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A Good One and A Loser

Uh oh! TW decided to save the blog we’ve been working on for another day. This leaves us her without a fresh idea. I’m in the throes of a fine nap and can’t be bothered think of a single thing. Tell you what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna post a few Foto Frenzy fotos but first I want to thank you for the great response. When I axed for numbers, just about all of you obliged which is more than I can say for the 13 people that my Facebook post reached. *shakes head* Facebook is like the area between TW’s ears—an empty space.

The above foto is the most recent one we’ve put on the computer. We be playing with an elastic string.

Wait Till the Morning

This week’s PhotoHunt challenge is Morning. I could rerun the photos I used for the recent themes Skies and Cloudy, but I decided this was the perfect opportunity to tell you about my Morning routine. When I first get up, I’ll go sit on the prayer rug on the windowsill and meditate. Sometimes I’ll do this before I have breakfast but usually I’ll do it aprés breakfast. Between sunrise and around 9 or 10 a.m., this is the only place to find sunpuddles in our condo. If I would have been around when they looked for a condo, I definitely wouldn’t have chosen one facing North.

Fall Friday Foto Frenzy Fun

Yo wazzup! About now you’re axing yourself why I’m featuring an unflattering photo of myself with red eyes in front of a nekkid Christmas tree and it isn’t even Halloween! No, the peeps haven’t flipped and gotten their tree already. In fact, this is File Footage from 2011. You all remember Niles, don’t you? Well guess what?

Wednesday Word—Comfy

I have a new setup at the condo. As an early Christmas present, Pop bought me a new cat tree. The last one didn’t quite work out cos it was too high and I never used it. This time we didn’t call Uncle Vince to assembly it. Pop decided to do it himself, which left me the task of snoopervising.

Bonding With CK and a Giveaway! #GetHealthyHappy

I am a very lucky kitteh. Yes, you read that right. I may hiss and growl when I feel one of the peeps—usually TW—doesn’t measure up to my high standards but I’m lucky. My peeps understand cats. They understand those little extras that make me a well-adjusted and happy cat. They know that I need more than food and vet visits to keep me healthy and happy. Hill’s® Science Diet® also understands.

CK Shares a Selfie #WholeBodyHealth

If you do me this favor, I’ll let you play with me Tickle Pickle.

As a stunning cat once said “Ax not what CK can do for you. Ax what YOU can do for CK.”

Tasty Treats and Tasteful Art

This gut rot isn’t half bad.

It’s Saturday so it must be time for the PhotoHunt. This week’s challenge is easy for once. The theme is yummy or nommy as a cat would pronounce it. The first photo is me eating some nommy food and the second is something the peeps actually think is yummy. There’s no accounting for taste, is there?

Pop’s Halloween birthday cake from last year.

Th' Trials 'o Cap'n Tessa Rose

We made 'tis Arrr scurvy pirate art fer Meow like a Pirate Day weeks ago 'n guess what. TW lost it! Shiver me timbers! I thought 'tis message would be a snap but it took an hour to locate th' image. Sigh. Even me header by th' talented Glogirly meows like a scurvy pirate.

Wednesday Word—Fur

Time to get my midweek EZ on but you won’t believe what I’m gonna tell you. TW makes me lay in my own furs! You can see the mess of furs in the photo above. Can you believe that? No, I guess you can’t.

Blogoversary Giveaway!

SCREEEE! Today is my 5th Blogoversary. I started this little blog on September 15, 2009 as an extension of my Twitter persona. I had been on Twitter since May 2009 and had already become a Pawpawty DJ and a much-imitated sassy feline. You’re axing, “well CK, that’s all well and good but what’s in it for ME?” I’m glad you axed. I value each and every one of you and read every comment you make. I want to return the love you’ve shown this little ghetto kitteh with a giveaway I think you’ll like.

Remember back in July when I showed you this pawsome pillow that I won from Cat Chat With Caren and Cody? Art at Custom Body Pillows has agreed to let me give one of my readers—YOU—a chance to win your very own! I’m excited for you because I know how much my pillow means to my peeps. (Note: The coloring on the pillow is perfect although the light in the photos makes it look off.) We absolutely LOVE our pillow!

A Rose By Another Name

A Rose by any other name is this week’s PhotoHunt theme or challenge, as I like to call them. I often talk about the garden the peeps used to have before they moved to the condo life we have now. They had a huge yard and one of the flowers they grew were roses. There were pink ones, yellow ones and red ones. TW never did find any black ones or they would have had those too; although she did find and plant black tulips.

Blue Tissue Blues—Finding the Culprit

OMC! Who tore up my blue tissue paper? This is a disgrace! I’ve only had it a few days. This could be the work of only one person. Woman, did you do this??

Wednesday Word—Remember

Tomorrow the world remembers September 11, when America became the target of four terrifying acts of war. Two were in New York, one in Shanksville, PA and another in Washington, DC. For my new readers I'd like to rerun the piece Pop wrote about being an eyewitness to history on 9/11/01, when terrorists struck the World Trade Center in NYC. A day that might have changed MY history as well. For a second year, along with Pop's recollections I'm also privileged to share another eyewitness account written by one of Pop's co-workers and friends. I apologize for the length of this post.

Cooking With Keisha #GetHealthyHappy

Photo design © Glogirly

Welcome to another edition of Cooking With Keisha, sponsored by Hill’s Science Diet Perfect Weight. Today I’m gonna discuss three ways to feed a cat, how to transition cat foods and making sure your cat’s food is balanced. First a word from our sponsor.

The Gray Cat

This week's PhotoHunt theme is an easy one—Gray. It just happens I’m a stunning smokey gray diva and I’m starting my EZ Sunday a little early so I can show off my lovely gray furs.

Putting the OW into Meow

The Cat—aka ME—stalks her prey.
Some cats who obviously aren’t in the know ax me why I usually use upper case when I type the word ME on this blog. Being a big sports fan, TW always reminds ME that there’s no “I” in team. I’m quick to point out that there IS a “ME" in MEow.* Cats are all about Meow and they are all about ME. That is our right as a cat.

Wednesday Word—Challenge

Whoa! Are these all mine?

Last week, Kjelle Bus aka Charlie Rascal challenged me to take the Mice Bucket Challenge. If you know me, you know I never back down from a challenge or dare. I instructed TW to collect all my smousy toys and place them in this bucket which once held a hunnert pounds of chicken sliders and fries which all went to the peeps’ hips I’m sure. I’ll pause to mention I didn’t get any of the sliders.

What’s Labor Anyway?

What’s Labor Anyway?

Put down your labor and pick up a nice cup o’ Joe cos America runs on DD.