Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wednesday Word of the Day—Sunpuddles

The Woman says sunpuddles is actually 2 words; but I say whoop-de-damn-do. I think its one word—in fact, I decree it to be one word and thus it is!

You kittehs with daily sunpuddles might not believe this but I don't have that luxury. No, there are no sunpuddles in the bleak, dank inner city where I live. Sunpuddles don't make it up to our 4th floor apartment on the cliff except in the wee hours of the morn, before the peeps are up and the blinds are drawn. Kitties, the sunpuddles only grace our NE exposure between the unCodly hours of about 6-8 am. The rest of the day, I face a life of artificial light.

After an early breakfast, I hurry onto the window ledge in TW's room and fight my way through the closed blind to bask in some of the those early rays. It's kind of cool because TW isn't up yet to get her dumb flashy box; and even if she did, she can't get a good picture cause I'm totally shielded.

I'm looking for a sunpuddle.
I hear you axing why I don't demand that she open the blind for me. Sadly, even if she did, the sunpuddles would appear on the walls and not the floor so the window ledge would still be the only sunny spot I could lay on.

Sure, the Cats Before Me had great big sunpuddles. Neither Chizzy, Autumn or Nicky came from the hood. They were all rescued from middle-class cities, with trees and flowers and chirping birds. I digress once again. Apparently, the sun doesn't shine on ghetto cats.

Technically Nicky is outside, but he did have sunpuddles inside too. I would've gotten along great with Chizzy..
Those cats also lived in the big house that the peeps used to own. The house with the garden. It was also the house with the lousy tenants, cracked walls and ant problem every Spring; the house that was in disrepair and falling apart. Still I think I would've liked to explore the garden and bask in the sunpuddles. I know I definitely would've loved to meet Chizzy cos he was a fighter, not a lover.

Pee Ess: How many Kragonflies can you spot in my header? I love my Neko Kragonfly.


  1. My paws counts 4 kragonflies! MOL hehe I luvs them too! Even after I chewed the wings off, hehe.

    I bet you would has loved the garden my furriend and I sorry you don't has the sunpuddles that many kitties enjoy. Hmmm maybe TW could gives you some stroller rides some day to catch some rays, you think?

  2. I say you should move here to Florida where we has lots and lots of sunpuddles for your viewing pleasure. And sqwerls that drive me crazy! MOL!

  3. Fortunately we have lots of sunpuddles here, and I wish I could send you a few!

  4. Oh poor CK - no sun puddles. That's a federal crime! I think that qualifies for kitty abuse. Sun puddles are the best. They make you feel all warm and cozy all over. You can come here too and share some of our sunshine. Love your header this time too. TW just keeps getting better and better.

  5. Oh CK, you need to come visit us and sit in a sunpuddle(one word). Not sure you would have wanted to meet Chizzy. He looks like he has some issues. Have a great day.

  6. We count FOUR Kragonflies!

    Oh CK, I'm sorry you live a life void of sunpuddles. No kitty should face a florescent or even incandescent life day after day after day.

    I don't have a garden either, but I do enjoy a nice mid morning puddle.

    TW ought to be making up for the lack of puddles in other ways. Extra Kragonfiles, a never ending supply of the Vine, tuna, salmon... It's really the least she can do.

  7. You come over here CK...I share EVERYDAY!

  8. Oh yous poor dear! That sounds exactly like the condo wes lived in! And why me is so happy to be here now. Me will send thoughts of sun puddles to yous!

  9. You should come out to southern California, CK! We get sun puddles most days. Of course, the past two days have been dreary and overcast, but the weatherhuman said that is going away and soon we will be back to normal!

    I see four kragonflies!

  10. Hi CK, I'm sorry you don't get sunpuddles. But I'm sure TW gives you a sunshine in your heart with lots of love! I see four Kragonflies. One of my boys loves to play with Neko Kragonfly, too :-)

  11. We just saw your Mr. Linky link to this post....with the little thumbnail pic... and Pops is RIGHT!!!!!!! From the side, we are TWINS!

    Ok, NOW will you call me stunning?

    xo Katie

  12. Dang! No sunpuddles, CK?? That's so not fair. And we're big Kragonfly fans, too!

  13. I'm sorry you don't get many sun puddles, by pups are always looking for them too. I love Chizzy's cauliflower ears...too cute!

  14. We got lots of sunpuddles and would luf to share wif you, pretty Sparkle! BTW, we count 4 kragonflies! xoxo

  15. I do believe you can get sunpuddles on offer from Amazon, but could be misinformed.But maybe sunpuddles take away some of your stunningness??!!

    4 Kragonflies for sure xoxoxox

  16. We are so sorry that you don't get to lay about in sunpuddles. Life is so unfair sometimes. But the upside is you do have a nice comfy home. And we counted 4 kragonflies in your header!

  17. Darling, darling, darling! I had no idea you wuz so deprived! The only thing for it is to have your Humans specially construct you a perch a precisely the level on the wall where the sunpuddles strike each day!

    Or teleport here! Not that we had any s.p.'s today--it was drizzly and gray and freezing most of the day. But there will be s.p.'s this weekend and there's always room on my tower for you my darling girl!

  18. We're sorry to hear you are so sunpuddle-deprived, CK. :(

    By the way, kragonfies are da bomb! And we count four of them in your header!

  19. I sees FOUR Kragonflies! Did you know that when my Human was just a little kitten, hur father told her that dragonflies would sew up her ears? And she believed him, MOL! I mean, just how dumb WAS she anyway??

  20. We are sorry to hear you live a life with such infrequent sunpuddles, but at least you are such a stunning and glorious cat!! Your header is so beautiful and we are happy to meet you!!

    Meows from Zee, Zoey, Mia, Peanut, Rolz, Harley, and Jazz


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