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Happy Howl-o-ween!

As I wait for Trick or Treaters, I've got my Halloween on!

Hope I didn't scare you. Bwa ha ha!

Wednesday Word—Olio

Today I'm doing an olio of topics. TW's head is all over the place. I've been rolling it around and dribbling it like a b-ball.

The first order of business is that Sammy of onespoiledcat is having a costume contest. I know many of you are also entered. Everybuddy knows how competitive this little ghetto kitteh is. I'm in it to win it. I could sure use some votes. Please vote for my Stunning CleoCATra Rising From the Pumpkin Patch costume and I just might pick one of you to share my prize. Just swear on the Good Book—no, I don't mean Homer's Odyssey—that you voted for me to enter.

Exciting #RoyalCanin Giveaway

CK here. This is a very exciting post for me. It's about our friends at Royal Canin, whose representatives will be visiting NY area stores with free samples of their product. At the end of the post, I'll give everbuddy a chance to win Royal Canin cat food.

In the hood, where I come from, they didn't have good food like Royal Canin. I had to live off anything I found on the streets. I didn't know about pet nutrition; I only knew survival. That could be disastrous to your health if you have to live like that for any length of time. Fortunately, if you're reading this, you have a forever home with a staff looking to spoil you and your fursibs. Meow to them about what you're about to learn from Professor Keisha. Even though Royal Canin makes many different formulas, depending on factors such as your cat's breed, age, whether they're spending all their time indoors, as well as special health concerns, I'm going to talk specifically about Indoor Adult 27Indoor LightIndoor Intense hairballSpecial and Kitten formulas. More specifically, you'll learn how they pertain to your feline's health.

Pay attention to the blackboard and I'll explain the features that makes these Royal Canin formulas so unique.

The Misadventures of Pop

Have I got a Senile Saturday for you!

Frightening Friday

The Halloween decorations are up. The peeps go all out cos Pop's birthday is on Halloween. TW thought it would be funny to have me pose with this scarecrow since I was snoopervising. How did that turn out for you, Woman? This is the only good shot she got cos she caught me off-guard. You can see one of the outtakes on Facebook.

Wacky Wednesday

I'm surrounded by litter for this little story.

Question: How many humans does it take to empty a litter box? (Answer the end of the post.)

A Tail of Two Tocks

This is a scary seasonal movie about 'Tocktober. I was sound asleep when suddenly I heard this shaky, other-worldly voice coming from up near the ceiling. The voice said she was a witch and was sent by one of my political enemies to put a hex on me. She said I'd forever be a cat with two tocks and two tails. BWAA HAA HAA!

Zip to Zip

Guess what? Since TW doesn't have any other ideas for a post (and she doesn't like my suggestions), we decided to give the Saturday Photo Hunt one last chance. Slacker that she is, TW said she wasn't gonna put a lot of work into making a photo. After all, photo hunt usually means hunting for a photo already in your archive. It didn't take me long to find one.

Clean-up in Aisle 2

Why wasn't this is my dish?
We've all heard these announcements while shopping in our local supermarket. Clean-up in Aisle 2! I never expected to hear it at home. OK, my peeps are clumsy so it was only a matter of time before I heard it. Today was that day. It was a good day for the blogging kitteh.

Be the Change 4 Animals—How the Government Shutdown Affects Us

It's all good unless The Woman who launches the rockets & feeds me is furloughed.

The government shutdown is ticking off a lot of humans, who are pointing fingers at each other. In case they haven't noticed, it's also affecting other species, Our favorite shelter, A Call 4 Paws, had a few links on their FB page to the ASCPA blog, which gave a short list. I'll summarize what I learned so I'm not just regurgitating what they wrote.

I'm Honored to Accept These Awards

It's a big night at La Condo Keisha and I'd like to welcome everybuddy to another Awards Show. Many of my furrends have collected lots of awards but I think this is gonna be my lucky night. They've seated me in the front next to all the big blog stars. There's Sparkle and Glogirly's Katie and my BFGF Savannah. *waves and blows kisses*

Count the Plants

Admit it. Every week, these Saturday PhotoHunt themes get stupider and more bizarre—one cat's opinion. That, coupled with the fact that my readership suffers every Saturday, is why this will be my last one. How many Plants—this week's not stupid theme—can you find in the following photo?

That said, I've found 7 and I'm not counting the tree outside the window. Give up? There's a nip Plant that's Planted on the Tree of Pain, a Basil Plant Planted on the window ledge, I'm Planted on the Tree of Pain holding a photo of Robert Plant and Led Zeppelin. I'm also doing a face Plant into the nip. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Computer Glitch

Lemme tell you a story that's sad but true. Our computer has been running a tad slow lately and PhotoShop has been doing some funny stuff. TW took matters into her own smelly, inept hands and managed to lock us out of our own Mac. She said "Who knew we weren't the administrators of our computer." I knew! After she futzed around a bit and changed a few settings, Pop said "I better be able to get into the computer tomorrow morning." TW said, "It's fine." Then she restarted it to prove her point. Oopsy. All we got was the dreaded blue screen. Nothing going on here. That's not my definition of fine. I have to admire Pop cos he didn't strangle her; in fact, he hardly yelled at her. Maybe he knew how terrible she felt. I still think a beat down was in order.

Wednesday Word—Water

This photo is a collectors' item cos I'm sure by now you know that I don't drink water. OK, I've used my fountain 3-4 times this summer but I don't make a habit of it. This is a very old photo of me drinking H2O out of a Princess bowl from Nip and Bones.

TW doesn't drink water either. To encourage herself to drink water, she buys cases of bottled water. I find those cases serve many purposes.

Monday Mail Call

Why am I posing with 4 cans of cat food? Ax TW. I should be eating it.


CK: Answer the phone, Woman.

TW: Hello? (She always answers the phone like she's axing a question.)

Rick: Your cat has a small package.

Laughter at both ends, as if there's something funny about me having a small package. I'm a small cat! Good things come in small packages. I mean, am I the only cat in the complex who gets packages? How sad for the others.

Squeezing Out Sparks

The title of today's post is the title of TW's favorite Graham Parker CD. So why am I telling you this? Cos this week's Saturday PhotoHunt theme is Spark, which my dictionary confirms to me means to start a fire. Example would be HHGutt sparked the 5 alarm fire. Back in January 2012, we had a huge fire around this hood. An entire city block burned practically to the ground. You can bet the sparks were flying! A couple of days after the blaze, in the bitter Januray cold, TW and I went to investigate and take some photos. What we found was appalling. Do you see him? That's HHGutt on the roof checking out his handiwork. OK, I can only presume it was his work but why else would he be hanging around? Our original post about the fire can be found here.

Friday Funnies (Are a Gas)

I'm gonna end Movie week with a funny video. Pop is playing rockets with me and TW is filming the action. She's always trying to catch me talking trash. Pop's got the aim of a girl. He couldn't hit the side of a barn. MOL. Suddenly, all heck breaks loose.

Wednesday Word—Valerian

What could make this little kitteh so wild and crazy? Perhaps the title gave it away. Like many of you, I'm a tester for Baby Patches and Nip and Bones. Unfortunately, I'm not a cat who likes the nip or plays with cat toys so it's hard for her to send me something that I like. Baby Patches doesn't give up easily. She knew she could find something other than the evil vine to rock my world. Recently, she saw me tweet a photo where I'm biting on my plague ratsie and axed if I'd like to test some new Valerian they got in. Today was the day the package arrived.

I was in a very playful mood when TW came home from shopping. I had the zoomies.