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Easy Sunday Report

Hmmm, the newspaper doesn't have THIS piece of news.
On this easy Sunday, I have some good news and some bad news. I'll give you the bad news first.
Traffic is no longer my frosted cousin. Traffic is the little sweeties who had one of her rear legs amputated? Nope, she's no longer in my family.

The good news? Drop those balloons! Strike up the marching band! Throw the confetti! Traffic has a furever home! She went home with Brooke's Legacy volunteer Sarah. Sarah was quoted as saying "She is such a character and so feisty! We couldn't let her go!!" Traffic was one of four cats who found homes yesterday!

BTW, the mailman has been very good to me! I'll update you next week when/if TW uploads the pictures.

Remember to vote every day for Brookes Legacy to win $10,000 so they can rescue more cats like Traffic and give them second chances.  Click to vote.

Life Just Ain't Fair!

File footage from happier times.
It's almost October so you'd think I've have some window whiffies. It's finally cool enough but guess what?? We have a screen full of effing gnats or midges or something so TW refuses to open the window. What's a cat supposed to do? I'm gonna start lobbying them to move someplace without gnats. This is getting very annoying!

October isn't just about Howl-o-ween and pumpkins in La Casa Keisha. It's also about Pop's birthday and the start of the baseball playoffs so I had to get some Yankee stuff into my calendar picture. We don't expect them to get past the Division Series cos they have too many washed-up players but they have surprised us before. The peeps have tickets in hand for the first home game of that Series. Of course, they can surprise us and not even make it that far. This month, I even reminded TW to mention LiveSTRONG Day and Senile Saturday. You can biggify the calendar by clicking on it so you can print it out.

Mid-Week News Briefs

Bear with me cos I'm still playing "catch-up" from the past few weeks.

Have I ever told you what a slacker TW is? The Blogpaws' Awards were handed out about 6 months ago, but TW finally saw fit to send my press release to the local newspaper, The Reporter. I'm happy to say they didn't waste much time at all in printing it. Yes! This little ghetto kitten was written up in the paper again. TW had no luck getting me to pose with the paper so she just screen-printed it from their website. You may notice one discrepancy: that is NOT my photo! It's Plush CK aka HHGutt. Amy Palmer took the photo at Blogpaws. Seems, heh heh, I wouldn't pose with the award either. Did I mention that TW just put in the order for my $100 worth of Halo noms?

In a similar vein, while the peeps were at their condo association meeting last week, they met a nice lady who recognized The Real Housecats! She'd read the original article about me (see sidebar). I have a fan! High paws to Tammy if she's reading this! I hope your hubby and his slate wins.

In more recent news, TW received an email informing her she'd won a kazzillion £ in the 13th Birthday celebration of Google. I thought they used Euros but what do I know. I'm a cat who was born in the USA! Sounds too good to be true and after she googled it, it was. Kinda ironic that gmail didn't flag it, you know, being that they're PART of Google and stuff. Hisses to them! If you get one of these, don't send them any info cos they'll make your nine lives a living hell.

Lots of furrends needing healing purrz. Don't want to start naming them cos I know I'll leave some out and cause hard feelings. Our friend, Marg, has a ChipIn on her blog because she's run up against some big v-e-t bills for Jasmine, her precious doggy who has kidney failure. Marg has done so much to help others in need so it's only right that we help her. She's living on a fixed income but Cod chose her to look after many of his four-legged creatures. (It's taking every ounce of strength in my furry body not to go off on a political rant right here. Must … control … emotions …) Purrs for Marg and Jasmine.


Still LOVING on my foam rockets! That's one pathetic nip plant in the background.

The Standoff Is Over!

Dateline: The Condo. After an almost six-month standoff, the peeps have finally rid the second litter box of that horrid World's "Best" (aka Worst) Cat Litter so I can once again pee and poo in it. No longer will I have to hop on 2 paws into the hallway litter box when I'm on Pop's bed and the urge to pee strikes me.

In our 1000+ foot condo, I have 2 litter boxes. One is in the hallway and the other in Pop's bathroom, for my convenience or so they say. A couple of years ago, Pop had bought a package of the World's "Best" Cat Litter. It was little kernels of corn and I happily used it. TW brought home a couple of free coupons from Blogpaws last year so they bought it again. Being senile, they didn't remember which color package they had bought so they picked up the green one. Of course, they "claim" that Pathmark didn't have the other one, but we know the truth.

This formula was terrible—all dusty and smelling like peanuts or something. Where were the kernels of corn, I wondered? Did I mention that it did nothing to mask any odors emanating from the box? I'm not trying to say my poo smells because it doesn't, but the peeps needed a gas mask to get into Pop's bathroom and they were blaming me! I tried to use it for awhile but then when TW dumped in the second bag, I went on strike. I refused to use that litter box. I'm sure this thrilled TW since it meant she only had to clean one box rather than two and she didn't have to get that smelly dust into her lungs. The box sat there, unused and untouched for a l-o-n-g time. Months, I'd say. The standoff continued as neither side gave in. Who'd blink first: The Stunning Cat or the lazy humans?

I don't recommend the Double Duty Arm & Hammer cos it gave TW an asthma attack every time she cleaned it!
I can now report that the standoff is over and The Cat has prevailed. The box has been cleaned, deodorized and filled with good old America's Choice clumping litter. No more dust all over Pop's bathroom. No more dust in CK's eyes. I'm happy to report I've used the box twice since yesterday. I'm now a happy cat again. I've called the strike off.

Don't believe 'em when they claim to be the World's "Best" Cat Litter cos "Best" is in the eyes (or nose) of the beholder. This beholder gives it two paws down.

This is NOT a review. It's intended as a humorous piece about my experience with the products.

A Post About ME!

How novel is that? A post about ME! Duty called these past few weeks and I've had to answer the call.

You guys all know Savannah of Savannah's Paw Tracks. Her blog is all about the progress she's made in her recovery from a terrified shelter cat to a confident house cat. Just like myself, she's part Russian Blue and she looks a bit like me. Anyway, I promised her I'd post about this bit of "progress" that happened to me several weeks back. I know this isn't going to sound like much to the untrained mind but I ROLLED OVER! Completely. I was playing and it just happened. It wasn't easy and I struggled a bit to get over but I did it and I didn't die doing it. Trust me, I haven't repeated the feat since then.

This is as far as I'll roll over to show off my little bikini.
For some reason, I've never rolled onto my back. Ever. The peeps don't know why this is. They suspect it might have something to do with past abuse or maybe that I still don't trust them or perhaps it's a hidden health issue. In fact when the evil v-e-t tried to put me on my back, I started to mouth breathe and hyperventilate. It was terrible.

My whole life passed in front of me. I saw myself as a wee kitteh on the streets of CommuniPAW . … Then the Liberty Shelter. … CAP rescuing me and bringing me on a long car ride to their Hillsborough Shelter. … The people who returned me to the shelter. … Many trips to adoption events at the Hoboken Animal Hospital. … The elderly couple who finally came and took me home, where I've been for the last 6½ years.

Pop always loved to fool around with all the cats who came before me by picking them up and placing them on their backs. He's been smart enough to know he can't ever do that with me. A quick bite or two convinced him not to try unless he wanted to be mauled.

Do I look stunning as an all-gray cat?

A few reminders before I leave you to your easy Sunday:

f you're on Facebook, please vote for Brookes Legacy Animal Rescue every day in the Petco Foundation's 100 Celebrations contest so they can win a grant of $10,000. This grant will be used to help fund our medical costs for adoptable pets they save from the kill shelters that's would have been euthanized otherwise because of needing special medical attention. They have many of the ones that no one else will. It will also help with their spay/neuter surgeries to cut down on the staggering pet overpopulation. Click anywhere in this paragraph to go to and like the Petco Foundation page. I'll take you right to the Brookes Legacy page. Please vote every day through noon EDT October 5, 2012.  You can also like the Brookes Legacy Animal Rescue's page on Facebook and follow the links there.

✰  ✰  ✰  ✰  ✰  ✰  ✰  ✰  ✰  ✰

Only 1 day left in the CB Auction for Mini. They've added some really wonderful items including a $25 gift certificate to Nip & Bones and a lovely copper pendant and black bead necklace and earrings from Kruse Kats. Their Mom, Wanda, makes those gorgeous quilts and she also does bead work. There's still only one bid on the CD I'm donating and there are several bidding wars going on. The sale ends Sunday , September 23rd. Start your Holiday shopping early and get some fantabulous deals that aren't available in any store.

Are You Up To A Challenge?

Now that the Cat Ruler of the World Contest has finished, I was all set to get back to the business of MY life but that will have to wait another day or two. Seems this week is having their annual "harder to adopt out" pets week. I refuse to use their title of Adopt-A-Less-Adoptble-Pet Week because it's just so demeaning to these pets. This gives me the opportunity to tie three items together under one giant umbrella. I'm up to the challenge. Are you?

Brooke's Legacy Animal Rescue is one of my favorite charities even though I don't live in Florida. One reason is that my Auntie Karen volunteers and fosters for them. Another is that they're all about giving second chances to pets who are about to be euthanized. The rescue is named after Brooke Ashley Miller, who was killed in an automobile accident on her 18th birthday. Brooke loved animals so this great organization honors her by giving animals the second chance at life that she never got.

I'm going to innerduce you to a few of the harder to adopt pets their volunteers are currently fostering. Then I'm going to tell you how to make their lives much better even if you can't adopt. It's even easier than it sounds. Look at these sweet faces.

Starting at the top right and going counterclockwise meet Uri (sweet little male Chihuahua who's deaf), you know my frosted cousin Traffic who's doing great on 3 legs, Fancy May ("Can I please get a forever home of my own."), shy Little Star, Marcia Leah (a Cockapoo on meds), Mr. Fuzzy Lumpkins (cloudy eye from an old injury), 2-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix Addie, Marathon (Beagle/Rat Terrier mix) and Hansa Rose who actually has 2 eyes but 1 is set way back.

These babies are all available for adoption at Brookes Legacy Animal Rescue in Naples, FL. Right now, the cover boy on their web site is my cousin Fluffbomb! He's a star just like me! They're having a big College Football Tailgating Adoption Event this Saturday at the Petco Naples at Airport Road & Naples Blvd from 11-3.

If you don't live in Florida, there's another way to help these pets and that's with a simple mouse click. If you're on Facebook, please vote for Brookes Legacy Animal Rescue every day in the Petco Foundation's 100 Celebrations contest so they can win a grant of $10,000. This grant will be used to help fund our medical costs for adoptable pets they save from the kill shelters that's would have been euthanized otherwise because of needing special medical attention. They have many of the ones that no one else will. It will also help with their spay/neuter surgeries to cut down on the staggering pet overpopulation. Click anywhere in this paragraph to go to and like the Petco Foundation page. Then go to 100 Celebrations Contest. click on "Vote to Save Lives" and then go to page 2 to vote for Brookes Legacy. Please vote every day through noon EDT October 5, 2012. You can also like the Brookes Legacy Animal Rescue's page on Facebook and follow the links there.

Only 3 1/2 days left in the CB Auction for Mini. Mini is a black tuxie and we're all heard that black cats are harder to adopt out then other colors. She has a home with the Hotties but there are lots of black cats looking for homes. Back to the auction: they've added some really wonderful items including a $25 gift certificate to Nip & Bones and a lovely copper pendant and black bead necklace and earrings from Kruse Kats. Their Mom, Wanda, makes those gorgeous quilts and she also does bead work. The sale ends Sunday , September 23rd. Start your Holiday shopping early and get some fantastic deals that aren't available in any store.

Meow Like A Pirate

Ye be landlubbers! I be the real buccaneer, matey! I be the baddest buccaneer on the Black Paw pirate ship! To see me is to fear me! No one crosses Iron Bess Rackham! Arrrrrr!

Yea, me pirate name is Iron Bess Rackham. 

A pirate's life isn't easy; it takes a tough kitteh. That's okay with me, though, since I'm a tough kitteh. I have the good fortune of having a good name, since Rackham (pronounced RACKem, not rack-ham) is one of the coolest sounding surnames for a pirate. Arr!

Get your own pirate name here

Don't forget t' auction for Mini goin' on now! 

And the Winner is …

Dateline: September 17. Somewhere in NJ, a stunning cat is sleeping. She opens one eye. Her iPhone is buzzing. She yawns and picks it up.

Waffles: Um, CK? Can I call you CK? I got Katie here. She'd like to talk to you.

CK: Yo! Whassup, Kate-ster? This better be good. I was in the middle —

Katie: WE WON!! BLIND CAT RESCUE WON! Oh, and I'm the Cat Ruler of the World.

CK: Whoa! Head rush! Er, I trust there's gonna be a spot for me in your administration. Campaign Managers usually get a primo appointment. Na mean?

Katie: I'll get back to you on that. Salmon cabinet, here I come!

Waffles: Um, CK, can I call you that? Ms. Katie's gone so I'm going to say 'toodles' and hang up now if that's OK. Um, CK?

CK has already popped the Nip-pagne cork and is celebrating for Blind Cat Rescue.

OK, who's the joker who stuck the streamer on my back??

Lest we not forget the real winners—Blind Cat Rescue. We'd go to the ends of the Earth for them.

It's been an exhausting campaign and we're sorry there could only be one winner because we loved all the shelters. But we're happy it was us!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Katie for having faith in this little ghetto kitty and keeping up with the busy schedule I arranged for her. She aced the Twitter pawty, the video and the celeb endorsement, as I knew she would. Thanks to Blind Cat Rescue and all the kitties that I've come to know and love. You've shown me that love isn't something that you see with your eyes.

I'd also like to thank @Whskr and my staff at the #Vote4Katie pawty (@ShaynaCat @DashKitten @LilyLuWhoT @MizzBassie @Kingtuttifruiti @ParkerSKat); @Flacatlady @Whskr and KTF for giving me advice on how to host a pawty; @MizzBassie for helping with the schedule; and a cast of cats and dogs for retweeting the pawty and the voting links. A special meow-out to @cludiab53 for tweeting our cause so much that she wound up in Twitmo. And, I'd also like to thank Waffles for getting my Catbucks orders right most of the time. "No, Waffles, NOT Oil of Olay! Listen to me! CAFE AU LAIT!" Last but not least, I'd like to thank our opponents for inspiring this kitteh to keep reaching for the stars. You guys ROCK!
♚ ♚  ♚  ♚  ♚ ♚

Please help Mom Robyn and check out this fun auction. There's so many wonderful items: a comfy cat ham-mick, scarves for your human, cat books, a cd from yours truly, jewelry and some Zoomy nip toys. There's less than a week left so get your bids in!

You can also help Robyn by using the ChipIn on the sidebar of this blog or by buying jewelry from Robyn's shop,

Time to Start Your Holiday Shopping

With all the campaign work now behind me, I can concentrate on an important matter I've been neglecting. George The Duck's cat Mini has been diagnosed with “congestive heart failure, moderate pulmonary edema; improving with treatment; Advanced unclassified cariomyopathy with severe left atrial enlargement; At risk for worsening congestive heart failure, blood clots, and sudden death.” You might know Mini as one of the Hotties in the House of (Mostly) Black Cats.

File picture from when George
visited me last year. He's the one in 
the sunglasses.
The wonderful Marg and the CB have put up an auction to help Mom Robyn pay the $2317 in Vet bills (2 days in the ER vet ICU and a cardio work up), a figure that goes up with every new medication that Mini has to go on.

George is happy to report that Mini is almost back to her old self. She's eating and grooming herself and, most importantly, taking her meds.

Item 6 on the Auction is a CD that I donated. My special limited edition CK Rocks the Nipclub.It's no secret that I'm one of the most popular DJs the Nipclub has. All the cool cats show up during the 8 pm hour when I'm spinning. I'm embarrassed to say that it's one of 2 items that has no bids. Please go over there and put in a bid. $15 isn't a whole lot to help a friend. It's got original cover artwork by Glogirly. If you mencats want, I'll even throw in a picture of moi, poised seductively, like the picture below. I'm showing a bit of my white bikini panty even though I'm trying to cover up with my famous paw?

There are many other wonderful gifts to be had at the auction. You can bid on a Duck Soup Bracelet made by Wanda Kruse from bead soup purchased from Robyn with an adjustable silver chain. Bidding on this beautiful bracelet—Item 17—is up to $15. If you couldn't win the painting by Mariodacat's Dad in my auction, you have a chance to bid on Item 10–a matted and framed lovely Hat Counted cross stitch done on white linen by Mario's Mom.

You can also bid on a comfy cat ham-mick, scarves for your human, cat books, jewelry and an item that caught MY innerest: Item 5. You've heard me RAVE about Tiny Pearl Cat's nip. She's made some nip cat toys from her freshly ground Buzz Nip, direct from the Field of Zooms in the Pacific Northwest. What cat wouldn't like to find these toys under the Christmas tree or in a Secret Santa package? Word has it the CB's Secret Paws is starting any day now so get a jump on the other cats.

Please help Mom Robyn and check out this fun auction. You can also help Robyn by using the ChipIn on the sidebar of this blog or by buying jewelry from Robyn's shop

Coming into the Home Stretch. YES WE CAT!

Only 1 more day to go in our campaign and it's going to be a busy one. I have Katie booked on Ellen, Letterman, the Today Show, the View and even on my hero and well-known vegan Bill Maher's show Real Time.

Posing for the pawparazzi outside before being innerviewed by David.

During our campaign, we've gotten worldwide press:

Newspaper ads were taken out.

The ratings for Katie's press conference were off the charts.

Some of it not so good. MOL!

There was no escaping that little salmon scandal.

We've even gotten the endorsement of a feline celebrity.

Homer Cooper from the best-selling book Homer's Odyssey,
A fearless Feline Tale, or How I Learned About Love and
Life with a Blind Wonder Cat

But we've never forgotten the real stars of this campaign: Blind Cat Rescue. We've advertised for them every chance we could.

Billboards at bus stops

On taxis

On the TV

Yes, we've even kissed babies, although TW and Glogirly enjoyed that part a little too much.

There's still time to vote for this wonderful charity so what are you waiting for?

voting runs 9/11-9/14

Wednesday Word of the Day—VOTE

We all pawtied and now it's time to vote for Katie and Blind Cat Rescue! Thanks to all the anipals who attended our big bash Monday night. The house was packed and everyone couldn't wait for the polls to open. Electricity was in the air! Thanks also to those who donated their time and those who donated prizes. We won't find out how successful the pawty was until the polls close and the results are tallied.

VOTE Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary, Inc. & Katie in the Campaign For A Cause Contest! Help this amazing shelter win $7500 in food/supplies/cash! YOU can make a difference with just a click.
One vote per person/computer - Thru 9/14.

The pawparazzi took this picture of me in the voting booth
shortly after they opened.
She just kept snapping away! Everyone wants a piece of the
Campaign Manager. I'm stunning so who can blame them.

Remembering 9/11 & Father Mychal Judge

Here we are again, watching as the names of the victims are read on TV. Only this year, we're watching it streaming on the Interwebs. For those new readers, here's my original 9/11 post, written by my Pop who worked a few blocks away from the World Trade Center. He was a witness to history and to the carnage that unfolded.

I remember going to the Yankees/Red Sox game the night of 9/10/01. We had an amazing thunderstorm with the rain cascading down the facade of the old stadium and the game was cancelled around 9 pm. On the subway home, we talked about getting to work on time instead of going in late, as we had planned. Yanks/Sox games always last way too long.

I got to the office about 8:47 am that morning and had just turned on my computer to start work. It was a beautiful Tuesday and it was the weekly close. I had signed on and began to open applications when I heard someone say the WTC had been hit by a plane. We thought the plane was a small private plane.

A group of my coworkers and I went to the window to see what was going on. We saw the North Tower ablaze; papers fluttering in the sky like large snowflakes. We also saw objects too heavy to be paper plunging to the earth and didn’t know we were watching people jumping from the building. All you could hear were the sound of sirens from the Fire Department, Police Department and EMS all rushing up Broadway to the disaster. We were all wondering how they would fight this fire.

Another coworker yelled a plane was coming. As she yelled, the entire bank of windows on the 27th floor of 1 State Street turned dark as the plane whizzed so close by you could read all the markings on the bottom. The building shook from the power of the jet engines.
The plane sped toward the tower, although it looked to be happening in slow motion. The explosion that followed was more vivid than anything Hollywood could create. My boss started yelling it was time to get out of the building. He was yelling to get our belonging and evacuate.

People were running to get their things while I—being the grandson of a fireman—stood transfixed by what was unfolding at that window. The sight of a box of continuous feed computer paper floating out from one of the broken windows and then slowly unraveling as it made it’s way toward the ground just amazed me. Then I felt the heat from the explosion and I too knew it was time to leave.

27 flights of stairs later, we were standing in Battery Park watching, again not clear as to what we had actually seen. No phones—either land lines or cell—were working so we couldn’t call our loved ones to tell them we were ok.

This photo appeared in Vanity Fair. It was taken by Will Nuñez from the same building that Pop works in.

R and V and some others chose to stay and try to find a phone that worked. My department chose to walk. We wound our way up the East Side of Manhattan looking for safety, being careful to walk along the water and away from the buildings. Somewhere in Chinatown we heard the roar of what sounded at first like another plane and then like a subway train. The South Tower had fallen and what we heard were the floors pancaking. Fortunately, we were far enough from the plume of smoke and dust that we didn’t inhale any of it. We continued to walk until we were in Little Italy when we heard the sound again. This time we turned around in time to watch The North Tower falling. None of us would ever be the same again. None of us will ever forget that moment. It will be hard to forget that 14th Street (about 4 miles from where I work) and somewhere is where civilization started to appear again only there were soldiers directing traffic. 

We ended up on 62nd Street and 1st Avenue, ironically near where I had once worked. I thought about that as we walked. We caught our breath, got to see some tv coverage, got something to eat and it was time to move again. The attacks took place before 9:00 am EST and I got home to my two cats sometime after 8:00 pm EST. In between, a friend and I saw 7 WTC also collapse from the attack. We were at 23rd Street and the Hudson River waiting for a rescue boat to take us to Jersey. 

I now cherish the extra time I’ve been given and the people I knew then and know now. I’m sorry we all had to go through this, but at the same time it has made us better and stronger. 

Everyone after 9/11 wrote and spoke how they never would forget this day but since then it sometimes seems to me people look at what happened as an inconvenience. People from the rest of this country seem to want to forget it was America, not New York City that was attacked. 

We all remember our brave soldiers who gave their lives every year on Memorial Day and all our soldiers who are doing and have done their duty on Veterans Day. On this day we need to remember all the innocent who did nothing more than come to work that day or get on a plane to begin a vacation/business trip. 

I wish for all of you peace, health and happiness for whatever days we all have left. Please don’t forget as I never will. 


TW worked around the corner from St. Francis of Assisi Church.  She's not an overly religious person but she used to stop in during her lunchtime when the urge struck her or she needed guidance. Every October, she'd pray that the Yankees would have the strength to play a little bit better than the other playoff teams they were facing. Father Mychal Judge never failed her from 1998 to 2000. On September 11, 2001, they say he was the first victim to perish after the World Trade Center was hit. As you know, St. Francis is the patron saint of animals, which made it the perfect choice of worship for TW. We wanted to pay tribute to Father Judge.

Get-Out-the-Vote Pawty Info and Prizes

So much to prepare for the Get-Out-The-Vote pawty for Team Katie and Blind Cat Rescue tonight on Twitter. Please note that the hashtag has been changed to #Vote4Katie. Gotta make sure the menu is what I ordered. Gotta chill the Nip-pagne. Gotta write out the prize schedule. OK, let's talk prizes! OMC! We have the best prizes lined up for tonight.

First, we have 6 custom avatars from Glogirly Designs. We'll be giving away two every hour. It's fun to customize your avatar to fit the themes of both weekly and monthly #Nipclub or to have a different one for every season. While its not a prerequisite, it's fun to see what everycat is wearing. Check out the wild avs for the Haight Ashbury Hippie Night last Thursday. Some humans can make their own and others—take TW for example—are lacking talent so we need professional assistance.

A few avatars by Glogirly Designs

Whskr and Dash Kitten have donated two super great prizes. I couldn't have put this pawty together without the help and retweets of these wonderful furrends. I'm a better cat for knowing them and I want to send them to know how much they're appreciated. Please visit Whskr's Etsy Shop.

The prizes they donated are

A copy of Quaky Cat book
donated by @DashKitten

A Primitive Style Kitty with pretty Pincushion
donated by @Whskr

The last prize we'll be giving out is truly amazing. It's a Carpeted Cat Hallway Rope Bridge from @CatShelfCompany. This prize ships in the USA only. You can see more pictures of the Hallway Rope Bridge here. It's the perfect gift for the tree-dwelling cat in your family.

I'm sure you'll want to get your paws on some of these prizes! Don't forget to RSVP (link below) for our Get-Out-The-Vote Twitter Pawty tonight from 7-10pm EST. It's all to raise awareness for Blind Cat Rescue and rally votes for the blind kitties.  Click here for the #Vote4Katie Twitter Pawty Invite and visit for more info on the campaign. Be there or be SQUARE!

Make sure you're following our quizmasters: @MizzBassie, @Whskr and @LilyLuWhoT and they're following you.
Also follow our barktenders: @DashKitten, @MizzBassie and @KingTuttiFruiti and our DJs @ShaynaCat, @CathyKeisha and @ParkerSKat.

Homer, star of Homer's Odyssey, A Fearless Feline
 Tale or How I learned About Love and Life with a 
Blind Wonder Cat, says to come to the get out the
vote pawtyand then Vote Katie and Blind Cat Rescue!

R U Ready 2 Pawty??

Has this thing been scooped?
CK, Campaign Manager to the Stars here. I've had a little something in my box and now it's time to scoop! You see, I'm proud to be working with Katie and I'm even prouder that we're representing Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary! #TeamKatie will be holding a Get Out The Vote pawty and rally on September 10th from 7-10 pm EST on Twitter. I've been rounding up staff, entertainment and prizes.

When Katie hired me, it was only partially for my stunning looks. It was also because I have a Twitter following and she knew that the Twitter vote would be impawtant if she wanted to bring home a victory for Blind Cat Rescue. Last week after she had a chance to talk on the phone with Alana Miller, the amazing woman behind Blind Cat Rescue, and learn more about the difference they are making in the lives of special needs cats, Katie was more committed than ever that these kittehs should reap the rewards of a #TeamKatie victory. Dare I say that when this campaign started, Katie wasn't polling very well. Victory was a long shot. With your help, furrends and anipals, we can defy the odds-makers and make those kittehs very happy.

Dear Twitter Anipals,
Did u think we could hold an impawtant election like Cat Ruler of the World without including u? Of course not! Katie is pretty new on the twitter scene and I'm holding her paw through this as I introduce her to our vast community of Twitter anipals.
 I know I can count on u. Come pawty w/us on the 10th. We'll be clinking Niptini glasses and dancing as we get out the vote on Election Eve. U can talk to Katie as she works the room. There'll be prizes—Yeah! how would u like one of those cool custom avatars by Glogirly Designs? We're giving away 6 of them—and noms but best of all, it's for a Cause! Katie has chosen to represent the amazing cats at Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary, in North Carolina. Should we pull off this upset—and it will be an upset—BCR would win $7500 worth of donations and gifts, from Halo, The World's Best Cat Litter, Zero Odor and PetPlan Insurance. Can u imagine that? Come pawty and then VOTE FOR KATIE AND BLIND CAT RESCUE starting September 11. For those who overindulge in Niptinis, the polls will remain open until September 14. 

The main thing is that you go to and Vote Blind Cat Rescue and #TeamKatie. You don't need a blog or to give any information to vote. it's completely confidential.  (The link won't work until 9/11 when the voting begins.)

Click the pic to RSVP.

Make your reservations early because the Ballroom is starting to fill up. We can make this a reality!


In case you haven't visited Katie yet today, please stop by. I hear we've gotten a very big celebrity endorsement!! Read a very special post about Homer the Blind Wonder Cat and read his endorsement of Katie and Blind Cat Rescue. I hear she's even having a contest!

You Can Make a Difference!

I wasn't planning on posting today cos I have a big announcement to post tomorrow but when I looked through my comments from yesterday's post about Blind Cat Rescue, I noticed many of you said you wished you could take the kitties home with you. You can and it's easy!  Boots will tell you all about it.

Hi! I'm Boots and I recently had my bad eye removed but don't feel sorry for me. I'm a survivor. You can help me by going to Blind Cat Rescue's web site and SPONSORING me! I'm FIV+ and would really appreciate if someone helped defray the costs of my medical bills and maybe bought me a toy. For $30 a month (that's less than the price of 1 cup of Dunkin Donuts' coffee a day), you can sponsor me or one of the other kitties and know that you're making a difference in the lives of another one of God's furry children. I know you'd take me home if you could, but this is the next best thing. CK tells me that her blog followers are the very bestest! She also said that many of you are having money problems right now so don't feel bad if you can't. Click on the name of  the cat—ME! ME!— you wish to sponsor and then click on the "Please Sponsor Me" icon. There's some information to fill out and then you're the owner, er, sponsor of a wonderful special-needs kitty without changing a single litter box! I only have one sponsor while some of the other cats have more. My furrends and I could use your help. Oh yeah: VOTE FOR KATIE ON SEPTEMBER 11-14! SHE ROCKS!

Thaanks, Boots. Gimme a high paw! We know firsthand how satisfying sponsoring can be. Pop used to sponsor the cows at the Popcorn Park Zoo in NJ. Every year he'd get a Christmas card from each cow, with a picture and update. It was tres cool.

voting runs 9/11-9/14