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A Senile Saturday Innerview with Pop

About a week ago, Julia Williams, from the Responsible Pet Ownership Blog, innerviewed several of my furrends' male staffs. The article was called "Real Men Do Love Cats! 7 'Cat Guys' Tell All." She missed one important Cat Guy—my Pop. Everyone knows I'm a Daddy's girl and they know how special my Pop is. In honor of how much of a Cat Guy Pop is and the fact that next Wednesday is his birthday, I'm gonna ax Pop the same questions Julia axed in her fine article. I hope she doesn't mind.

I let Pop hold me but not TW.

What's the best thing about being a Cat Guy?
My girl running to the door when I come home from work at night and listening to her purr and make a big fuss over me. (Do I do that??)

When you leave the house, on a scale of 1 to 10, how covered in cat hair are you?
About a 2. During the winter when she lays on my jacket, 6 or 7.

What's the craziest "Cat Guy" thing you've ever done?
I bring all Cathy Keisha's press clipping in to work and pass them around. (That's not crazy, Pop!)

What cat-themed items are in your wardrobe?
A Real House Cats t-shirt I'm currently wearing. I have a special one of a kind iPod case with Cathy Keisha's stunning face on it and will soon own the only Cathy Keisha messenger bag.

What is your favorite cat quote?
I didn't do it! It must have been some other cat!—Cathy Keisha

What funny thing has your cat done recently?
Before we play with her favorite foam rockets; she talks trash! (You bet I do!)

What naughty thing has your cat done?
One of many times I was excused
of drawing Pop's blood
When I pull my old legs on the bed at night, she attacks my feet. (Not true! You can't prove it's me!)

When did you first realize you were a Cat Guy?
It seemed I always found the sore spot on a dog when I petted them as a child. Cat's never seem to hurt anywhere.

Does your cat eat better than you do?
I eat store brands; she eats gourmet cat food.

Will cats rule the world one day?
If they can stay awake long enough to finish taking over.

Would you ever take your cat for a walk in a stroller?
She's not the kind of cat who can be caged. (Not unless you want a trip to the ER!)

What is your limit on how many cats you would ever have at one time?
I'm not sure I could afford more than 2. I live in a condo.

Do you talk about your cat to other guys?
All the time. I even ask one of them every Thursday if he is going to do security at the Nip Club while CK dj's

What's in your house that lets people know you're a Cat Guy?
Photos of cats, including one on my desk, the liter box in the bathroom, a nice sleepy bed on top of my bed for her. There's more cat furniture than human furniture in our living room.

If your cat could talk, what words would she use to describe you?
She would say pawsome, loving, and I can't forget soft touch.

I would indeed say he's pawsome, kind, loving and a soft touch cos I have him wrapped around my little paw. If it wasn't for Pop, I'd probably have been sent back to the shelter by now. 
Happy Birthday Pop!

Last weekend, TW threw a huge surprise birthday pawty for Pop, with hunnerts of guests. I wasn't down wit it and I spent all day in my office UTB. At first I was brave and let people pet me but then someone brought a little human so I took a powder. I unnerstand that little monster human touched my toys and even tried to eat my food! I got a prezzie from my Aunt Mindy. She brought me some home-grown nip from her garden that my fur cousins BB, Isabel and Makena wanted me to have. Many thanks guys for that nifty nip. Unfortunately, by the time Aunt Mindy arrived, I was UTB so I didn't grant her an audience.

On the right, is a picture of the cake topper that Pop's cousin Nancy made. Can you believe this work of art is all sugar! The cake was chocolate overload and Pop loved it. I told you Pop was older than dirt and this should prove that I'm right.

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  1. What a great interview, CK. You Pop sounds like an awesome cat guy. And he isn't older than dirt yet - you had us believing he was 75 or something! What an amazing cake! Happy birthday, CK's Pop.

    Stay safe. Maybe we will come to your condo - I am sure it is safer than being under our trees while Sandy comes by.

  2. I eat store brands; she eats gourmet cat food. Ha ha why do we know that one. Great interview Keisha we enjoyed that. Glad pop had a great pawty. Have a super Saturday,
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Pawsome innerview! We loved reading bout your Pop and his cake is a sheer work of art. Happy Caturday, CK.

  4. What a great interview. Happy Birthday to ur pawsome Pop!

  5. What a great interview with you Pop. Happy Birthday to him

  6. You sure did a GREAT job on interviewing your Pop !
    That cake sure looks cool and tasty :)

  7. What a great interview! Your Pop is like my Pop! Me thinks my Pop is the cat's meow ann me LOVES him!
    Me will let my Mom pet me now though, it only tooked 8 years!

  8. Your Pop is a winner in our books! And 60 isn't old...much!

  9. That was a great interview, CK, and proof that you have your male human wrapped around your dewclaw!

  10. CK, your Pop sounds like a great guy. You are one lucky cat, that is for sure. Your Pop isn't old. Our Mom is a whole lot older than that. Take care.

  11. Pawsome interview CK! Sounds like your Pops had a wonderful birthday too!

  12. That was a great interview, CK! We love your Pop! And we hope he has a great birthday!!

    Our dad-guy is a cat guy too...maybe we should interview him??

  13. Oh CK, that was one terrific interview and your Pop is one terrific Cat Guy!

  14. CK! Fantabulous interview! I luvluvluv your catdaddy! My Dad is just like him, I swear! My Dad talks about me to all the other Grand Jury members, he posts me on his FB page and he gets his friends to visit my blog. He was always a Cat Guy just like your Dad. High paws Cathy Keisha for me and you and our Dads. PeeEss...yours is young!

  15. We enjoyed the interview with your Pop, CK. he sounds like a great guy. Maybe, if he likes TW, there's something you could/would like too? Your Pop's would never steer you wrong. And think how happy he'd be if you made her happy? Just a little? .......or not. Happy B'day CK's Pop!
    Purrs to you! Mistletoe .....and Hitch

  16. Happy Birthday to your Pops he really is the ultimate Cat Guy what a great interview.

  17. Wow--this was a really really PAWSOME post, CK! I loved reading about your Pop and also hearing about his pawty. My Human is WAAAAAAAAAAAY older than your Pop (well, a couple years, but that's like 14 in cat years, right?)

    3-0 Heh, heh.

  18. Fabby interview, CK... We LOVED it!!!
    We always knew that Pop was a softie, but we're a little shocked that you're showing your softer side! What's all this talk of purring and fussing?!

    Did you know that I let Gloman hold me too? NEVER Glogirly though.
    Thanks for letting us get to know Pop. We can tell you are in VERY good hands.

    Glogirly wants to know if you have any leftover frosting.
    ; ) Katie

  19. Happy Birthday to Pop :) But I've got dirt older than 60!!!!!

  20. I am happy to read this nice innerview. Happy Birthday Cousin Fred. I'm glad you are a cat guy.

    XOXO, Fluffbomb

  21. Happy Birthday pops! Hope it was a great one. he he I'm a daddy's boy too. Dad's are the bestest!


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