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Play Ball!

The baseball season in the U.S. has begun! This promises to be another exciting season. With the addition of instant replay, maybe the umps’ poor calls won’t change the outcome of games.  My Yankees open up in Houston this Tuesday. We will be celebrating Derek Jeter in this, his final season.  Meanwhile … WE INNERUPT THIS POST TO BRING YOU BREAKING NEWS!!!

A Bird in the Paw is Worth Two …

Another week has gone by. We’re another week older and that means there’s a new PhotoHunt theme and a new Caturday Art Blog Hop over at Athena’s place. Once again, I’m up to both challenges. Our theme is caca dropping Bird.

We don’t get many birds around the big city but we do have these rats with wings called pigeons. They hang on the roof of the deserted factory next door and hold their bird meetings. Sometimes, they mock me. TW took this photo a few years ago and saved it for a rainy day. Today is that rainy day.

Replace Your Litter, Not Your Cat #PreciousCat Giveaway

In January, I had an innerview with Dr. Elsey, founder of Cat Attract Litter, on my Talk Show blog post. It was an honor to have someone with his knowledge about litter and the reasons cats don't use the litter box talk to my furrends. Since that time, I’ve been given the chance to try the Cat Attract litter in my brand new trés chic litter boxes (which you’ll see throughout this blog) and one of you will too at the end of this post. While I’m good about using the litter box now,  I may become old and incontinent like TW. Oh wait, TW is incompetent. I always confuse the two words. Let’s see how good of a salescat I am. I may joke about this but having a cat spraying in your house is no laughing matter.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Precious Cat on behalf of the BlogPaws Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Precious Cat's Cat Attract formula, but Stunning Keisha only shares information I feel is relevant to my readers. Precious Cat is not responsible for the content of this article.

Wednesday Word—Fish

I got a fish! Is that the coolest thing? OK, it’s not a real fish but it can swim really well. I don’t really think it’s cool because I can’t catch it. All I can do is watch it unless I wanna get wet. What fun is that? We’ve actually had this fish for quite awhile but I didn’t pay it no mind the first time TW dropped in in the water. This time I admit I was intrigued. TW calls it a RoboFish and she read about it on someones blog last year.

Monday Mewsings

What a weekend. No one played with me and my green ball went missing. I’m thinking it has to do with the fact that TW bought me a “new” ball that’s supposed to take the old ball’s place. Do you guys have any idea where my crushed green ball is? I bet HHGutt took it cos he’s looking all smug over there. Just look at him.

In and Out of Focus

Hmmm, if I focus on TW’s hand long enough, maybe I can taste it. Sorry I didn’t see you here. I was too focused. Actually this photo earned TW a bitten calf for shining the flashy box in my face. If I ever go blind, it’s all on her. Still, it’s a stunning photo and it’s in focus.

Once again I’m combining the Saturday PhotoHunt and the Caturday Art Blog Hop into one post. It’s double your fun time. This week’s photo hunt theme is focus, a word that’s seldom used to describe TW’s photos. Click on the links to see more photos and art.

I Am Your Sunshine

I am someone’s sunshine. I am! And that someone is a—gasp!—DOG person. Yes, I received the Sunshine Award from my new woofie furrends Mika, Koda and Lexus over at Owned By a Husky. They’ve only been blogging since November and I met their human, Jenna, over in the Blogpaws’ community forum. If you don’t know them, you should go over there.

Wednesday Word—Spitty

Spitty is actually a name but I thought today was as good a day as any to tell you about the super wonderful package he sent me. I had to earn the package first and I did by providing the first correct answer on his blog to name that tune.

Kiss Me, I’m Irish! (Kinda Sorta)

Cathy O’Keisha here to wish you a Happy St. Paddy’s Day with some jiggy music. You’ll probably enjoy it better with some corned beef and Silvervine. Your humans can break dance out the Irish cream whiskey—or Irish coffee depending on when you’re reading this—and Irish soda bread. It’s a little known fact that Nicky, one of the cats who came before me, loved Irish soda bread. He also would partake of the cream whiskey.

CK’s Blog—The Deluxe Edition

DELUXE—the definition might as well say Stunning Keisha. I am a cat of a superior kind. I’ve been told over and over that my furs are luxurious. Yes … yes they are. Thanks for noticing.

Thankful Thursday—Am I Spoiled Edition

Don’t we make a wonderful couple? Don’t we just belong together?
Hello furrends! All has been quiet in da hood since I last posted; however, the weekend is coming.

Blog awards are nice but you know what’s even better? Presents! This week, the mail person wore out a track to my door. I had a great week mail-wise and for that I am thankful. The concierges were kept on their toes. That’s why they get the big money.

Wednesday Word—Drama

Image by Debbie Glovatsky
Welcome to da Hood! Those who read my Facebook page have read about the goings on in da Hood over the weekend. Allow me to recap for those who missed it, On Caturday night I wrote "The cops are here for the guy next door. He just threw a tantrum filled with f-bombs and throwing stuff.” This was followed Sunday morning with the following post "This morning, thank Ceiling Cat, the neighbors responsible for the second drama moved out. Lots more screaming and f-bombs. I went to my office UTB. TW wished she could have joined me.” Apparently, we had it all wrong. It wasn’t the neighbors on either side of us like we thought. It’s worse.

In a Family Way

The Tabby Cat Club is having a Meet the Family Day. My “immediate” family are in the photo above. Sadly, as you can see, I’m the only living, breathing cat. Beside me are Plush Autumn, HHGutt and Plush Nicky. Cod have pity on me.

She’s a Rainbow

“Counting colors everywhere / She’s bald with hair / She’s a Rainbow."

The old Rolling Stones' song goes something like that. I couldn’t participate in any blog hops yesterday so I’m doing three today and I’m doing it with only 2 images. This first image fits the Saturday PhotoHunt colours theme and also Athena's Caturday Art Blog Hop   I had made it for a Nipclub Paint Pawty but used another photo which would have gone good for this theme but TW discarded it. She NEVER deletes anything off my computer but apparently made an exception cos she knew I wanted to use it again. Do your humans do annoying things like that?

Help for the Flabby Tabby #HillsPet

TW’s family got their first cat when she was a teenager. Faith E. Girl was always a slight cat and every year without fail, the Vet used to ax Gramma “don’t you ever feed your cat?” Gramma tried everything to get Faith to eat, even giving her luncheon meat because she wouldn’t eat cat food. Her weight hovered around 6 lbs. Despite—or maybe because of—her slight built, Faith lived a healthy life into her mid-teenage years before she succumbed to cancer.

Guess Who’s In Mousebreath?

There Goes the 'hood!

I was secretly innerviewed by the Funny Farmer Felines aka Percy, Cyndi, Cameron, Rusty and Micah from Jan’s Funny Farm last week! We met under the cover of darkness so my political enemies wouldn’t catch wind. Nip exchanged hands and I bared my very soul. The innerview went live earlier today on I’ve come a long way, baby, from the mean streets of CommuniPAW Avenue—or maybe not.

You Got Questions; I Got Answers

Still doing some Spring Cleaning but TW has come up with other things that must be done. Can you believe she’s putting their taxes and her health care before my blog?? She says she won’t have health care if she doesn’t do this by the 15th and they need to do all the tax prep work. WTF?
Anyway, back to the only subject that matters: ME.  Brand new blogger Maurice Louis of Maurice’s Meowsings, has presented me with the Leibster Award. If you haven’t met Maurice, he’s an adorable little four-year-old tuxie who just started blogging. I’ve gotten the Liebster Awards two or three times before, but this time, the questions are different so I’ll give them a go.

House Cleaning (Blame the Staff)

I’ve instructed The Woman to start doing some housework around this blog. We all know she refuses to clean the condo but I want all messes on this blog spit-shined by the end of the week. You know she’s scared of me so I expect action. We’re gonna start with an honor that I’m most proud of.

Nellie, the original Cat From Hell, has made ME a Cat From Hell! I always knew I was—and, quite frankly—so did the peeps. Now I have my own badge! Don’t I look extra stunning! You can even see the devil’s horns on either side of my nose. Thank you, Nellie. I hope you feel better.

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Today is the birthday of Dr. Seuss and the CB is honoring him in our own way. I must admit, we didn’t know much about Dr. Seuss in da hood. I grew up with the poetry of Dr. Dre. Lemme know how I’ve done capturing the feeling of Dr. Seuss.

Quadrants of Stunning

I'm participating in Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop again this week, where blogging cats show their artistic, creative, boho side every Caturday. If you click on the link above, you can see some other artistic pieces. They’re worth perusing.

This photo also shows the artistic talent of Lou Belcher, human to Bugsy and Knuckles. She painted it a year ago and I’m just getting around to displaying it. Blame TW. It’s a true work of art. You can see more of Lou’s work on her web site. Some of the cats she painted in her 30 Cats in 30 Days series haven’t been claimed and are now on sale for $25 or 2 for $40. Maybe there might be a painting of one of your furrends.