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Daisy Mae Sez Eat Veggies!

Since we're blogging the change today, let me take this opportunity to put in a shout out for my furrends, the COWS. I can neveer understand how some of my furrend's peeps can blog about saving dogs and cats and then go home to a meal of dead cow on a bun aka a hamburger. If you truly care about the environment and animals, the single most important thing to do is GO VEGETARIAN. As the Earthsave Organization points out on their website, methane from animal agriculture is nearly as responsible for global warming—aka climate change—as all other non-CO2 greenhouse gases combined. Please check out their site, they can explain it a lot better than I can.
Meet my furrend, Elsie. How can anyone eat such a beautiful creature?

We can debate the price of health care all we want, but if people stopped eating meat, they would be healthier—and so would the Earth—and health care costs would go down for everyone. explains how eating meat affects your health.

Cows are sweet, gentle animals. Pop used to sponsor several, including Daisy Mae, Oliver and Ferdinand the bull from the Popcorn Park Zoo in Forked River, NJ. Daisy Mae, a beautiful little calf, was found on the side of a road, discarded after a Christmas pageant. She was shivering, malnourished and close to death. The people at Popcorn Park nursed her back to health and she lived a happy life at the zoo. Oliver was destined to be someone's veal scallopini before he was rescued by a writer who was on location and paid the farmer Oliver's fee.  

Established in 1977, Popcorn Park Zoo is a sanctuary for abandoned, injured, ill, exploited, abused or elderly wildlife, exotic and farming animals and birds. It's a pawsome place to visit and bring the kids cos they let you get close to most of the animals and feed them—well—popcorn. When the peeps visited, they had a couple of chickens following them all day once they gave some popcorn. They met Daisy Mae, who as you can see was Pop's pride and joy, and Ferdinand the bull and that ain't no bull!

Pics of Pop & friends meeting Daisy Mae & Ferdinand at Popcorn Park Zoo.

For as little as $48 a year or $4 a month, you can sponsor a farm animal, who will send you cards and letters telling you how much he or she loves and appreciates you. You can pick a sheep, steer, calf, pig, goat or a number of other animals in their Wildlife Club. Think about it, is $4 is less than the price of a dead cow on a bun at most restaurants.

So, if you love Rover and Kittee, please also love Daisy and Piggita and replace that dead cow on a bun with a veggie burger. While you're at it, soy, rice and almond milk taste much better than cow's milk. My peeps love it in their cereal and as a good, tasty source of potassium. Thank you and have a nice day.

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  1. Rumblemum is working to cut out meat from her diet... me and Hammy think she's weird.

  2. My human cut red meat out of her diet decades ago but is still working on not eating poultry and fish. Whatever, as long as she brings home chicken for me!

  3. That is such a good idea, to save the cows. I have to agree, why do we save the cats and dogs and not the cows etc. Like the looks of your new blog stuff. Take care.

  4. Fruitarians don't eat fruit, but do they eat cupcakes? ;)

  5. Our papa is HOPEless, but mama's there pretty much (she still eat the occasional bird or fish).

  6. My Dad wouldn't know what to do without red meat...sigh. Mom can take or leave. She does like fish more than chicken. No turkey consumed here. And MOUSES! I forgot B4TC Day today! I will do it tomorrow with my next Real REscue Dogs Are Talking Interview post.

  7. Oh CK, you just had to remind the mom that she shouldn't eat cow. She says she could do it...and we're gonna work on her.

  8. We tried being vegetarian and vegan at one point for seven years but with O type blood need a certain kind of protein so it's back to some meat but free-range and no more than twice a week. Hubby remains a pecscatarian. And of course no cat should be a vegetarian.

  9. Is it ok if we still make our Mommy eat crow? Bwahahahaha!

    Pee Ess - excellent post

  10. Great post CK and very health wise too!

  11. My Human was a vegetarian for about 8 years and now she's lapsed. Maybe not hopelessly though! She'll start thinking about it again.

    Meanwhile, oh....dear. Poor Yankees. And poor Giants....although they're showing some signs of life tonight. They are far from out of the woods though. Sigh.

    I'm glad you liked my sleep-smile, my darling girl. XOXOXO

  12. Grteat post, We thinks Charlie O'Marley is trying to go veggie as he loves to eat peas and mashed potato.

  13. The cats think it's weird but we often have veggy days.

  14. Great post with the sanctuary. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  15. R mom beez a veggie tarian AND a snak atarian !! her gets her get protein frum seeds N nuts N peanut butterz, grains.....whole wheet bread...her couldl eat a loaf in one settin :) tell yur mom ta try morning star cathy keisha....tho de sausage iz kinda crazed..... :(

  16. Wonderful post, CK. And what a cool organization...we'd not heard of them before. : )

    The girl tries to limit the amount of meat she a diabetic she still has to keep up with her protein.

    Gloman is hopeless. Where do Cheetos fall into the equation?

    ; ) Katie

  17. Pffft the cat would never cut out meat, it is such a tasty treat. But the human Pat, he just eats chicken at his mat.

    Although one thing all have to be aware as vegans or meat eaters or this or that, all push their own agenda, so best to get facts from everywhere.

  18. I've always found it a struggle to think of cows as food. Beautiful sentient beings are not just a methane problem, they deserve better than living to strictly serve humans.

    Lets not even talk about the obvious beef cattle. Think about dairy cows. Nobody questions why humans steal breast milk from another mammal and then steal the baby too.

    Dairy farms keep females pregnant with what's called rape machines so they continue to produce milk. Impregnation is a violating process. Calves, when delivered, are ripped away from the mothers still crying, unable to drink the milk made for them but reserved for humans. Then they are either tossed away dead, sentenced to a similar plight as their mother, or males are confined to a veal cage where they can't even walk their sad, short lives.

    Thanks for raising awareness about the meat industry and exploring why cats, dogs are cows are treated so differently.

    Thanks so much for Blogging the Change!

    Kim Clune

  19. Really thought-provoking post - I've been working to cut down my meat consumption for various reasons, and this gives me more to think about.

    Also, thank you for bringing this organization to my attention.


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