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Wednsday Word of the Day—Awards

Photo from 2/24/10 of me drinking water.
While I was involved with the Nip-A-Thon for Baby Patches, I received two awards. I'd like to take this opportunity to graciously accept them.

The first came from Katie and Glogirly, who presented me with the Illuminating Blogger Award. I don't know that my blog falls into the illuminating and informative categories but several of you must think so because King Spitty also bestowed it upon me in June. The Illuminating fact I gave was that I haven't drank water in almost 2 years. TW's new theory is that it was about that time when my water dish started going into the dishwasher, rather than being washed by hand in soapy water. That being said, I've only attempted to drink from the Drinkwell fountain once and that's never gone into the machine. Many thanks and a tip of the fur to Katie.

The only good thing about water is the cool box it comes in.

❉  ❉  ❉  ❉  ❉

The second award is a special one from Molly of Molly the Wally, The Little Dog with a Blog! It's the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! Sisterhood is something this ghetto kitty is sure down wit'. Molly is from across the pond so she's keeping us up to date on the Olympic preparations and what's new in the Mother Country and she does it with style and humor. In accepting this award, I'm gonna give 5 facts about myself and then pass it on to five sistas. Number 5 is an illuminating fact if ever there was one! Hey, no cheating! Read 'em in order!

  1. I like to lay on my PTU, even right after I get back from the v-e-t.
  2. I have a nick on one of my ears. A reminder of my days stalking and patrolling in da hood.
  3. I don't like prawns. I ate them once but that's it. When I get cat food that contains them, I'll eat around them and leave them in the dish, untouched.
  4. I'm very high maintenance. Forget all you've heard about cats being independent. I want TW's full attention 24/7. If not, I bug the hell out of her. I pace and bite her leg while she types my blogs on the computer. I won't play unless TW is playing with me. She must be at my beck and call. No matter how hungry I am, I won't eat unless one of the peeps is standing there.
  5. #1. I like to lay on my PTU.
  6. This might surprise you but I LOVE to get kissed on the top of my head and I'll even kiss the peeps back. Hey, even ghetto kittehs need love! I have my limitations when it comes to affections, but the peeps say I'm one of the most affectionate cats they've ever had. That said, once I tire of it, I'll bite without a moment's notice. Pop has had his nose bitten on several occasions when he wants extra kisses.
I'm going to pass the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award on to a few of my sistas.
  1. My soul sista, Michelle of The Best Me That I Can Be.
  2. My city sista Katie of Glogirly.
  3. My suburban sista Pumpkin of Adventures of a Suburban Kitty.
  4. My homey Maggie from Kruse Kats.
  5. My styling sista Allie form A Tonk's Tail … er, Tale.
Lady cats, the spotlight is all yours!

Would you like to comment?

  1. Keisha congratulations on both awards and we are very touched by your kind words. Have a lovely Wednesday and may it be a cool one. Thank you again it means alot.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. CK, those facts about you are very interesting. Especially about the water and needing one of your peps to stand with you while you eat.

  3. Allie: first....*SQUEE!* oooh THANK you for the award! And second *looks around surreptitiously* I, um, like head kisses too.... *giggle!*

  4. Great award!!! ConCats!
    I love the box too!

  5. Thanks, Baby Girl! I think it's awesome that you love being kissed on the head and that you kiss back :-).

  6. CK!!!!!
    I've missed you too!
    I LOVE your award factoids. ...a little concerned with your proximity to the PTU. And a little SHOCKED that you like head kisses.

    Hope you're having a great week. My girl claims to have occasional moments during her work week that she can visit a few friends from afar. I think she should just forego her sleep for a few days to catch up. heh heh


  7. Thank you! I'm honored to be one of your sistas. I'll put up with head kisses, but it's EK that actually begs for them!

  8. Congratulations on your awards! You must be very brave to lay on PTU even after vet visit!

  9. Really? You think I'm the cutest little boy efur??? Oh, I'm all fainty. Wait...wait...okay. There, I'm better now.

    This blog post was a revelation, CK! It is thrilling to read about your softer side and your luff for your Peeps. SO you like kissies on your heddy? Well, *I* lately like to sit quietly right by the Human's feet while she's at the computer.

    We gotta be careful or we's gonna lose our Formerly Feral Membership Cards.


  10. Congrats CK! I loved reading your items, ya did it up right and I love that water box too!

  11. conga rats on winning those two awards. Well done and no one deserves them more than you. Still can't believe that you don't drink water. So you are really high maintenance?? Good girl . Hope all of you have a super day.

  12. Hi i've just hopped over from BlogPaws wordless Wednesday blog hop.

    I am now following you.

    Congratulations on your awards.


  13. Concatulations on your awards, CK! Well deserved, they are.

  14. ConCats on your awards, CK. We thought your facts were very illuminating! Kisses on the head, eh!!!

  15. Congratulations on your awards CK. Very well deserved too I might add. M says she's love to kiss you on the top of your head, but she's afraid you might put the bitey on her. I bite M's nose after giving her a kiss.

  16. Concatulations CK. You do deserve the awards you receive. You are one of my most impawtant role models. have no idea...paw pats, Savannah

  17. Hello beautiful, Well, you just tell your Peeps that if they is ever back in San Francisco, *I* will give them a purrsunally guided tour, though I cann't guarantee the pig. MOL!

  18. Oh Wow! Concatulations!
    Me is late (as always) at the high fives, but then me likes to make an entrance!

  19. OK, the girl is a moron!!! She just now saw this on FB again and realized you GAVE us an award!!!
    thanx, city sista!!!


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