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(Just Another) Senile Saturday

On the 6th day, the Kittee rests. It's a good thing I'm resting cos The Woman is about to unleash more poetry on you. I beg all my furrends to bear with me while this travesty goes on. I'll be back tomorrow with more stunning witticisms.


Enlightened children riding on horses
cry "Mercy! Mercy!"
with their veins popping thru their skin.
Monsters with lips in a snarl
are momentarily entangled in this scene.
Missionaries in white robes perform miracles;
Witches perform magic.
Nothing can turn the devil's head away for a moment.

There are fairies dancing thru the forest
As night becomes a cape over them now.
Each individual has his own sacred hell
in which to wallow and play.
Hard as we try, we cannot paint our private cell.
Color grows from trees and cannot be reaped
Right now they are all green anyhow
Don't try to turn the devil's head for a moment.

Sprinklers spray rosy rain over the field of battle
While cowboys in the nude wrestle in the sun.
The earth is burning, but I am freezing in silence
Sounds of water blazing in my ears
They hear no pitches like the ones
Being conjured up by the amateur musician
Scream to no avail / it is the sound of a choir
singing brilliantly in colors never perceived.
Why not, why not? yell the acrobats
Quiet, or you'll wake the devil sleeping in the park.

I wrote this poem back in 1977 for a co-worker and friend, who was studying acting at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting in Manhattan. I've long since lost touch with her. I'd like to now dedicate it to my extended family of blogging and tweeting sisters, Wanda, Janice, Mary, Michelle, Carole and Glogirly.


Dear Sister
Fortune is at your feet
It's swirling faster than the eye can see
You cannot miss it though
It's always there waiting to be captured
And claimed as your own
At some time when you reach your station
You too can be rescued from the cross!

And Look! Your hands and feet are not bound
You have no limits, boundaries or borders
The whole world is yours
Ask for it, it cannot be denied
Your talents fill vast oceans
And the seven continents are your friends
Know them and the moon will also belong to you
Try to reach out and touch the brightest star
Learn all her intimate details
By now you've guess it
YOU are the star
So, dear sister, always believe in yourself

I hope I still have readers! Jeez, I thought she'd never shut up!!

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  1. Aaahh, cute!
    The ZH was going to post something clever for Senile Saturday (an apurrpritate event for her), but
    sadly she furgot what she was going to post ...

  2. Have a lovely Saturday and we loved the poems.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. We meant to post something for Senile saturday and of course forgot. How could that woman forget with all the reminders. But those poems are just terrific. Like the one for your blogging sisters. Nothing better than our blogging friends.

  4. One of these days Dad will actually remember Senile Saturday!

  5. Our senile Mom forgot about Senile Saturday!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  6. Loved the blogging sisters and that one reaches right to the heart. Loved both of them. Mom still has a chance at senile Saturday is she remembers. ;-) xxoo

  7. Baby Girl, don't be so hard on TW. Us humans like a good poem every now and then. Tell TW I'm glad she included me, and that I'm proud to be a part of the sisterhood!

  8. Wonderful! Mom was gonna post fur senile Saturday, but was totally unprepared. (like she didn't have 6 whole days to think about it!) Happy Caturday, CK!

  9. I know my mommy proud to be in that Sisterhood. <3

  10. Glogirly's beaming and has a spring in her step. I'm not quite sure why. In fact I've been ignoring her all morning.
    ; ) Katie

    (thank you are a precious star. --GG)

  11. Hey CK...those are some really long poems...they take up lots of space...just sayin'...missed ya today...hope you check out my post Saturday 'cuz you are mentioned...paw pats, Savvy peeEss...oh yeah, interesting poems...thanks TW!

  12. George and Sanjee would hide under the bed if I showed off any of my poetry. Of course, it's not as good.

  13. CK, you are quite a critic! Have you thought of doing it as a professional service?

    My human is welcome to put her poetry on my blog... as long as it is about cats. So far, no cat poetry, though.

  14. CK, that was nice of you to let TW have today for her poems. We aren't so generous with the mom.

  15. We have never really got poems, but it sounds like your human is a smart, creative type. For a human.

  16. Mommy got hung up on the nude cowboy image.

  17. Didn't get past the nude cowboys either!! ;) Having difficulty remembering...... ?

  18. Very cool poetry! Love the sister poem - probably because I know several of the sistahs!

  19. Mommy's post last weekend - about forgetting Daddy's Birthday, is senile enough to last for a few weeks.
    Me LOVES your Mommy's poms!

  20. Awww, what a sweet poem! The Human is touched. I'd be touched too, if it were dedicated to Me, which it is not, although of course it should be.

    We keep forgetting about Senile Saturday, which is okay right now since the Human has nuffing of importance to say, except probably trying to defend her decision to perpetrate this week's horror show upon my innocent person. Yeah, I don't think I'll be sharing my blog anytime real soon.


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