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Happy Howl-o-ween Foto Frenzy

Happy Howl-o-ween and welcome to another Fall Friday Foto Frenzy starring ME! Can you believe that someone—the gang over at Fur Everywhere to be exact—chose a Halloween foto? Amazing but true. Today I’m gonna kinda combine Foto Frenzy with Caturday Art Blog Hop since there are lots o’ scary holiday fotos.

The photo above has a “Feel” PhotoShop action making it dark and scary. We added some cutesy clip art over that pawsome CK shadow.

Wednesday Word—Cats

Isn’t National Cat Day everyday?? I certainly think so.

Remember to do something nice for your cat today and—more importantly—to do something nicer for a homeless cat you encounter on the street or in a shelter who doesn’t have a nice warm bed to lay in or may not get three square meals a day. If you’re a cat, milk this day for all it’s worth!!

A Funny Thing Happened, Part 2

I may look serious but I’m trying to stifle a giggle.

Last Saturday I hinted that the peeps had pulled another good one; aka another stupid human trick. It gives me great pleasure to give you the 411. I think there’s a double standard in place cos whenever I do something, there’s always film footage but there’s never film footage when they muck up.

The other night I told the peeps to order out some Chinese food for dinner. They wouldn’t listen and now I have a funny blog post for you. Trust me, they weren’t laughing.

A Very Special Celebrity Selfie

OMC! Wait till you see my selfie! I’m so excited I couldn’t wait to post it! Ignore the stuppy selfie above.

A Funny Thing Happened …

TW thinks this picture is funny, which is this week’s PhotoHunt challenge. It also happens to be the photo (#1234) that Katie and Waffles of Glogirly chose for the Foto Frenzy. I usually run these on Friday but this fit the Funny theme.

Yes, TW was laughing at my foto but you can see I’m laughing too. As the old adage goes: whoever laughs last, laughs best. I got the best laugh as they performed yet another stupid human trick, which I’ll give you the 411 on next week.

Friday on My Mind

Peek-a-boo! It’s me with an outtake from my Wednesday post.

Hooray! It’s finally Friday. It’s finally time for another Fall Fun Friday Foto Frenzy. HAH! I just keep adding adjectives every week.

This week I’m starting with two picks by the gang over at The Cat on My Head. That would be Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo. I cutted and pasted so I wouldn’t leave anycat out. There are eight cats so I let them have more than one pick cos I didn’t want them squabbling. Anyway, I decided to do their picks today so I can warn you guys that on Sunday, I am gonna totally revolutionize cat selfies! Wait till you see my selfie! SCREEE!

Wednesday Word—Ginkgo

Every year when the ginkgo trees up the block start blooming fading, TW brings me some leaves. I crossed blooming out cos she never remembers until this time of year when all the other trees are turning colors. Suddenly she’ll remember she has a cat. She flips the leaves in the air and I try to catch them as they flutter to earth. Or, I just run, run, run around to where I think they’re gonna land. It’s a fun game but I soon tire of it.

#WholeBodyHealth is Making News

This post is sponsored by Natural Balance’s Original Ultra Whole Body Health and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Whole Body Health, but Stunning Keisha only shares information I feel is relevant to my readers. Natural Balance is not responsible for the content of this article.

Today on The News with Cathy Keisha I’m going to tell you about a 500-lb cat who …


I’m now permitted to share the results of the infographic that came about cos of the Whole Body Health survey you guys all better have filled out. You remember when I tricked you into clicking on my post by sharing a selfie? Heh-heh.

I am a Rock

As soon as I laid eyes on this week’s PhotoHunt theme challenge, I knew we were going to see the return of the big orange rock. It’s not hard to figure out how TW’s tiny brain works. A little known fact is that we have an affiliate account with the Himalyan Salt Shop, where TW bought the rock. If you’re thinking of buying one of these orange rocks which act as a natural air purifier as well as a night light and conversation piece, please use our link. They have a super sale going on right now.

I knew she wasn’t gonna make me a rockstar or even think rocknroll and I was right. We had a hard time deciding which shot from this photo shoot we were gonna feature. I looked exceptionally stunning next to the rock.

The 5’s Have It

It’s Fall; it’s Friday so it must be time for another Fall Friday Foto Frenzy! HAH! Today the fives have it as both 55 and 555 were picked and they’re some really good choices. So let’s cut right to the action.

Wednesday Word—Unexitedcotos

Do these bags contain “Unexitedcotos”?

I see that puzzled look on your face. What does it mean? I axed TW the same question. Before you go to, let me fill you in on the background of this mysterious word that only TW knows the meaning of.

6 Things Pop Says That Make Me Hiss

I gave Pop this Stunning Keisha bag!

Last week I told you some of the things TW says that hiss me off, Now I’m gonna give Pop equal time. It’s not really equal time since he says so much less to me so he doesn’t hiss me off as much. I love my Pop.

See Spots. See Spots Run.

My challenge this week was an easy one. Spots is the PhotoHunt theme. I could use my fast leopard transport tunnel or maybe some of the many spots of dirt and dust around the condo. I chose this comfy quilt that I won at a Twitter pawty, made by the wonderful Dana Pixie. You know Dana. She’s Pixie Pixie on Facebook and she’s in charge of the Pawcircles.

Trout Towne Tabby Version Foto Frenzy

Welcome to another Friday edition of Foto Frenzy. These fotos have all been chosen by our pals the da tabbies o’ Trout Towne. No burds be allowed in Trout Towne and no burds be on this post. If you haven’t read their blog yet, it’s a must read. Pop says their post from last Thanksgiving ranks right up there with Alice’s Restaurant and should be rerun every year. They have the magic touch cos they picked some real good fotos too!

#1821. I had to bite TW’s hand cos she kept pressing the “auto color” button in PhotoShop to take the blue outta this foto. Uh-uh, Woman. These are au natural! This is from June 2011 and I’m getting my first window whiffies of the season. Notice there no no burds for me to watch. This was before I had asthma when I could enjoy the fresh air. I really was enjoying it and was dozing off. My window whiffie days came to an end a few years later and TW blames my first vet for sending me into respiratory distress. I haven’t been the same since then.

8 Things TW says That Make Me Hiss

You’ve hissed me off, Woman!

If your peeps are anything like mine, when certain words or expressions come outta their mouths, you just want to HISS. For most cats, the number one word would be NO. Since I’m such a good cat, I don’t hear that a whole lot; if at all. These are my eight in no particular order.

3 Secrets to Becoming a Happy Cat #GetHealthyHappy

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been sharing how TW keeps me healthy and happy, as well as giving tips on how you can do the same for your cat. Now that we’re all healthy and happy cats, along with Hill’s® Science Diet®, I'd like to keep us that way. I’m happy that I was axed to participate in this #GetHealthyHappy campaign.

Knit One Purl Two

Today Faith is the poster girl cos this week’s PhotoHunt challenge is Entwine. I gotta tell you we were stumped by this theme and only decided to accept the challenge last night. I really don’t know why I do this since it doesn’t bring traffic to my blog. I guess I like torturing TW. It keeps her aging mind sharp.

Friday Foto Frenzy Fun

Whatchoo lookin’ at?

I know I’ve been posting Foto Frenzies all week but I have so many requests, I don’t want to leave everybuddy out. I’m doing them completely randomly like I do everything else. This post is chock-full of everything you wanted: the out of focus, the blurry the bad composition, etc.

Wednesday Word—RE2PECT

(Note: If you’re not a sports’ fan, you may want to skip to the Foto Frenzy at the bottom of this post although you don’t need to be a fan to appreciate what this man has accomplished. I did try to inject humor into it.)

How ginormous? This ginormous! It’s 36” tall!
Even if you’re not from the NY area, you’d have to be living under a rock not to have heard or seen the word RE2PECT over these past few months. You all know that CK has class. You also know that I’m a Yankee fan so I have to say a few words about someone else with class and that would be Yankee Captain Derek Jeter Harris. Jeter played his last MLB game last Sunday after 20 years in the majors. All of those years were spent with one team—my New York Yankees. The peeps couldn’t go to his last game in da Bronx but they went to his penultimate game last Wednesday to cheer for a man who played the game the right way. Unfortunately, the game didn’t end to their liking and a ginormous adult beverage was consumed—mostly by TW.

I wouldn’t be keeping it real if I didn’t show my RE2PECT for Mr. Jeter. Before I began blogging, the peeps had half season (41 games) tickets to the NY Yankees and got to see much of Jeter’s Hall of Fame career play out at the old Cathedral in da Bronx. They were always awed by the plays he made in the field and his offensive heroics through the years. Some have questioned why Jeter got such a grand sendoff since he was never the greatest overall player or even the best player at his position—shortstop. What he did have was respect for the game. He never showed up the opposing team, never took Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) and never took the game for granted. Until the end, he hustled out every ground ball; he played hard and clean. Add to that fact that he never made headlines for off-the-field antics even though he was a bachelor playing in NY. You’ll probably never see a player bust it like he busted it for 20 years although Mike Trout of the Angels seems to be following in Jeet’s footsteps. Best of luck to Mr. Jeter in his future endeavors.

TW took this photo of Jeet batting during the 2009 ALCS.