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Tuesday Teaser

I've finally recovered from the Super Bowl and big parade down the Canyon of Heroes and I wanted to get a quick post out there so you guys don't think I've forgotten about you.

This Tuesday teaser will set the stage for the Wednesday Word of the Day.

Let me set the stage. It was right before Christmas. The peeps were doing the food shopping in Pathmark. They passed a display of pet toys in the rear of the store. TW stopped in front of it. She was looking to buy some inexpensive cat toys for gifts, stocking stuffers, Secret Santa and she saw something she liked. She threw some smousey toys into the cart and then her elderly, feeble eyes stopped … could it be?… yes, it was … Pop gave her the "You got to be kidding me" look. She ignored him as usual and said, "I want to buy this for CK. What colors should I get?" Pop stared and finally said "Well, it's only a buck so what the #^%^@."

I will hypnotize you with my lasers. Can one of these be the mystery toy?
It turned out to be the last time Pathmark had this particular item, which turned out to be the best present ever! Oh, the fun I had, as still have, with it! What is it? Stay tuned tomorrow. Bwahaha!

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  1. Oh come on do I have to wait until tomorrow to see what toy it is ??!!
    I won´t have any claws left ;-)

  2. Aw man, you have left us hanging, CK!

  3. Oooooo the suspense!

    Can't wait!

    Purrs Lars and Odin

  4. Geeeesh CK - you going to make all of us wait until tomorrow. Will you tell me early if I give you a Mario Smooch?

  5. I couldn't guess anyways...but I will come see fur sure!

  6. My darling, I cannot WAIT to learn the answer to this puzzling toy question!

    In other news: Surely, SURELY, you do not believe I allowed the Human to actually place anything ON MY SACRED HEAD??? It is to laugh! That thing is Photoshopped right on there. Yep, the magic of the pixels. ANYONE who tried to put ANYTHING on my head would pay a steep and bloody price, my sweet.

  7. Oh theese one is a good one...we wonder what the mystery toy is!

  8. Oh goodness, guess we have to come back to see the mystery toy. This is very exciting.We love mysteries. See ya later. Take care.


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