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Package for Cathy Keisha!

Ring! Ring! Ring!

CK: Answer the telephone, Woman!

TW: Hello? Hi Hugo. I have a package at the front desk? I'll be right down to pick it up! Thanks!

CK: That better be for me!

Seven hours later …

Pop, with his poor, sick, broken back, comes in lugging a big, heavy box.

Pop: Whatcha got in here CK? Rocks? (He has a great sense of humor.)

CK: OMC! I bet it's my Halo Purely for Pets food that I won! It's my prize—finally—*glares at TW* for winning the Nose-To-Nose Blogpaws Award! Open it up!!!!

TW: After we eat.

Two hours later …

CK: Yo Waffles? Yeah, you can call me CK but just this once. HAH! Yeah, round up a few kitties. … Whadda you mean Katie's too busy working on a project? OK, get P. Kitty instead! I got a ton of food and it's time to PAWTEEEE! Of course you can have some … but just this once.

Still later …

C'mon P. Kitty, Waffles, help me eat some of the great food!

Gotta tell you, I got to sample some of the Indoor Cat Wholesome Chicken Recipe and it was DELISH! I loved it and can't wait to nom on the rest of this booty. After all, Halo food is made from butcher-quality chicken, whole eggs and lots of farm-raised vegetables. It contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and it's chockfull of vitamins, minerals and other trace nutrients. In short, I'll be eating better than the peeps, which is as it should be.

 In case you're wondering, the reason we got the kibble and not the stinky goodness is because TW bought me a few cans of the stinky goodness before she ordered and I wouldn't even sniff it. I'm very finicky when it comes to wet food.

Disclaimer: I won the food from Halo Purely For Pets. They don't even know I'm writing about it so they didn't put words in my mouth.

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  1. We will have to check that out. Conga rats on winning that food. That is terrific. Good eating to you.
    Take care.

  2. Have a lovely time eating all that great grub Keisha. Have a great Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Parks and I will be right over. We will bring some of the new Greenies smart bite. I think we will lay around on our back in a well fed stupor!

  4. Well, in the name of full disclosure I represent a dog, but I still wanted to comment. ChazzTheDog recently tried Halo canned dog food...and he inhaled it!!!!!!! Nommy. His regular brand was out of stock and we decided to give the Halo a try. Wow. The chicken, the salmon, even the lamb flavor was deee-lish. Wonderful products, healthy, and competitively priced. Win Win all da way. Yaaay

  5. ConCAtulation on winning ALL that food !!
    I get in my thunnel now so I will arrive in just 2 seconds ;-)

  6. Yay, party at CK's house! Concatulations!

    BTW, we all used to hate the Spot's Stew canned food too, but then they changed the recipe a while back and we do like this version (even picky me will eat a little of it). But I gather it is the new version you don't like either!

  7. Sounds like you made out rather well CK!

  8. Whoa! You are ROLLIN' in the food, CK!!!!!
    Nice job picking out some nommy stuff!
    So when's the party? know, that Waffles doesn't eat much. I'll take his portion.

    heh heh

  9. CK, I can see you will need a personal trainer if you nom all that delish food!! Oh! You have! Hiya um Waffles, you get around don’t you!!! ;)

  10. Maxwell: wow, Miz CK! You made out like a...well, um, that is...we mean...

    FaRADaY: *pumps paws* awww-riiiiight, YEAHHHH!
    We'll be riiiight over. And oh, Katie's on a diet. Fur REALZ. So I can have her share.

  11. Concats on that win! That is sum yummy lookin swag, CK!

  12. Oo cool package! Humans.. always makin' the kitties wait...

  13. Mario on M's account. WOW - I'm coming over too. I'm the world greatest picky eat M says. If it's healthy, I don't want any part of it. If it's just plain chicken kibble, I'd love it. Sounds like there is good eating for you now days.

  14. Whoa, CK! You're gonna be feasting like a queen for a long time!! BTW, we LOVE the stinky goodness version.

  15. CK - Can I send Kozmo over to your house? He eats everything!!! Me is not too picky except with my canned foods, me ONLY will eats Fancy Feast and Tuna (and eve specifc flavors and brands)

  16. Totally brilliant.! Looks delicious too

  17. If I promise to be VERY, VERY good, can I come taste some too? The Human would like to find some new crunchies for me. I'm hooked on Royal Canin Kitten crunchies and the Human doesn't really think I should be eating them alla time. Humans. Sigh. XOXOXO

  18. What a score CK! That's awesome! Have a good week!

  19. ohhhh yummy! Not as good as putting the bitey bite on the peacock feather, but nice!


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