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Wednesday Word—Contest

I won a pass to Blogpaws 2012 in Salt Lake City, UT but TW doesn't like the hassle, and can't afford the expense, of flying. Actually, it might be sour grapes cos I keep winning stuff and she never wins anything SHE enters. This is a good deal for my furrends because one of their peeps gets a chance to win a $199 pass for free! Bet you didn't think this kitteh was so generous! Not only that, but they'll bring oodles of treats home with them for you. The list of sponsors is pawsome and they'll all be giving free stuff out at their tables, as well as the super Swag Bag your peep will get when they check in. I'm a bit jealous when I see all the cool new sponsors who weren't there last year. All you have to do is post a comment with a caption for the photo below. What, if anything, is Cathy Keisha saying? Am I talking to my Silvervine fishy or just yawning? I could be singing or even cursing out TW. You decide.

The winner will receive a pass to Blogpaws. Note that airfare and hotel is NOT included. I'm not THAT generous! The deadline is next Monday, June 4th. Pop will pick the winning caption cos he has a fun sense of humor and I'll announce the winner on Tuesday, June 5th. I know some of you already have passes but you can play the caption game also. Mention in your comment if you'd like to be entered to win the pass. Oh, and, heh heh, maybe your peep can stuff some goodies in her/his bag for this little generous ghetto cat.

This Fish is a HIT!

It's such an honor for me to be part of Baby Patches product testing team. Last week, I received a package in the mail from Nip and Bones. OMC! When TW finally opened it up, I couldn't contain my excitement! It was a fishy. Not just any fishy—a fishy filled with the divine Silvervine. As the unofficial official Spokescat for Silvervine, I would've come outta my shoes, if I wore shoes when TW placed the fishy on my tissue paper for my approval. The video was taken of my initial reaction to the fishy. I've subsequently played with it every day, which is very unusual for me. I bite on it; I bunny kick it;  just for good measure, I lick it and rub all over it. TW puts it away after I play with it so I won't get tired of it. Truth be told I don't think I'll ever tire of it. I should mention that with all the abuse I've subjected that fishy to, it still looks like new.

Part of what makes this fishy special—aside from the fact that it's a Nip and Bones exclusive—is that it can be refilled with Vine, nip or the intoxicant of your choosing. I couldn't imagine anyone who wouldn't want Vine, but that's a choice every cat must make for him or herself. The fishy comes in a choice of three neon color—orange, green or purple—or, if you can't decide, buy one of each! If your human buys the Silvervine Fish for Cats and you don't take to the Vine, it can always become a nip fish. I say make mine Silvervine! You probably will too!

Disclaimer: I'm a product tester for Nip and Bones and as such, received this product for free. No money changed hands cos Baby Patches knows that no one can buy this little ghetto kitteh. The words are my own and I offer video and photographic proof.

Memorial Day—Remembering Gramps

I didn't call this post HAPPY Memorial Day cos I don't think this necessarily IS a happy day—or should be. Many humans think today is all BBQ's, shopping the sales and fireworks; but, in reality, it's to honor the fallen. Those heroes who went to war and never came back. Heroes like TW's Uncle George, who she never had to privilege to meet. He never came home during World War 2.

A little history lesson is in order. This holiday was originally called Decoration Day and officially became known as Memorial Day in the 1960s. Its roots date to 1865, when it focused only on Union soldiers. As the nation healed; however, slain fighters on both sides of the Civil War were honored.

Gramps and his army buddies. He's at right in middle pic, top right in last pic.
My Gramps was in the Air Force during WW2. He served from 1942-1945, first in Scott Fields, and then England, France, Belgium and Germany. His specialty was fixing radios in planes. He came home a broken man and an alcoholic. He was one of the lucky ones who made it home.

This is the hat Gramps wore when he fought for our country. The klepto took the flag the VFW put on his grave.
I was planning to honor Gramps on this day for his service in WW2—the Big One—the last 'just" war, when I heard from a Twitter friend. It was during Nipclub. I was playing my usual "Let's Honor the Troops By Bringing Them Home" anti-war set, when I got a supporting Tweet from Allyson Levinshon (@snoopytheonly). We started tweeting and I learned that she's lost her cousin, Sean, in Iraq. I wish I knew more about Sean's life but I'm sad to say I don't.

It's hard enough to lose a loved one in a 'just" war, so I can't imagine how she must feel knowing he died in a war fought under false pretenses. General Colin Powell has said there were NEVER any WMDs but that doesn't bring back over 4000 American lives or bring solace to the 320,000 Vets with brain injuries, not to mention the Iraqi death toll. This figure varies widely between 100,000 to one million. Fact: 18 veterans commit suicide each day, according to the Army Times. If the Army is admitting this, we can only guess that the number must be higher. The London Daily Mail estimates that one U.S. veteran of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan attempts suicide every 80 minutes, citing such reasons as post-traumatic stress disorder, high unemployment and a loss of military camaraderie after returning from tours.

Let's honor my Gramps and Sean by volunteering at a shelter, donating to Give An Hour, which provides free mental health services to veterans or Soldiers From Above, or becoming an advocate for homeless veterans in your local community. Maybe even invite one to your BBQ or fireworks display.

Senile Saturday—Embarrassing Moments

How many of you guessed that the peeps would FORGET Senile Saturday. To that end, I'm gonna embarrass TW like she's never been embarrassed before. When the following photo fell into my possession, I knew I had to share it with my furrends. Behold, I give you a snapshot of TW, age 3½, downing a bottle of beer. I apologize for the black and white grainy picture. It was taken hundreds of years ago on the first camera every invented.

And, she's trying to raise me to follow in her drunken footsteps. No cats actually drank beer in the making of this photo; however, it IS nice to see TW still has a taste for a weekly brewskie. Hmmmm, wonder if that's whats responsible for this early senility I've been noticing …

Woman, since when aren't we buying American?

Thankful Thursday—Sunpuddles

This is a Blog Hop, sponsored by my furrend Cokie the Cat.

Remember last month, when I told you I've never had a sunpuddle? Well that's all changed. Today I'm thankful for yesterday, the one day in the past two weeks when we've actually had sunshine here. Today, it's raining again and thundering and all kinds of mean and nasty stuff.

Yesterday was the first time TW got to take pictures—without a flash!—of me laying in a sunpuddle! It was a small one and I was scrunched up on the windowsill but it still counts. So today, on Thankful Thursday, I'm counting my blessings for that small sunpuddle that warmed my stunning furs.

The black kitty socks are holding the blinds open cos they open the other way.
Check out the cool prayer rug I have to lay on!
It all adds up to one warm and contented kitteh!

Wednesday Words of the Day—Happy Birthday

Today is M.L.'s birthday so the Real Housecats of the Blogosphere made a video card. That wasn't all we did. We also commissioned the United States Post Office to issue a stamp to commemorate this big event. This stamp and an additional 45¢ will ensure that any letter M.L. has to mail will reach it's destination in 7 to 10 business days. You'll notice it's a Forever stamp which means it's good no matter how high the price of postage rises. The stamp has been biggified in this blog so that everyone can see all our happy faces. I hope ML enjoys her special day and that her Sherwood Kitties shower her with love and attention.
Don't you just love class photos? I'm the stunning one on the top row, 3rd from the right.
This is the first time that all the Real Housecats have been photographed together. Glogirly brought us to the studio with the promise of salmon for all. Instead, there was just this birthday CAKE that she baked. C'mon, guys, let's bust into Katie's salmon cabinet!

Happy Birthday, M.L.

Pee Ess: Please send some healing purrz to my furrend Busy Buttons, who's one sick little doggie.

Mancat Monday— Riding a Wave

I don't want to tell you it's been raining hard around here but pictures don't lie.

No indoor kitties got wet during the making of this image!
Don't want to rain on TW's parade, but she could've did a few more steps to the image so that it wouldn't look like it was raining on me. It's so hard to get good help these days.

Coming soon on Senile Saturday: TW talks about her trick knee and I help her pick out a cane!

Time to Celebrate!

And the accolades keep coming for this little ghetto kitteh! If I wasn't so stunning, I'd find it overwhelming! 

First I found out I was a finalist in the BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Social Media Pet Blogging Awards in the Best Twitter Design category for a background that Glogirly designed for me and today I received an unexpected accolade from the AAAC. They're the organization who hands out the Anipal Academy Awards. They were honoring Graphic Artists, which is something this kitteh doesn't pretend to be. I logged on Twitter  to cheer on my furrends because I had no expectations that I would win anything. I looked at my connections and mentions, like I always do to see if any of my homeys wanted to hang. OMC! Everyone was sending concatulations to yours truly for winning an award for—wait for this!—Blog Whiz! I was doing a happy dance, not to mention some cat wheels, cos I never expected to win. It was just the opposite from last year when I was jobbed. I won't get into that here cos I'm too happy. CK pledges to live up to the title of Blog Whiz, while continuing to spin tunes to get everyone's paws on the Nipclub dance floor every Thursday from 8-9 pm.

Sorry, Blogpaws, I don't mean to slight being a finalist; but I really appreciate someone recognizing a blog I work so hard on. I know we're just a small fish in the blogging world and my little blog doesn't appeal to everyone, which of course, puzzles me. Design, graphics and creativity doesn't come easy to me. It usually takes a couple of hours to write a blog that's funny and has substance and combine it with a graphic that isn't just uploaded from the flashy box. To that end, we really appreciate seeing those blogs that are creatively designed. In fact, I may even be in awe of talented anipals like Katie and her girl.

Thank you AAAC, @TheNascarKitty, @TinyPearlCat and the entire @AnipalAwards committee. You guys know a star when you see one! Thank you to Blogpaws for sponsoring the Awards' ceremony. 

Concats to ALL the talented Anipal Academy Award winners! 

I may be too excited to do easy this Sunday. Lemme tryzzzzz

Stay tuned next week for our first Senile Saturday when Pop discusses the pros and cons of his AARP phone.

Wednesday Word of the Day—Yak (Bonus Word—Concatulations!

This little kitteh doesn't have one of those sensitive tummies I read about on other blogs. My stomach is made of cast iron. My peeps can change brands of food and I go with the flow. In the 6 1/2 years I've lived here, I've yakked maybe 5 times. That fifth time was this morning; a morning that started out like every other.

I may have lots of "faults" according to the peeps, but I'm the rare cat that waits for TW to wake up to give me my breakfast. I don't wake her up cos she's up like every hour or two anyway; so when I'm ready, I'll get out of bed and lead her into the kitchen. This morning, we got up around 5:30 a.m. My breakfast was going to be Chopped Grill Feast leftovers. Like any sane-minded cat, I don't like my food once it's been refrigerated. TW gets up about an hour earlier and puts the closed can on the counter to make it room temperature. This doesn't fool me. I know it's leftovers.

Yep! This is the rug I yakked on right about HERE!
This is an older picture. I didn't pose with my yak. Heh heh!
I took one sniff, a lick and TW heard that gurgley rumble that's all too familiar to some cat staffs and then I backed slowly away from the food. She grabbed a newspaper and followed me. I thought she was going to attack me so I ran. Apparently one of her talents used to be getting a newspaper down in front of Nicky right before he yakked and catching most of it before it hit the carpet. Nicky didn't yak much either but when he did, he'd do it 3 times within the space of 30 minutes. All cats know the trick of yakking on the carpet and backing up to spread the wealth.

She didn't find any souvenirs so she picked up the food and tossed it and went back to bed. When she got up again, she found the collateral damage. It was all food—no hair or liquid mixed in. She got out the Capture Carpet Cleaner and it worked it's magic. Even though I'm not doing a review or advertisement, I'll give the url in case someone wants to try it. Of course, she forgot to try the Bissell Stomp 'n Go® that she got at last year's Blogpaws' conference. This is the first time I've yakked since she got it so she was wanting to try it out. Better luck next year, Woman!


On April 2nd, my bestest buddy, Herbie (aka Herba from the Burba), his 8 fur sibs, and his peeps welcomed a hairless baby human into their house. Well, Herbie didn't exactly welcome the one he calls his Nemesis or Neme for short. His peeps call her Madolyn. I think he's growing fond of her, though. You can read a little about Project Nemesis on his sadly-neglected blog. I thought I'd put together a little collage of Herbie, his younger brofur Tim and Neme. Hope he doesn't mind that I liberated the pictures from his FB page. Herbie is the BIIIIIIG grey and white cutie in the final pic. Love you, Herbie! You were my first crush on Twitter.

La Día de la Straw Hat (Behind the Scenes)

Thanks to Glogirly and Katie for hatting me on Straw Hat Day. I was minding my own business, waiting for those spoiled new Housecats to tip me—One of which didn't and I'm not naming names. Zee knows who he is and his human is going to correct the matter. Thank you, Deb.–when Katie suddenly plopped this millinary creation on my head. It wasn't filled with salmon, so I guess she stiffed me too. I may write a book about this chauffeur experience. Bet you'd pay plenty to find out what went on in the back seat of my limo, wouldn't you? The nip ceegars and Vine was plentiful and I could tell you stories about heavy petting! It's amazing there wasn't more rumpled fur when they got out at the club

Do you think this hat makes my ears look big??
Being a self-admitted publicity whore who plays an all-important role in the new Housecats video, I'm gonna give it a plug. It goes by really quickly. Don't blink, I don't want you to miss me. What you don't see is that I'm dancing on an adjourning table with my furs unzipped. It got censored and is on the cutting room floor. I hope it doesn't show up on some later date on a different YouTube channel. You should also watch to see who's fur got the most rumpled from all that petting in the car! Verrrry inneresting. This cat ain't talking until the six-figure book deal is done.

Happy Birthday Aunties!

Today is the birthday of my twin Aunties. They're both animal lovers just like my peeps and this blog is for them in lieu of a card. My Aunts are so cool. They "get" that I have my own blog. They even read it and Cousin Fluffbomb leaves me comments.

Aunt Melinda is Mom to my cousins BB, Isabel and Makena. Even though they're floofy and aren't moggies like myself, they're all rescue cats. BB (Big Boy) is a Norwegian Forest Cat! I'd never heard of that breed until I met Cousin BB. In fact, they come from the hood. They were adopted from a shelter in upper Manhattan. Now they're spoiled Jersey cats, who even have a deck to watch Bird-tv.

Aunt Melinda and her kits
I've told you all about my Aunt Karen before. She volunteers at the Brookes Legacy Animal Rescue in Naples, FL. They rescue death row and special-needs animals, nurse them to health and put them up in frosted homes until they find their furever home. Aunt Karen is hosting many frosted cats at this very moment, in addition to her dog and my cousin Fluffbomb, who are rescues. In addition, she works for Ark Natural Pet Products. Both my Aunts got the gift of their love of animals from their Dad, TW's wonderful Uncle Don, who's frolicking with his beloved dogs OTRB.

Aunt Karen working on adoptions, Cousin Fluffbomb.

Happy Birthday Aunt Melinda and Aunt Karen. This little kitteh loves you. ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ Enjoy the video of the Beatles singing Birthday.

Easy on Sunday

OMC furrends! Did I have some 24 hours? Friday night the peeps went to the Yankees' game and left me all alone. When they finally rolled in about 11 pm-ish, giddy that their team had won, I was ecstatic! I got major zoomies! I ran from one end of the place to the other and back again.

The happy dance continued Caturday morning.

First I threw my Skineeez smousies around Pop's bed! I threw it higher and higher and jumped after it.

After I got more zoomies, the peeps thought I was tired but I started bunnykicking my plague ratsie.

More zoomies followed. Soon I was back on the bed playing with the Skineeez. Finally, I found my vine pillow. It didn't stand a chance.

After all that playing, I think I'm ready for some Sunday chillaxing.

 DISCLAIMER: I bought these toys from Pop spent real green papers on them. I like my toys so no one puts words in this kitteh's mouth. I will continue to purchase toys from them.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all my furrends' humans.

Surprise Visitor!

What am I staring at? Woman, open the window! Quick!
Can you see him now that the window is open? 

Kittehs! Guess what was outside my window? This was even better than Bird-tv. I dunno how he made it to the 4th floor, but I got a visit from a pretty monarch butterfly! There are no nice gardens around our building, which makes it even weirder. I've never seen a butterfly before. The peeps said when they owned their house, they had TONS of butterflies! Of course, since TW was the photographer, it's hard to actually make out the butterfly. The window screen also got in the way. I was staring him down pretty good until he'd had enough of the flashy box and left. I think we made another date; at least I hope we did. He sure was pretty. Does anyone know why they're called BUTTERflies. They do fly but this guy didn't look like he was made of butter.

Wednesday Word of the Day—Klepto

I gained a new-found respect for TW. She's been trying to get rid of some stuff lately that's actually not mine—which on its own is something to marvel at. Yesterday, she pulled out a pair of sunglasses and, lo and behold, the store security thingy was still attached. I don't know how she managed to get out of Macys, but she did! Maybe she's not that bad after all.

She claims that she paid for them. Come on, Woman. The statute of limitations must be over. They can't touch you! They were $27 sunglasses which she claims she paid a lot less for. I bet you did, Woman! HAH! Sale, my tail. You got them for FREE! Listen, I wouldn't pay $27 for them either. She said that isn't the first time Macys left the security thingy on something she bought. Heh heh! I know I'm from Jersey City but I can add 2 + 2 and it equals The Woman is a Klepto! This also explains why she didn't apply for that elf job last Christmas. They no doubt told her they'd let her go this time but if they ever saw her in the store again, she'd be apprehended. And I thought she was just lazy. Unfortunately, the evidence was disposed of before I could photograph it. You can bet I'm not gonna let her forget this!!

Sleeping next to some of my booty.
This little ghetto kitteh has pilfered her share of stuff. Anything that falls on the floor becomes mine. I have coated rubber bands, bread ties; you name it, I've got it! Check out the picture above and you can take inventory with me. Smousey—mine. Smousey laser—mine. Pen—mine. Mini highlighter—all mine. If my face was in focus, I probably have one eye open to make sure that Klepto Woman doesn't take it. In fact, I've even got stuff the peeps don't KNOW I have but that's between you and me.

Check it out! I even liberated Pop's chair right out from under him! If you look closely, you'll see some of my other "found" treasures on top of the scratcher. That's where I like to hide them. I can climb up there but the peeps can't.

I ax you not to judge TW too harshly. I already have!

Monday Monologue

I want to give a shout out and big THANK YOU to the stunning Katie and her girl for the pawsome Twitter background and avi they designed for me. You guys are the bestest ever! I am not worthy … well, OK, so I am. Who said I'd never get to 1st base? I think I'm going to steal 2nd. *eyes darting between pitcher, 2nd base and catcher*

Is this the coolest or what!!!

My Hudson Reporter article has over 3000 hits, which is the most I think I've ever seen. I had more than Tim Tebow and Snooki before they took me off the sidebar. Old news…I don't think so! Thanks to everyone who visited and read the article. This kitteh RULES!!

I'd also like to thank anyone who nominated me for any of the Blogpaws' Nose-to-Nose Awards. I'm not down with all this awards stuff but I depreciate the support. Best of luck to all the nominees.

Thank you for sitting through the PSAs. Here are some dog jokes for the cats in my audience. Who doesn't like a good dog joke? HAH!

Did you hear about the cowboy who got himself a dachshund?
Everyone kept telling him to get a long, little doggie.

Did you hear about the dyslexic atheist? 
He doesn't believe in dogs.

What do you call a dog with no legs? 
It doesn't matter what you call him; he ain't gonna come.

Which side of a dog has the most hair? 
The outside.

What is a little dog's favorite drink? 

Thank you very much. I'll be in Vegas at the Palace until the end of the week. Tips are depreciated.

Cinco de Meowo Fiesta Time

Todays Senile Saturday has been postponed due to Cinco de Meowo. It'll have to wait another week or two. Today, from 3-7 on Twitter is the annual #Chilipawty in honor of Kittehboi's sisfur's birthday. Her name is Chilipepper. I hope you'll join in the festivities. They'll be lots of prizes and good music.

Here are some cool Mexican jokes. I hope no one gets offended. After all, our own HHGutt is Mexican.

How do you find out the population of Mexico?
Drop a peso on the ground.

How do you stop a Mexican from robbing your house?
Put up a help-wanted sign.

Two Mexican are in a car. Who is driving?
A cop.

What do you get when you cross a Mexican and an Iranian?
Oil of Ole.

What do you call a Mexican with a rubber toe?

Thank you. I'll be in Vegas at the Palace all next week. HAH!

Wednesday Word of the Day—Sunpuddles

The Woman says sunpuddles is actually 2 words; but I say whoop-de-damn-do. I think its one word—in fact, I decree it to be one word and thus it is!

You kittehs with daily sunpuddles might not believe this but I don't have that luxury. No, there are no sunpuddles in the bleak, dank inner city where I live. Sunpuddles don't make it up to our 4th floor apartment on the cliff except in the wee hours of the morn, before the peeps are up and the blinds are drawn. Kitties, the sunpuddles only grace our NE exposure between the unCodly hours of about 6-8 am. The rest of the day, I face a life of artificial light.

After an early breakfast, I hurry onto the window ledge in TW's room and fight my way through the closed blind to bask in some of the those early rays. It's kind of cool because TW isn't up yet to get her dumb flashy box; and even if she did, she can't get a good picture cause I'm totally shielded.

I'm looking for a sunpuddle.
I hear you axing why I don't demand that she open the blind for me. Sadly, even if she did, the sunpuddles would appear on the walls and not the floor so the window ledge would still be the only sunny spot I could lay on.

Sure, the Cats Before Me had great big sunpuddles. Neither Chizzy, Autumn or Nicky came from the hood. They were all rescued from middle-class cities, with trees and flowers and chirping birds. I digress once again. Apparently, the sun doesn't shine on ghetto cats.

Technically Nicky is outside, but he did have sunpuddles inside too. I would've gotten along great with Chizzy..
Those cats also lived in the big house that the peeps used to own. The house with the garden. It was also the house with the lousy tenants, cracked walls and ant problem every Spring; the house that was in disrepair and falling apart. Still I think I would've liked to explore the garden and bask in the sunpuddles. I know I definitely would've loved to meet Chizzy cos he was a fighter, not a lover.

Pee Ess: How many Kragonflies can you spot in my header? I love my Neko Kragonfly.