Sunday, February 19, 2012

Easy Times 3 With My New Cousins

I'm gonna let my new frosted cousin Traffic lead the easy today and I think she does it well for a little kit. What kind of name is Traffic, you ax? She and her litter mates were crossing a street and were all run over by some moron who was prolly texting or something. Traffic was the only one who survived. She walks with a slight limp from a broken leg that's healed and she's looking for her furever home. She runs and jumps with the best of them. If you know anyone who wants to adopt Traffic—and change her name—contact Brookes Legacy Animal Rescue.

Meena showing her patriotism.
Meena is also my new cousin. Aunt Karen adopted her for her Mom when she came up north for the Christmas holidays. Meena is an 8 year old black tabby who comes from the West Milford Animal Shelter. She is a Polydactyl or Hemingway cat, which means she has extra toes. Meena loves her new Mom and her new home. Here she is taking it easy on the bed.

Me? I can do easy anywhere. Here's an old picture of me on our old passalong. Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday. Since football season is over, the humans have no excuse not to give us lots of attention and play time.

PS: I scratched TW something like 6 times yesterday and bit her badly on both sides of her wrist. She's recovering nicely and axed that you send me toys in lieu of sending her get well cards.


  1. That's pretty nice of ask for toys for you and all. Still, we hope she is feeling better. Cat bites, even from one as stunning as you, are nothing to mess with. We have POW.

    I hope your friends find their forever homes SOON.

    xo Katie

  2. Traffic is beautiful. I hope she finds a good home

  3. Poor little Traffic! I hope she finds a great furever home very soon! I am so glad she gotted saved--she's pretty 'dorable.

    Though nowhere as lovely as yourself, I hasten to add. You look plenty 'dorable right here, all curled up and seepies, just like a sweet, innocent, little babycat.

  4. What a start Traffic had in life! She is very cute.

    Now, Cathy, not so much scratching and biting of the humans. They don't like it, you know.

  5. I hate that Traffic had to go through that and I hope the purrfect forever home comes through soon! Hey, what's the bitey all about?

  6. Happy Sunday CK. Fluffbomb here. Thank you for mentioning my new cousin Meena and sharing her photo. She is very nice. I also appreciate your mentioning my meowmie's foster kitten Traffic. I hope she gets a home soon too so my meowmie will spend more time with me and stop playing and taking care of her!

    You must have pretty sharp teethies. I like your sleepy photo. That is how I spend most of my day too.

    Love, Fluffbomb

  7. Geez, CK, what did you do - make a toy out of your human's hand? I have a secret... I am actually very gentle with my human and never bite her and only bunny kick her very lightly when she eggs me on by tickling my chest. Doing the same thing with Binga would leave her hand shredded.

  8. Meena and Traffic are so very cute. Now CK - what is this about the bitey? You gotta stop that girl - you has such a wonderful home and it's not nice to bite the hand that feeds you.

  9. Wow, CK...we can't believe you get away with all that scratching and biting! We'd be in big trouble if we tried that.

  10. My mommy would be ready to give me a good talking to if I bit her. But I'll wait to find out when she feels betters. xoxox

  11. Thank you for sharing about these three cuties. Paws crossed for forever homes real soon.

    CK, be careful with that bitey and scratchy stuff, okay? ... TW does take care of you, after all.

  12. Traffic is so darn cute. Hopefully she will find a home soon. I bet she can do just about anything with that leg.
    That so nice of you to ax for toys to help TW heal up. Maybe then you wouldn't bite and scratch her any more. Too funny. Hope all of you have a great week.

  13. Well, you KNOW I am just dying to hear about the Caturday Drama, my sweet! What did that Mean Lady do to you to deserve your wrathful punishment? XOXOXO

  14. We purr that your new cute little cousin Traffic finds an amazing forever home shortly, that is a lot for a kitty to go through. PS: TW needs her hand to do your bloggie, go easier will ya?


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