Friday, July 13, 2012

Finale of the Baby Patches Nip-A-Thon

Before I get to the final item, I'd like a huge round of applause for the anipals who have donated the works of art you have been bidding on. You cats are the bestest!!


Let's also give it up for the winners, who've donated to help keep Baby Patches shop open: @Cheriswan, CATachresis, @Seabasscat @Smokey8 @Isagold, P.M. Griffin, @Flicka47. All you guys are pawsome!

What can I say about Mariodacat that hasn't been said before? He's simply amazing. Whenever an anipal or their human needs assistance, he's the first one setting up a ChipIn or arranging a fundraising pawty for them. Without a doubt, Mario (with a little help from his M) is the MVP of the anipal community. His kindness knows no bounds, which sometimes leads to him getting pulled in two different directions at once.  He may be retweeting about #Nipclub, #Pawpawty and some other event at the same time, thus ending up in Twitmo. If you look at his archives you'll see how many of his posts are dedicated to a pal who's sick or needs help or another who went OTRB. This world needs more Marios.

When I first mentioned the idea of this auction, he was one of the first anipals to ax what he could do to help. No surprise. I was speechless when he told me his D had given his permission to auction off one of his paintings. Can you imagine Cathy Keisha speechless?? Heh heh! His M has been in constant contact with TW to find out what we need and what they can do to help.

Drum Point Light House
As many of you know both Mario's peeps have Parkinson Disease. Many of you read his M's blog Shuffling Along With PD. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who doesn't, as it's written in the same friendly tones as Mario's Meowsings. Mario's D started taking art lessons late in life. I believe it was after his PD diagnosis. He's been painting for just 10 years and his work is simply incredible. We're no elitist art snobs here, but we own two of his pieces and simply adore them.

It's with great pride that I'm auctioning off the piece he calls Drum Point Light House. This gorgeous piece measures 12 x 16 inches. It comes fully framed.

The starting bid for this exquisitely gorgeous painting will be $45. Leave your bid in a comment. Bidding will be open until 12:00 noon EDT on July 14th. Please bid whole dollar amounts. This item will only ship in the continental U.S. They'll ship outside the U.S. only if the buyer will pay shipping costs. All money raised will go directly to Baby Patches. TW will not even let me sniff it!

 Happy Birthday TW! She'll be pawtying at the ballpark in da Bronx. Go Yankees! Image by @Glogirly Designs


Katie Isabella said...

@Mariodacat is a pawsome kitty and so are his pawrents. That is a beautiful painting and I admire D's talent.

Happy Birthday TW! Have fun and enjoy that game. I know you will. Your CK told us about it at #nipclub last night when she came on duty to do her shift as DJ. Go Yankees! xox

Unknown said...

Pop over as we are pleased to let you know we have given you an award.
Best wishes Molly

Marg said...

We totally agree that Mario and his Mom are the very best. We just think the world of them.
That painting is gorgeous. He does lovely work.
So Happy Birthday to TW. Hope you have a most wonderful day. CK, be nice to your Mom today.
We just want to congratulate you on a wonderful job on your auction. Take care.

Brian said...

Mario is such a great friend to everyone he meets! Happy Birthday to TW!

Samantha & Mom said...

Wow!! What a wonderful picture!! Mariocat's parents are the coolest!! Happy Birthday to TW!!! We will Bid $50.00 for the painting!!
Your TX furiends,

WallasEKatt said...

G'day. I'm speechless... almost:

TK and Pip said...

Happy Purrfday, sweet TW. Has fun a the ballpark!
Me bids mine mommy's money of $100 for the beautifur painting.
Love, TK

Wallas E Katt said...

I waz so speechless urrlier I sent me bid in twice! MOL
I rurrrlly need that pic fur me dad fur Xmas.

CATachresis said...

Sorry we can’t bid on this. I think shipping costs would be ginormous!!! But just wanted to say mario is the best and so are his peeps xox

Well done CK on all your hard work this week xox

TK and Pip said...

Me lets Wallas has the beautifur painting fur hims dad. But i has a sad.

Pumpkinpuddy said...

OMC! I wish I could bid on that. It would look purrfect in mom's bedroom. We just don't have enough green papers. Whoever has the winning bid is going to be really lucky.

meowmeowmans said...

Isn't Mariocat the coolest?

Happy birthday to TW!

Prudence said...

We love MarioCat and M & D! We love the painting too! Mom's doing the math, whatever that is, she just got home from her Irish stuff, so is still catching up! She says to wish TW a very happy birthday too!

GLOGIRLY said...

What an amazing gift. Mario, his M & D have such big and generous hearts. And D....well, what a talent! And to know that he developed this later on in life...that is just so cool. We have the utmost respect and love for Mario and his peeps.
xoxo, Katie & Glogirly

Wallas E Katt said...

Just checkin in... *winks*
TK, pleez don't haz a sad xox.
WeK xox

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

Oh what a wonderful donation by Mario's pawrents! I know that Dad will be a happy man on Krissymouse!

Well, shoot! We didn't end up with anything! But you know what? We will go donate some green papers anyway.

And we're gonna get us some-a them rocks!

Oh, and HAPPY BIRFDAY, TW!! I hope your Yankees winned for you!

CK, I'll come visit once you've had a chance for some R&R XOXOXO

Clooney said...

Happy Birthday TW! And many more...I'z got my jazz paws going for ya and wish you a wonderful year ahead! (PS: Awesome that you had an auction for Nip and Bones.)

Wallas E Katt said...

Iz I still on top CK? If not, I do top bid plus $5!!! Can't see full blog on mobi, but I hope my bid still holds. Plus I pay shipping to me mate MarioDaCat.
Hope dat be OK,
WeK xox

p.s. Thank you to CK, all donors, bidders & buyers fur helping BabyPatches & Momma. xox

Wallas E Katt said...

$105 + shippin costs!

Mariodacat said...

Wallas - CK has to give the final word, but it sure looks like you have it. D is thrilled that someone is THAT excited about one of his paintings and he's extra trilled that someone from AU will have it.. Congratulations to you, and thank you to all the bidders for showing an interest.

Wallas E Katt said...

Big M!!! G'day, me ol'boy jus LOVES lighthouses, whenever we see prints in shops he always says 'oh I love lighthouse pics... wish we had a spot for one'. But we usually don't buy stuff jus fur the sake of it that haz no meanin.... this paintin has heaps a meanin fur so many wunnerful reasons. Thank D so much fur partin wif it, it's goin to a rurrly happy home where it'll be luvved - unless of crs someone has outbid me by DMíng CK... I'll sit tight & wait to hear.
I hope TK duzzn't sill haz a sad :)

Willow said...

Happy Birthday to CK, Go Yankees and certainly Derek Jeter.
D is so much talented it gives Mom a push that even if not good at painting its possible to try again.

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

Darling, It was good to see you today. I hope you are resting up? Glad the Yanks came through for TW. Now, if only Timmy Lincecum could stop the bleeding.

Jans Funny Farm said...

A lovely painting. So true about Mario. A wonderful family.

We came by to wish TW a Happy Birthday. We actually made it on the right day with a few minutes to spare before midnight. Hope TW had a great day.

You did a great job of raising funds for Baby Patches. We love her and her mom.