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Fancy Feast Sale? SCORE!

I'm dreaming of a cabinet full of FF Chopped Grill!
Pop sez Pathmark is running a big sale on Fancy Feast this week. Twenty cans for $11. On top of that, they have a dollar coupon which brings it down to 20 for $10! SCORE! Since the price has been 83 cents a can, the cheapskate frugal peeps haven't bought any and my cabinet was getting mighty empty. I have instructed them to stock up for the year!!! You can take all the money you're saving and donate it to your favorite cat charity like A Call 4 Paws or Blind Cat Rescue! Of course, you can use it to send me toys or treats also.

Oh, I have a new fave! I still love the grilled tuna but I also love the Chopped Grill too now which is strange cos I've never liked paté.


You've all been waiting for me to unveil my September calendar and here is it!  Yes, it's already September. Summer is almost over and the little humans will be going back to school. Heh heh! Peace and quiet at last.  Guess what? TW forgot Senile Saturday yet again. Perfessor CK will have to fail her big-time. Pop is talking crazy about killing TW Senile Saturday cos no one seems to like her it. I hope he's wrong.

While September 11 is the day when everycat VOTES FOR KATIE AND BLIND CAT RESCUE, it's also a very solemn day. A day in which 3000 innocent humans were killed and over 6000 others were injured. We must Never Forget. Peace out.—CK

Wednesday Word of the Day—Campaign

Katie and I have started campaigning in earnest (whoever he is) for the title of Cat Ruler of the World. Many cats have axed me why a stunning kitteh such as myself would take on the role as an underling, rather than a cat-idate. That's simple: I'm comfortable in my own fur. I know I can be anything I desire and that I'm Cat Ruler of My Own Domain. OK, I don't know Zee and Zoey too well so I wasn't on the ballot. Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary is a pawsome charity to get behind.

I have taken my role as Campaign Manager seriously and offered many suggestions, some of which are even above board and legal. In this week of the GOP Convention, I've learned many sleazy campaign tactics, which I've passed on to my boss to do what she may with them. I have been reading our worthy opponents blogs tirelessly—mostly because Waffles doesn't know how to read—in hopes that that I can find a weakness or they let something juicy slip. I think we're onto something. Another dozen cups of Catbucks should do it.
My assistant, Waffles, is with me as we scare up votes in the heartland.
So I ax my Twitter, Facebook and Blogging furrends to inform yourselves about the issues—although not too much—and then vote against your best innerests.

Waffles will be selling buttons on your way out. $5 for the large and $3 for the small. Don't pass him by.


We're feral and we won't hesitate to intimidate or strong-paw your vote. Thank you and Good Night!

Hi. Katie here. I approve this message. Paid for by Anipals for Katie.

Monday Mews Report

A bunch of stuff has been going on recently. What kind of stuff? I'm gonna fill you in.

Woman, this is what a spider looks like even if mine wasn't in the bathtub.
Thursday I, the World's Most Stunning Cat, found an itsy bitsy spider in TW's bathroom. Not only did I kill that spider but I ate it as well. It was nommy. I'm sure it tasted better than that 4-lb choco-bunny I featured yesterday.

Then Saturday, when Pop opened his blinds, I was amazed to see another small spider. I was staring at it but it was beyond my reach. Then it jumped on the adjourning wall, where TW attempted to kill it with her slipper. Let me tell you, she whacked at that poor thing without showing any mercy. Only thing was, her "spider" was actually a thumbtack hole in the wall. Pop killed the real spider. HAH! Last week they finally cleaned the outside of our windows and Pop sez they disturbed all the vermin and sent them scurrying inside.

You may have been reading about this campaign to elect the Cat Ruler of the World over at Zee and Zoey's blog. It's all done for fun and for charity. Four of the six cat-i-dates are furrends of mine. I was tearing my furs out trying to decide who to back. I love Austin's platform. I love Brian's charity and how he's supported it faithfully for years. Who doesn't love Sparkle's wit and wisdom and her campaign slogan has great appeal for me. And Katie is Katie.  Should I wait for the debate to decide? I made no secret that I could be bought. That's what politics is all about here in Hudson County. Only one cat-i-date had the initiative to contact me with a proposal that would make me richer than I could ever dream of. I have jumped aboard the campaign trail as out-in-the-field campaign manager for one of these kittehs. You'll have to read that cat's blog to find out. This is gonna be a really fun ride.

In other mews, the peeps pulled out the refrigerator to clean behind it and I'm embarrassed to say there were only *whispers* 2 things of mine: a small spring and a security plastic from a bottle. I've read about humans who find hundreds of smousy toys, etc, when they look under stoves and refrigerators. Color me red for embarrassed. I'll try to do better this year.

Saturday PhotoHunt on Sunday

As you guys know, the only rules I live by are my own and thusly I can participate in the Saturday PhotoHunt whenever the fancy strikes me. Yesterday was the only theme that innerested me and wouldn't you know it would fall on a Senile Saturday. Every Easter Pop orders a 4-lb chocolate Easter bunny! Yes, you read that right. I can see your humans drooling on the keyboard! Every year, I'm forced to pose with this prized confection from Krause's Homemade Candy.

I see something that's gonna taste a lot better than Peter Choco-tail.

In case you're wondering, I'm staring up at TW's hand which is holding the sinful dessert. While the peeps couldn't wait to sink their teeth into the rabbit, I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into her. Good thing TW's hand doesn't have any calories, fat or cholesterol, which is something they can't say about Peter Choco-Tail. See TW. See TW's bumper butt grow bigger and bigger. HAH!

(Just Another) Senile Saturday

On the 6th day, the Kittee rests. It's a good thing I'm resting cos The Woman is about to unleash more poetry on you. I beg all my furrends to bear with me while this travesty goes on. I'll be back tomorrow with more stunning witticisms.


Enlightened children riding on horses
cry "Mercy! Mercy!"
with their veins popping thru their skin.
Monsters with lips in a snarl
are momentarily entangled in this scene.
Missionaries in white robes perform miracles;
Witches perform magic.
Nothing can turn the devil's head away for a moment.

There are fairies dancing thru the forest
As night becomes a cape over them now.
Each individual has his own sacred hell
in which to wallow and play.
Hard as we try, we cannot paint our private cell.
Color grows from trees and cannot be reaped
Right now they are all green anyhow
Don't try to turn the devil's head for a moment.

Sprinklers spray rosy rain over the field of battle
While cowboys in the nude wrestle in the sun.
The earth is burning, but I am freezing in silence
Sounds of water blazing in my ears
They hear no pitches like the ones
Being conjured up by the amateur musician
Scream to no avail / it is the sound of a choir
singing brilliantly in colors never perceived.
Why not, why not? yell the acrobats
Quiet, or you'll wake the devil sleeping in the park.

I wrote this poem back in 1977 for a co-worker and friend, who was studying acting at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting in Manhattan. I've long since lost touch with her. I'd like to now dedicate it to my extended family of blogging and tweeting sisters, Wanda, Janice, Mary, Michelle, Carole and Glogirly.


Dear Sister
Fortune is at your feet
It's swirling faster than the eye can see
You cannot miss it though
It's always there waiting to be captured
And claimed as your own
At some time when you reach your station
You too can be rescued from the cross!

And Look! Your hands and feet are not bound
You have no limits, boundaries or borders
The whole world is yours
Ask for it, it cannot be denied
Your talents fill vast oceans
And the seven continents are your friends
Know them and the moon will also belong to you
Try to reach out and touch the brightest star
Learn all her intimate details
By now you've guess it
YOU are the star
So, dear sister, always believe in yourself

I hope I still have readers! Jeez, I thought she'd never shut up!!

Hangin' With Pop

It's been a fun week and I really enjoyed hanging with my Pop. Last night, we did "Keisha and a Movie" which is when Pop watches a movie or something on the big TV and I lay right next to him on the couch. I'm not a lap cat but I'll keep him company. Pop likes that show Big Bang Theory. He thinks it's funny. There's no accounting for taste although he does have superior taste when it comes to picking cats.

What are we watching Pop? Can we watch Animal Planet?

When Pop is home, I come in to see him at 5 a.m. after I have my breakfast. He's always glad to see me and pays me lots of attention. Sometimes I stay and sometimes I just stop in for some dessert. That arm looks mighty tasty about now.

What do you want, Woman! Take your flashy box and leave. Now!

TW is worried about me again. She thinks I may have scratched myself in the eye or something cos one eye isn't open as wide as the other and I keep closing it. There's no discharge and the third eye isn't showing. I hope they don't try to drag me to the v-e-t tomorrow. I hope  the v-e-t doesn't think he's gonna tutor me cos that's what they did to Spitty when he had an eye problem.

UPDATE: Once again, I seem to have dodged the proverbial bullet. It appears I had a piece of fur or something in my eye cos after I washed it with my paw, the eye was open again and I wasn't trying to close it. Disaster diverted for now.

Pop's Staycation—Shop Till You Drop

TW and Pop had the nerve to desert me again. They went shopping and all I got were these lousy bags. Yesterday, it was the shoe store; today Fine Fare. I bet TW thinks She's going to fold the bags and reuse them as kitchen garbage bags. Not if I have my say. After I finish sitting on them, I have other plans for them.

Let's see, today it was Fine Fare. Plastic bags are so killable.

Right now, I look so calm, but I'm waiting for the right moment to start shredding.

Yes, I'm going to shred these bags within an inch of their worthless lives. The peeps should be using their reusable cloth bags. No worry cos after I finish with the bags, they'll be decomposed. Have I mentioned, they didn't buy chick-hen for me? I could tell them what they can do with grated cheese and bananas?

After they came home and ate a boring meatless lunch, they DID play with me and Pop FURminated me so the day wasn't an entire waste. Also, I reintroduced my teeth to both of Pop's elbows. Score! What a gash I left on the right one! I waited to bite the left one until he had a big handful of granola. You should've seen how far that granola flew. Heh heh! It was almost a blog unto itself.

Wednesday Word of the Day—Pizza

To celebrate Pop's staycation, I suggested a pizza pawty. Once I was settled on the box, I dared anyone to get another slice. HAH! Not being a pizza lover myself, I had no idea that it was so fattening for the peeps. I'm just making sure your bumper butt doesn't get any larger, Woman. I'm sure after they eat a few slices, they'll play with me to burn off those calories. Lemme rephrase that: they better play with me!

I'm the keeper of the pizza. Your next slice has to be approved by me, Woman!

You kittehs who aren't allowed on the table, eat your hearts out! This kitteh goes where she pleases.

Pop's Staycation Day 2—Keisha's Playcation

On the second day of Pop's staycation, Keisha played and played and played some more. I have more fun playing with 2 coated strings tied together than all my nip toys combined. Pop was the photographer while TW and I had a play session down on the floor. I play for keeps and can get a little ferocious so don't get scared when you see the pictures. This little ghetto kitteh knows how to keep it real.

That huge paw is coming right atcha!

C'mere string!

You can run but you can't hide!

I've got you now! %#**!((#&^#

Why are we stopping?? I'm just getting warmed up!
No woman was injured in the making of this video.

Pop's Staycation, Day 1—Peaceful Easy Feeling

Today Pop FURminated me. Have you ever seen me look more peaceful and blissful? I'm Pop's Stunning Gray Diva and I so enjoy when he steals my gray furs. Notice the cat hair on his shirt. Heh heh!

First he gives me some scritches. Notice I'm making biscuits.

Does it get any better than this? No, really. Still making biscuits.

Have I died and gone to kitty Heaven?

I'll end the session by giving Pop a big kiss. Mwah!
Pee Ess: The peeps say no v-e-t until Pop's next staycation! I have a reprieve! SCORE!

Pee Ess Ess: Today would've been Gramma's 99th birthday. Happy Birthday in Heaven, Gramma.

Easy Like Sunday

This upcoming week is gonna be both a pleasure for me and rough for me. Pop is on staycation, which is wonderful cos I'm gonna get all kinds of attention and scritchings and FURminating. On the other paw, I use HIS computer to blog and visit my furrends and HE'S gonna actually want to use HIS computer so I may be very scarce. It's started already. My last post was ages ago. Also when he's home, there's always the threat of a visit to the evil v-e-t. As you all know, after last year's horror and trauma, I don't really have a v-e-t anymore. I've been hearing "Secaucus" bandied around but I've got my paws crossed that they've got enough other stuff to keep them busy. I'll be lying low for awhile.

I'm happy to report no more incidences of yakking and I've been back to normal.

Chillaxing on the Yankee blankie. Go Yankees!

Thankful Thursday For my Cleaning Staff

Today I'm thankful for my staff, headed up by TW. I complain about her a bunch but in an emergency, she's usually there. Today I provided a large cleanup job for her. I hoped she could handle it.

Warning: if you have a squeamish tummy, you might want to stop reading here.

Looking for some excitement. TW has had enough excitement for today
As you know, I've only yakked twice in the almost 7 years I've been here. This morning as TW was preparing to head out to the store, she heard what sounded like me throwing one of the foam rocket launchers off my cat tree. She came over to see if I wanted to play. Talk about shock and awe: A gristly scene awaited her. Not only had I frew up, but I projectile bomited! There was bomit on 2 levels of my cat tree, the rug, the floor, the legs of the rocking chair and even on the curtain. She didn't know what the clean up first but she wanted to make sure I was ok. She found me laying in the hall by the bathroom, looking relieved and, to her relief, alert. I had only frew up food—no blood, no mucus—lots of food. It looked like the entire pouch of Island Illusion I had consumed earlier.

It took half a half an hour to mop it all up. She'd appreciate tips on how to totally get it out of my tree. She suspects I may have eaten a small piece off one of the rockets. Even though she didn't find any of it in my frow-up, she's found little tiny chewed pieces on the floor the past 2 days. I dunno what I'll do if she takes them away from me cos they're the only toy I play with. She'd also suspected the Fancy Feast Breakfast Medley stuff that she thought I might be allergic to. After I ate some the other morning, I did a lot of scratching under my chin, which I don't usually do. She wasn't gonna give me anymore of it, but Pop said we couldn't review it fairly unless I tried it again. Well, I tried it again this morning. I don't think I'll be getting anymore of it. No big loss cos I really didn't like it.

When she got home from shopping, I wanted to eat. I kept walking into the kitchen and eating bites of kibble. On the other paw, she thought I should rest my stomach. Finally, she decided to give me some Fancy Feast tuna, which I devoured quickly and I've held. In fact after I ate, I got the zoomies. I ran through the house playing for awhile. It seems like the drapes and tree are in much worse shape than I am.

If you stopped reading, you can resume here.

Pretty in pink! This one of me on TW's sheets is for Spitty and Austin.
NEWS FLASH: Amy's Quilt has won the Cat themed quilt award over at! Concats to Wanda and the Kruse Kats. Thanx to all my furrends for voting.

Food for the Soul (and the Furs)

Every time TW gets a package from the lobby, I meet her at the door because 9 times outta 10, it's for me. The concierge laughs at her and they've even taken to writing my name in the book, instead of the peeps. How's that for r-e-s-p-e-c-t? I could see instantly it was something good. The box was attractive and had cats on it. Open it up, Woman, I ordered. Would she do it? Nooooo. She had to take pictures of it first. It was "Keisha, stand by the box." I went over. Was she satisfied? Don't be rediculous. "Look at me, CK!" Hey, who made HER the boss of me??" I wondered, staring down and turning my back.

This is the best shot she got. MOL.

This smells inneresting but my address is Photoshopped out. Badly.

She finally opened the box after smartly realizing there was no way I was going to cooperate. There were Greenies in the box! Five bags of them! Pastures of plenty!

The Greenies Brand is introducing this new line of treats for cats that provide targeted health benefits. Smartbites treats, including Hairball Control, Digestive Care and Healthy Skin & Fur formulas, are being introduced at pet specialty stores in the U.S. and Canada.

These new Greenies SmartBites feature a dual-textured crunchy outside and creamy inside and let me tell you, they're as nommy as they sound.  I was actually pacing the floor as TW opened the packages and I've never done that. I've tried the salmon-flavored Digestive Care variety and chicken-flavored Healthy Skin and Fur variety (which also comes in salmon) and loved both of them. Strangely for me, I actually liked the chicken one better and I usually thumb my nose to chicken-flavored treats. Guess I could taste the fish oil with its omega-3 fatty acids that makes them so good for me or maybe I know I'll be even more stunning with a shinier, softer fur coat. The Hairball Control formula comes in tuna or chicken flavor and I'm salivating just thinking about it! Heh, heh, the literature says these SmartBites treats contain naturally-derived ingredients and are actually GOOD for me but they taste much too delish.
Notice where I'm looking and it's NOT at her!
Thank you to the wonderful folks at Trone Brand Energy and The Nutro Company for thinking of this little ghetto kitteh. I'm always glad to review a product, especially when food is involved.
Disclaimer: While I received a free sample of Greenies Smartbite treats, I didn't receive any financial compensation to write this post. The opinions are my own.

Olympic Diva

TAAAAAA DAAAAA! Cathy Keisha took home a Gold Medal at the 2012 Cat-O-Lympics for the Balance Beam competition, thanks to your help. I love you all!! Mwah!! Mwah!! I also took home a Bronze Medal on the Artistic High Jump, which I'm proud of too. Thanks to Cory and Nellie and Kozmo for hosting those events. I'm thrilled that in my first Olympics, I medalled in 2 of the 5 competitions I entered. Apparently, the other entries must have gotten lost in the mail. I'm just meowin'. An investigation is in order so get on it, Woman!

Nellie putting the Bronze Medal around my stunning neck.
As promised, one of you guys who voted for me will get the chance to win a package of foam rockets! All you have to do is think of a caption for the photo I entered.

??????? What could CK be thinking??
Thought you'd like to see an outtake from the same photo shoot taken from inside TW's room. Take notice of the caption for this one cos that's how I think.

Geez, what a mess this room is!

This is Cathy Keisha, signing off from London. Toodles!!

I just read this post from Ryker's Boys and Allie and it's a must-read for pet owners. A Tonk's Tail... err, Tale...: Are Fragrances Dangerous to your Pet? describes how fragrances used in cleaners and personal products affect your furry family members. You may be surprised.

Vote Quilt #99

Goess what? ParkerSKat was so impressed by my last blog post about his Mom's quilt that he axed me out! I know he's only 2 years old, but look at that face!! Look at that tail!!! Ladies, would you turn him down? We went out after the Nipclub for a spin in my Mustang and wound up at his crib. After a quick break for some tuna that his Mom fixed for us, we took a nap on the famous Amy's Quilt and then …

Do you think I kiss and tell?

Please go over to http://lilypadquilting and leave a comment that says:

Cat on quilt or cat themed quilt: # 99

EQ pet theme quilt: #99

I thank you and Parks also thanks you.

Thankful Thursday: Furrends Helping Furrends

I know you're sick of me axing for your vote bu this time it's NOT FOR ME! It's for my homey Maggie T. Kat and her Mom, Wanda, who have entered the 2012 Pets on Quilts Show over at LilyPad Quilting and need your support and your votes. Maggie is entering the quilt she made for @SebassCat and his peeps, @BoSoxAmy and Lee, after they lose their home and all their material possessions in a fire earlier this year. Here is her entry. If you have time, a word of support would be appreciated. The story should leave you leaky eyed. Judging from the response to her quilt that I auctioned off, many of you are fans of hers like I am. With permission, I'm reblogging the rules, etc., from my good furrend Mario's blog cos I couldn't say it say better.

♡  ♥  ♡  ♥  ♡  ♥

Amy's Army Signature Quilt
Designed by Wanda Krause for @BoSoxAmy Family
with contributions by #AmysArmy on Twitter

Hi Pals,

Do you remember awhile ago when I talked about so many twitter pals coming together to help @MaggieTkat and @ParkerTKat's mom put together a signature Quilt for the family of @SeabassCat (who has since crossed OTRB)? That family lost all their belongings in a fire about 4 months ago in Kansas.
Wanda (Maggie and Parker's human mom) finished the top of the quilt and it is now being quilted and put together by a very good quilting friend of hers.  It should be ready to be shipped out to Seabass Cat's mom and dad very soon.

Wanda entered that quilt in a quilt show that one of our Twitter friends told her about.   If she should win a prize, she plans to give that prize to the woman that is machine quilting this for her since she isn't charging for her service.

Now we need YOUR help.  Could you take a few minutes out of your busy day and go over to the website, which is a quilt shop, listed beloiw and leave a comment to cast your vote.

Quoted from Wanda:
"OK folks. We have a whole weekend to vote for Amy's quilt! Here are the rules: http://lilypadquilting.

So, all you need to do is leave a comment at the above blog that says:

Cat on quilt or cat themed quilt: # 99

EQ pet theme quilt: #99

If a prize is won, it goes to our machine quilter since she's quilting for free. Us Twitter folks just want the bragging rights! I have read each entry, and our story is unique. Comments on my blog are incredible, most comment on the story and the obvious love we have.

If you could help spread the word, it would be greatly appreciated. Also, the winning certificate will be a great addition to the quilt appraisal!"


If you would like to leave a personal note for Wanda, you can do so on their blog; quilt is a real work of love and means even more now since @SeabassCat has passed on.

CK back again. This is a Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. Click here to enter.

Cathy Keisha Day is Every Day

Happy World Cat Day! Whoa! I'm happy to be here. Didn't think TW was gonna get this up. She's been battling a nasty Upper Respiratory Infection aggravated by her asthma. It hasn't been pretty around here.

The day started out with a surprising sun puddle on the bed. Surprising cos I usually have to lay on the windowsill if I want sun. It wasn't a real sunpuddle, but a reflected sunpuddle off the mirror. Since the peeps have a spectacular view of NYC, they place mirrors opposite the windows, so they can see the view even if they're not looking out the window. The mirror is beveled, which gives me the opportunity to pay tribute to all our furrends and furry family over the Rainbow Bridge. Yes, that's a rainbow on my furs! The pictures are a bit dark and fuzzy cos if she'd have used the flash, the rainbow wouldn't have shown up. If you like rainbows, you can biggify the pictures.

Babe Rainbow
She's a Rainbow
TW had a new Silvervine pillow for me but I surprised her by not looking at it and just giving it one of two sniffs. Guess what I wanted to do? I wanted to bat my foam rubber rockets around. I got a little too boisterous and TW had to forcibly remove one from my claws cos I was eating it. Tomorrow I'll tell you how you can win your very own foam rockets. There was supposed to be a Silvervine video here but that wasn't happening. She actually thought I'd cooperate! HAH!

For dindin, I got Purina One tuna instead of Fancy Feast tuna. The peeps stopped buying me those when they ran out of "buy 3, get one free" coupons. It was a treat. Pop had picked it out and the nice cashier charged them for Fancy Feast! Score one for the little guy (and CK too)!

Now I'm taking a nap because TW is ignoring me. Feh! I trust she'll reward me by buying me some peacock feathers from Nip and Bones who finally got them in stock again and have the best price! SCORE!! I'm hoping you don't think we're cheap, we're just on a budget that's a tight squeeze.

Hope you all got some treats or new toys for World Cat Day!


Item 1. After you saw me rock the peacock feathers in my video last week, many of you wanted your very own and I don't blame you. Nip and Bones used to carry them until their supply dried up. I've been getting mine at They're totally pawsome but if you rough-house like I do, they won't last long. They're sold in sets of 12 and are natural, steam cleaned and contain no dyes for the low price of $15.95 plus postage. Depending on how much TW rations them, a package lasts from 6 months to a year. TW did all her shopping for the cats before me at Cat Claws. My pink mauve hand-me-down perch is from there. Toys that come high recommended by Faith and Autumn are Claude the Mouse and Rowdy Rat. Both are refillable nip toys. They're the original home of the corrugated cardboard scratchers. You can also get peacock feathers at for $8.90 for a 12 pack or $15 for a 20 pack. They have a 20 pack of super long ones for $18. (Thanks to PumpkinPuddy for telling about these.) They sell the feather mostly for arts and crafts projects so you have to make certain the ones you order are natural and not dyed and are at least 30 inches long for use like wand toys. Now you have the info, so grab your humans plastic cards and start placing those orders! Operators are standing by!

Funny story about the Claude the Mouse toy. They used to make a large Claude the Mouse and TW ordered one for Chizzy. No one was home and the package didn't fit through the mail slot so the postman left it on the doorstep. When TW came home, she found Gertrude on the porch having a grand time bunnykicking large Claude. Gertie had ripped open the package herself because the nip was so intoxicating! TW didn't have the heart to take it away from her. Gertrude was a friendly stray who was soon to find a furever home with the upstair's neighbor.

Jaya and Shiva
Item 2. My good furrends and Purrime Ministerettes Shiva and Jaya totally ROCKED the Thinking of You Award I passed on to them! You need to go over and meet them and have yourself a few laughs. Their post is fun and done in their own unique style. They're two female rescue cats from across the pond with tons of catitude. I recommend their YouTube channel too. [They're waiting to hear from you, Spitty.] Shiva has a condition called feline cerebellar hypoplasia, which she taught me all about. Oh, did I mention that I was in their wedding pawty when they both tied the knot with @IndyKitty? He's a lucky mancat to have TWO lovely kitteh wives.

Someone's Thinking of Me

Mariodacat is thinking of me. How do I know this? He has presented me with the Thinking of You Award, conceived and designed by Nerissa at Nerissa's Life. There's nothing in the rules that says I should link it back to the creator of the award so I get extra credit, I'm sure. I'm proud to get the award from Mario's Meowsings cos Mario and his peeps are very special. He knows I won't play by the rules and if it appears that I am, it's an accident. For this award, instead of telling 7 facts about yourself, you're supposed to tell 7 things you love and can't stop thinking about. I'll consider it. Hmmm, I'm gonna start throwing things I love out there and if anything sticks, we have a blog.

No. 2—Biting
  1. FOOD. I must confess my next meal is always on my mind, even if I just got fed. I'm always thinking the next meal will be better and tastier. (In the above video, I'm combining 3 of my loves. 1,6 and 8.)
  2. BITING the hands that feed me. My peeps—TW in particular—cannot escape the jaws of death. I can't stand the sight of a piece of flesh sticking out from under the covers at night or in the early morning. No matter how hot the peeps are, they don't DARE even stick a hand out or my teeth will set upon it ASAP. 
  3. My TUNNEL OF PAIN. Not a day goes by that I don't run like hell through it several times. The more times I run through my tunnel, the more successful the day has been cos it means TW actually make an effort to play with me.
  4. My TREE OF TORTURE (below, right). I like my new cat tree just fine but still adore scurrying up the old one which leads to number 5.
  5. The FURMINATOR. The touch of Pop brushing me on my Tree of Torture  with the FURminator sends me into  heavenly trance. I'm not much of a purry cat but I can't help but purr while Pop talks softly to me and steals my furs. True ecstasy.
  6. PEACOCK FEATHERS. They're da bomb.
  7. FOAM RUBBER ROCKETS. Yeah, they're people toys but I love them. TW says sometimes I have a one-track mind cos all I wanna do is bat those rockets. We have a couple of different games we play. She either shoots the rockets across the room and I try to catch them or I lay atop one of my trees and she shoots them up and I try to bat them back down in her face.
  8. SILVERVINE. Gotta admit, I'm not as crazy about it as I used to be, but I still have my moments. Maybe if TW gave me some of the powder, I might have a little fun. You should underline that, Woman, so maybe it'll sink in that thick head of yours.
  9. Whoa, am I still going? Yes! Yes, I am. My TWITTER POSSE! Those incredible Twitter pals, who are always there for me; in sickness and in health. I love my MLB and NFL anipals cos they're knowledgeable and passionate about their teams. I love my #Nipclub co-workers too.

Since I gave you 2 extra things I love, I'm gonna give it away to 5 bloggers, rather than the 7 the rules tell me to. Rules are made to be broken by me. Either way, it totals 14.
  1. Busy Busy Buttons. I know one of the things she loves is squeaky toys. In fact, she might just say squeaky toys 7 times!
  2. CJ of CJ's PawPad. CJ is that handsome cat who lost his house and brother to a fire several months back. He's a survivor and looks better than ever.
  3. Bengal Cat Domination. My good FB and Twitter furrend, Kat, also has a fun blog.
  4. Brian of Brian's Home. Of course I love Brian. Doesn't everycat?
  5. Shiva and Jaya. These cool cats are the elected Purrime Ministerettes of the Planet Purrth and I happen to be in their Cabinet. If you haven't met them, you should stop by.
So there you have it! As you can tell, I have a lot to think about so I'm be signing offzzzzzzz …

Wednesday Word of the Day—Vote!

No, I'm not talking about for President. That's not until November and I don't even know if I'll run. I'm talking about for the Gold Metal in the Balance Beam. The athletes are all specular and the competition is fierce but I don't enter things unless I can hype 'em enough to win. The kitteh's time is much too precious. I'm axing you to please visit the Cory Cat Blog and vote for ME! I believe you can vote daily. Sure, I have some skeletons in my closet—who doesn't—but I made it to the top of the door by myself, without help. I will be throwing a pawty if I win with plenty of tuna, salmon and Greenies.

Come out from behind your computers and VOTE!
I'm gonna be passing buttons around and stuff. Even though I'm part Russian Blue, make no mistake: I'm participating for the good ol' U.S. of A.

Psst! If I win, there may be some of my fave foam rockets in somecat's
future! It's not called bribery, it's call Hudson County politics as usual.