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Senile Saturday— TW's Taste Test at BK

Senile Saturday is the day when we cats take a vacation from dictating our blogs and let the humans do the heavy lifting. I've taken notice that must of our humans are about the same age: Over the Hill. With that in mind, I going to take a nap and let TW do her thing. Hopefully, I won't lose any followers.
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I admit, I'm not a BK type of person but when I got my hands on a bunch of coupons for free food, I went a little wild. Hog wild, you could say. Oink! Oink! (CK note: Is this gonna embarrass me? It better not!) CK, you said this was MY post!

I tried the Memphis BBQ pulled pork sandwich. Whatever points it got for good taste, it lost for being so messy. Someone my age doesn't want to be taking a bath or washing my hair after eating lunch. That BBQ sauce got all over.

On my second trip, purely for review purposes of course, I tried the Carolina BBQ, which is chicken, topped with bacon (CK's ears perk up.), lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and BBQ sauce. This wasn't quite so messy since I kept it wrapped in its wrapper while I ate it. I must say, I could do without the bacon. (CK note: GASP!!! What is this Woman thinking??) It was very enjoyable, although I'm still reliving the onions 4 hours later. (CK note: TMI! TMI!)

The sweet potato fries were to die for! Mmmmmm! We're a household of sweet potato eaters (CK note: except for the cat!) and those fries tasted so good. They rank right up there with the ones from Bruce's Burgers in NYC, and come highly recommended. Sweet potatoes are full of potassium and lots of other good things. They're one of the healthiest foods to eat. Of course, when fried some of that goes out the window.

Next came the strawberry frozen lemonade, which doesn't measure up to the one at Mickey D's. It's much too sweet although it provided at least three brain freezes. In the 90 degree heat, the free soft ice cream cone hit the spot, even if I'm not exactly sure what it's made out of. I believe it does contain dairy though. My tummy never lies.

On my second trip, they didn't have lemonade, so I got the strawberry-banana smoothie. Very yummy. The taste is mostly strawberry, which is good because I'm not a banana lover like CK's Pop is. No brain freezes  but very enjoyable when you need to beat the heat.

So there you have it. I don't know if I'm going to eat any dinner after pigging out at lunch time. It's gonna be something light. And, no, I'm afraid I didn't bring a happy meal home for CK. (CK note: Hiss!)

Hope you didn't expect to find a picture of TW. I'm trying to gain followers, not lose them!
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  1. Now I am famished. Have a lovely Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Thanks for the review! Mom is glad to know about the sweet potato fries, because she loves them but doesn't want to run the oven too much in the summer.

  3. Sounds like a great review and I like that. I don't go to fast food too often but when I go I love to know what's really good and what isn't. xoxo

  4. Yummy! I say. What a delicious bunch of goodies for the humans, and furries if we are lucky!! Great review.

  5. Wonder why I'm so hungry all of a sudden?????

  6. I can't eat fast food but those fries DO sound delicious. Sweet Pea would like some for sure--she loves her some veggies!

  7. M's mouth is watering cuz she loves Sweet Potato Fries. Chips are good too. Her theory is that they are healthy for you - never mind that they are friend!

  8. Hey, CK, my human forgot about the Senile Saturday (proves it, doesn't it?)

    Great post, but the stomach's growling now and I need to head over to my dish, not nearly as good-looking as the spread before you :)

    We love sweet potato fries here, too. But, hey, if it's food, we're all for it here anyway (that's why we're so big 'round, teehee


  9. Very disappointed not to see picture of TW. Just saying …..

  10. yup! I was expecting to at least see TW's hand or something??? Her lunch sounds yummy though!

  11. You can pass that bacon over here anytime.....

  12. Haha!!! CK, even though it's TW's post, you still manage to get your own hiss-claw-hiss in there. Love it! ...I half expected you to start singing the old BK jingle.

    "Hold the pickles,
    Hold the lettuce.
    Special orders
    Don't upset us.
    All we ask
    is that you let us
    serve it your way.
    Have it your way
    Have it your way
    Have it your way
    at Burger King!"

    Bet you didn't know this was Glogirly's FIRST job! She even had to wear the REALLY stupid hat.

    : ) great post xoxo

  13. All right, my Human totally humiliated herself, Mario's Mom told a story where she did something embarrassing, but as far as I can see, there wasn't really any senility on offer here from your Woman!! What gives, CK?? Is this a plot by your Woman to make the rest of the Humans look bad, or what??? My Human is demanding something embarrassing be added to this blog post immediately!

  14. Hi CK! What a great Senile Saturday Post! nextr week me will has to write about how senile my Mommy is! But Me has come to invite yous to stand on the podium for the BRONZE medal for ARTISTIC High Jump!

  15. CK, She didn't bring any back home ? Let's eat her thigh...tee..heh...heh...Just Kidding ; )

    Miss You too

  16. Great review. Our Mom loves BBQ but only if it is really yummy.
    We need to get our old lady to do this Senile Saturday. She forgot, surprise, surprise. Next time send her a reminder and she will do it too. In fact she is writing herself a note right now and hopefully she will find the note. This is terrific. We read Mario's too. Take care.

  17. Hey stopping by to wish Cathy Keisha concatuations on her bronze medal in the high jump. Lots of great competition.


  18. My angel, Jet Dragon, kitty *loved* sweet potatoes! I caught him once, delicately extracting the SP chip from some mixed Terra chips. After that he got some whenever I made them. When he was ill, he got chicken and sweet potato baby food. You don't know what you're missing, CK! Purrs.

    Laura & Taffy

  19. Mom loves TW's review... now she thinks she needs to go get some of those sweet potato fries. She hasn't met a potato she didn't like, baroooo!

  20. Darling, I've punished teh Hyoomin for hur transgressions! We misses U! XOXO


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