Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wednesday Word—Spitty

Spitty is actually a name but I thought today was as good a day as any to tell you about the super wonderful package he sent me. I had to earn the package first and I did by providing the first correct answer on his blog to name that tune.

These were the tunes:

And this was my answer:

It was too easy for a world renown DJ such as myself and I told the Spitster that I really shouldn’t get a prize but he insisted. I’m not really one to look a gift-cat in the mouth, so I relented. Jailhouse Rock happens to be one of TW’s Top 10 songs of all time even though she was a wee babe when it was released. I can’t believe they even had radios and recorded music when she was a wee babe. Spitty’s human must have heard them on some retro station cos no one is as old as TW. I knew Folsom Prison Blues cos I just did a parody of it last year. The last one was the hardest cos while TW could sing it, she just couldn’t place it. She kept thinking of the Pretenders Back on the Chain Gang. Finally with a little help from Pop and her good friend Mr. Google, her memory was jogged.

Now, back to Spitty's package. Heh heh! It’s big … it’s bold … wait, not that kinda package. Whoa, talk about the hits keep on coming … the gifts kept on coming—one better than the next. There were cans of my fave grilled tuna Fancy Feast, a bag of my fave Greenies SmartBites, my fave crinkle balls, a snaky like he has and even a gift for TW. Wrapped in a sweet ribbon was the best present: his pawtographed photo. SIGH!

C’mon, TW, open the card! Stat! Hop to it! HURREEEEEEEE!

Inside the card was … a lock of his furs. Sigh. I could get lost in it …

OR I could bite TW when she held the furs up for me to smell. Which one do you think I did? Hint: the photo lies.

Spitty sure snoopervised the packing too. There was loads of tissue paper, which will last forever the way TW doesn’t put it out for me. This was the best package ever! Thank you, Spitman and your human, for such a wondrous giftie.

Don’t get discouraged, girlcats, there’s enough Spitty to go around. I certainly don’t want Mr. Spittylicious to take himself off the market. When I read the card and inscription on the photo, I know where I stand and that’s good enough for me.


  1. You are a very lucky kitty CK. Now don't go haucking up a SpittyKeisha hairball

  2. CK - Is not Spitty the bestest?
    Its a good thing us girl cats never get jealous!

  3. Wow, CK! Spitty knows how to treat a girl right.

  4. What a great package, CK. (We MOLed at "not that kind of package"!)

  5. DJ CK you won that paws down and what a wonderful prize from Spitty. Enjoy. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Oh wow! What a pawsome prize!!!! And sheesh! You bit your mommy ?? BOL you crazy cat!!
    Enjoy your super cool gifts!!

    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  7. WOW CK! You done hit the Spitty jackpot!

  8. A mancat who mails out Fancy Feast??? I think I'm in love...---Truffles

  9. You are amazing giving answers for all these songs. Just a piece of cake for renown DJ!
    And the package from Spitty looks wonderful. Especially his gorgeous fur :-)

  10. Way to go, CK! Those lyrics were really tough for me to figure out but like you said you are a world famous DJ! :) Enjoy your cool prizes!

  11. lee rockin awesum mega kewl pack age oh goodz de king, knot elvis.....sended ewe....rock on... tho we gotta tell ya de food serviss gurl heere wuz round de day de wheel bee invented :)ya shuld heer her talk bout de fun ~~~~~

  12. Wow, lots of cool stuff, and a pawtographed photo! lucky girl!

  13. Spitty is a truly generous mancat and I know cuz he was my date at last year's Valentine Ball held by Alfie and Mollie. He treated you like the royalty you are CK; you deserve nothing BUT the very best. Paw pats, Savannah

  14. What a pawsome package! You must be one special kitty to get such a package :)

  15. Lucky you, the package is pawsome and filled with cool stuff ! Purrs

  16. That is an awesome package! Concatulations on winning. We hope you don't get too lost staring at that awesome photo of Spitty… We know we could!

  17. WOW - CK, what a great package you received for naming the songs. You are a true DJ girl - know your music and the words to boot! Good job and enjoy your reward.

  18. Oh my beauteous darling girl! I am so pleased you liked your prize XOXOXO Think of me as you nibbles your kibbles (well, toonas, but that doesn't rhyme!) I am thrilled you enjoyed my furs--I won;t tell you EXACTLY where they came from ;-)
    The Human laffed cause she forgotted she put in the silly tape for TW, ha ha ha! Not to tape YOU to anything, I hasten to add! Maybe HH Gutt though, if he's realy norty some day.

    P.S. My package ain't what it used to be, sweetheart. ::sigh:: Do they ever grow back, do you think? ::hopeful ears::

  19. CK, that is one pawsome prize package. And you sure deserve it for guessing all those songs.

  20. BOLD!!! ROTFMOL-ing!!!!
    Cathy Keisha, you need your own late night show. ; )

    What an awesome package!, I mean prize!!!
    We're not surprised you swooped in with the correct answers to that quiz!

    Big congrats!
    Katie how do I explain "bold" to Waffles?

  21. Well CK, considering you're a famous DJ I'm not surprised you were the winner of "name that tune".....Spitty rewarded you quite nicely for that I see! Lucky you! Spitty is DA KING!

    Hugs, Sam

  22. Spitty really did a fantastic job. You just gotta love the mind of a cat who also sends some of his furs! He definitely thought of everything.

  23. Woo Hoo , I think you hit the jackpot there :)
    So many good thing´s Spitty sent to you !


  24. Spitty is a gentleman among gentle cats! He knows how to treat a Ladycat such as yourself. None of us will be discouraged though and I am sure you are correct; there is enough of the Spitman to go around. xxoox

  25. Excellent! AND you got to bitey your TW.

    Ms Stella O Houligan


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