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Guess Who’s In Mousebreath?

There Goes the 'hood!

I was secretly innerviewed by the Funny Farmer Felines aka Percy, Cyndi, Cameron, Rusty and Micah from Jan’s Funny Farm last week! We met under the cover of darkness so my political enemies wouldn’t catch wind. Nip exchanged hands and I bared my very soul. The innerview went live earlier today on I’ve come a long way, baby, from the mean streets of CommuniPAW Avenue—or maybe not.

Badge courtesy of Jan’s Funny Farm.
You’ll find out what drives this little ghetto kitteh to bite blog and stuff about my background, TW and Pop, and my advice to new bloggers. I'll get up close and personal. It’s the tell-all that Rolling Stone has been clamoring for. Let’s make this one of the most popular innerview in Mousebreath history! Mousebreath will never be the same. Comments are closed so you can hurry over to and leave your comment there. CATHY KEISHA IN DA HOUSE!