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August is here!

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Senile Saturday— TW's Taste Test at BK

Senile Saturday is the day when we cats take a vacation from dictating our blogs and let the humans do the heavy lifting. I've taken notice that must of our humans are about the same age: Over the Hill. With that in mind, I going to take a nap and let TW do her thing. Hopefully, I won't lose any followers.
♢ ♢ ♢ ♢
I admit, I'm not a BK type of person but when I got my hands on a bunch of coupons for free food, I went a little wild. Hog wild, you could say. Oink! Oink! (CK note: Is this gonna embarrass me? It better not!) CK, you said this was MY post!

I tried the Memphis BBQ pulled pork sandwich. Whatever points it got for good taste, it lost for being so messy. Someone my age doesn't want to be taking a bath or washing my hair after eating lunch. That BBQ sauce got all over.

On my second trip, purely for review purposes of course, I tried the Carolina BBQ, which is chicken, topped with bacon (CK's ears perk up.), lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and BBQ sauce. This wasn't quite so messy since I kept it wrapped in its wrapper while I ate it. I must say, I could do without the bacon. (CK note: GASP!!! What is this Woman thinking??) It was very enjoyable, although I'm still reliving the onions 4 hours later. (CK note: TMI! TMI!)

The sweet potato fries were to die for! Mmmmmm! We're a household of sweet potato eaters (CK note: except for the cat!) and those fries tasted so good. They rank right up there with the ones from Bruce's Burgers in NYC, and come highly recommended. Sweet potatoes are full of potassium and lots of other good things. They're one of the healthiest foods to eat. Of course, when fried some of that goes out the window.

Next came the strawberry frozen lemonade, which doesn't measure up to the one at Mickey D's. It's much too sweet although it provided at least three brain freezes. In the 90 degree heat, the free soft ice cream cone hit the spot, even if I'm not exactly sure what it's made out of. I believe it does contain dairy though. My tummy never lies.

On my second trip, they didn't have lemonade, so I got the strawberry-banana smoothie. Very yummy. The taste is mostly strawberry, which is good because I'm not a banana lover like CK's Pop is. No brain freezes  but very enjoyable when you need to beat the heat.

So there you have it. I don't know if I'm going to eat any dinner after pigging out at lunch time. It's gonna be something light. And, no, I'm afraid I didn't bring a happy meal home for CK. (CK note: Hiss!)

Hope you didn't expect to find a picture of TW. I'm trying to gain followers, not lose them!
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Thankful Thursday—False Alarm

An alarming thing happened this morning at the condo. My Facebook furrends might've read about it already. TW was sitting at the computer reading me some of your blogs when suddenly this Cod-awful sound came blasting into our apartment. I'd never heard anything so loud. It was louder than the vacuum. It was even louder that Pop's snoring! TW responded by uttering a word I won't repeat here.

I was laying on Pop's bed just like this when suddenly …
Then TW jumped into action. She ran to get dressed. She scurried around, muttering to herself. Meanwhile, the cat on the bed lifted her head out of a dreamy sleep. The cat wondered what was going on. TW doesn't jump like this unless … unless … some evil human is coming to invade our privacy. After being ignored for awhile, the cat decided to save herself.

THE CAT jumped and ran to her office UTB in TW's room. It was then TW finally remembered she had a cat. Ooopsy! She got on the floor and stuck her head UTB and told the cat it was OK to come out. The cat responded by going up further into the box spring.

Whoa! Flames! Get me outta here!
TW has assured me—yeah, right— that she felt the door and then looked out and there wasn't a trace of smoke, fire or even an odor of smoke. She claims she would've gotten me if she'd smelled something. The cat doubts this as history proves otherwise. When the alarm went off a second time, she called the desk downstairs. We thank the Condo Management and Association for warning us in advance that they were installing a new Fire Alarm System. NOT! They have a web site, forum AND e-mail alert system but did not prepare us for this. If this had been an actual emergency, no one would've been the wiser.

A few years ago, we DID have an actual fire down the hall. Guess what, the fire alarm never went off that time. TW awoke to the smell of smoke and looked out the door. She saw smoke coming from the apartment down the hall. She panicked that time and ran without the cat. She met the Super on her way downstairs and told him. Can you believe he had to investigate before calling the fire department. By the time, the FD arrived, it had already burned through the floor into the apartment downstairs. It started when a light from a turtle tank got knocked unto the floor.

Thankfully this DIDN'T happen!
As TW was standing in the courtyard, she suddenly remembered she had a cat and begged the firemen to get me. They had already let the dog walker go up and get all the dogs that lived on our floor. "Please save my cat", she cried then she called Pop. She cried! She fretted! When they distinguished [sic] the fire, everything smelled smokey and it was hard to breathe. Our apartment—with THE CAT still inside—reeked. No one knows what went through THE CAT'S mind as firemen stomped through the hall with their hoses. No one knows how scared THE CAT was, smelling that fire burning.

Pop would've made THE CAT his first priority. He wouldn't have left without HIS CAT! He would've saved THIS LITTLE GHETTO CAT!

The Super and all the neighbors called TW a hero that time for being so quick to alert the authorities and saving their apartments. To THE CAT, she was more like a ZERO.

Wednsday Word of the Day—Awards

Photo from 2/24/10 of me drinking water.
While I was involved with the Nip-A-Thon for Baby Patches, I received two awards. I'd like to take this opportunity to graciously accept them.

The first came from Katie and Glogirly, who presented me with the Illuminating Blogger Award. I don't know that my blog falls into the illuminating and informative categories but several of you must think so because King Spitty also bestowed it upon me in June. The Illuminating fact I gave was that I haven't drank water in almost 2 years. TW's new theory is that it was about that time when my water dish started going into the dishwasher, rather than being washed by hand in soapy water. That being said, I've only attempted to drink from the Drinkwell fountain once and that's never gone into the machine. Many thanks and a tip of the fur to Katie.

The only good thing about water is the cool box it comes in.

❉  ❉  ❉  ❉  ❉

The second award is a special one from Molly of Molly the Wally, The Little Dog with a Blog! It's the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! Sisterhood is something this ghetto kitty is sure down wit'. Molly is from across the pond so she's keeping us up to date on the Olympic preparations and what's new in the Mother Country and she does it with style and humor. In accepting this award, I'm gonna give 5 facts about myself and then pass it on to five sistas. Number 5 is an illuminating fact if ever there was one! Hey, no cheating! Read 'em in order!

  1. I like to lay on my PTU, even right after I get back from the v-e-t.
  2. I have a nick on one of my ears. A reminder of my days stalking and patrolling in da hood.
  3. I don't like prawns. I ate them once but that's it. When I get cat food that contains them, I'll eat around them and leave them in the dish, untouched.
  4. I'm very high maintenance. Forget all you've heard about cats being independent. I want TW's full attention 24/7. If not, I bug the hell out of her. I pace and bite her leg while she types my blogs on the computer. I won't play unless TW is playing with me. She must be at my beck and call. No matter how hungry I am, I won't eat unless one of the peeps is standing there.
  5. #1. I like to lay on my PTU.
  6. This might surprise you but I LOVE to get kissed on the top of my head and I'll even kiss the peeps back. Hey, even ghetto kittehs need love! I have my limitations when it comes to affections, but the peeps say I'm one of the most affectionate cats they've ever had. That said, once I tire of it, I'll bite without a moment's notice. Pop has had his nose bitten on several occasions when he wants extra kisses.
I'm going to pass the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award on to a few of my sistas.
  1. My soul sista, Michelle of The Best Me That I Can Be.
  2. My city sista Katie of Glogirly.
  3. My suburban sista Pumpkin of Adventures of a Suburban Kitty.
  4. My homey Maggie from Kruse Kats.
  5. My styling sista Allie form A Tonk's Tail … er, Tale.
Lady cats, the spotlight is all yours!

Open Letter to Purina & Pathmark

Dear Mr. Pathmark and Mr. Purina,

My name is Cathy Keisha and I'm a well-respected and well-connected cat blogger.

Remember when Mi Bandara overcharged TW for my Fancy Feast?
You can bet she got her money back!
It has been brought to my attention by The Woman that, within the past 2 weeks, the price of a 3-oz can of regular Fancy Feast has risen from 72¢ to 83¢. That's an increase of 11¢ or 15 percent. I don't know which one of you is responsible for this but I'm not going to take it lying down.

As I understand it, the Consumer Price Index has risen by less than 1% in the last month, so a 15% increase is totally out of line. Is it corporate greed? It's corporate greed at its worst when it effects the cat! Hiss! Spit!

If Pathmark is responsible for this increase in the price of my Fancy Feast, I'm going to start buying online or at Shop Rite. Yeah, I know the peeps have already cashed in two of those Pet Club $9 coupons this year, but it still doesn't make up for your outrageous prices. I didn't ax you to renovate your store into some fancy-smancy place that no longer carries many of the products that we used to buy so I shouldn't have to pay through the very stunning nose for it.

Wonder if it's time for dindin yet? I'm starving!

Not long ago, the peeps were getting two cans for $1 in Pathmark and then they went up to 59¢ a can. The past few weeks, they've been on sale for 60¢ a can and we think it's a big bargain. Do you think when you take it off sale, people will forget that it was 73¢? In the past 3 years, you've raised the price 66% (from 50 to 83¢) while Pop's salary has remained the same. Something has got to give here and, believe me, this cat ain't eating store brand.

If this is an across the board hike by Purina so that I'll buy your expensive Mornings Gourmet or whatever the heck they are, it ain't working. I know what I like and I'm going to keep eating it. You didn't get me with the Elegant Medleys or the Cheese Delights or even the Gravy Lovers so what makes you think I'm going to change this time. OK, I did fancy the Elegant Medleys for a little while.

Unbeknownst to you, I've been cheating on the both of you. I've been going grain-free in the mornings, eating Soulistic Luna Tuna, Autumn Bounty and Island Illusion that we've been buying at Petco. I could switch to eating that exclusively and not eat Fancy Feast at all. Sure, I'd miss it for awhile but I'd adapt. It'd no doubt be better for my health. I mean, the peeps stopped eating red meat entirely over 30 years ago and they never missed it.

All this reminds me that I wanted to ax you exactly what the hell "meat by-products" are and why are they in my grilled tuna? Ditto the "artificial and natural flavors" and "added color." Cats are color blind. We don't care what color the tuna is as long as it IS real tuna and not meat by-products.

I don't think you know who you're messing wit'. My teeth and claws are razor sharp! I know I'm just a little ghetto kitteh; but when I have questions, you'd better have answers, na mean? So, why does a 3 oz. can of non-premium cat food cost almost a buck???? Someone is looking to get out of bankruptcy on the backs of the cats and kittens. I want to know who's responsible for this miscarriage of justice!

Perhaps its time to cash in my Mr. Chewy gift card, if it's still good. I've heard nothing but good things about their prices and customer relations.


Very truly yours,
Cathy "Stunning" Keisha

Easy Like Sunday

Nothing like taking it easy after a job well done. You're wondering about my open letter to Proctor & Gamble? TW actually FOUND a roll of cat print towels yesterday in Pathmark. It was in a 2-pack so we have a worthless tea cup pattern also. I don't think it was a coincidence that Pop found a coupon worth $5 off $40 from Pathmark in his e-mail, so I think this kitteh did her job. Now I'm gonna take it eas-say.


Open Letter to P&G

Dear Mr. Proctor & Mr. Gamble:

My name is Cathy Keisha and I'm a very well-respected and well-connected cat blogger.

TW, didn't you buy cat Bounty?
I'm writing today on a topic of epic proportions. We are approaching crisis time here in the condo. As you know, we stopped using most of your products back on the mid-80s when we learned of all the horrible testing your company used animals for. We did, however, resume using Bounty paper towels when you brought out the cute cat prints. We couldn't resist. Now, however, we can't find them in Pathmark. In fact, we can't find them anywhere! All they have is crappy U.S. Olympic prints. BRING BACK THE CATS! Even though they were a kinda poor excuse for what cats really look like, still they were cats and they were cute. We're on the last roll and, if we can't find more cat towels, we'll be forced to look to another brand. After all, white is white, right?

Strength isn't really an issue here since the peeps use the cat Bounty as placemats. Everyone knows that if you have a REALLY BIG spill like The Great Birch Beer Caper, you clean it up with cloth towels to save the environment. Of course, this brings the question why the peeps don't use reusable placemats for themselves. They give ME a reusable placemat. But that's between me and them for another time.

They are kinda cute and they ARE cats! Bring back the cat prints!
Mr. P. & Mr G., I don't think you know who you're messing wit'. My teeth and claws are razor sharp! I know I'm just a little ghetto kitteh; but when I have questions, you'd better have answers, na mean? So, what happened to the cat print Bounty and why isn't it on my store's shelves????

While I have your attention, I thought I'd mention that your new website is f**ked messed up. We couldn't FIND the towels we were looking for. We couldn't find much of anything. All the links led back to the very confusing and busy home page or some shopping site that wasn't for the product we clicked on. And, oh yeah, before I sign off, we know you're lying so


Very truly yours,
Cathy "Stunning" Keisha

A Special Day! Get Your Glo On!

My furrend Katie told me it's a special day around her townhouse. I was gonna bake a tuna cake but TW wouldn't let me use the oven so I created a card instead. I hope she's knows how much I love my blog makeover.


A Stunning Blog Makeover - GLOGIRLY Style

Hi everyone, Katie here.

HUH???  Settle down, I'm here WITH the Stunning Cathy Keisha. We've come together today to unveil a most STUNNING makeover.

So whattya think???  Have we captured this beloved ghetto kitty's true essence?  Yeah, I think so too. It's the graffiti isn't it?  ...the spray paint...the gritty background...they don't hurt either. CK is one bad-@ss kitteh. But we already knew that.

Cathy Keisha and I have been secretly conspiring for awhile now.  TW tried acting as Chief Creative Officer, but all we had to do was show a little claw and teeth and she backed right down.

CK's makeover included the following STUNNING elements:

  1. Personalized Logo and Header Graphic
  2. Custom Profile Avatar
  3. Design Guidance on Backgrounds, Color Palette, Fonts and Layout
  4. The White Glove Turn-Key Template Service

But WAIT!  There's more.
Soon we'll be unveiling CK's custom seasonal and holiday blog change-outs!  Think Halloween, Christmas, even St. Paddy.  Her possibilities are both STUNNING and endless. For more inspiration and information on how we can help YOUR blog, visit GLOGIRLY DESIGN.

Enjoy the new DO, Cathy Keisha!

Guest bloggers Katie & Glogirly are the creative minds behind the hilarious blog, GLOGIRLY-Tails Of A Cat & Her Girl, and the latest graphic design business to hit the blogosphere - GLOGIRLY DESIGN. Recently the duo won the 2012 BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Award for Best Cat Blog and was named to Bel-Rea's Top 25 Cat Bloggers for 2012. In addition, Katie's WINNING T-SHIRT DESIGN graced the chests of all the 2012 BlogPaws attendees. Even the dogs. GLOGIRLY is currently a finalist in the 2012 Petties Awards for Best Blog Post.   (hint, hint...shameless plug) VOTE HERE.

Tuxie Tuesday—Remember Me?

Somehow Pop talked me into giving TW a new flashy box for her birthday. I wanted to just give her a few of my best bites. Let her know my teeth are still strong and sharp. She's still learning to use it and experimenting. I must admit, I haven't exactly cooperated. I turn my head whenever I see the camera aiming at me. It's big and makes funny noises. This is a picture taken with the old flashy box. The new flashy box has it's advantages cos she doesn't have to use the flash during the day but she hasn't been able to find the right setting yet. Sheesh! I could've learned by now!

Blog the Change 4 Animals—Fostering

I've seen my furrends tweeting about their fosters and have always wanted to know more about what it takes to open your home to a little foster kitteh or dog. My peeps think that if I had been fostered, I might not have come to them as feral as I did. The cat before me came from the same rescue, but she was fostered and she was a lap cat. I finally had the opportunity to ax my Aunt, Karen Hill, who has fostered many furry friends. Before I get to the innerview, I'd like to show a little video that Brookes Legacy Animal Rescue made encouraging people to foster. At the 43 second mark, you can see my human cousin, Vicki, holding a tortie.

CK: How long have you personally been fostering and how did you make the decision to foster?
KH: Fostering cats—and sometimes I foster dogs—has been extremely satisfying. I have fostered for Brookes Legacy Animal Rescue for 4 years now and I can't even explain the joy I have when my fosters find their forever family! I always cry, but it is tears of happiness. 

CK: What exactly does fostering entail? Who pays for the animals vet bills, food, etc.?
KH: With our group, the foster home supplies the food, litter, etc. and the rescue handles all medical expenses for the pets. A small price to pay when you look at the rewards of helping these animals that we have saved from euthanasia at the kill shelters. We are also asked to bring the foster pets to our weekly adoption event at our local Petco store, and sometimes other events in the community. We are quite active and this helps the pets connect with people looking to adopt. We do require foster homes to have their own pets up-to-date on vaccinations and check to see if they are allowed to have pets where they live. Some fosters mingle their own pets and some don’t. I always kept my cat fosters separate from my own as I had a lot of cats coming and going (sometimes I would foster up to 20, but I had an empty bedroom/bathroom for this). Cats don’t always integrate well with each other in the beginning but usually after a few days everyone works it out. I didn’t want to mingle cats on a continual basis with my own because of the volume of cats I foster. 

CK: Is it hard to give up an animal that you've fostered for awhile? Have you ever wound up keeping one of your fosters?
KH: Many times we have volunteers that are what I call "Failed Fosters" who end up adopting their foster pet! This is a double edge sword because we are happy the pet has found their forever home, but then many times the fosters don't "Foster" anymore because there is now an added pet in the house. 

My personal mission is to place these pets and make room for more. I do get somewhat attached, but I always look at the bigger picture. I have been at shelters to rescue and have seen the pets in the cages lined up outside the death row room. This keeps me very motivated to continue to foster, place, and then make room for more to be saved. Cats specifically do not have to be held for 5 days like dogs for owners to look for them in some shelters. They can come in and go immediately to euthanasia. Every shelter is different but in the long run, cats are euthanized at a much, much higher rate than dogs. 

CK: Do you foster special needs animals?
KH: Yes, I have fostered many special needs cats too…..blind, one eyed, three legged, etc. The bottom line is that these animals don’t know they are special needs. We always find placement for them and they are so loved. My favorite “special kitty” adoption was with a young boy who fell in love with one of my fosters “Blinky” who only had one eye. She was such a sweet little Russian Blue mix kitten. Just melted my heart! They sent a picture of him with her last Christmas that was so sweet. 

CK: Can you share a story about one special cat you fostered and who got adopted?
Best in Show: Panzy Priss
KH: One of my foster cats, who I became very attached to, was Panzy Priss. She was a petite tuxedo that I would take with me all the time to adoption events, etc. because she did real well in public, the car, liked other cats, dogs … just wonderful.

The rescue was asked to attend a cat show they were holding locally and said we could enter one of our available cats in the “Household Pet” category. My comment was…who knew? They recommended a friendly outgoing cat personality would do best obviously, so I naturally thought of Panzy.

I didn’t know that anyone can show their cat of any background in this category. Naturally I assumed a cat show would only be purebred breeds! The cat show people are very rescue friendly too. (we actually placed 3 cats at this show). This was all new to us … running from ring to ring and trying to man our rescue booth! Long story short … after 2 days, 10 judges, etc. Panzy won “Best In Show” in the Household Pet category, at the Platinum Coast Cat Fanciers show on Sunday, July 24, 2011 held at the Araba Temple in Ft. Myers, Florida!

Several weeks after the show I had her at one of our adoption events at Petco with some of her ribbons and a lovely couple adopted her. They simply love her whether she won ribbons or not! I was so happy for all of them, but really missed her, as she was my foster for almost 1 year. 


One of Karen's fosters needs your thoughts, prayers and well wishes. Traffic had surgery for the removal of her back leg. Donations are needed, as well as a forever family for this sweet kitty. I wrote about her earlier this year. #pawcircle

Finale of the Baby Patches Nip-A-Thon

Before I get to the final item, I'd like a huge round of applause for the anipals who have donated the works of art you have been bidding on. You cats are the bestest!!


Let's also give it up for the winners, who've donated to help keep Baby Patches shop open: @Cheriswan, CATachresis, @Seabasscat @Smokey8 @Isagold, P.M. Griffin, @Flicka47. All you guys are pawsome!

What can I say about Mariodacat that hasn't been said before? He's simply amazing. Whenever an anipal or their human needs assistance, he's the first one setting up a ChipIn or arranging a fundraising pawty for them. Without a doubt, Mario (with a little help from his M) is the MVP of the anipal community. His kindness knows no bounds, which sometimes leads to him getting pulled in two different directions at once.  He may be retweeting about #Nipclub, #Pawpawty and some other event at the same time, thus ending up in Twitmo. If you look at his archives you'll see how many of his posts are dedicated to a pal who's sick or needs help or another who went OTRB. This world needs more Marios.

When I first mentioned the idea of this auction, he was one of the first anipals to ax what he could do to help. No surprise. I was speechless when he told me his D had given his permission to auction off one of his paintings. Can you imagine Cathy Keisha speechless?? Heh heh! His M has been in constant contact with TW to find out what we need and what they can do to help.

Drum Point Light House
As many of you know both Mario's peeps have Parkinson Disease. Many of you read his M's blog Shuffling Along With PD. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who doesn't, as it's written in the same friendly tones as Mario's Meowsings. Mario's D started taking art lessons late in life. I believe it was after his PD diagnosis. He's been painting for just 10 years and his work is simply incredible. We're no elitist art snobs here, but we own two of his pieces and simply adore them.

It's with great pride that I'm auctioning off the piece he calls Drum Point Light House. This gorgeous piece measures 12 x 16 inches. It comes fully framed.

The starting bid for this exquisitely gorgeous painting will be $45. Leave your bid in a comment. Bidding will be open until 12:00 noon EDT on July 14th. Please bid whole dollar amounts. This item will only ship in the continental U.S. They'll ship outside the U.S. only if the buyer will pay shipping costs. All money raised will go directly to Baby Patches. TW will not even let me sniff it!

 Happy Birthday TW! She'll be pawtying at the ballpark in da Bronx. Go Yankees! Image by @Glogirly Designs

Nip-A-Thon for Baby Patches, Item 8

We're up to the penultimate item of our auction. Lest you forgot, this auction is to help Baby Patches' Momma pay her medical bills to keep her insurance and to keep Nip and Bones going so we can continue to buy Silvervine and all the other great pet products they sell. Many of the items in their shop are exclusive.

Whskr, Dash Kitten's human, has generously made a gorgeous necklace for this auction. Not only will you get the one of the kind chainmaille necklace, but you'll also get a New Zealand- themed cup and saucer of Fern/(Koru). The chain is aluminum and very light. It's handmade by Whskr, aka Marjorie Dawson, and will have a simple toggle clasp of Hill Tribe silver. After you place your bid, please check out Whskr's Etsy shop. I have one of her pieces and love it! Whskr and Dash Kitten have been working tirelessly promoting this auction and fundraising for Baby Patches. She's arranged many a pawty to help our anipal furrends.

The starting bid for the chainmaille necklace and cup and saucer will be $15. Since Whskr is shipping from New Zealand, there'll also be a $5 shipping charge. This item will ship anywhere. Leave your bid in a comment. Bidding will be open until 12:00 noon EDT on July 13th. Please bid whole dollar amounts. All money raised will go directly to Baby Patches, except shipping charges. TW will not even let me sniff it!

My sincere thanks to Dash Kitten and Whskr and everyone who's donated an item or bid on one. Also, thanks to everyone who's retweeted the link for, or blogged about, this auction. Lastly, thanks to everyone who visits, even if they're not bidding. It's very much appreciated! You guys ROCK!

THIS AUCTION IS CLOSED. Concatulations to Smokey Pimo. xoxo

Baby Patches Nip-A-Thon Item 7

Top: Cokie resting
Middle: Portrait of Gree
Bottom: ParkerSKat
Today, I'm auctioning a custom pet pawtrait by @CheshireK's human. CheshireK has a bloggie, Cheshire Loves Karma which was the inspiration behind this auction. Some of the causes his auctions have supported were World Vets, after the tsunami in Japan; Help for Joplin, after the terrible tornados in Joplin, Missouri; and Okey's Promise: Art for a Cause, which raises awareness of the connection between animal abuse and child abuse. He and his human have hearts of gold and he's been providing tips, advice encouragement and now this opportunity of a lifetime.

You can see how talented his human is at the chescheshirek ArtFireShop. The winner of this auction will have his or her pawtrait done in alcohol-based ink (Copic marker) on Paris Paper for Pens. Pawtraits are 5 x 7 inches and purrfect for framing. I liked the ones in the gallery so much, I think I'm going to commission my own.

The starting bid for the custom pawtrait will be $20. Leave your bid in a comment. Bidding will be open until 12:00 noon EDT on July 12th. Please bid whole dollar amounts. This prize ships anywhere. All money raised will go directly to Baby Patches. TW will not even let me sniff it!

We're down to the final items: jewelry lovingly made by Whskr  and—wait for it!—a painting by Mariodacat's Dad! As always, I'm excited to have such great and talented furrends helping out. Thanks to everyone who's bid and for the artists who have donated. Also, my sincere thanks to everyone who's retweeted the link for, or blogged about this auction. Lastly, thanks to everyone who visits, even if they're not bidding. It's very much appreciated!

THIS AUCTION IS CLOSED! The winner is @Flicka47. Concats to Ruthi.

Nip-A-Thon Auction Item 6

I feel so blessed to have so many furrends donate to my Nip-A-Thon. Bear with me cos we only have a few more items to go and you only have a few more hours to bid on the pet necklace from Mizz Bassie. Thanks to everyone who's offered a bid or comment

The next item was donated by @Morriscat, who just happens to be Tiny Pearl Cat's honey and one of my fellow DJs on Twitter, and his human NJ.

Morris modelling some of his human's knitwear.
This lovely shawlette you'll be bidding on is made from a wool/angora blend of yarn so it's really soft. I know I'd love to lay on it. What you saying, Woman? Oh, heh heh, it's for your human to wear but I'm sure she won't mind a little cat hair on it. You're bidding on the lovely red shawlette with the pretty hearts in the photo below. Depending on your preference, @Morris's human can add a toggle closure to the front.

The starting bid for the gorgeous hand-made shawlette will be $20. Leave your bid in a comment. Also mention if you'd like the toggle closure if you win cos I know we'll forget to ax you later. Bidding will be open until 12:00 noon EDT on July 11th. Please bid whole dollar amounts. Morris will ship U.S. or overseas so this auction is open to everybody. All money raised will go directly to Baby Patches. TW will not even let me sniff it!

My sincere thanks to Morris and his human and everyone who's donated an item or bid on one. Also, thanks to everyone who's retweeted the link for, or blogged about, this auction. Lastly, thanks to everyone who visits, even if they're not bidding. It's very much appreciated! You guys ROCK!

THIS AUCTION IS NOW CLOSED. Concats to our winner, P.M. Griffin. Thank you for the donation.

Baby Patches Nip-A-Thon Item 5

Concats to @Smokey8  for the winning bid on the quilt from our last auction. Thanks to all who been bid.

This auction is being held to benefit Baby Patches momma who has health issues and may have to close our favorite online store Nip and Bones, which just happens to be the only place in the US to buy Silvervine. If they closed, we'd all be going through withdrawal. Let's pledge to help BP get back on her own four paws.

Can you believe I'm being used as a display case??? Necklace shown is a sample.
The lovely Mizz Bassie.
The next item to bid on is a pet necklace from Mizz Bassie, a lovely Maine Coon cat who's always ready and willing to help anipals in need. Her necklaces are sought after at anipal pawties. I have two of them, one of which I donated to A Call 4 Paws so they can auction it during their Tricky Tray fundraiser. TW hopes that someday she can get me to wear the other one. I would, but I have to keep it real so good luck with that.

Yes, I do have gorgeous fur!
These pet necklaces are made with silver- or gold-plated metal, pewter or silver- or gold-colored glass beads and a variety of semi-precious stones to bring out the lovliness of your fur. The metals do not contain lead and are safe for anipals. Clasps are silver- or gold-plated and magnetic so they open if the necklace gets caught, preventing the necklace from breaking and you from choking.

Mizz Bassie will make a necklace or bracelet up to 24" for you or your human. The human necklace have a pewter toggle clasp, unless you prefer the magnetic clasp. You can choose one from the above link or she'll custom make one for you. In fact, she can even incorporate your name into many of the designs.

The starting bid for the gorgeous hand-made pet necklace will be $25. Leave your bid in a comment. Bidding will be open until 12:00 noon EDT on July 10th. Please bid whole dollar amounts. Mizz Bassie will ship U.S. or overseas so this auction is open to everybody. All money raised will go directly to Baby Patches. TW will not even let me sniff it!

We still have a plethora of cool items to bid on so keep coming back and trying. My sincere thanks to Mizz Bassie and everyone who's donated an item or bid on one. Also, thanks to everyone who's retweeted the link for, or blogged about, this auction. Lastly, thanks to everyone who visits, even if they're not bidding. It's very much appreciated! You guys ROCK!

THIS AUCTION IS NOW CLOSED. @Isagold has the winning bid. Concats, my furrend!

Baby Patches Nip-A-Thon Item 4

Usually when you have an auction like this, you save the best, most sought-after, item for last. I'm in the unique position where ALL the donated items are the best. I'm auctioning them off in the order they were donated.

Parker and Maggie making sure Mom rests.
Item 4 was donated by the Kruse Kats, MaggieTKat and ParkerSKat, and was lovingly hand-made by their mom, Wanda, who is very involved with anipal charity work. Of course, Maggie and Parker supervised and helped when they could.

The name of the quilt is "Baby Patches and the Butterflies." This gorgeous quilt measures about 32" x 38". The binding is the darker pink (almost salmon)—Did someone say salmon??—and Wanda will probably add beads or other embellishments to the quilt. If pink isn't to the winner's liking, the binding can be changed.

All materials are 100% cotton—except for the beads—and since the quilt doesn't contain fire retardant batting, it's not suggested for children's rooms.

Wanda is about one-third finished with the quilt and promises that the winner will have the quilt in their paws within 4 weeks after the bid is finalized.

The starting bid for this gorgeous hand-made quilt will be $30. Leave your bid in a comment. Bidding will be open until 12:00 noon EDT on July 9th. I'm leaving it open an extra day to give everyone ample opportunity to get their bids in. Also TW is probably too lazy to blog on Sunday anyway. Please bid whole dollar amounts. The best part is that Maggie has agreed to ship anywhere. All money raised will go directly to Baby Patches. TW will not even let me sniff it!

We'll have a lot more items to auction next week so if you don't win the quilt, maybe you will win the painting of your pet by Cheshire Cat's human, jewelry lovingly made by Whskr, a chunky lace shawlette from @Morriscat, a pet necklace from @MissBassie and—wait for it!—a painting by Mariodacat's Dad! I'm so excited to have such great and talented furrends helping out. Thanks to everyone who's bid and for the artists who have donated. Also, my sincere thanks to everyone who's retweeted the link for, or blogged about this auction. Lastly, thanks to everyone who visits, even if they're not bidding. It's very much appreciated!

If you're on Twitter, join us tonight for the #KitPawty, where we will be fundraising for Chief Kit, Baby Patches. There'll be prizes to win and amazing anipals to meet. I'll be spinning tunes from 7:30-8:30. If you're not on Twitter, now may be the time to join and pawty with us. Check out these noms!  Anipals rock!

Due to all the work involved in coordinating this auction, and my furrends know how allergic TW is to work, I haven't been able to comment on everyone's blog. I've been reading as many as I can and will comment again soon. All this computer work is making TW's vertigo act up. Hope I don't have to start typing too! Worse still, I hope Pop doesn't have to do this.

THIS AUCTION IS NOW CLOSED. Concatulations to @Smokey8.

Baby Patches Nip-A-Thon Auction Item 3

Before I tell you about our next item, I want to announce the winner of the CK Rockin' the #Nipclub CD. A good Twitter furrend @Cheriswan won with a $35 bid. To make that twice as sweet, the wonderful Brian of Brian's Home has said he'll match the winning bid! How pawsome is that!!!!

Our next item was donated by @TinyPearlCat, whose blog is Pearl Cat and Her Family. It's a set of 12 Gratitude Cat Rocks. A Gratitude Cat Rock fits right in your pocket to help remind you to think grateful and positive thoughts whenever you see or feel it. These rocks come from the Great Northwest beaches and are carefully selected for their shape and smoothness. Each one is carefully hand painted to show the color of the rock as the base color of the cat. Then a clear protective coat is added to bring out the color of the rock as you would see it as if it were wet. It comes with a page that shows you how to find the online instructions on how to use the rock for gratitude. I thought this video was cool.

Pearl is testing the nip for you to make sure you'll like it.
Pearl has added a pouch of her famous Nip to the package. She'll ship anywhere so the bidding is open to our non-U.S. furrends. The minimum bid for the Gratitude Rocks and the catnip is $10. Leave your bid in a comment. Bidding will be open until noon EDT on July 7th. Please bid whole dollar amounts. All money raised will go directly to Baby Patches. TW will not even let me sniff it!

For those who want a sneak peak at the quilt that @MaggieTKat's mom is making for the auction, she's posted a picture and description on her blog.

Thanks again to everyone who's put in a bid, donated or just retweeted the link for this auction. It's very much appreciated!

THIS AUCTION IS NOW CLOSED. The winner is @SeabassCat with a bid of $45. Concats!