Friday, August 24, 2012

Hangin' With Pop

It's been a fun week and I really enjoyed hanging with my Pop. Last night, we did "Keisha and a Movie" which is when Pop watches a movie or something on the big TV and I lay right next to him on the couch. I'm not a lap cat but I'll keep him company. Pop likes that show Big Bang Theory. He thinks it's funny. There's no accounting for taste although he does have superior taste when it comes to picking cats.

What are we watching Pop? Can we watch Animal Planet?

When Pop is home, I come in to see him at 5 a.m. after I have my breakfast. He's always glad to see me and pays me lots of attention. Sometimes I stay and sometimes I just stop in for some dessert. That arm looks mighty tasty about now.

What do you want, Woman! Take your flashy box and leave. Now!

TW is worried about me again. She thinks I may have scratched myself in the eye or something cos one eye isn't open as wide as the other and I keep closing it. There's no discharge and the third eye isn't showing. I hope they don't try to drag me to the v-e-t tomorrow. I hope  the v-e-t doesn't think he's gonna tutor me cos that's what they did to Spitty when he had an eye problem.

UPDATE: Once again, I seem to have dodged the proverbial bullet. It appears I had a piece of fur or something in my eye cos after I washed it with my paw, the eye was open again and I wasn't trying to close it. Disaster diverted for now.


  1. We are glad you seem to have been enjoying Opos' staycation. Now we certainly hope there will not be another vet visit for you. Just let tha eye get better on its ow! I dn't get what the vets think the connection is between the eyes and that other part of the body!

  2. Purring for you, my dear. I hope it's nothing serious and the vet gives you treats for being bootiful.

  3. We are sending purrs too for ya CK and sure hope you don't have to go to the dreaded vet. Maybe you just bumped your eye. Glad you had fun with the Pops. That is so nice of you to keep him company to watch the big TV. Have a great Friday.

  4. Keisha wishing you to get better. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Me too watch Big Bang Theory with my human dad , it´s his favorit show :)
    Hope you don´t have to go and see the vet *keep my paws crossed*

  6. Thank COD you are out of the vet-woods. That could have been ugly. For the vet. ; )

    Enjoy your last day of staycation with Pops! You two have had a great run this week.

    : ) Katie

  7. We like to watch TV with our Pop too! Hope your eye is OK!

  8. Such a fun week with your Pop, ,and no vet visit to top it off! Purrfect!!!

  9. Mom loves Big Bang Theory too! Looks like you're having a terrific week w/ your Pops being home. We're very glad your eye's ok!

  10. That smile in the first picture is so sweet.

  11. I watch My Cat From Hell with my human sometimes, but I have a hard time sitting still. I'm glad the eye problem was just a bit of fur and you did not have to go to the vet - you would have had to tutor them over there. I know it would NOT have been the other way around.

  12. Seems tutoring is all the rage, so don’t get anywhere near a tutor if you can help it, CK!!

  13. You sure are getting a lotta Pop-Time this week, CK! And good job dodging that vet bullet...but one of these times you're not gonna be so lucky!

  14. You are wise to be eternally vigilant! Oh yeah, they *say* "I just want to get some nice ointment for your irritated eye...." and then your testicles get hacked off. It's just an OUTRAGE.

    Glad your eye gotted better on its own--who KNOWS what they might have lopped off of YOU!

  15. Dear Kathy,
    Girlfriend - Daddy's is the bestest! Me loves my Daddy and me loves to follow him too! When he is outside, me is ever vigelent.
    We's should gets together and discuss Daddys.

  16. Thank goodness! Mom was gonna say she bets it was just fur! My Grandpa Bobo used to have that all the time and mom used to say he looked like a pirate when he did that MOL!!

    CK love how you are showing your sensitive side, sitting with your Pop. I bet he is a great guy!!!

    Love, Cody


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