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Easy as ABC

When Spitty first tagged me for the Awesome Blog Content award, my first thought was to visit my prehistoric friend, the Thesaurus, and ax him to tell me all the synonyms for STUNNING. Then when Mariodacat also tagged me, I knew my readers deserved so much more from me.

is for angelic and artistic 
B is for beautiful
C is for carnivore and CommuniPAW, where I came from
D is for diva and DJ
E is for elegant and eyes, which Pop says are my best feature
F is for famous and fabulous
G is for gangsta and ghetto cat and also generous
H is for humble
I is for intelligent and innocent of any crimes I am excused of
J is for jealous and Jamal, a member of my posse
K is for kink in my tail
L is for lovable and laser, one of my favorite toys
is for magnificent and muscular
N is for norty and Nipclub,where I spin tunes
O is for original and outstanding
P is for perfect, playful and posse.
Q is for queenly
is for regal. I always try to keep it real
S is for STUNNING!!
T is for tough and Tuna, my favorite food and the leader of my posse
U is for unappreciated 
V is for voluptuous vixen
W is for way cool
X is for X-rated language that I've been known to use
Y is for Yankee fan
Z is for Zzzzzzzzzz
I'm sure the rest of you can come up with some other superlatives to describe the magnificence that is me. Once again, I'd like to thank King Spitty and Mario for recognizing me. Thank you.
I'm not sure how many blogs I have to pass it along to because each of my presenters wrote a different number so I'll present it to how many I want.

now goes to:
My buddy Austin of CATachresis
Clooney and Neytiri of Clooney's Num-Num Fund

BTW: I was featured on PetMOZ as their Featured Friday blog. It was pretty cool of them. I just get more famous every day!

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  1. You must have gotten an A in Vocabulary!

    In particular I'm loving the I is for innocent until proven guilty and ::of course:: S for Stunning. ; )

    And nice extra credit us multiple words for so many letters. That's so H is for Humble of you.
    ; )

  2. Well deserved CK! And what a terrific vocabulary you have!

  3. Now that was fabulous. Wow, you did a great job on the vocabulary. But we wouldn't expect anything less of you CK. What a good job you did for sure. We loved it. Hope you have a super week end.

  4. Congrats CK! Your A through Z words were just like you...STUNNING!

  5. Wow Cousin CK, your knowledge of language is catastic! Congrats on everything. You are so stunning.

    Love, Fluffbomb

  6. Oh ARE stunning!! I like the nose. :) I just found you, and will keep comin' back. I bask in your lovliness!


  7. CK, you sure know your ABCs!! Congrats on your award!

  8. Great job CK - you held up your reputation very well and I didn't doubt for a minute but what you would do a superior job. You are the World Most Stunning Feline afterall. Oh, I love your header at the top of the page. Very nice.

  9. Well done, Miss KC.!
    And have a purrfect weekend

  10. Yous did that pawsomely well! Me is I - Impressed!

  11. Purrfect description of you, CK! We luffed it. xoxo

  12. Wow, you even came up with multiples of most of the letters! I am impressed.

  13. Mmmmmmmm, Voluptuous Vixen. Yeah, that's my favorite, all right. I'm tunnelporting right! (P.S. Wearing my helmet, of course)

  14. So typical of your giving nature CK, that you gave us a multitude of ABCs!!! Such a stonking stunning star!!! Congratulations :))

    Oh! Austin is beside himself with excitement to have been tagged. He's already compiling his list .. well he's doing something over there in the corner! AUSTIN?

    Ahem! OK! Well, it looks like P is accounted for!!!! lol

  15. Great job! I agree that S is your letter: Stunning!

  16. Thanks for passing the award to me (I think). I don't know if I could come up with stuff completely original for my ABC list. You already used some of the best words, like Nipclub and tuna. I gotta think about this.

  17. Wowzer Keisha! You are getting quite famous. In addition to knowing your ABC's and XYZ's you should get an award for cleverness and humor too! Found you on the Saturday BlogHop and so glad I did!

  18. Wow CK, you did a fantastic job on theese one! And thanks for passing it to us, (we've been very late in visiting blogs the past 2 weeks so we are glad you let us know with your comment)! Congrats on your PetMOZ feature too, we checked it out!


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