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Wednesday Word of the Day—Hero

With all the talk about the fire that destroyed Seabasscat's home and badly burned CJ, and the fact that my life has been mundane these past few days, I thought I'd revisit another hero cat who was badly burned in a fire but lived to tell about it. I'm sure there are readers who might be too young to remember this heroic cat. Her name is Scarlett.

Scalett after the fire.
 Did you hear the one about the mother who raced into a burning building to rescue her babies? The year was 1996 and it was actually a cat named Scarlett  who saved her five kittens. They were living in a Brooklyn crack house when it went up in flames. As the firemen fought the blaze, one noticed the brave little calico that was later named Scarlett. Even though she was badly burned, she went back into the building five times to rescue her kittens. Her eyes blistered shut, she touched each kitten with her nose to make sure she had them all and then she collapsed.

Hero fireman David Giannelli with Scarlett's kits. The white
one didn't make it & the 3rd one went OTRB in 2008
"What she did was she ran in and out of that building five times, got them all out, and then started moving them one by one across the street," said Firefighter David Giannelli, nicknamed "The animal guy." He put mother and kittens into a box and rushed them to a veterinary clinic at the North Shore Animal League, where she remained for three months. Unfortunately, one of the kits was weak and sucombed to a virus  but the other four were adopted in pairs.

After she recuperated, she was adopted by writer Karen Wellen, who's cat had gome OTRB. Wellen had been injured in a car accident shortly after her cat passed and had vowed to only adopt special needs cats. Scarlett was purrfect for her. Scarett lived with her for the next 12 years before her trip the the RB in 2008. Throughout her life, Scarlett equired ongoing care as a result of her injuries in the fire   You can read her complete story elsewhere on the interwebs.There are 2 books about her story, Scarlett Saves Her Family; and a children's book, The Bravest Cat! The True Story of Scarlett. I'm gonna suggest this for Twitter Anipal Read Pawty.

The North Shore Animal League has formed an award named the Scarlett Award for Animal Heroism, in Scarlett's honor. This award is presented to animals that have engaged in heroic acts to benefit other, whether humans or animals.

Best of luck to CJ on his recovery from his burns. I hope he'll have another 12 years left in him, just like Scarlett. You can read updates on A Tonk's Tail on CJ and families' progress as they try to heal and start their lives again. CJ purred while in his Mom's bed this morning. Music to her ears.

Who Dares to Tag Me?

Glogirly and Katie, that's who. They know they got info and pictures to blackmail this little ghetto cat so I'd better answer these questions. Without further do-do, they've got questions and I've got answers.

Even my profile is Stunning!
1. Describe yourself in SEVEN words:
STUNNING! (I don't need 7)

2. What keeps you up at night?
Serenading the peeps at night. You know, sing them to sleep, although it seems to have the opposite effect. What kept me up Friday night was the sounds of screaming in the hall because some jerky male human was assaulting his girlfriend and then the sound of the police in the hall carting them both away.

3. Who would you like to be?
A star in an internet reality series! Lights! Camera! Action!

4. What are you wearing right now?
A stunning female tuxedo with my bikini tummy and my Photoshopped crown.

Notice my little white bikini laying on top of news from
2 years ago cos that's when this pic was taken!
5. What scares you?
Ah, nothing! I'm a cat from da hood. (TW here: Move ins/move outs and heavy objects rolling through the hall in front of our apartment cause her to scurry under the bed.) You keep your nose outta this woman! I'll have you know I have an OFFICE UTB and that's where I go. I'm NOT hiding!

6. The best and worst of blogging:
Best: Being able to help furrends in need with ChipIns and helping homeless kitties find homes. I like making my furrends laugh too.
Worst: Having to put up with TW whining that I should let her post more of her drivel poetry. Actually, having to spend time with TW, while trying to get her to type what I want her to type and keeping her inflated ego in check.

7. Last website you visited:
Katie's site to steal these questions so I could answer them.

8. One thing you'd change about yourself:
HAH! That's a trick question, right? (TW: Maybe you should say "a nicer disposition.") No, that's something I'd like to change in YOU but that wasn't the question. THIS ISN'T ABOUT YOU, IT'S ABOUT ME!!!!

9. Slankets or no?
YES! I used to like to lay on TW's "snuggie" but now SHE uses it. The nerve on some humans.

10. Tell us about the cat/person that tagged you:
Glogirly is like the modern-day Mary Tyler Moore. She can turn the world on with her smile. She's also very creative and talented with Photoshop, words, and movies. Katie is witty, talented, smart, creative, sarcastic, much like myself. She could also be my stunt double. Pop thinks (he really does think!) we look more alike than we actually do. After all, I don't have a 'stashe. Not that there's anything wrong with 'stashes.

To finish my duty, I should be tagging some other bloggers who I have dirt on want to learn more about.

Pumpkinpuddy Someone's always trying to win the same prizes I am …
Michelle I read your FB page, sista, but I know you'll do it cos we're thisclose.
Herbie Cat The stories I could tell! The dirt I could dish!
MaggieTKat I got the dirt and I'll spill it, homey, if'n I don't get answers!
Tom the Church Cat I don't actually have any dirt but I don't think you've been tagged yet.
If you want to keep up with how Sebastian is doing, Ryker's Boyz are following up with Breaking News as it happens. They've moving into their new home and CJ is home from the hospital.

Tragedy strikes Anipal Community

Somewhere in these flames was Seb's home.
I'm sure you've already read this on any of a number of other blogs already, but, as a kitty reporter, I have to report the news. @SeabassCat, his fursib @DottieGP and Mom @BoSoxAmy's apartment building burned to the ground last night. The family has lost everything but all made it out safely. The only reported fatalities in the fire were several furbabies. TW met Amy at last year's Blogpaws Conference and said she's a wonderful and fun person, despite her misguided baseball loyalties. What computed to this kitteh is my furrend Sebastian—you may know his blog Sebastian the Sensitive Soul—lost all his toys, his nip, his food, his beds, his security, and anything else he might've had in there. He had to stay in a hotel last night. Thank Cod, his Mom was home or [shudder].

Not to get overly melodramatic, fire is one of TW's biggest fears because she knows I'll hide UTB at the first sign of activity in the hall. We've had 2 tiny fires in one apartment on our floor and she's afraid if we had to evacuate, they'd have to leave without me. Even if I didn't hide, I'd never let her pick me up even if she tried wrapping a towel or blanket around me. Did I mention that she DID leave me when SHE evacuated once and our apartment got all smelly with smoke. She said she told the firemen that I was up there. They allowed the dog-walker to go back up and rescue all the dogs, but nobody came for me.

The Twitter anipal community is very tight-knit and within 15-20 minutes of Seb's first tweet, @GeorgetheDuck's Typist had set up a ChipIn to help them. The money goes directly into their paypal account. If you can't afford to donate today, say a couple of purrayers or send some positive energy their way. I'm purring as hard as I can for my furrend. I hope it helps. You should also leave a word of encouragement on his blog.

You can read some other blogs about Seb: George the Duck, Mariodacat, Pandafur, RykerTyker.

Please help us help our furrends in their biggest time of need.

Wednesday Word of the Day—Timeout

OK, I was given a timeout yesterday because TW said I was getting out of hand. Correction, Woman, I was getting IN hand, as in MY teeth in YOUR hand. Don't be going all crazy on me now.

TW's McFinger … I'm loving it!
The other day I posted about some little transgressions that happened Caturday, in which TW's hand got in the way of my claws and she got a few scratches. Big deal. Then, later in the day, she decided to give me some Silvervine so I'd take out my aggressions in a "positive" way. She dipped her finger into the little remaining Silvervine; but instead of putting it on the wash cloth, she decided to put it on my plague ratsie. Not a good idea. As I looked around to find out the source of the wonderful aroma wafting through the air, I spied the ratsie. More concisely, I spotted TW's hand holding the ratsie. I sprang into action and sunk my lower fangs into the underside of her wrist and my upper fangs into the top of her wrist. She screamed. She cussed. OMC! Where does she pick up that kind of language! I can't believe she kisses me with that mouth! Do you know what she proceeded to do next?? She … lemme collect myself … she … threw … out … the rest of the Silvervine! She said if it made me that aggresive, I couldn't have anymore. EVER.

Today, I figured she'd forgotten all about that stuff cos she started playing with me again. She thinks she can teach me to play without using my claws or teeth. I say, Good luck, woman! She dared to put her hand on my Teeth and Claw Workout Center and, quick as a wink, I attacked. My tooth put a
L-O-N-G scratch on the back of her hand. Again she cried. She stamped her feet. Next thing I knew, I was locked in my Pop's room. In solitary. No food. Only water and you know I don't drink water. I waited. And waited. I heard her playing music and having a party or something out there. Her diabolical laughter filled the house while the music drowned out my sobbing. When was Pop going to get home? If Pop saw me locked up, he'd lock HER in solitary for the rest of the month. I thought of my food bowl in the kitchen and how it had just been filled with my favorite Fancy Feast tuna. I tried to turn on the computer to seek help but I was cursed by lack of thumbs. Where was my iPhone?

Where could Pop be?, I axed myself as the hours became days and then weeks. How long had it been since I had my last supper? Then, at last, I heard footsteps in the hall. I debated whether to attack TW when the door opened. After all, I don't get mad, I get even. My timeout had finally ended and I decided to hold off my revenge until later. When she least expects it, I will attack!
Leftover business: For those who axed, you can get peacock feathers at Cat Claws or Amazon also sells 50 and 100 packs but beware because those are just the eyes. For optimum fun, you need the entire length of the feather. Nip & Bones used to have the best price but they're having problems reordering them.
Late breaking news: The beautiful 11-year-old Fergie from my Equal Opportunity Employers post has found her furever home! SCREEE!

I Am Wonderful! Thank You! Thank You!

A week ago, I received the all Around Wonderful Blog Award from Star and Leo over at Andrea and the Celestial Kittens. They only have about 50 followers so you should go over there and support them. If you think Spitty is handsome—which he is, of course—you'll LOVE Leo! I covet this award because it has a picture of a peacock feather on it and I love playing with peacock feathers. Just as the award states, I try to be funny, inspirational, loving (to my furrends, not TW), and a loyal furrends to my followers. I don't have to tell you about the beauty part since I AM the World's Most Stunning Cat so all the photos—even the out of focus ones—radiate my beauty.

C'mon Woman! I got my feather and I want to play!
Here are the stipulations of the award:
  1. You must be a follower of my blog
  2. You must link the award back to my blog
  3. You must pass the award on to three other blogs anyone who wants it
Hmmmm, last time I gave an award out, only 1 of 5 blogs accepted the award—Thank you Shelly!— so I'm gonna say, ♪ if you want it, here it is, come the get it. You better hurry cos it's going fast. You better hurry cos it may not last. Cha cha cha ♪♩As you can hear, I also have a fab singing voice, which I treat my peeps to every night after 1 a.m. I drag my feathers over to TW's bedroom and serenade her; but, sadly, she doesn't depreciate it. Seriously, what's wrong with her? Below is the music so you can sing along too.

Come and Get It by Badfinger on Grooveshark

Easy Times 3 With My New Cousins

I'm gonna let my new frosted cousin Traffic lead the easy today and I think she does it well for a little kit. What kind of name is Traffic, you ax? She and her litter mates were crossing a street and were all run over by some moron who was prolly texting or something. Traffic was the only one who survived. She walks with a slight limp from a broken leg that's healed and she's looking for her furever home. She runs and jumps with the best of them. If you know anyone who wants to adopt Traffic—and change her name—contact Brookes Legacy Animal Rescue.

Meena showing her patriotism.
Meena is also my new cousin. Aunt Karen adopted her for her Mom when she came up north for the Christmas holidays. Meena is an 8 year old black tabby who comes from the West Milford Animal Shelter. She is a Polydactyl or Hemingway cat, which means she has extra toes. Meena loves her new Mom and her new home. Here she is taking it easy on the bed.

Me? I can do easy anywhere. Here's an old picture of me on our old passalong. Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday. Since football season is over, the humans have no excuse not to give us lots of attention and play time.

PS: I scratched TW something like 6 times yesterday and bit her badly on both sides of her wrist. She's recovering nicely and axed that you send me toys in lieu of sending her get well cards.

Making Oral Health Month Easy

February is Feline Dental Health Month—or so I hear. I, for one, don't celebrate anything that has to do with getting rammed into the old PTU and taken to the V.E.T.

How many of you let your humans brush your teeth? That not many of you … not many of you. If you're like me, when you see your peeps looking at kitty toothbrushes in the pet store, you say three little words. Make. My. Day. That's certainly enough to get my peeps to move on to the more important aisles like the noms and toys.

I'm doing my Dracula impersonation. Notice the pearly whites.
Did your V.E.T. tell your peeps that you were getting tartar and they should be brushing your teeth? *Nodding* I thought so.

Choose between sm/med or med/large
Don't much care for that slogan about the pets doing
all the work.
What if I were to tell you of an all-natural product that would serve the same purpose as a tooth brushing? A product that had no taste, no odor and no color and will give you control for taking care of your own teeth. I'll bet you'd all buy into a product such as this. Ark Naturals has the answer for you. They make two different formulas: Breath-Less brushless toothpaste is chewable tablets for dogs older than 12 weeks and okay for cats who like the taste.  I presume it tastes like cinnamon and cloves since they're two of the active ingredients. Ark's patented toothpaste center controls plaque, tartar and bacteria causing bad breath. Pretty cool, right. It's gets better. The tablets contain no wheat, wheat gluten, corn, soy, sugar, yeast, animal protein, or artificial colors/flavors. You also won't find any chlorine ingredients, stabilized chlorine dioxide, anthium dioxide or artificial colors.

If you're a fussy cat such as myself, they also make Breath-Less Fizzy Plaque Zappers for cats and dogs over 12 weeks old. All your peep has to do is empty one convenient packet into your water. If you don't drink water or if use a fountain, the colorless, tasteless, odorless powder can be sprinkled on stinky goodness. The natural enzymes work with the pH in your mouth to prevent plaque and tartar from sticking. The enzymes stay active for up to 8 hours. Yeah, unfortunately, it won't work with fountains since the filters filter out the enzymes that do the cleaning. 2 times daily for 4-6 weeks for therapeutic use and then once a day for maintenance is what is recommended.

Cousin Fluffbomb. Isn't he handsome?
I just got a few samples to try so I can't vouch for the many positive reviews on Ark Naturals web site. My Aunt Karen says that my doggie cousin's brown tartar was actually gone after 2 months of use and her breath got better in a few weeks. I checked with cousin Fluffbomb, who confirmed it and he wouldn't lie to me.

This product won't break the bank either.  It's a lot cheaper than a cleaning at the V-E-T. The fizzy formula is about $14 for 30 packets and a 4 oz. bag of the chews is about $6. You can buy them online directly from Ark Naturals or your favorite sites like, PetFoodDirect or PetHerbsDirect; or find them at such stores as Vitamin Shoppe, Basic Foods, and most pet stores.
Disclosure: I was given a few samples of the product but the words are my own. Neither Ark Naturals or anybody else puts words in this ghetto cat's mouth.

Wednesday Word of the Day—Excitement!

When I escaped from the Paw in Jersey City, I thought all the excitement was behind me. No more gun play; no more fires. Hello luxury condo. Hello life of relaxation.

That dream has been shattered of late. It started a couple of weeks back when we had a 8-alarm fire less than a mile away. An entire block burned to the ground. Coincidence or not, that same block of houses burnt 11 years ago. When I went with TW to survey the scene, I found something very interesting. Do you see what I see? OMC! That's my nemesis Herñia Hernández Gutierrez aka HHGutt lurking around where he shouldn't be and he looks suspicious. We also had a smaller, 2-alarm fire last week up the block that is thought to be an electrical fire.

TW took this picture of me at the fire scene.
This past Thursday Pop came home and axed TW if she knew what was going on up the block because there was police cars, police crime tape and a Channel 7 helicopter flying overhead. Later on, we found out a guy was shot in his own house by a  guest. Whoa! Remind me not to invite that dude over for dinner.

On a serious note, the suspect hasn't been apprehended and is armed and considered dangerous. As we figured, the dispute was about drugs. When TW went out Monday, she saw police cars pass the house with flashing lights and heard a lot of sirens. I hope they catch this Rosario guy and that he isn't a friend of HHGutt.

As if that wasn't enough excitement for one week, Saturday night, we heard a huge bang out back and TW yelled "car crash!" Sure enough, Pop turned on his scanner to find that a 2010 Jeep Liberty had crashed into another car and overturned, right in back of our little condo. The good news was that the human in the car wasn't injured. Can you believe that? Not a scratch. She must've been wearing her seat belt. TW suspects she was probably texting and not watching where she was driving. Humans certainly are dumb.

Photo by The Woman taken from our courtyard.
The peeps rushed outside and TW brought her trusty camera. Suddenly she thinks she's a news photographer, which may leave me off the hook as far as the flashy box goes. This is a still from a movie she took. The movie is rather exciting with lots of sirens, flashing lights and a cameo by a hook and ladder truck. It may be the same ladder truck that I'm standing on in the top picture. Again, you may notice a shadowy figure seen leaving the scene of the accident. That HHGutt is just no good! Wonder if TW saw him. Unfortunately, the peeps came upstairs before they turned the car right side up. I mean, how serious can TW be about this news photography thing if she leaves in the middle of the action just cos it's cold.

Then this morning, the most horrid thing happened—worse than all those other things. It was so bad that this little kitteh spent 2 hours UTB hiding. Peeps got a new hot water heater installed by 2 big, strange men. I think I'm traumatized. Those others things are a snap compared to the noise and mess of my little space being turning upside down.

Love's Melody

For all you young kits reading this, Love's Melody was a song and CD title by the Searchers. I'm going serenade you with a song from that CD; one called Hearts in Her Eyes. This is my version of how the song should go.
I got hearts in my eyes / I got hearts in my eyes.
Like a cat in a pet shop / I can't stop.
I want all the nip / I got hearts in my eyes.

Click on image to hear song.

A very special smooch goes out to — well, you know why you are.

A Can of Fancy Feast Costs How Much??

Note they also charged .79 for another can. Grrrr!
TW went rushing off to the bodega this a.m. because they advertised Fancy Feast at 2 cans for 99¢. Of course, they only had 3 cans of the grilled tuna, which is my favorite. What an outrage! How can they advertise something and then not have the flavor every cat wants? She picked up 4 more varieties—which I may or may not eat—and some other stuff for Sunday dinner. Realizing that something wasn't right, she checked her receipt. Kitties, that damn store charged this little ghetto cat—indirectly—$1.89 a can for 3 oz. cans of Fancy Feast! Can you believe that?? I believe this is WAR! I've already mentioned how the peeps count every penny to make sure they buy the sale items and this store wanted to make a million percent profit off me! If they wasn't bad enough, going back to the bodega almost cost me my Sunday dinner, as Fine Fare only had one package of thin sliced chicken breasts left! Gasp! Lucky for me, it was the right size and plenty fresh or the peeps would be having a vegetarian Sunday dinner. Once again the cat would be screwed because I'd have no table scraps to supplement my meager rations.

I cannot believe my eyes! It's an outrage!

I smell a rat and I will get my revenge!
This isn't the first time, the kitteh has been cheated, oh no. A few weeks ago, Pathmark had a big sale on litter so the peeps picked up 2 containers but the store charged them for 3! The things are huge! How do you miscount them? I could work there and do a better job! Why does this only seem to happen on items for me?? Is it a conspiracy? Well, I have furrends in high places that I'll be appealing to. Cheating the cat may be punishable by death. These people do not know who they're dealing with!

My official cabinet seal!
My furriend from da hood, R'Son Kitty has already offered to "boiwn dem down" for me but that bodega is where TW buys our rotisserie chicken so that wouldn't be a very good idea cos I happen to like rotisserie chicken Hmmm, although they did say they may not sell it anymore. … And if so …

I'm going to appeal to King Spitty and see what he suggests. I'm also gonna talk with my Purrime Ministerettes Shiva and Jaya, after all, I AM their Secretary of Toothies and Claws. If I may digress for a moment, I highly recommend reading their Official 2012 PM Speech on their blog. It's good stuff that we cats need to hear. Anyway, I'm sure there's some fitting punishment for over-charging cats for our bare necessities.

If you'll excuse me, it's time to eat. I can't wait to taste what $1.89 Fancy Feast tastes like.

Wednesday Word of the Day—CHEAP!

And I'm not talking about the sound that birds make. Yesterday, I said TW saw a display in Pathmark that caught her eye. I think what caught her eye was the fact that everything in that display was $1. A buck! Not a penny more; not a penny less. Surely CK is worth more. When birds see TW coming, they start chanting "cheep cheep" and they ain't kidding. HAH!

This, however, turned out to be a buck well spent because from the moment TW took it out of the package and set it up, I was in love. You've met my tunnel of pain; now meet my Underpass of Pain. TW stuck her hand in it and I went charging through that sucker. Being as it's so short, she barely had time to get her hand out or I'd have written this post a month ago, complete with blood and gore. I gotta admit, for an old codger, her reflexes are FAST! It's super fun to put both tunnels together and charge through. Good thing Pop doesn't charge tolls.

This little cheapo tunnel has held up really well. I've spent many a happy hour lying in wait inside it. Although after roughhousing in it for over a month, it doesn't stand up straight anymore. I still have fun with it. We play with it like we used to play with tissue paper. TW wiggles a peacock feather under it and I grab it through the nylon. Too bad it's not her hand. Ah, a cat can dream …

Below is our favorite picture of me in the Underpass of Pain, waiting to demonstrate to TW why this little underpass is gonna live up to it's name. It wasn't cropped or Photoshopped in any way, except to change the pixal size. The expression captured on my face makes my whiskers smile. It's the best photo TW has ever taken of this little ghetto cat. If I can convince TW to shed some blood, this underpass will die a hero. Come and get me, Woman! Make my day! 

You scared, Woman! You know I don't like to wait! I double dare you to stick your hand in here!

Tuesday Teaser

I've finally recovered from the Super Bowl and big parade down the Canyon of Heroes and I wanted to get a quick post out there so you guys don't think I've forgotten about you.

This Tuesday teaser will set the stage for the Wednesday Word of the Day.

Let me set the stage. It was right before Christmas. The peeps were doing the food shopping in Pathmark. They passed a display of pet toys in the rear of the store. TW stopped in front of it. She was looking to buy some inexpensive cat toys for gifts, stocking stuffers, Secret Santa and she saw something she liked. She threw some smousey toys into the cart and then her elderly, feeble eyes stopped … could it be?… yes, it was … Pop gave her the "You got to be kidding me" look. She ignored him as usual and said, "I want to buy this for CK. What colors should I get?" Pop stared and finally said "Well, it's only a buck so what the #^%^@."

I will hypnotize you with my lasers. Can one of these be the mystery toy?
It turned out to be the last time Pathmark had this particular item, which turned out to be the best present ever! Oh, the fun I had, as still have, with it! What is it? Stay tuned tomorrow. Bwahaha!

Easy on Super Bowl Sunday

I'm doing easy on the couch with my ducky cos I know the peeps want to sit here and watch the Super Bowl. Sorry, peeps, I was here first! I'm occupying the couch. Check out the saying on the pillow. Ain't it the truth!


You can sing along with this Giants' song, performed by Missy Modell, while you're watching the game. You can watch the video here.

Thankful Thursday

On this Thursday, I'm thankful that I've been able to get window whiffies the past 2 days. The temperature in the NYC areas has been over 60˚F!  Usually the highs for today would be about 28˚F. The peeps say this is not a good thing. They say it's called Climate Change and could be melting the polar icecaps. That sounds kind of scary since I can't swim. But, hey, I'm sure enjoying my whiffies.

Apparently some slacker forgot to inform the birds that it was going to be so warm out because there's no Bird-tv. What's a cat to do? Yo, Woman! Get me some birds!

Usually this time of year I enjoy sitting by the window and watching the snow fall. The only measurable snow we've had since last winter was before Halloween.
And who dares to disturb me?

Wednesday Word of the Day—Tunnels

So I goes to my tunnel in the wee hours of the morn and what do I find? I find that my tunnel has gotten an award from George Clooney of Clooney's Num-Num Fund's tunnel. How do you like that! I do all the work around here and the tunnel gets a Pawsome Blogger Award.

My tunnel of pain had another surprise for me—3 toy airplanes and gun to launch them! The tunnel knew that TW had broken the disk thrower that I had so much fun with. Now I can have fun chasing the planes. This toy is powerful! It goes from one end of the condo to the other and then leaves a divot in the paint. Oh what fun! The destruction just adds to my enjoyment. I go zooming after it, from one end of the condo to the other too. Unfortunately, I don't leave a divot. We can't all be perfect.

Then I go to my mini tunnel and there was a surprise awaiting there also! It was a miniature, kitty-size electric organ! I can play organ in my next music video! This sucker is LOUD too! It starts out cranked up to 10, just like I do when I want attention at 1 a.m.

There's a funny story that goes with my mini tunnel, which I'll share on another day.

My thanks to Cloon for the Pawsome Blogger Award. I now have to pass it on to 3 more bloggers. The last time I passed an award on, I only got a 20% response; so I'm gonna be more careful this time. Don't want to waste my bullets, as the old saying goes, or did I just make that up. I don't know.

I'm going to pass this award to:
My furrend Tom from Whisker Messages From a Church Cat.

Confessions of the Plume. Not only am I sure Baby Patches has a tunnel, but Pop bought my tunnel at her Mom's online store, Nip&BonesLLC. If you click on the SHOP tab, it'll take you there.

Willow from Devoted to Willow. Go over and wish her Mom well. She's undergoing cancer treatments.

A couple of last words before I go back to biting TW. I want to point out the way cool t-shirt on my sidebar. All proceeds from the shirt go to spaying and neutering program at SOS Rescue in Baton Rouge. Our good friend is on the Board of Directors and I'll bet she came up with this funny shirt.