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#WholeBodyHealth is Making News

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Today on The News with Cathy Keisha I’m going to tell you about a 500-lb cat who …


I’m now permitted to share the results of the infographic that came about cos of the Whole Body Health survey you guys all better have filled out. You remember when I tricked you into clicking on my post by sharing a selfie? Heh-heh.

Some of these results differed from what CK expected. We all know how important nutrition is for pet health and well-being except the 2 percent who may be of less intellect than the average cat parent. Why is it some humans have to be different and what do they think is more important?

55% of responders answered that nutrition was the most important fact for pet health. Of course, those of less intellect again had to be different and say grooming and bathing. I’m beginning to see a pattern. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea that I had Pop fill out the survey.

Only 28% of pet parents correctly guessed that DHA and EPA support neural development. I must say this question had even a cat of my intellect stumped.  I didn’t know what the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had to do with cat health. I’m gonna have to read up on this DHA stuff.

I dare any human to brush my teeth! I just dare them. I eat dental treats cos the peeps tried putting dental garbage in my water which only made me stop drinking water entirely. Those 12% who brush their pets daily are either not being very truthful—IMHO of course—or have very docile dogs.

We’ll now quickly skip to the last question: your top health concern. Most pet parents said digestion or cancer which are good choices. My peep’s top concern wasn’t even on the survey: renal disease. I’ve noticed too many of my older cat furrends are coming down with kidney failure and other renal diseases. Since I don’t drink water due to the great dental experiment, my peeps worry a lot about my kidney function. TW monitors my litter box activity and output compulsively. I swear she has a program to chart my pees and poos on this very computer. The Woman is not right.

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Now to get back to that 500-lb cat … from Mars … that landed … OOPS, that’s all the time we have! Tune in tomorrow for that story and more! CK says good day and good news!

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  1. You look like a girl who could use some COMPANY in that tunnel. I swear we are bugless, or *I* am anyway. How about a little good-luck snuggle before the WS starts? And who knows, depending on how things go, I might be needing a LOT of snuggles over the next ten days or so.

  2. CK, your graphics are always just amazing. My previous three cats have had kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, and diabetes, so I know all about monitoring input and output. And yes, I did catalog it all in a notebook :)

  3. WOW CK, we said all that?!?! That was a darn good report!

  4. Great report CK and healthy so = happy in our book. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. I think we did choose neural development for the DHA and EPA = they are good fats and nerves have a fatty sheath on them.

  6. What a great point! I didn't even think about Renal Failure as something that is a top concernbut it really is especially in cats. Thanks for the reminder CK.

    PS tell your momma it was so nice to bump into her as I was running to get a cab to the airport.

    PSS. Did you get a new sweater out of her trip to NYC?

  7. Hey, you didn't report more on the 500-pound... ah, we saw what you did there! We too are more worried about renal disease than the other choices. Silly survey for not including that. Purrs...

  8. That's a great report and information, CK! We tried dental water additive in the past, too, but my kids won't touch water when I added it.
    Kidney issues are certainly big concern. Monitoring is very important.
    You look very pretty in the tunnel :-) Happy Monday!

  9. Great information CK!!
    Wow do you ever look beautiful in your tunnel.

  10. ther gonna bee a math quiz heer at de end coz if sew we can say up front we will fail...epic....noe...make that EPIC fail...

    pee ezz...grate ree view !!♥

  11. That infographic thingy had The Staff cross-eyed!! No, really!! But she does brush me every day!! I demand it!! Sheesh!! I might join you (and The Spitster) in the tunnel ;)

  12. That was an interesting report CK. My mum really does brush my teeth every day. She started when me and Eric were about 2 years old because he had ginger gums. I don't mind because I am used to it. If they go on holiday, my holiday auntie smears the paste on my paw because I don't like anyone else messing around with my mouth. Wanna come and smell my fresh breath?
    Mum says Eric had gingivitis, not ginger gums. Sounds the same to me.

  13. CK, your survey results are really interesting. The head peep worries about chronic renal failure, too. When we lookup at the shelf with the photos of the kitties who have come before, every one of them has had chronic renal failure and/or hyperthyroid. We don't want either of those!

  14. Wonderful report! And might I add, that you look just pawsome in glasses!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  15. You put a lot of effort into that report and it has great info. So far with the kitties we've dealt with diabetes, hyperthyroidism, liver cancer, chronic renal disease, two types of lymphoma, leukemia, and a neurologic disorder - so we don't discriminate when it comes to being concerned about health issues!

    Now, about that 500 pound cat...

  16. as always, BFGF, your reporting is spot on; very informative and also readable and easy to understand. Way to go , paw pats Savvy

  17. Thank you for this vital info CK. You are a very intrepid reporter

  18. Thank you news anchor Cathy Keisha for this excellent report! The results are definitely interesting to see finally. It is kind of funny to see the bathing and grooming 1% on there. At least it wasn't a higher percentage, for the sake of dogs and cats against b-a-t-h's everywhere!

  19. om found this all to be quite interesting and informative. She decided she would like to get a free sample for us to try, but when she got to the page from your link there was no white "special offer" button. Can you let us know what we did wrong? We will wait right here for the remainder of the 500-pound cat story. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  20. OMG--DO you love me as much as David Cone?

    MadBum is rocking the game tonight--it's 7-1 right now, but with the Giants no lead is EVER safe! We is holding out tiny breffs.

    Great article, my darling! XOXOXOXO

  21. Wow - some of these things are real news to us! Thanks to you and Natural Balance for teaching us valuable things WE NEED TO KNOW!!


  22. Great information CK!
    My mom-person brush my teeth´s atleast once a week and I don´t mind since the toothpaste taste Tuna :)


  23. Hey there bootyful CK weez not know yous didn't dwink water. Do yous like Catnip? Sum kitties don't and meez can't member ifin yous do or not. But ifin yous do hav TW make ya' sum nip tea and let it cool and twy dwinkin' dat. It's actually used as a medicine fur a foo fings too, but bottom line it won't hurt yous and it just might get yous to dwinkin' again. And of course, Tell hers not to smudder yous by followin' yous wound to da pawdee box. MOL

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  24. Sounds like a great pet food to try out!

    Visit us at Dogs N Pawz


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