get zoomies 3-4 times per day. I run an obstacle course: leaping over toys and furniture in my way; running through two tunnels; jumping from the top of one cat tree to the other then dashing behind the sofa to start all over. I’m the Queen of my Jungle Condo so you’d best not mess with Queen Keisha.
This post is sponsored by Natural Balance and the BlogPaws® Pet Influencer Network™. I am being compensated to help spread the word the word about Natural Balance available at PetSmart, but Stunning Keisha only shares information I feel is relevant to my readers. Natural Balance and PetSmart are not responsible for the content of this article.

Wednesday Word—Bath

Wednesday Word—Bath

Tugging on Spitty’s Heart Strings

Tugging on Spitty’s Heart Strings
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Many moons ago I posted that TW was mean and wouldn’t let me open my Secret Paws. I had been communicating with my Secret Paw match—none other than SPITTY!—so he wouldn’t feel bad.  Truth be told, I wasn’t feeling all that well leading up to Christmas and right after which was one of the reasons TW didn’t want to get me all excited. I was lethargic and not eating very much. I’d rather lay around than play.

The Six Faces of Stunning

The Six Faces of Stunning

It’s the first Caturday of 2016 which means this is the first Caturday Art of the year and this one is special. I hope this will be the dawn of a productive and artistic year for me. At the end of this month, I’ll be celebrating my 10th Gotcha Day. I can hardly believe it. Click on any image for my narration about it.