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Get-Out-the-Vote Pawty Info and Prizes

So much to prepare for the Get-Out-The-Vote pawty for Team Katie and Blind Cat Rescue tonight on Twitter. Please note that the hashtag has been changed to #Vote4Katie. Gotta make sure the menu is what I ordered. Gotta chill the Nip-pagne. Gotta write out the prize schedule. OK, let's talk prizes! OMC! We have the best prizes lined up for tonight.

First, we have 6 custom avatars from Glogirly Designs. We'll be giving away two every hour. It's fun to customize your avatar to fit the themes of both weekly and monthly #Nipclub or to have a different one for every season. While its not a prerequisite, it's fun to see what everycat is wearing. Check out the wild avs for the Haight Ashbury Hippie Night last Thursday. Some humans can make their own and others—take TW for example—are lacking talent so we need professional assistance.

A few avatars by Glogirly Designs

Whskr and Dash Kitten have donated two super great prizes. I couldn't have put this pawty together without the help and retweets of these wonderful furrends. I'm a better cat for knowing them and I want to send them to know how much they're appreciated. Please visit Whskr's Etsy Shop.

The prizes they donated are

A copy of Quaky Cat book
donated by @DashKitten

A Primitive Style Kitty with pretty Pincushion
donated by @Whskr

The last prize we'll be giving out is truly amazing. It's a Carpeted Cat Hallway Rope Bridge from @CatShelfCompany. This prize ships in the USA only. You can see more pictures of the Hallway Rope Bridge here. It's the perfect gift for the tree-dwelling cat in your family.

I'm sure you'll want to get your paws on some of these prizes! Don't forget to RSVP (link below) for our Get-Out-The-Vote Twitter Pawty tonight from 7-10pm EST. It's all to raise awareness for Blind Cat Rescue and rally votes for the blind kitties.  Click here for the #Vote4Katie Twitter Pawty Invite and visit for more info on the campaign. Be there or be SQUARE!

Make sure you're following our quizmasters: @MizzBassie, @Whskr and @LilyLuWhoT and they're following you.
Also follow our barktenders: @DashKitten, @MizzBassie and @KingTuttiFruiti and our DJs @ShaynaCat, @CathyKeisha and @ParkerSKat.

Homer, star of Homer's Odyssey, A Fearless Feline
 Tale or How I learned About Love and Life with a 
Blind Wonder Cat, says to come to the get out the
vote pawtyand then Vote Katie and Blind Cat Rescue!

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  1. Good luck Keisha. Have a really lovely Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Hullo Miss Secretary!

    How come them is not donating fishies? At London Aquarium them has the most delicious white sharkies. Right next to Aquarium is McD's and for our purrthday mom says we can order two great white sharkies wiz fries, diet coke, ketchup and Sundae Ice!

    Great white sharkie is delicious. Much better than salmon! Blegh! HAH!


  3. We sure think that cat bridge is amazing! Our human is waaaay behind the times and we don't Twitter, but we hope it is a great pawty!

  4. Love that cat bridge. Imagine the party will be fun and successful.

  5. That looks like a terrific pawty. The prizes look amazing. We will be back to get the directions on how to do this pawty. We are not twitter cool. Take care.

  6. We CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!! This is out first-ever twitter pawty! So you kitties who've never tried this before, don't be can DO IT!

    GO #Vote4Katie and GO Blind Cat Rescue!

    xo, Katie & Glogirly

  7. You Twitter savvy kitties should also attend my virtual book PAWtograph pawty on Saturday! Hashtag #DearSparkle

    Of course, I have to get out the vote this week too - but for ME and Tabby's Place!

  8. Wow! What terrific pawrizes! Our kitties would drive me crazy with that bridge, mom loves it!

  9. Good luck with the pawty tonight! We'll try to drop by if we can get the mom to help us.

  10. Party hearty, everybody!

    We love the bridge. Seems like the kitties do, too


  11. So the Kittehs is having the PAWESOME pawty and *I* am not there because MY HUman has stupid boring essays to grade. I think she needs to quit her job and stay home with me, and that's what *I* think. Have fun, darling!

  12. We've done our catriotic duty and voted. Good luck.


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