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Thankful Thursday: Furrends Helping Furrends

I know you're sick of me axing for your vote bu this time it's NOT FOR ME! It's for my homey Maggie T. Kat and her Mom, Wanda, who have entered the 2012 Pets on Quilts Show over at LilyPad Quilting and need your support and your votes. Maggie is entering the quilt she made for @SebassCat and his peeps, @BoSoxAmy and Lee, after they lose their home and all their material possessions in a fire earlier this year. Here is her entry. If you have time, a word of support would be appreciated. The story should leave you leaky eyed. Judging from the response to her quilt that I auctioned off, many of you are fans of hers like I am. With permission, I'm reblogging the rules, etc., from my good furrend Mario's blog cos I couldn't say it say better.

♡  ♥  ♡  ♥  ♡  ♥

Amy's Army Signature Quilt
Designed by Wanda Krause for @BoSoxAmy Family
with contributions by #AmysArmy on Twitter

Hi Pals,

Do you remember awhile ago when I talked about so many twitter pals coming together to help @MaggieTkat and @ParkerTKat's mom put together a signature Quilt for the family of @SeabassCat (who has since crossed OTRB)? That family lost all their belongings in a fire about 4 months ago in Kansas.
Wanda (Maggie and Parker's human mom) finished the top of the quilt and it is now being quilted and put together by a very good quilting friend of hers.  It should be ready to be shipped out to Seabass Cat's mom and dad very soon.

Wanda entered that quilt in a quilt show that one of our Twitter friends told her about.   If she should win a prize, she plans to give that prize to the woman that is machine quilting this for her since she isn't charging for her service.

Now we need YOUR help.  Could you take a few minutes out of your busy day and go over to the website, which is a quilt shop, listed beloiw and leave a comment to cast your vote.

Quoted from Wanda:
"OK folks. We have a whole weekend to vote for Amy's quilt! Here are the rules: http://lilypadquilting.

So, all you need to do is leave a comment at the above blog that says:

Cat on quilt or cat themed quilt: # 99

EQ pet theme quilt: #99

If a prize is won, it goes to our machine quilter since she's quilting for free. Us Twitter folks just want the bragging rights! I have read each entry, and our story is unique. Comments on my blog are incredible, most comment on the story and the obvious love we have.

If you could help spread the word, it would be greatly appreciated. Also, the winning certificate will be a great addition to the quilt appraisal!"


If you would like to leave a personal note for Wanda, you can do so on their blog; quilt is a real work of love and means even more now since @SeabassCat has passed on.

CK back again. This is a Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. Click here to enter.

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  1. How amazing of you. Mom has tears in eyes! Smooch, well that was from parker, but I think he wants second base....

  2. I'm voting right now.

    CK's pop

  3. We went and voted for #99. That is such a great thing she did making that Quilt. I remember when they were getting pieces together for it. It is a great story.

  4. We were supposed to leave both lines in the comments? We hope we did it right.

    We didn't know @SeaBass is gone since the fire. Very sorry.

  5. That is an awesome quilt - both its beauty and intent. Of course I will go over and vote.

  6. We did vote for you. Have a great evening.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. I voted!

    You are such a sweet LadyCat at heart, even though you have that tough veneer. Luff you! XOXOXOXO

  8. I want to thank ALL of CK's followers for voting for our quilt. I have gotten to meet and learn about a number of you. A special thanks to CK's Pop since he has to put with both her AND TW!!!! MOL

    Smoochies from Parker to all.

  9. I came back to send you some smoochies, my sweet. I notice you are looking especially wide-eyed....was there some Nip in the offing??? XOXO

  10. Already done. : )
    Good luck, Maggie T. Kat!!!
    All paws, arms, tails and toes are crossed.
    xo, Katie & Glogirly

  11. I am so late, but will see if I can still vote for #99...runs off to vote...looks over shoulder and shouts "paw pats, Savannah"...