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New Litter Box Issues

We’ve got litter box issues in the condo but they’re not mine. TW has litter box issues as in SHE NEVER REMEMBERS TO CLEAN THE BOX!

You may remember I did a post a few weeks ago mentioning important facts to know about litter boxes, like they should be cleaned every day. Mine get cleaned twice a day. You may ax what the problem is. The problem is that the first time it gets cleaned isn’t until 4 pm some days! I could be hopping on 2 legs by then.

Wordless Whisker Wednesday

This is unacceptable TW! I expect a full blog up tomorrow! My readers deserve more than a stunning photo of ME. They deserve real content! Oh wait, a stunning pic of ME should have readers flocking to this blog!! Great idea!

Everyone’s Gone to the Moon

So, I kinda decided at the last minute to design a spacesuit for Sammy's Moon Trip. I saw that TW might have a free minute and we couldn’t have that. I had to give her something to do for me. She started painting and sewing instantly upon my bidding. We worked feverishly all day and I think you’ll like the finished product.

Independence Day

No, it’s not July 4th but it’s MY independence day. I stopped trying to understand my peeps a long time ago but something came up last week that just baffled me. For years, the peeps—by the peeps I mean TW mostly—have been chiding me and making fun of me cos I have “separation issues.” That being, I always hung with them. If I wasn’t in the same room as they were, I’d start singing so they’d know I was looking for them. Sad but true. The life behind bars left me somewhat bent but not broken. I craved attention and I wanted the peeps at my beck and call.

50 Shades of Amber

Amber is this week’s PhotoHunt word. According to Wikipedia, Amber is fossilized tree resin, which has been appreciated for its color and natural beauty since Neolithic times. Valued as a gemstone, Amber is made into a variety of decorative objects. One of those objects is this beautiful candle that TW has. It’s delicate design uses many little pieces of Amber and there’s more on the back of the candle. TW tricked me into “posing” with her candle by dropping my favorite nip next to it. Was that low or what? That was low even for TW.

Flashback Friday—Helping A Friend in Need

Several years ago I blogged about an artist in my 'hood who was helping the cause of peace for free. It was my first Blog Blast for Peace. I’m rerunning it below for a very sad and devastating reason. Mr. de Las Mercedes, a neighbor of mine, saw his home and studio burn to the ground on Tuesday. He lost everything, including all his art. It just so happened that TW had her camera with her to take pictures of the Park Cats. Instead, she wound up taking very disturbing photos of the burnt-out ruin that was the house of our friend, who we’d never met in person. The house is slated for demolition.

Photos by TW. She was shooting into the sun. For spectacular pics see

On his Facebook page, Mr. da Las Mercedes mentions that he’s started a PayPal page for donations to rebuild his and his wife’s lives. Obviously, he’s not taking any orders right now for the Priority Boxes or have any arts available since he doesn’t have a studio.

Wednesday Word—Birds

Is that what I think it is in my condo??
Now that the ground—and everything else—is covered by white stuff, Bird-tv is apparently off the air. It’s not even on reruns. It’s just a snowy screen. I’m sick of looking at it and so are my peeps. I may have found a partial solution.

Newsday Tuesday and a Box of Goodies

After a weekend that included Valentine’s Day and the Blogpawty, which I worked as a DJ, I’m tired. So’s TW’s brain since she can’t come up with blog material again.

Sunday, we I made our my bi-annual donation to A Call 4 Paws. TW forgot to take a picture of all the stuff we I donated.  We I had a ton of stuff but Linda’s eyes really lit up when she saw the bag with the laundry detergent.

DJ CK in Da House!

I don’t know if anybuddy’s missed me at that Twitter club on Thursday nights but I’m happy to announce that you can get your fix of DJ CK in da house today, Feb 16 at the Third Annual #Blogpawty. Believe me, Blogpaws knows how to throw a pawty.

Reflections of my Life

Admiring my reflection in the hardwood floor while reflecting on my life.

Reflections of my Life. Anyone remember that hit song by Marmalade from 1970? Lemme sing you a few lines to jog your memory. “The changing of sunlight to moonlight / Reflections of my life, oh how they fill my eyes / The greetings of people in trouble / Reflections of my life, oh how they fill my eyes / I’m changin’, rearranging, I’m changin’ everything around me.” I’ve jumped around a bit, but you get the idea.

Will My Real Sweetie Please Stand Up

If you recall, last year I had to send the word out that my Buzzy wasn’t being the best sweetie he could be. Buzz DID come through and send me the sweetest card and heart nip toy for Valentine’s Day.

Snow is NOT Stunning!

TW seems to be having writers’ block, even though I’m the writer of this blog and she the typist. She falls apart when the chips are down and there’s too much going on. Here are some pics of me looking out the window, wondering why it just keeps snowing.

Nosing in on the Nose To Nose Nominations

Yo! I’ve been thinking this whole Blogpaws Nose to Nose Awards thing over and have decided to throw my hat into the ring. I was really planning on ignoring this entire affair but a couple of furrends have axed about nominating me. The blog has never been a finalist even though I won for Best Twitter Design in 2012. This little ghetto kitteh is taking off the kid gloves. Anyone care to fight me??

Both Intricate and Artsy

Intricate. The workings of a cat’s mind, specifically this cat’s mind, are intricate. I first published this mosaic May 5, 2010. If you biggify the photo by clicking on it, you’ll see the Intricate mosaic work that went into creating it. I have finally been able to combine the Saturday PhotoHunt and the Caturday Art Blog Hop presented by Athena, Cat Goddess. It was created using Photoshop.

Wednesday Word—Ice

Today, we had an ice storm. First we got a ton of snow and then the sleet and freezing rain came. This is what our window screens looked like when we got up. Actually, the glass panes without the screens were frozen when Pop’s alarm went off. I convinced him he needed to stay home cos I didn’t want him breaking his elbow again. It’s bad enough he’s got all kinds of complications from when he broke it several years ago and may eventually need a fake elbow.

I Got You Babe #RecipeForMoments

This is a love story. I have a well-earned hard-as-nails, take-no-prisoner, bad you-know-what reputation. My furrends, however, know that deep down inside I’m a Daddy’s girl. That’s why I’m happy to be participating in the Nature’s Recipe for Moments campaign presented by Nature’s Recipe®. I want the world to know about the special bond I have with my Pop. It started when he fell hard for my photo on

It’s In New Jersey!

The Super Bowl is in New Jersey. It is, despite what former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg would have you believe. When the peeps go to Shop Rite, they can practically see Met Life Stadium. In fact, Friday night, we saw the fireworks from Met Life Stadium from our window as they rehearsed their half-time show with some wanker from Hawaii that no one cares about. Hope we can see live fireworks tonight!

Bridge over Artsy Keisha

When I saw this week’s PhotoHunt theme, I thought I was going to have to learn to play cards. Isn’t Bridge some kind of card game? Then I remembered Pop’s favorite kind of “cheap” supermarket candy was Bridge Mix and we just happened to have some in the condo. From what I’ve heard, Bridge Mix is some candy that only old people have ever heard of. It’s got chocolate covered nuts, raisins and malted balls. Can you tell I’m biting on the bag?