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A Senile Home & Garden Tour

TW here. I'll be your host and tour guide for Senile Sunday. I've got lots of photos for you today! It was 10 years ago this month that we moved into the condo CK calls home. We closed on September 11, two years after the terrible attacks on NYC and America. We had to close that day because the closing had been pushed back so many times. Why are there always snags when doing real estate deals? Do I miss owning a house? No! The only thing I miss is my garden, with its fresh veggies, and the hammock. I also miss my heart cat Nicky, who we found when he walked up to CK's Pop on our porch and meowed and rubbed. I thought he had a home and tried to shoo him. A few days later, we were making an appointment for him to get "tutored" and join our family.

Thought you'd enjoy pictures of Nicky in the new condo.

Here are some more garden photos that I scanned. You can enlarge the collages so you don't strain your eyes. (Not that TW is implying that you're as old as she is!)

Nicky posing by the azaleas at the old house.

Petunias and marigolds surround the pond. human nip grows inside window.

The herb garden after planting.

CK taking control again here. I certainly wasn't counting on TW turning this into a Nicky lovefest. Ugh! I can't believe how it's like pulling teeth getting one of them to do a Senile Saturday/Sunday!

Here's my September calendar. It's better late than never. I marked the 4th on the calendar because that's the day Pop starts his new job on a part-time basis. I'm going to miss all the loving and attention he gave me while he was home on forced retirement. Of course, it was not nearly enough. Most of all, I'm going to miss poking him through his chair a hunnert times every time he sat down to eat. He would get up and walk me to my food. But I am glad that he found a job so we can pay the bills and I can keep eating the delish cat food that I like. Do you have any plans for September? Click on the photo to biggify so you can print it out. Pop's gonna hang it in his new work space.

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  1. Well, CK, Nicky *was* a pretty cool-looking kitteh. We really love that picture of him chilling on the couch!

    We also are very happy and want to congratulate your Pop as he begins his new job! The Human feels so fortunate that she got through the Great "Recession" without losing her job--there were salary freezes, substantial salary reductions and layoffs at her school, but by the grace of Ceiling Cat she scraped through, though several of her colleagues didn't. It was a somber few years. So cheers to him for gearing up for new employment--of course, that does not mean YOUR service should suffer. First things first, right?

    Also, thanks for being so generous with the Blue Pillows. I figured since it was Nellie you wouldn't mind. EVERYONE loves Nellie :-) XOXOXOXO

  2. Your human did lots of nice stuff with her garden, CK, unlike MY human who has no talent and NO desire to do jack with our fairly sizable plot of land! The only reason she enjoys living in a house is because it gives her so much space from her neighbors.

  3. We're so happy that your Pop is going back to work, CK. We know you'll miss him, but you can just sleep most of the time he is gone so that you can wear the crazy pants a little extra at night.

    TW had a really nice garden. We love that she had koi. Those would have been fun to stalk!

  4. I enjoyed the home & garden tour very much! The koi pond is so pretty. Nicky sure was handsome kitty. I love his photo relaxing on the couch :-)
    Have a fun holiday weekend!

  5. I am very happy for your Pop CK. Thank you for the tour

  6. What a beautiful garden. We enjoyed seeing the pictures of Nicky even if you weren't thrilled about it, CK.

    And good luck to Pop in his new job.

    pee ess...the mom says there's a bumper crop of nip this year so more leaves will be coming your way. :)

  7. CK we loved the "senile" Sunday post. Oh my what a garden TW had back in the day! So beautiful, we love the Koi pond. Nicky was sure a handsome kitty too. We are real happy for your Pop.We know secretly you're gonna miss him when he goes off to work. Have a great Sunday!

  8. Wow, you sure had a beautiful garden! And Nicky was a cutie.
    Of course, CK, YOU are gorgeous, no need to be jealous!
    Yay for your pop and his new job!

  9. HURRAH to continued Cat Fuuds!!! We are lucky that our Mommy works for a utility and that she RUNS the plant--they need her.

    Our peeps used to have a HUGE house on two acres with a barn, gardens, the works. They LOVE having a smaller house! Your peep's house was very pretty, Mommy says. Nicky sure was a relaxed type of guy. Good thing you've changed that up, CK. Keep 'em on their toes.

  10. Nicky sure "owned" that couch! TW sure did good with the garden. Mommy wishes SHE had a hammock!

  11. Ok, that second photo was pretty cute! Loved all the beautiful garden photos, too. Wish I had a garden a fraction as nice as that!

  12. CK, your mom did hog your post in the name of Nicky..but you have to admit the garden photos are just stunning!

    The best to your Pop. I know you'll miss him, but he's off to round up some moolah to keep you in treats!

    Have a good holiday tomorrow!

    Tinker, Anastasia, Mom Julie and Angel Tom

  13. We sure did enjoy the tour CK and your calendar pic is picture purrfect!

  14. M here - Congratulations to POP on the new job. We're happy for him, and thankful you are happy too CK. Without the humans working, there would be no kibble, toys, or anything fun or good. TW- Your garden is/was beautiful. It really puts mine to shame these days. Nicky was a very handsome/beautiful kitty - I can see why you miss him/her so much. Now CK, be nice and give TW a kitty kiss.

  15. How beautiful that garden was. Our mom would have had a really hard time leaving that behind. We did enjoy meeting Nicky. Sorry you thought too much time was given to him. Concats to Pop on his new job. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Msuricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  16. Wow, CK... TW's garden is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! ..not that you get to go out and enjoy it!

    Did you know that the cat that came before me was named Nicki?! Glogirly's going to to a post on him sometime in the future. : )

    Please wish Pop good luck in his new job! We're so happy he was able to find something and hope it will turn into a full time gig soon!


  17. Hello, sweetie. I'd like to teleport over and maybe we could take a little field trip to where the old hammick was you were lounging in earlier today?

  18. What a lovely looking garden your Peep´s had !
    You sure can see that Nicky is THE owner of that sofa *mol*
    CK yoo look pawsome on your september photo !!
    Me have no special plans for september ( that I know of)
    Wish your dad good luck on his new job !

  19. First...Woo Hoo for Pops and his new job, we hope it turns full time in a snap. And TW's garden was just pawsome! Nicky was a very handsome mancat...we bigified everything so we could see it better...Mom Linda has old squinty eyes! MOL! Paw hugs, Savannah

  20. OMC that garden is so pretty! Wow... and Nicky is a pretty handsome kitty too. Hope your Pop enjoys his new job. September is a busy month here... my daughter's real birthday is tomorrow and mine's on the 13th. Plus some other birthdays and other things...

  21. Your garden and home are beautiful! Congrats to your Pop as he begins his new job! Purrs...

  22. We really enjoyed the Nicky lovefest (uh sorry CK!). Gorgeous photos. All our good thoughts to your Pop as he begins his new work.


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