Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas a just a memory

Well, the tree is still up, but the gifts are all opened and played with. I did very well this year. Pop ordered from and I actually played with the stuff. I got this tunnel that I named the tunnel of pain that I'd recommend to any cat. Since I'm an only cat, I play w/Ma. She wriggles her hand in it and I attack. That's where the pain comes from. I've yet to draw blood which I have to change quickly or risk ruining my reputation. I also got a plague rat, which I initially loved, but wouldn't look at today and a honeysuckle mouse. They bought me some freeze-dried whitefish, which I turned my stunning little nose up at.

Unfortunately, they didn't have turkey or ham for dinner, they had baked ziti. Can you imagine that? The nerve of it all. It had sausage in it but I don't like sausage. Ok, I got some skip jack tuna; but it was too little, too late. My feelings were hurt.

The worst part of the season is all the running around the peeps do. Pop is off work but they're running to all the relatives houses and, of course, the cat has to stay home alone. Last week, I invited some anipals over and we practically tore the house down. When the peeps got home at 11 pm, my guests were on their way home. Still, I think some of them got caught.

The best part of the season is I got to DJ 2 Christmas pawties: the SantaPaws pawty on Dec 12 and @georgetheduck's bash on Christmas eve. BTW, both charitable events were successes, going over their goals.

The peeps will be home New Year's Eve, watching the fireworks from their window. I plan to raise a glass of niptinis to all my Twitter and Facebook furrends and in remembrance of the furrends who are no longer with us in body.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


A few days before Christmas, we had about 11 inches of snow. Pop, Ma, Autumn, Nickie and I decided to have some fun and suddenly Ma yells "Snowball fight" in that screechy voice of hers and we're off. I must say I got her good. HAH!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Indoor Cats

I'm a cat so I naturally get sad when a cat gets hurt or is sick. I'm also an INDOOR cat so it pains me that so many kitty tragedies can be prevented by keeping your cats in the house. At least once a week, one of my Twitter anipals is injured—hit by a car, hurt by a larger animal (like it or not, we're near the bottom of the food chain, right above the rabbit), or hurt or poisoned by some screwball human piece of trash. Then, there's the illnesses and infections your cat can contract. The truth is: a house cat's life span is so much longer than one who goes outside. If you're a cat in a warm, safe home, with loving peeps and all the food you could eat, why would you want to go out?

When Ma and Pop took Nicky (photo, top) off the street, they used to let him go out in the backyard. Then he started to gain weight and they discovered he was eating at every house where they left food out for strays. There wasn't a "Happy Hour" that he didn't partake in. Soon, he couldn't out-run other cats and every time my peeps heard cats fighting, Nicky would come in bruised and banged up. Finally, he came limping in with an abscessed foot and had to be rushed to the V-E-T. That was the last time he left the house without a carrying case. My peeps found out the hard way.

Then there's the story of the neighbors that used to buy expensive angora and persian cats only to leave them wandering the streets and yards. Ann Gora was one of these cats; a real sweetie who was starved for attention and affection. Ann started spending more and more time in my Peeps' yard so my Peeps started feeding her. Then winter came and she basically lived under their back porch is a little shelter set up for her. Ma and Pop didn't want to take her in because she belonged to someone and they might get mad. Not that they'd even care since they had bought a silver angora, which they named—you're not going to believe this—Babydoll Loverboy!!! After paying $400 for this cat, they used to let him out too.

Well, winter turned to Spring and little Ann's beautiful, long fur became a matted mess but she was as lovable as ever. Ma and Pop could take no more when they saw that one side of her fur had completely ripped away from her body. They called their friend who worked for a shelter down in South Jersey who came up and took Ann to Tom's River. They shaved Ann Gora, fixed her up and she was adopted out to a furever home, where, hopefully, they kept her indoors and gave her a lot of love.

The moral of this story is not to give in to us when we cry to go out. Cats are warm-weather creatures from countries like Persia (Iran), Burma, Egypt, etc. where they don't have a lot of cold weather or cars screaming down the highways. Unless, you have one of those outdoor kitty enclosures, please keep us safe and in the house. We'll purr and love you for it.