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Keisha in the Middle

Wait till you hear what my peeps did!
My peeps rarely eat meat. It’s a treat when we have it and it’s usually chicken cos they don’t eat red meat. TW was still feeling poorly on Thursday. Her legs felt weak and she was dizzy. She remembered her acupuncturist telling her she needed animal protein last time she was so sick. They decided to get hot sandwiches. TW ordered the dead calf and Pop ordered chicken. The fun started once the food arrived. Unfortunately, there is no video or still photos of this incident so I had to use file footage of myself on the table.

Red Skies at Night

CK ponders: why are we here? so many clouds, so little tuna?

Looking through TW’s record collection, I found one called Red Skies at Night. I always try to find a photo and a song that’s fits the Saturday PhotoHunt cos that’s how I roll. Our theme is skies.

Once I found the song I wanted to use, I started going through the photo archives. Every once in awhile, she takes these arty, scenic shots when I let her. It’s very easy to find pics that don’t include me because they’re actually in some sort of order. (My photos are numbered which makes finding one impossible.) Lo and behold there was a folder labeled June 25, 2012 red sky. I couldn’t publish a photo that didn’t include ME so I dragged TW outta her sick bed to do my bidding.

Wednesday Word—Sick

Food critic one day; nurse the next.
Before you panic, it’s not me. I’m still healthy as a cat. I’m all revved up with no one to play with. Pop says I’m getting cranky from the lack of attention. Well, it’s not my fault.

Waiter, There’s a Carrot in my Tuna! #WellnessPetFood

Last week I had the privilege of checking out a new natural food restaurant in town. I was invited by the owner of the Cafe Wellness to sample some of their simple but elegant fare. He sent me a copy of their menu to whet my appetite. Restaurant critic CK has never had the opportunity to try Wellness® cat food so I was excited to have the chance to sample some today.

The ambiance was inviting as I settled into my window seat. What a wonderful view! But I didn’t come to watch Bird tv, I came to dine.

Shocking Selfie—CK Violated!

I apologize to those who have seen this post in TCC. It’s not like I take a new selfie every day. Selfie is this week’s PhotoHunt theme.

CK: Is this thing on? OMC, What was that flash of light?

TW: I was uploading photos to the computer and there’s one I don’t remember taking. CK couldn’t have possibly taken this of herself, could she?

Box Full o’ Kitty

A box in a box effect.

Yesterday I received not one, not two, but three boxes in the mail. All were filled with cat food and we didn’t pay for any of it! Can you believe it? When I first started blogging, I never expected to be getting free food out of it. Sure, I expected to rise to celebrity status but I didn’t think humans would be showering this little ghetto kitteh with noms. I expected to be hitting the talk show circuit and in all the newspapers—and I don’t mean the police report.

Wednesday Word—Share

I want this WW to be positive although I could have chosen a different word for this Wednesday. More about that later.

How many of you are on Triberr? I just joined a week or so ago and am slowly learning the nuances. It ain’t user friendly, that’s for sure. I even started my own tribe, where all my furrends are welcome. It’s called C.W.A. (Cats With Attitude). I almost wish I had a logo for it cos I love that name so much. I didn’t want to have my own tribe but once that name hit me, I knew it needed to be used.

Real World, Real Results #Hillspet

Yo! This is Cathy Keisha and welcome to #HillsPet’s version of The Biggest Loser—Pet Edition. It’s been fun guest hosting this fabulous show where we talk about overweight cats and dogs and how we can help them take off the extra poundage. Over the past year, your host—ME—has lost a pound just talking about it!

Today, we have a special guest, who I’ll innerduce you to later. This cat has actually been ON the Hill’s® Prescription Diet® Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution diet for the past 2 months. Before we meet our special guest, I’d like to tell you a bit about this diet, where you can still eat yummy food and lose weight too!

Lasers On At Dusk

This photo, taken from our window at dusk, shows the NYC skyline from 50th Street to the Bronx.
Those two buildings that look like a smaller version of the World Trade Center are the Time-Warner Center.

Blah blah blah art … blah blahdy blah dusk. Oh sorry, TW. Were you talking to me? Is this about the Saturday PhotoHunt and Caturday Art Blog Hop? You better have some good ideas or I’m gonna give you some.

I Wanna Be Your Cat … Bedford’s Story

June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month so I’m giving shout outs to some special needs kittehs that are still locked up in the local jails animal shelters through no fault of their own. I was rescued from a kill shelter only to be sent to another shelter where I waited a long time to make my break. Life ain’t easy for cats deemed to be less adoptable like I was.

This week I'm featuring another one of Secaucus Animal Hospital's adoptable pets of the week. He was also featured on their FB page the week of May 15th so our boy has been waiting awhile for his forever home. This adorable tabby boy is Bedford and he is incarcerated at Happy Feet in Secaucus, NJ!

Wednesday Word—Neighbors

Look at the lovely foliage and that’s the Umpire State Building in the background!

CK has had many careers. Today I’m trying my paw at Real Estate. I have the opportunity of a lifetime for some furrends of mine and their staff. Yes, you could live right next door to The World’s Most Stunning Cat! Don’t faint cos it’s true! You’ve all read in this blog what a crappy wonderful community I live in. Oh come on, the elevator doesn’t catch fire every day and all the CO problems are so last year. Guess what? There are no less than four apartments for sale/rent on this floor! In fact, you can have the honor of moving in right next door to this stunning ghetto kitteh! How titillating is that! The apartments on either side of us are empty and can be yours.

Nip Heaven

TW sez she’s at her wits end. I didn’t know she had another wit besides nit. Oh yeah—half. Heh heh. She sez she can’t get me to play anymore. I follow her around and stand in her way in the hall but toys don't seem to innerest me. I don’t play hockey with my green ball anymore. My rockets no long excite me. Wand toy? Nope. Crinkle ball? Try again. She’s even put fesh nip in my refillable nip toys and fresh valerian—thanks to the Katnip Loung krew—in my valerian cow. Didn’t do a thing for me. OK, eventually I did go wild for the refilled cow. I need something new and exciting.

Blue Paw-You

I’m glad so many of you liked the pics of Pop hugging me. Pop and I share many things and one is our love of the color blue. It made sense that for Pop’s birthday a few years back, I bought him a cotton/bamboo blanket in sky blue. For the sake of the Saturday PhotoHunt, we’ll call it azure since that’s this week’s theme. I look stunning in blue and I’m sure that’s why my intake photos at Companion Animal Placement were against a blue an azure backdrop.

This blanket is so soft. I love to lay on it—and play on it— and over the years, it’s gotten a few pulls and snags from wayward claws. Here I’ve got three of my nip toys.

Opt to Adopt—Fuzz

June is Adopt a Shelter Cat month and since I was a shelter cat, I’m going to try to feature at least one adoptable shelter cat every week. I have an incredibly remarkable mancat this week.

Wednesday Word—Hug

Today I’m being told is Hug Your Cat Day. Not being the sentimental type, I was gonna let this day pass without recognition. I’m sure most of you crave hugs and affection. I can take or leave it. The one exception is Pop. I let Pop hold me and hug me if I’m in the mood. You’ve all seen my collage with Pop. I promise I won’t bore you with it again for Father’s Day. MOL! When is that anyways?

ME Monday

This crinkle ball is all MINE. Spitty sent it to me a few months ago. You want it, Woman? Try and take it …