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Monday At the Movies

Last month, when my toys arrived from Star and Leo, TW was literally falling all over herself to take fotos and video. Of course, I wasn't having any of it, which you'll see in this video. You can also watch the video on my YouTube channel.

Can you spot the exact moment I discovered TW was filming? Notice the revenge I enacted on her when she attempted to force action. The video is not exactly gonna win any awards but I'm still stunning. Heh heh.

Think Global, Act Local

You might recall TW's mistake in remembering last week's Saturday PhotoHunt theme. This week I took over cos she was already telling my furrends on the CB that the theme was Gobel; as in George Gobel. I googled him and apparently he does exist; or at least he used to. You can see the odds I'm up against. They're not good at all.

This week's theme is Global. I like the phrase that TW told me about: Think Global, Act Local. She'd first heard it back in the '80s—before there were computers or electricity—when she was touring in a horse and buggy with R.E.M. and Greenpeace had a booth on the tour. TW swore she had a t-shirt with the slogan that I could pose with but again, her memory was faulty. She dug up one with a globe but I gave her the back/derriere of disrespect.

The slogan was originally meant to refer to the environment and recycling but to me it's all about anipal rescue. Think/tweet about all the global rescue organizations and donate/volunteer with some local ones. I'm all about sharing so that's what we do. Here's a photo of me posing with some stuff that we donated to A Call 4 Paws (cat and cow not included). What a haul for them!

If any of you are local to Jonestown, PA, you might want to volunteer to feed and look after the 50 cats at their Sanctuary. Volunteers seem to be in short supply. Her contact info is on their newly revamped and pretty pawsome website and Facebook page.

More Posing and Posturing

Besides wanting to see my tummy, some furrends wanted to see more elaborate poses. Since I don't pose on command, we'll have to dig into the archives for most of these. I do whatever I want, whenever I want. TW, on the other hand, better do what I want, when I want it. I'm actually surprised and delighted that no one axed for fotos of my paws and tootsies.

The Trout Towne Tabbies wanted to see a yoga position. This is your lucky day. I wasn't sure which yoga position youse were referring to so I gave ya got two.

Cody requested a cheesecake pose. You and the rest of the males. Heh heh. I kinda like the "come hither" look I had for the pic I used in the wine advert.

Katie of Glogirly fame thought it would be nice to see me walking toward the camera. Sorry, Katie, but when I see the flashy box, I tend to run the opposite direction. I don't walk toward it. I did find this in the archives. I'm not exactly looking at the camera but I am walking toward it.

I had a request for the derriere of disrespect from Austin. This was a little harder than I expected. Seems TW gets all uppity when she gets the derriere of disrespect and thus won't take a foto.

Pricilla's publicist thought a foto of me standing on my head was in order. TW takes lots of fotos of me standing on my head but then she does something in PhotoShop that puts me back on my feet. In this one, I'm balancing on one mighty paw.

And this is for Rumbles.

If you didn't see your pose today (Angel Abby), don't despair. maybe someday soon, I'll be doing a somersault for you.

Wednesday Word: Hero

Due to breaking news, we have to postpone our scheduled post, More Posing and Posturing. We take you now to the Cat News Network (CNN) where they're innerviewing Hero Cat Cathy Keisha.

CNN: CK, can you describe to us what happened at about 1 a.m. this morning and how you came to be hailed as a hero?

CK: It was late. TW and I had just settled down to sleep after she finished her fussing. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted something big and hairy on the bed, besides TW, of course. I knew TW would never see it and I knew I had to save her from it. I tell you, humans are so clueless. I saved TW's worthless life but did I get thanks? No, I got "are you crazy??" Well, she thanked me later so I guess that's better than nothing.

CNN: CK, continue please.

CK: As I was saying, the lights were out and TW had finally turned the iPawd off and was settling down when suddenly I jumped. Something wasn't right in that bed. When TW turned around to look, I was crouched on the comforter. I never step foot on the comforter. She thought I was fixing to attack her. That's when she hissed the line about me being crazy.

The evidence w/my furs.
She quickly rolled out of bed to defend herself—as if—and saw me crouched beside HHGutt. She axed me what was going on. Now she was afraid I was gonna have an asthma attack cos of how I was crouched. In the middle of her question, I leaped up in the air and dove offa the bed. That's when she knew I saw some intruder that wasn't supposed to be sharing the bed with us. She turned on the big orange rock light; and, even in the dim light, her ancient eyes could see what I had my eyes on. She thinks it was one of those mothy things since she had the window open after it got dark. They always fly in even knowing that a killer cat lives here. Of course, it could've just been one of HHGutt's pet flies.

Anyway, it was HUGE—like Mothra and Mothzilla rolled into one. I fought with it and knocked it off the bed, leaving a wet souvenir of the intruder on the sheet. I tussled with it on the floor. TW tried to whack it with her slipper but I wouldn't let her. I didn't want to spoil the flavor. I wrestled with it a good 5-10 minutes before I subdued it. I messed him up good! On account of its monstrous size, it took awhile before I could stuff it into my mouth. What a nommy bedtime snack.

CNN: Did the human finally thank you?

CK: Yes, when it was all over, TW thanked me. She's still thanking me. She knew I'd saved her life. It could have crawled up into her ear and killed her. Like all clueless humans, she was then upset cos I kept on high alert for the next 20 minutes or so. For some reason, she doesn't lay down until I get comfortable and close my eyes.

I have my lasers on and I'm in a state of high alert after I offed the intruder.
I was looking for another snack. You can see HHGutt in the foreground.

So there you have it! Excitement at La Condo Keisha. To recap, Cathy Keisha attacked a nighttime intruder to save her human's life. Friday we'll return you to your regularly scheduled post.

What a night! Have you ever saved your human's life? Did it make the Cat News Network? I hope so.

Tummy Tuesday

When I axed last week what poses you'd like to see me in, the overwhelming response was for a tummy shot. I'm sorry to disappoint my furrends, but I don't lay on my back. In fact, I've rolled completely over twice since I've been here. The peeps stopped trying to find an answer—at least I hope they have. They even axed one of my vets; cos a friend of TW's once told her that if a cat doesn't roll on their back, they could have heart problems. At one time or another, they've also wondered: Doesn't she trust us? Does she have a sensitive spine or some other underlying medical condition? No, maybe I'm just uncomfortable that way.

In fact, it goes deeper than that. The last time I went to my old vet, Dr. Evil wanted to steal my bloods. I put up a huge fight and they lost a lot of their blood. They tried to turn me over and I went into respiratory distress: mouth breathing and panting. Pop used to love to pick his cats up like a baby but knows better than to try that with me.

Furrends, you're gonna have to settle for a side view of my stunning bikini.

Or maybe you'd like some tummy shots of Plumpy Autumn, who came before me. (Yes, her nickname was Plumpy.) She wasn't shy about showing her fat belleh. If you look closely, you'll see that she was one toe short of a full deck.

One last thing of note: I've noticed TW is saying on her pathetic FB page that she can't think of a subject for my blog. She's just LAZY! I have tons of things I'd like to post about including 2 awards I've gotten. I also promised you stories about Mean Mama Gertrude and some of the other cats of the past. Hop to it, Woman and take some dictation!

Senile Saturday PhotoHunt

For the past few months, I've been taking part in the Saturday PhotoHunt. TW did a screen grab of the themes so we'd have them handy. She looks at them every Monday to see what's coming up then I decide what I want to do.

Time out for a Senior Moment. Hers, of course. After we finished my pirate post, she started stressing on my post for today. What could we do? I needed art for another silly theme. Actually, it was even sillier than TW's faulty memory recalled it. You have no idea how embarrassing this is for The Cat.

I give you the photos for today's theme: Robust. Yeah, I know the theme is Rousing but this wasn't the theme TW's senile mind remembered. OK, let's roll the post I dictated for the theme she gave me. Don't blame me. I'm only The Cat.

Today's Photo Hunt Theme is Robust. A few weeks ago, Nipclub started their own winery. One of the wines was named after moi. The CathyKeisha Chardonnay is a delicious medium light, crisp wine with a zesty tang of tropical fruits and a slightly smokey flavor. In simple English it's Robust with a bite.
I decided I wanted a Robust red wine so I set out to make the tastiest Nip Meowlot on the planet. I can now present it's world premiere. You can purchase this tasty libation direct from the Nipclub Estate Winery or at finer Liquor Stores. Ask for Stunning Keisha wherever you buy fine wines. Here's our print ad that'll be in all the Sunday papers.
And here's a closeup for all you label-readers out there. You can biggify it even more by clicking on it.

For this senile moment, TW gets a big Rousing …


Bloody Prudentilla Kidd I Am

Ye be landlubbers! I be the real buccaneer, matey! I be the baddest buccaneer on the Black Paw pirate ship! To see me is to fear me! No one crosses Bloody Prudentilla Kidd! Arrrrrr!

Welcome on th' poop deck th' Black Paw scurvy pirate ship. Now ye'll be me prisoner! Hand me me grub dish 'n then spit shine me litter box. Move it, Woman!

Wednesday Word—Toys

Vine toys, to be precise. Long ago and far away, Pop made a donation to Winnie's Wish so I could get these pawsome toys from the Celestial Kitties' Summer FUNdraiser. I axed Star and Leo's Mom if she had any Silvervine since the nip ones I got last year were by and large a fail. She was really sweet and ordered some cos other kitties might want it also. These toys are the prettiest toys ever and they are hand-made so you can't buy them in any store! Truth be told, TW still hasn't given me the one shaped like a bird cos she thinks it's too pretty to play with. For that, I did give TW the bird. Heh heh. I may not have an opposable thumb but I do have a middle finger for you, Woman! 

Try and take the fishie and smousie back, Woman!

Even if you already got a set of these toys, you really should know they're available in silvervine. If you never tried the evil vine, you won't be sorry. They're $15 for a set of four (including postage in the U.S., e-mail her if you want them shipped overseas), consisting of a fish, bird, butterfly and mouse. I know I have a lot of Twitter followers who might not have seen this offer yet. The summer is almost over so please donate and get these pawsome toys.

Go ahead!

Posing with the kicky.
You can still get in on last year's Fun Fun FUNdraiser You'll receive 5 toys, including a kicky with feather/boa tail, catnip pillow, heart shaped catnip pillow, string, and feather. They're the same price as the Summer FUNdraiser. I bet if Leo and Star's Mom has some vine left over, she could stuff them with vine instead of nip.

Here’s how it works: Click the donate/paypal button on the Celestial Kitties sidebar, then email her at anniclan AT aol DOT com with your mailing address. Tell her if you want nip, vine or neither and which set of toys you want. She'll get your toys out to you ASAP—she IS quick— and send the donation on to Chrystal at Winnie's Wish! If you don’t have paypal or prefer not to use it, email her and she’ll give you the address to send cash, check or money order; once it clears, she’ll send your toys! Just make sure your human doesn't hold back like mine does.

Click on the image to order your toys.

You can also go to the Winnie's Wish page and see some of their adoptable cats.

Another Monday Mauling

No, this isn't a rerun so don't adjust your sets. With Pop off at work, I've turned my sights, er, fangs on TW. HOWEVER, I did NOT do this.

Sorry for the blurry photo. She's not the best photographer. Maybe I should have taken the photo. TW is allergic to cats so any scratch or bite she gets raises a lump and itches like a mosquito bite.

It was last Friday morning. Pop was gone and I thought TW had laid in bed long enough. I said to HHGutt, "isn't it time she hauled her sorry butt outta this bed? I'd like to get some shuteye by myself. She should be working on my blog." Before I could finish the sentence, HHGutt sprung into action. He saw the same thing I did: TW's left arm wasn't under the fluffy comforter. All that laid between my HHGutt's teeth and TW's arm was a thin pajama top and an even thinner sheet. She saw me him staring at her and made a desperate attempt to cover her arm. Too late! I He was already upon her—his teeth and claws sunk into her. She screamed to scare me him off. I got frightened and made my escape jumped out of bed, fearful that I would get blamed yet again. TW was a mad woman, screaming "you effing b—." I ran into the other room as she ran into the bathroom, clutching her arm and the tube of Neosporin that she keeps by her bed for emergencies such as this.

Look at him getting ready to pounce!

As the morning wore on, I could tell I was right. I was being blamed. She didn't look at me or talk to me most of the day. I wasn't even given a fair trial among a jury of my furrends peers. Sigh! Look at this innocent face and tell me if you think I'm guilty of anything other than loving too much. What's the verdict: innocent or guilty as charged?

A Small Milestone

Today is my 4th Blogoversary. Four years is a long time in cat years. Why aren't I smiling? Cos I just looked at my very first post and saw there were NO PHOTOS of the World's Most Stunning Cat. That's what my blog was originally called. The World's Most Stunning Cat. Yeah, check this out. I guess that's why I only had 3 comments.

I now have more control over my blog. I decide what gets published and when. When I say Jump; TW axs "how high?" I thank every one of my readers for reading and commenting. I want to implement some new features like letting you ax my questions. What would you like to ax me? Did you knowing Stunning Keisha now has a Facebook page? I'm also on Pinterest and YouTube and you all know I'm @CathyKeisha on Twitter. Glogirly has created buttons to make it easy to visit me everywhere. I'm also on Networked Blogs for your convenience. All this blogging and thinking is hurting my head. Now it's time for me to take my Sunday EZ. Catch you later!

CK—As You've Never Seen Her

These Saturday Photo Hunt themes go from bizarre to just plain silly. Yes, Silly is this week's theme. TW is in her glory cos I won't usually let her publish any photos where I look less than stunning.

In this pic TW thinks she's being silly but we all know she's trying to embarrass me. She put a nip donut on my head when she thought I was asleep. Hardy har har. In the next scene, I'm scratching her within an inch of her life. You don't think she got away with it, do you? She takes too much delight in making me look silly. She says she always knew this pic would come in handy someday.


Does your staff take silly photos of you? Does she try to embarrass you? CK wants to know.

From Both Sides Now

I always aim to please. Church Cat Tom commented on Facebook that he didn't see enough profile pictures of yours truly. Here you go, Tom. These are just for you. These are some file footage pics. I hope that dreamy Chopin likes them too.

My stunning left side.

My stunning right side.

Leave a comment if there's any poses you'd like to see me photographed in. I'll try to accommodate you. If I can't, at least it'll give me a chuckle.

Wednesday Word—Remember

Every year I have new readers and for those new readers I'd like to rerun the piece Pop wrote about his experience on 9/11/01, when terrorists struck about 5 blocks from where he was working. Once again, we'll be watching on tv and crying while the names of the dead are read. This year, along with Pop's eye-witness account, I'm also privileged to share another eye-witness account written by one of Pop's co-workers. I apologize for the length of this post and the lack of photos. First, here's what Pop wrote.

Do These Pants Make My Butt Look Big?

I like to sit in the bathroom while TW bathes. More specifically, I like to lay on her clothes in the bathroom while she bathes. I've seen sights that would keep others awake at night. Horrible blobs of cellulite. But, looky here … a pair of black slacks. A pair of black slacks that need furring up and I'm just the cat to do it. They looked comfy and seemed to be calling my name. How many of you guys have done this?

Do these pants make my butt look big? Black is very slimming or so I've heard.

Of course, she doesn't take her flashy box into the tub with her. She had to step over me to get it; and, yes, we have an open door policy in this condo. The shower does have drapes if she wants privacy.

You're My Favorite!

I know it's hard to believe but this little ghetto kitty was having trouble figuring out what to do for the Saturday Photo Hunt theme "fave." Then I decided to look it up in the Urban Dictionary cos I knew they wouldn't feed me no lies. This is what it said:

Not that I take the Urban Dictionary as bible, but I knew what photo to use.

My Pop is my fave person. I tell him all the time. Don't let that little indiscretion from the other day fool you. I let him hold me and I even let him pet my stomach sometimes. He gets all sorts of perks TW doesn't. As you can see, Pop is hugging me. Yesterday Two French Bulldogs ran a virtual Hug Pawty. Benny is fighting the good fight against the evil C. I'm a day late and a dollar smart.

Pop reports that he loves his new job. He's working with a boss he worked with a few years ago at his last job. They get along well and work well together. Unlike the last few years at his old job, he's happy to get up in the morning and go to his new job. Concats to Pop and his new company cos they got a productive and great worker. As a plus, he no longer has to take the subway cos it's walking distance of the bus terminal.

So Long to a Super Hero

Dash Kitten 
4th of October 2006
6th September 2013

My Twitter and blogging furrend @DashKitten was sent to the Rainbow Bridge by two killer dogs. He was a sweet, gentle soul, who lived to help others. Dash was my number one fan when I DJ. He never uttered a cross word to anybody that I know. He was a Super Hero, who had his own Super Hero outfit. Dash and Mom Marjorie (@Whskr) tried to help every anipal and their human, if one needed a forever home or was down on their luck. Dash, until we meet again, run free and say hello to the cats who came before me.

Over the Rainbow by Victoria Williams on Grooveshark

The Bad Boys of Twitter and Pink Angels will be riding for Dash on the 24th, the last Tuesday of the month. Please pay your respects to Dash Kitten and leave a message for Mom Marjorie. You can light a candle here.

It's an Honor to Accept These Awards

It's time for another CK Awards' Show. People ax me if being on the Red Carpet ever gets old. No, it doesn't! I've been dodging bouquets of flowers and posing for the pawpawrazzi for what seems like hours and now it's time to take my seat inside. Of course, I'm seated in the front row with all the A-List celebrities. I'm on the edge of my seat as Queen Penelope, The Cat From Hell, takes to the stage. She's the first presenter and she's about to give out the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award. I don't really expect to win this cos I'm an only cat so I don't really have a team.

Nellie: And the winner is Cathy Keisha! Cathy works so furry hard for all the cats whose needs it! And she is the bestest DJ!

SCREEEE! *covers mouth* I can't believe it!! OMC! SCREEEEE!

CK: Thank you Nellie. *kisses* Thanx for coming even though you've had some health issues which cost you the vision in one eye. You do look mahrvelous darling! I accept this award for all the kitties still looking for homes like Ray Charles and Rachel! We will use everything in our power to get them into loving furever homes. *holds up award for all to see*

I've displayed the award on my blog.

Lookit the crowd coming up on stage now! It's the gang from The Cat on My Head! There's Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Guilietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo. They're dressed to the nines to present the Loyal Reader Award. I read their blog all the time. It figures. Mauricio is the only mancat and he's doing all the meowing.

Mauricio: Several of you have been so supportive of us and our blog by reading and commending regularly. We have multiple winners. … and Stunning Keisha!

CK: Whoa! I've been recognized! I told you I read their blog! Thank you Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Guilietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo. You have a fine blog so why wouldn't anycat read it? Thank you for reading my blog. Blogging is hard work but I do it all for the fans and I know you do too. Of course a few treats never hurt.

Astrid: We have a question for you first before we can present the award. Do you think I like cats?

CK: This is GOT to be a trick question. Let me think. Don't tell me … Eight cats, no waiting. Hmmmm. Do you like cats? What the heck. I'll guess. *says slowly* Yyyyyyeeessss. *holds paws out for award* Thank you again for this beautiful award. *holds award up to audience*

They're calling me onstage to present some awards. *Struts her stuff up onstage to whistles and cheers from all.*

CK: YO! PEEPS! HOW YOU DOIN'? ARE WE GONNA PAWTY? I'd like to present the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award to Selina of One Eye on the Future,  Brian of Forever Homes Wanted and Savannah of Savannah Paw Tracks for their incredible teamwork trying to find Ray and Rachel a forever castle. They should display the award and pass it on and the rest of you should continue to pass on the information on Ray and Rachel.

I have so many loyal readers that I want to pass The Loyal Reader Award on to anybody who doesn't have it and wants it. No questions axed. HAH! That's a pun cos the one stipulation is you have to answer a question.

It's been a long day and will be an even longer night of pawtying. Gonna get my pawty on first at the Nipclub and then … who knows. Hope you've enjoyed the show and hope to see you at one of the After Pawties.