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Monday Musings

This is going to be a mishmash of ideas all thrown together. Hope you can jump with me from one adventure of the next.

Yes, TW has been using her Real Housecats tote bag and bringing us with her wherever she goes. Last Caturday, in fact, we got to go to NY Yankee Stadium. The food was delicious, but the game … not so much. Then we took the subway back to 42nd Street.

The other day, she took us to Rite Aid. A woman commented on how much she liked the cats on the bag. TW responded by pointing me out and saying, "This is my cat." The woman looked over the cats, pointed to Mario and said "This is MY cat!"  Now I would've told M how happy I was to meet her, but TW told her "You don't understand, that really IS my cat! She's on an internet TV show!" Pop thought the tale was hysterical.

Friday morning, I heard a lot of Airplane- and Helicopter-TV so I looked out the window. I was all alone because TW had abandoned me, saying there was something she had to see. Hearing the hubbub, I ran to my window to see what was the matter. No, I didn't see a sleigh and either tiny reindeer. I saw a plane riding on the top of another larger plane. TW told me that was the space shuttle The Enterprise making it's final journey. Technically, since it never was sent into space, this was probably it's ONLY journey. It's going to take up residence on the U.S.S. Intrepid in NYC. TW took a little video to document what she saw. It would've been longer but it was bright outside and she couldn't see into the viewfinder. You know how old she is. BTW, it didn't fly into our building, it just looks that way in the video. The peeps said it was historic. What would be really historic would be if TW cleaned my litter box right after I used it.

I'm thinking of starting a new blog feature called Senile Saturday, where the little old peeps could have their say. As you know, I won't let my human post anything on my blog so this might shut her up. Maybe you could join me and we could make a Senile Saturday blog hop. A little bird told me that many of my furrends have humans almost as old as mine. The bird then met an untimely death. It was yummy. I mean, I'm innocent until proven guilty!


I'm happy to report that I've just about killed that tissue paper that I received as my present from Crème de la Cat  last week. I may be able to start sniffing around the toys sooner rather than later.

I'm also still guarding my Silvervine pillow. I double dare TW to try and take it away from me!


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  1. WoW! What a whole bunch of news. me liked the bag tale and Senile Saturday! Me thinks my Mommy would be good for that, but she'd forget...

  2. That's a lot of stuff, CK! I have to say, my human refuses to have anything to do with anything that remotely smacks of "aging" or "old" because she does not believe in it! Yep, she thinks Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and getting old are all myths humans have made up! But enough of her... I would be MUCH happier with her if she would stop telling people that aging is a state of mind and go out and get me some tissue paper.

  3. Excellent recap, CK!!!! I'm totally cracking up over the Rite Aid woman. hahaha! Wish Glogirly could have been there to say, "yeah, and this is MY cat." Then Rite Aid woman would have REALLY been confused.

    So Glogirly says you better watch it with all the OLD talk. Apparently the girl says she's probably about the same age as TW. She insists I call her girl until she's at least 85-90.

    Thanx for all the noos.
    xo Katie

    No really....that's ME in the photo. HAHAHAHAHA!

  4. MOL at the Rite-Aid story! We can't believe that tissue paper isn't history, yet! It would haf been in a hundred pieces at our house by now. Happy Monday, CK! xoxo

  5. *MOL*
    Senile Saturday :D
    My mom isn´t so old but she sure would have done good in a bloghop like that ;-)

  6. Wow, you were lucky to see the shuttle. How cool.

    Love, Fluffbomb

  7. Nice video of the space shuttle.
    BTW, Senile Saturday is mom's favorite day!

  8. HA! My Dad would likely forget whatever day that was you mentioned!

  9. Oh CK, you are just hysterical. Our Mom is older than dirt and probably all the other Moms on the blogosphere. She would need 25 reminders about the Senile day. But that sounds like fun. Loved the video. And the story about the bag was purrfect. Thanks so much for the great laugh. She needed that.

  10. Great post and good video of the shuttle. What an awesome site form your own apartment. Senile Saturday - I love it. I could retitle my blog Shuffling Along With PD and Senility as I'm already there!! What to you think?

  11. CK, that lady at Rite Aid musta been so confused! Eh, what does she know anyways?? And how cool that you got to see Discovery go for a ride! That IS history!! Senile Saturday?? Our human is so senile, she probably wouldn't remember to post for us that day!!

  12. MOL! The Rite Aid lady was FUN-NY.

    MOWZERS you got to see the Enterprise fly over? Mommy's a NASA brat so she loves that kinda shtuff. But we agrees. Being On reserve to clean The Box when needed...HISTORICAL EVENT. (NOT gonna happen in this lifetime either. *sigh*)

  13. Wow. That was really a great post.

    First, AWESOME video! But we don't getz why they builded a shuttle that never flew. What's up wif dat?

    Senile Saturday. Well, that haz potential. Still, my Human has not even figured out HOW to be in on with or through a Blog Hop. I *see* them and I wish i could play, but I has teh sad cuz I don't getz it.

    Eggs-celletn pictures of you, speshully with your pillow--you have my favorite slightly *wild-eyed* look that I love best on you XOXOXO

  14. CK, that is so cool that you got to see the shuttle piggy back by! :)

    Senile Saturday. MOL!

  15. I always loved space travel, so it was great to see the shuttle even if this one never flew. As far as historical events, I've seen more than my share. Great header, CK, and I will see you shortly.


  16. Oh sure, I'd love to go protesting with you! Out here all they've been doing is throwing paint on parked cars and breaking windows at little bakeries & restaurants. I'd LOVE to go make some noise on actual Wall Street where there are, you know, ACTUAL Bad Guys! My Human watched the moobee Margin Call this weekend and it maded hur blood boil all over again. Me, as long as I get my fudz, it's all good.

  17. A beautiful MAY background and header! CK you know how to roll in style with the seasons.
    ; ) Katie & Glogirly


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