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Wednesday Word of the Day—Sandy

NYC's South Street Seaport under water.
My peeps and I are leaky eyed over the outpouring of caring on Twitter, Facebook and the CB these past couple of days. It's been hard for us, but we got through Sandy better than most. We only lost power for about 4 hours Monday night into Tuesday morning. Tuesday, we had power, but no Internet, phone or tv. Since the power was back, we did have Wifi so I could tweet and tell my furrends I was OK. When we think about all the people who lost their houses to floods, fire, and storm damage, how can we complain about a little inconvenience. (TW made me write that. I wanna complain!) Pop's office was closed Monday and Tuesday so we knew he was safe with us. His office is closed Wednesday too cos Lower Manhattan has no power and no train service, due to the subways being flooded.

Our hatches were battened.
We prepared the best we could: filling both bathtubs with water and having the house stocked with human and cat supplies. This was the first time I've seen the curtains drawn since I've lived here. The peeps took my PTU out in case of emergency. We were relieved to learn that our local shelter welcomed anipals.

TW was nervous Sunday night when the wind started kicking up which made ME nervous. Thank you very much, Woman! I kept jumping on the window sill every five minutes to see what was going on. Monday afternoon and evening was something we'd never experienced before. There's been many Nor'esters, blizzards and even Hurricane Irene since we've been living here but this was the worst by far. Once the wind gusts, reaching over 80 mph started hitting our Northern exposure windows I won't lie to you, it was scary. For the peeps, I mean. It got so bad, our concrete building began rocking and rolling. We could feel it swaying. Things were falling off shelves and pictures hanging on the walls were turned crooked. I wanted to play in and shred my tissue paper all night. It was nice of Pop's friends to use tissue paper to wrap his gifts, I might add. Get the peacock feather, Woman! I was running through the condo doing my best Thundering Herd of Elephants impression.

The PTU was ready! The peeps had their bases covered.
I'm sure my furrends in Florida and states that normally get hurricanes were laughing at us but this wasn't your typical Category 1 hurricane. Once it joined forces with the other storms, it took on the characteristics of a Category 3 storm. I'm sure if you watched the news, you saw the video of the rivers running down the streets of the Jersey shore and in cities like Hoboken, Jersey City and New York City, where the sea wall at Battery Park was almost 14 feet. You'll be happy to know that Zelda, the Battery Park turkey survived the floods.

Pop had his police scanner on all night listening to what was happening locally.  In my little town, they had boats rescuing people from their homes, trees falling and debris falling from buildings. The building next door to ours lost much of its siding near the roof. Again, we were lucky cos the screens didn't even blow out of our windows.

The one thing that completely shocked the peeps was a fire in Queens that burned 80 houses to the ground. The video is amazing.

Many thanks for all your concern. I feel blessed to know such caring peeps and anipals. Tomorrow, I'll start visiting you again and leaving snarky humorously appropriate comments.

No Easy This Sunday

The winds will be picking up later today and tomorrow Sandy was be coming to visit. Last night, I kept jumping out of bed and running to the window to see if Sandy was scratching on the window waiting to come in. I hear she's gonna meet up with some Nor' Easters and they're gonna form a new posse called Sandy and the Frankenstorm. They so bad they gonna be causing destruction  up here in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. I wouldn't advice you to cross paths with these mean Muthas blowhards. We may lose power for many days and even if we have power I won't be able to turn on the computer for fear of a power surge. Godspeed to all my furrrends in Sandy's path. Be safe. Don't underestimate the power of these storms.

Yo Sandy! You can't scare me!

Concats to Jamie who's on his way to his forever home with Mizz Bassie and her family. Thanks to all the angels helping him on his road trip. You can follow on Twitter by using the hashtag #JamieRoadTrip.

A Senile Saturday Innerview with Pop

About a week ago, Julia Williams, from the Responsible Pet Ownership Blog, innerviewed several of my furrends' male staffs. The article was called "Real Men Do Love Cats! 7 'Cat Guys' Tell All." She missed one important Cat Guy—my Pop. Everyone knows I'm a Daddy's girl and they know how special my Pop is. In honor of how much of a Cat Guy Pop is and the fact that next Wednesday is his birthday, I'm gonna ax Pop the same questions Julia axed in her fine article. I hope she doesn't mind.

I let Pop hold me but not TW.

What's the best thing about being a Cat Guy?
My girl running to the door when I come home from work at night and listening to her purr and make a big fuss over me. (Do I do that??)

When you leave the house, on a scale of 1 to 10, how covered in cat hair are you?
About a 2. During the winter when she lays on my jacket, 6 or 7.

What's the craziest "Cat Guy" thing you've ever done?
I bring all Cathy Keisha's press clipping in to work and pass them around. (That's not crazy, Pop!)

What cat-themed items are in your wardrobe?
A Real House Cats t-shirt I'm currently wearing. I have a special one of a kind iPod case with Cathy Keisha's stunning face on it and will soon own the only Cathy Keisha messenger bag.

What is your favorite cat quote?
I didn't do it! It must have been some other cat!—Cathy Keisha

What funny thing has your cat done recently?
Before we play with her favorite foam rockets; she talks trash! (You bet I do!)

What naughty thing has your cat done?
One of many times I was excused
of drawing Pop's blood
When I pull my old legs on the bed at night, she attacks my feet. (Not true! You can't prove it's me!)

When did you first realize you were a Cat Guy?
It seemed I always found the sore spot on a dog when I petted them as a child. Cat's never seem to hurt anywhere.

Does your cat eat better than you do?
I eat store brands; she eats gourmet cat food.

Will cats rule the world one day?
If they can stay awake long enough to finish taking over.

Would you ever take your cat for a walk in a stroller?
She's not the kind of cat who can be caged. (Not unless you want a trip to the ER!)

What is your limit on how many cats you would ever have at one time?
I'm not sure I could afford more than 2. I live in a condo.

Do you talk about your cat to other guys?
All the time. I even ask one of them every Thursday if he is going to do security at the Nip Club while CK dj's

What's in your house that lets people know you're a Cat Guy?
Photos of cats, including one on my desk, the liter box in the bathroom, a nice sleepy bed on top of my bed for her. There's more cat furniture than human furniture in our living room.

If your cat could talk, what words would she use to describe you?
She would say pawsome, loving, and I can't forget soft touch.

I would indeed say he's pawsome, kind, loving and a soft touch cos I have him wrapped around my little paw. If it wasn't for Pop, I'd probably have been sent back to the shelter by now. 
Happy Birthday Pop!

Last weekend, TW threw a huge surprise birthday pawty for Pop, with hunnerts of guests. I wasn't down wit it and I spent all day in my office UTB. At first I was brave and let people pet me but then someone brought a little human so I took a powder. I unnerstand that little monster human touched my toys and even tried to eat my food! I got a prezzie from my Aunt Mindy. She brought me some home-grown nip from her garden that my fur cousins BB, Isabel and Makena wanted me to have. Many thanks guys for that nifty nip. Unfortunately, by the time Aunt Mindy arrived, I was UTB so I didn't grant her an audience.

On the right, is a picture of the cake topper that Pop's cousin Nancy made. Can you believe this work of art is all sugar! The cake was chocolate overload and Pop loved it. I told you Pop was older than dirt and this should prove that I'm right.

Postseason Postmortem Foto Frenzy

Now that my team of overpaid, underperformers is on vacation, I can chillax and watch as Spitty's San Francisco Giants battles Cody and the Island Cats' Detroit Tigers for baseball supremacy. It just so happened that the fotos I picked today, show me getting my easy on. Rumblepurr picked #44, which just happens to be "The Straw That Stirred the Drink" back in the late 1970s. If this Yankee team had Mr. Reggie Jackson, they may have shown a little life in the ALCS. He didn't choke under the bright lights of October.

I'm all wrapped up in the comforter on TW's bed in this foto.

Another Yankee who could've made a difference was #9 Roger Maris, who's record of 61 home runs in one season should STILL be the record to beat since HE did it without steroids, unlike those who hit more. #9 was picked by Selina of One Eye on the Future who said it was her Mom's favorite number. Her Mom will be rooting for those Tigers this week.

In this very early foto, I'm enjoying my sofa with my nip peppermint cane. The color is a bit off but I'm still stunning. I don't go on the couch these days. TW has it crapped up with newspapers that she swears she's gonna read. Yeah, right!

In this bonus picture I'm on the sofa on one of our Yankee blankies. It was picked by Willow of Devoted to Willow and is #102. I'm sure I'm dreaming of what might have been had those Yankees had Munson and Guidry, Tino and Pauley, Jeter and Mo; instead of ARod, Swisher and Granderson. Sigh! Wake me for Spring Training.

Fuzzy Foto Frenzy

OMC! I'm sure you've all been waiting for some foto bombs since I'm always complaining about how bad a photographer TW is. The first one #333, chosen by Callie, isn't too bad but look at the bomb that our wonderful friend Marg picked at #1150! The rug is in focus but what's that blurry blob in the front. Don't change your glasses; don't adjust your sets. It's not you or your computer but the foto.

This is a real oldie. I'm sitting on Pop's bed when his room was the way I liked it before TW convinced him to move all the furniture around. Check out the cool rocking chair. While I never sat in it, I hear Chizzy LOVED it. TW used to try to pill him in that rocker and he'd spit it under the cushion. Weeks later, she'd find all the pills she thought he swallowed. Pop says Faith used to sit in this rocker all the time too.

What was TW thinking? What was TW looking at? What was I thinking? What was I looking at? The answers are as fuzzy as the image. Could she have been photographing the rug and I got in the way?

In my last Foto Frenzy post, I posted pictures of Kittee. Some commenters didn't seem to understand that those were MY kitten pictures from  I was almost a year old when I came home so we don't have fuzzy fotos of my kittenhood.

Tuesday Newsday

We have such talented furrends. You'd think that something would rub off on TW but no such luck. Here are just two of our talented furrends. You helped make one happen and with your help, you can accomplish the second one. Anipals rule!

Click on the images to biggify them and click on the link below to
see all the images.

Many of you voted for Amy's Quilt in the Cats on Quilts contest a couple of months ago and many of you contributed squares for the quilt. I thought I'd share some pictures of the finished quilt so you can see all the love that went into this work of art. This link includes closeups of all the blocks with their various messages of love and support. Can you believe that it appraised for over $3000! The world would be a better place if there were more people like Wanda Kruse and all Armies were like AmysQuiltArmy. I'm not sure if Amy has received the quilt yet because it's too precious to put in the mail.


My bestie Katie and I need your votes again. She's a finalist in "The Friskies" Contest for The Best New Internet Cat Video of 2012! This is an amazing video. Not just because I have a co-starring role or that she took my advice and used this real-life adventure as the plot line. Glogirly did a fabulous job and she even got Gloman to do the incredible voice-over. The video co-stars many of the Real Housecats of the Blogosphere. Please vote for "Katie is … Accused" and share it with your friends, even the ones who—gasp–don't like cats. You can vote once per e-mail address.


Foto Frenzy: Meet Kittee

Can you give this kitteh a forever home? Here's her profile:

What can we say about Kittee? She's definitely got personality and character! These pictures don't do her justice, we'll have to take more to show her true colors! One minute she is calm and the next....she's off chasing something, exploring, climbing to the top of the cat tree. Very playful, energetic, and athletic. Kittee is young only about a year old and will allow you to pet her and pick her up until she's off to the next adventure!"

Ok, they were a bit off. You can't pet her and you defintely can't pick her up. She does have plenty of personality and character to spare. Perhaps the pictures don't do her justice but they're in focus. Perhaps you'd like to adopt this stunning little kitteh.

Meet Kittee.

Perhaps she may look like someone you know and love. Perhaps she IS someone you know and love. The human at the adoption event begged the people who adopted this stunning cat to change her name.

She then became … Cathy Keisha. A star was born!

Cooking Cats Fun Recipe!

Recipe for A Mess

One bag kitty treats
One rug, preferably dark color
One inattentive human
  1. Human puts handful of treats on rug.
  2. Human walks away without seeing if you finished treats.
  3. Human steps on rug, thinking she's stepping on one of your small toys like a spring or furry smousy that are always on rug.
  4. Human smashes leftover treats, then gently grinds the little crumbs into the rug.
  5. Human finally notices she's stepped on leftover cat treats. Voila! Your mess is now completed!
  6. Let the fun begin as you watch said human on her hands and knees trying to pick up the crumbs cos Pop's gone to bed and she doesn't dare turn on the vacuum!
I guess you could substitute a light rug if your human is really distracted and doesn't look where she's stepping. This could even add more fun as you watch the rug turn colors like magic!

You can add icing to this mix by attacking the human's hands as she tries to sweep crumbs into a neat pile to pick up.

I know there's a million variations of this recipe in the Cat Blogosphere and I'd like to hear about them. You can blog your recipes or simply leave them in your comment. This is my current favorite but I'd like to try every one of them.

This is a perfect rug for my recipe!

Caturday Hostage Crisis Looms

Quick! Into the tunnel! Where can I teleport myself Caturday??
In lieu of today's foto frenzy, I want to say a few words about the horrible weekend I'm about to have. Can you believe the peeps are having MONSTERS INTRUDERS over Caturday without axing my permission? Remember, I'm formerly feral and I only put up with my peeps. If even one other person comes over, I go crazypants into my office UTB—without food or water—until they're gone. The most intruders I can remember here at once were 3 and TW says they'll be more than three times that amount. That's like a hunnert humans which is enough to give this little ghetto kitteh a heart attack! What if they're still here when it's time for my 4 pm FF tuna? How long will they stay? They may even steal my stuff!!!!  I can't believe TW wouldn't even send me a FB invite so I could comment on the page and beg people to bring me toys tell everyone it was cancelled. I need an escape route. Rest assured, I'll. get. my. revenge!!

Foto Frenzy Five Five and A Bonus

Molly the Wally is a good furrend of this blog. She comments on every post and I appreciate it. She picked #55, another foto which would never have seen the light of day otherwise.

TW had just bought some baskets to store junk in so people wouldn't known it was junk. As if! She came back into the room to find something that wasn't junk laying in one of the baskets.—Me. Even though the foto is actually in focus, I don't know what she did cos my eyes are looking weird. One has the laser eye thing going on and the other is scary red. I also don't know how she tracked litter all over the rug. Pop works hard to vacuum that rug.

The Celestial Kitties' Leo and Star want to see #1. Even though I moved here on January 27, 2006, foto #1 somehow wasn't taken until June 24, 2007. TW has a lot of explaining to do. It was originally taken on her analog camera. If it looks familiar, it's the image in the Halloween header Glogirly designed for me. Weird, how these things happen. This is about as close to a kitten picture of me as we have. I'll have to show you my PetFinder pics if you want to see kitten Kittee Keisha. This is audience participation so if you want to see them again, gimme a shout out. I warn you, you will overdose on cute stunning. Since TW didn't take those fotos, they're not included in the numbered shots. They're also in focus.

A Foto Frenzy Pick From Sparkle

Everyone, including my famous furrend, Sparkle the Designer Cat, has joined in the Foto Frenzy fun. Sparkle picked #1029. Well, actually she first picked 3428 but that's a few years into the future. TW may be gone by then. MOL!

Her pick could also double as a Whisker Wednesday foto. It's a stunning picture of me yawning taken by aerial view from miles above by the Goodyear blimp TW. Most photographers would take a picture like that from the front so you could see my teeth and people would KNOW I'm yawning. Not TW. She's not your average photographer. She lives on the cutting edge and most of her fotos live on the cutting room floor. I guarantee if Sparkle didn't pick it, this foto would have never seen the light of day. Anyway,  I'm turkeyed—or as I've also seen it called, the Meatloaf position—in my favorite bed that TW ruined when she washed it with Tide. Gasp! I'm here today to tell you that after a good airing out and another washing, it's as good as new.

Go away Woman. You're boring me and take your flashy box with you.
If you'd like to chose a number from 1 to 2400 or if you'd like to change your number, speak or forever hold your pizza—or something like that. As long as you want to see them, the Foto Frenzy will continue.

Another Foto Frenzy

How cool is it that Glogirly has started her own Foto Frenzy?

Since King Spitty was one of the first to comment on the last Foto Frenzy I did, I'm gonna go into the archives and find the foto that corresponds to the number he chose, which was #1224, going back to May 2010. When I ran my post about the big orange rocks, TW wouldn't let me use this image. It was taken atop of her very cluttered armoire. Her face went ashen when she called up #1224. Spitty, you picked a WINNER!

In June of that year, the porter carried a package up to our apartment. As I wrote in my blog the next day, he axed what was in it—rocks?? To which TW had to reply "Yes" because it had big orange rocks inside it. Rocks that lit up and were supposed to clean the air in the apartment. TW will go to any length so that SHE doesn't have to clean. She now had rocks to do that job. Her life was complete. Unfortunately, those rocks, while they look pretty, they don't clean the bathroom or my litter box; they don't dust the furniture and they don't steam the floors. In short, they're night lights.

The CK Vitamin Shop has a sale on Vitamin D3 this week. D3 promotes strong
bones and a healthy immune system.

They're called salt lamps and I should put in a plug for the Himalayan Salt Shop, where she bought them. The good people there were nice enough to replace the electric plug in one of the them for free after TW bent it while—wait for it—cleaning! I have an advert for them in the sidebar. Another blog post I mention them in is Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut … I highly recommend you read that one cos it's one of my best works. You can also see the "sanitized" foto from the foto session.

Daisy Mae Sez Eat Veggies!

Since we're blogging the change today, let me take this opportunity to put in a shout out for my furrends, the COWS. I can neveer understand how some of my furrend's peeps can blog about saving dogs and cats and then go home to a meal of dead cow on a bun aka a hamburger. If you truly care about the environment and animals, the single most important thing to do is GO VEGETARIAN. As the Earthsave Organization points out on their website, methane from animal agriculture is nearly as responsible for global warming—aka climate change—as all other non-CO2 greenhouse gases combined. Please check out their site, they can explain it a lot better than I can.
Meet my furrend, Elsie. How can anyone eat such a beautiful creature?

We can debate the price of health care all we want, but if people stopped eating meat, they would be healthier—and so would the Earth—and health care costs would go down for everyone. explains how eating meat affects your health.

Cows are sweet, gentle animals. Pop used to sponsor several, including Daisy Mae, Oliver and Ferdinand the bull from the Popcorn Park Zoo in Forked River, NJ. Daisy Mae, a beautiful little calf, was found on the side of a road, discarded after a Christmas pageant. She was shivering, malnourished and close to death. The people at Popcorn Park nursed her back to health and she lived a happy life at the zoo. Oliver was destined to be someone's veal scallopini before he was rescued by a writer who was on location and paid the farmer Oliver's fee.  

Established in 1977, Popcorn Park Zoo is a sanctuary for abandoned, injured, ill, exploited, abused or elderly wildlife, exotic and farming animals and birds. It's a pawsome place to visit and bring the kids cos they let you get close to most of the animals and feed them—well—popcorn. When the peeps visited, they had a couple of chickens following them all day once they gave some popcorn. They met Daisy Mae, who as you can see was Pop's pride and joy, and Ferdinand the bull and that ain't no bull!

Pics of Pop & friends meeting Daisy Mae & Ferdinand at Popcorn Park Zoo.

For as little as $48 a year or $4 a month, you can sponsor a farm animal, who will send you cards and letters telling you how much he or she loves and appreciates you. You can pick a sheep, steer, calf, pig, goat or a number of other animals in their Wildlife Club. Think about it, is $4 is less than the price of a dead cow on a bun at most restaurants.

So, if you love Rover and Kittee, please also love Daisy and Piggita and replace that dead cow on a bun with a veggie burger. While you're at it, soy, rice and almond milk taste much better than cow's milk. My peeps love it in their cereal and as a good, tasty source of potassium. Thank you and have a nice day.

Foto Frenzy, #10 and #67

I was overwhelmed at the response from my Fall Foto Frenzy. I'm going to pick more than one but things have been busy in the condo. TW is working on a Top-Secret Project that I'm not allowed to mention. I should be taking up all her time, NOT this project unless it's something for me. Anyone who wants to borrow the Foto Frenzy idea is welcome. The Island Cats were right. I did steal it from a meme from a few years ago.

✭  ✭  ✭  ✭   ✭   ✭  ✭  ✭  ✭

Prancer Pie commented first on my Fall Foto Frenzy post and he wanted foto #10. Sorry to say it's another boring foto where I'm not biting TW. These early shots were taken on an analog camera—TW's beloved Olympus SLR. Woman, what do you mean, beloved? It's an inanimate object! I'm you beloved cat! That's just a piece of metal and plastic. Sheesh! Now that I've straightened her out, I can continue. At least she had the good sense to get them on a disk.

#10. All this is now mine!

If you look really closely, you'll see me chillaxing on the sofa in my new home. I'd like to know why there are 3 pictures of Autumn on display and none of myself. You wanna hear something sad? There's STILL more pictures of Autumn and Nicky than my stunning self. What's the dealio, Woman? Anyhoo, I first ran this foto when I was giving my furrends a tour of my crib in February 2010.

# 67. Come and get me, Woman!
The Island Cats picked #67. You've seen a lot of these early fotos but haven't heard their stories. This foto was just used In my Olympic Diva post so I feel rather cheap repeating it. By this time, I'd bought TW a digital camera so I didn't have to wait to get film(?) developed.

When I was younger, I used to like to hang out on the door to TW's room. I'd climb up that mesh shoe bag on the back of the door. This would make the peeps very nervous. The first time I did it, TW didn't think I could get down—can you believe that??—so she had Pop come in to try to take me off. This was right after his back surgery when he wasn't supposed to be lifting anything. I knew this so I quickly jumped down. This also panicked TW because I jumped straight down to the floor. She was afraid I'd break my leg or paw. By the hundredth time I made the jump, I think she relaxed. Now that I'm older and just a wee bit heavier, I don't climb up there.

Stay tuned for more Foto Frenzy!


Fall Foto Frenzy

I've decided that whenever TW doesn't have a blog for me and I want one, I'm gonna start a new feature called Foto Frenzy It's an audience participation feature. Right now there are 2400 photos in my photo folder. Yell out a number and I'll post that image along with narrative of the photo's origin. No photo will be censored no matter how out of focus it is or how cluttered the table is. I can't promise that it won't be Photoshopped a little bit but trust me, when TW takes a photo bomb, Photoshop can't save it. I've picked the first photo and it's number is 1645, taken October 22, 2010 at 11:25 a.m.

Check it out! What's the chance that I'd pick one that IN FOCUS! Head rush! Below is this same image after some drastic cropping. She'd crop the bottom so that she wouldn't have to clone out the cardboard telling us what it is and the top so you couldn't see the stupid yellow light-up toy she claims she bought for me that she's always playing with. I'm sure everyone's humans use this same cropping trick and think that we won't know. We're cats. We're smart. If we weren't, we'd be dogs.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell the story that goes with this picture. TW ordered some area rugs from her favorite place, Beyond the Rack. She needed one in the kitchencos the old one biodegraded, heh-heh—and I needed a new one under my hall litter box. The one I'm sitting on is the one that went into the kitchen. I couldn't let them use it without adding my scent—and a little of my furs—to the bottom of it. She ordered a couple of other things which gave me a pawsome big box to lounge on top of or use as a hidey hole.

Don't be shy, shout out a number in your comment and I'll either pick one at random or pick the first one. Hopefully, the picture and the story will be a little more exciting.

BTW, Go Yankees!

Pretty as a Picture

Once again the kitteh has to publish filler cos TW is too busy doing nothing to help me put up a real blog. How long will this nonsense continue before I lose all my followers? TW hardly ever lets me visit other blogs and leave comments, which I'm sure you've noticed by now. Confidentially, I need to start looking to replace her. Please send your human's resume to the e-mail address in my profile.

Additionally, this kitty has been trying to cope with the horror that Pop got a package in the mail and I didn't get anything. *sob sob* How can life be so cruel to one so stunning?

The World's Most Stunning 'Tocks

Albeit a bit out of focus, but stunning nonetheless, I present the following as evidence of my total and complete stunningness.

If'n you notice, I'm also doing the PhotoHunt cos there's a HAND in the picture. HAH! Below is a picture of me about the nom on TW's HAND. I like to keep The Woman HANDy in case I need a snack.

Another Day, Another Package for CK

Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring!

CK: Hear that? It's the telephone. Answer it, Woman!

TW: Hello? Hi Rick. There's a couple of envelopes at the front desk? I'll be down to pick them up! Thanks!

CK: Whoa! I wonder what loot I got today! You know they're not for you, Woman.

Four hours later after TW does some shopping …

TW: Hi Gustavo. Hi Rick. More packages for Cathy Keisha? She really cleans up.

Gus: I'll bet she gets more mail than anybody!

TW and Rick make me wait for my booty as they talk about how his cat won't eat the Soulistic food TW told him to buy for her. Yeah, yeah, blah blah blah … get on with it, woman! The cat can't wait all day!

Several minutes later …

TW: Your toys from Winnie's Wish came. I see you're more interested in getting fed. *puts bag of toys on the sofa* The other envelope is for your Pop.

CK: WTF???? Why is HE getting a package! It's supposed to be for me! Let me look at that envelope cos my name is probably on it!

TW: Chill, CK! Here's your Island Illusion.

CK: You expect me to eat that crap?? When do I get my Fancy Feast *nom nom nom nom* Hey, this stuff isn't bad today.

Still later … TW rips open my envelope as I keep a safe distance in case the flashy box is around.

And I was right. The flashy box was around.

She tried to entice me withe the kickaroo … FAIL.
The verdict: FAIL with the exception of the string, which I chased and jumped through the air for. We've seen so many of my blogging furrends going nuts for these toys and I didn't even look at them. I guess I'm still enjoying my Pearl Cat Field of Zooomies nip toys. Pop says I get so many presents during the year that I don't know when Christmas is. I'm afraid I don't agree with that statement. Christmas is when I get the big stuff like a new cat tree.

What am I supposed to do with this string? Hang myself? Get over here and play with me.

Wednesday Word of the Week—Dinosaurs!

Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring!

CK: Hear that? It the telephone. Answer it, Woman!

TW: Hello? Hi Rick. There's a package at the front desk? I'll be down to pick it up! Thanks!

CK: That better be for me cos I'm expecting a lot of stuff!

Four hours later after the peeps come back from Pathmark …

TW: Hi Gustavo. I take it you have something for Cathy Keisha? I know it can't be for us.

Gus: She gets ALL the mail! Ha ha! She must be some cat!

Several minutes later …

TW: Your toys from Tiny Pearl Cat (that I won in Marg's auction for Mini) came. I'll open it after I put the groceries away. We bought you more Fancy Feast.

CK: *looks at the clock* YOU'RE LATE! I should have been fed almost 2 hours ago. I'm starving so get your butt in gear and fetch me some grub! STAT! Someone is gonna get bitten and *nom nom nom nom*

Still later …

She finally opened my package. I sniffed. I went nutz! I rubbed all over my new nip dinosaurs. I rubbed some more. I bit! I kicked! And guess what? You're gonna have to take my word for it cos none of this was documented on film. She gave some lame excuse about the table being too cluttered or something. She sez she didn't want to scare me away from my new toys since I rarely play with nip toys. Oh, eventually she did get out the camera to take a video of me in action but … I BOLTED!!! Bwaaahahaaa!

What choo doin' Woman? That's right, place the toys on my back.
No one will know this is your lame attempt to get me to pose.

"Everycat should have a nip toy from Tiny Pearl Cat. The tails are actual
rabbit fur! It's as soft as me (not that I condone killing animals for their fur)."

Now through the magic of Photoshop, I never have to go through the torture of posing with stuff again. I can be placed anywhere in the world without actually being there! I think I like this Photoshop stuff. On top is the overexposed picture of me with the dinosaurs laying on my back; on the bottom is the Photoshopped picture of me admiring my new toys. I look like I'm doing a print advert for Pearl's Field of Zoooms catnip! Is it real or is it Memorex! We want to thank Glogirly for making my eyes look right in the bottom picture. Woman, maybe the Word of the Week should be Photoshop!


I bow my head to the anipals and humans in the CB and Twitter, who we lost in 2012 to the Big C.

I know our lives aren't complete without our beloved family members lost to cancer.

Here's looking at Gramma, Grandpa, Autumn and Faith E. Gurl!

Can we please find a cure?

Package for Cathy Keisha!

Ring! Ring! Ring!

CK: Answer the telephone, Woman!

TW: Hello? Hi Hugo. I have a package at the front desk? I'll be right down to pick it up! Thanks!

CK: That better be for me!

Seven hours later …

Pop, with his poor, sick, broken back, comes in lugging a big, heavy box.

Pop: Whatcha got in here CK? Rocks? (He has a great sense of humor.)

CK: OMC! I bet it's my Halo Purely for Pets food that I won! It's my prize—finally—*glares at TW* for winning the Nose-To-Nose Blogpaws Award! Open it up!!!!

TW: After we eat.

Two hours later …

CK: Yo Waffles? Yeah, you can call me CK but just this once. HAH! Yeah, round up a few kitties. … Whadda you mean Katie's too busy working on a project? OK, get P. Kitty instead! I got a ton of food and it's time to PAWTEEEE! Of course you can have some … but just this once.

Still later …

C'mon P. Kitty, Waffles, help me eat some of the great food!

Gotta tell you, I got to sample some of the Indoor Cat Wholesome Chicken Recipe and it was DELISH! I loved it and can't wait to nom on the rest of this booty. After all, Halo food is made from butcher-quality chicken, whole eggs and lots of farm-raised vegetables. It contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and it's chockfull of vitamins, minerals and other trace nutrients. In short, I'll be eating better than the peeps, which is as it should be.

 In case you're wondering, the reason we got the kibble and not the stinky goodness is because TW bought me a few cans of the stinky goodness before she ordered and I wouldn't even sniff it. I'm very finicky when it comes to wet food.

Disclaimer: I won the food from Halo Purely For Pets. They don't even know I'm writing about it so they didn't put words in my mouth.