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Wednesday Word of the Day—Sandy

NYC's South Street Seaport under water.
My peeps and I are leaky eyed over the outpouring of caring on Twitter, Facebook and the CB these past couple of days. It's been hard for us, but we got through Sandy better than most. We only lost power for about 4 hours Monday night into Tuesday morning. Tuesday, we had power, but no Internet, phone or tv. Since the power was back, we did have Wifi so I could tweet and tell my furrends I was OK. When we think about all the people who lost their houses to floods, fire, and storm damage, how can we complain about a little inconvenience. (TW made me write that. I wanna complain!) Pop's office was closed Monday and Tuesday so we knew he was safe with us. His office is closed Wednesday too cos Lower Manhattan has no power and no train service, due to the subways being flooded.

Our hatches were battened.
We prepared the best we could: filling both bathtubs with water and having the house stocked with human and cat supplies. This was the first time I've seen the curtains drawn since I've lived here. The peeps took my PTU out in case of emergency. We were relieved to learn that our local shelter welcomed anipals.

TW was nervous Sunday night when the wind started kicking up which made ME nervous. Thank you very much, Woman! I kept jumping on the window sill every five minutes to see what was going on. Monday afternoon and evening was something we'd never experienced before. There's been many Nor'esters, blizzards and even Hurricane Irene since we've been living here but this was the worst by far. Once the wind gusts, reaching over 80 mph started hitting our Northern exposure windows I won't lie to you, it was scary. For the peeps, I mean. It got so bad, our concrete building began rocking and rolling. We could feel it swaying. Things were falling off shelves and pictures hanging on the walls were turned crooked. I wanted to play in and shred my tissue paper all night. It was nice of Pop's friends to use tissue paper to wrap his gifts, I might add. Get the peacock feather, Woman! I was running through the condo doing my best Thundering Herd of Elephants impression.

The PTU was ready! The peeps had their bases covered.
I'm sure my furrends in Florida and states that normally get hurricanes were laughing at us but this wasn't your typical Category 1 hurricane. Once it joined forces with the other storms, it took on the characteristics of a Category 3 storm. I'm sure if you watched the news, you saw the video of the rivers running down the streets of the Jersey shore and in cities like Hoboken, Jersey City and New York City, where the sea wall at Battery Park was almost 14 feet. You'll be happy to know that Zelda, the Battery Park turkey survived the floods.

Pop had his police scanner on all night listening to what was happening locally.  In my little town, they had boats rescuing people from their homes, trees falling and debris falling from buildings. The building next door to ours lost much of its siding near the roof. Again, we were lucky cos the screens didn't even blow out of our windows.

The one thing that completely shocked the peeps was a fire in Queens that burned 80 houses to the ground. The video is amazing.

Many thanks for all your concern. I feel blessed to know such caring peeps and anipals. Tomorrow, I'll start visiting you again and leaving snarky humorously appropriate comments.

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  1. Wow, I can only imagine how scary that was! And you and your humans were some of the lucky ones, CK! I keep checking the Alley Cat Allies Facebook page to see how the Atlantic City boardwalk ferals are doing - so far, some of kitties from the colonies have been seen post-storm.

    I am still purring for everyone affected by this awful storm... and could you do me a favor? Let me know when it's a good time to get in touch with A Call 4 Paws. I haven't yet because I don't know if there is internet, and I don't want to call because it's not an emergency. If I don't get the coupons out before my human goes to the Cat Writers Conference, she will do it right when she gets back.

  2. I am relieved and happy to hear you and family made it through this awful storm ok. How scary! Sounds like you were well prepared! You get points for dat! not sure what to do wif points but you get dem anyway. Hey your pop is smart, mom thinks she should get one of dem police scanner gadgets. Now you can sigh a sigh of relief and get back to your domination.
    I feel very sad for all the tragedy that has fallen on so many there and loss of life. Purrs and prayers for all dat are hurting.

  3. Thank you so much for posting and letting us all know how you're doing. Glogirly was looking on Google Maps so she could understand where you lived and how close you were to the water, etc...

    WOW! I can't believe your building shook! That is very scary. When Glogirly was 8, she and her peeps were in a very bad earthquake in CA, so she can relate to how scary and dangerous this all is.

    Our hearts go out to the people that have lost their homes and loved ones. ...and to the outdoor kitties. I sure hope they found a safe place to hide.

    We are SO relieved you are ok.
    Looking forward to your snarky remarks.
    We love snarky.

    ; ) Katie

  4. Oh my sweet darling! I am so glad to hear that you are okay. I was afraid you might not have power (or worse!) for days and days. I guess even a PTU might not look so bad if the water's rising into your house! I did keep hearing on the TV that shelters were welcoming the kitties and the woofies. I mean, AS IF! the Peeps would efur leave you behind! If only efurry anipal had pawrents who loved them as much as your Peeps loves you!
    Listen, if you get tired of all the hoohah going on back there, just teleport right ofur--I will groom your little face and wash your ears and purr you right into slumberland XOXOXO

  5. We are so glad to hear you are ok! Hurricanes aren't our thing here in OK, but we know about being scared and it sux. We know the hardships are far from over, but hope things continue to get better everyday. XOXO

  6. We are so glad that you and your peeps and your home are all safe. What a scary experience that was for you all. Thinking of you dear CK...

  7. WOW CK - We were so happy TW called us Saturday night because we knew that up to that point you were okay. It was so kind of you to try as best you could to keep us posted. I've often heard of high rises swaying in the breeze, but M said she's never experienced it - there isn't anything taller than 4 stories in Green Bay. he he We can't even imagine what it was like, and M said we don't ever want to experience it either. It was bad enough seeing all the devastation on TV and it is over such a wide spread area too. We feel so bad for the people and animals that have lost everything and even a few people lost their life. We're so happy you and your humans are safe.

  8. Oh my good golly gosh we are so glad you are OK. It must have been very scary. Stay safe and we wish everyone well. Take Care Keisha.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. So glad you are all ok!! We heard about Hoboken even on our news and the Staff did wonder whether that was where you lived? Well, it sounds similar!!!! Anyways, you hunker down and stay safe, you hear!! The Staff says we've never had a hurricane, but she did mutter something about being bombed one time! I wonder if she means photobombed? Looking forward to snarky ;)

  10. Homey! So glad you got thorugh it and made TW toe the line. she is in need of major help. Mom sends her love, Parker says he wants to, um, give you a head rub but he's shy. I'm just doin what homeys do.

  11. veree happee ewe N yur familee iz A O and K cathy keisha; frank lee we wood been sittin in de litter boxes de hole while.... coz we wooda had de ewe noe what scared outta uz....we hope yur peepuls familee... if they live out thata wayz... is a O and K two

  12. Mowzers, CK! We've been lurking on twitter these past 2 nights and were so glad to hear you and TW and Pops...and Staffpurrson and Fionah Kitteh are safe and well, too!

    We can't imagine what a swaying building like your must have felt like. We're so glad you all made it through okay, and are purring for the ferals and outdoor kittehs who were out in the storm....

  13. I´m glad to know you´re ok!!!!!

  14. It sounded so scary and when we watched it on the news we were worried for everyone. So glad you are ok. Take care now as it will take a while to sort everything out.. Hugs GJ xx

  15. We're so glad you are okay, CK. That was SO scary, wasn't it?

  16. We are so happy you survived Sandy!!!! We lived through Hurricane Juan(Halifax,NS-2003) so we know ANY hurricane is dangerous! we purr things will get back to normal as soon as they can for you.
    Happy Halloween !
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  17. We are so thankful you and your peeps are safe! Our eyes are leaking from all the damage that Sandy has done, but our hearts are warmed at the love and care people have shown during this time.
    Stay safe
    Sherlock,Ash and Traveler

  18. Wes is just so happy yous guys is A-OK! wes was worried about yous especailly and others whose lived in the path of Sandy. One of the guys Mommy works with texted everybody after the worst was over that him and his family was OK, so at least Mommy went to bed without worrying too too much.
    to yous
    PS our hearts has gone out to everybody affected by this storm!

  19. So good to hear that you are okay. It is hard to imagine what you went thru. Our prayers are with us.

  20. We tried to leave a comment earlier but blogger wouldn't allow us in!
    We can only imagine how terrifying it had to be for all of you and we are glad that you are safe and sound and thankfully didn't experience some of the hardships that others are faced with.
    We just donated to somewhere in NJ and the Humane Society...we wish we could do more.
    We wish that you never had to go through any of this!

  21. We are SO glad that you & your family are OK, CK!

    Still purring for you to be safe ...

    Selina & MomKatt Laura

  22. I am SO SO SO glad to hear from you! Thank heavens you are all OK..and believe me, no one will laugh at this trust me. SO grateful it's all over.

    Love and huggies

  23. CK, we can only imagine how scary this was for you and your peeps. We're glad you are okay. We've seen the pictures and videos of all the is unbelievable. We are purring for all those who lost so much.

  24. CK I'm relieved by this news as those reports on Sandy was very scary. It was a horrifying storm for the area and glad you are doing well. Purring for the all those affected in the area and am relieved that everyone from the government to the power, to rescue, to rebuilding is working together to help those in need.


  25. Hi CK! WP kept kicking off my comments so trying now before taking Mom to bed. You, TW and Pops are very brave and we know it was a terrifying experience to feel a solid building moving. We live in the land of earthquakes, Mom has seen sidewalks roll like cloth and trees move in the ground from side to side...unnatural movement in solid buildings and things is, well, unnatural. We appreciate your publication BTW, is it new or have we just been missing it?? sleep tight, savvy

  26. Hello darling CK! Oh my, I hope you are still okays back there--At least, I hope you three are all safely snuggled up with the blankies and stuff riding out the aftermath. I guess prolly your Pop is still home with you cause it doesn't sound like the subways or anything are working yet. Sending you lots and lots of purrs and hoping you will able to post again soon with a status report! XOXOXO

  27. Glad to hear that you are safe. Thank you for the post. I use to live in NYC and I am thankful that everyone I know is safe.


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