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Baby Patches Nip-A-Thon Item 7

Top: Cokie resting
Middle: Portrait of Gree
Bottom: ParkerSKat
Today, I'm auctioning a custom pet pawtrait by @CheshireK's human. CheshireK has a bloggie, Cheshire Loves Karma which was the inspiration behind this auction. Some of the causes his auctions have supported were World Vets, after the tsunami in Japan; Help for Joplin, after the terrible tornados in Joplin, Missouri; and Okey's Promise: Art for a Cause, which raises awareness of the connection between animal abuse and child abuse. He and his human have hearts of gold and he's been providing tips, advice encouragement and now this opportunity of a lifetime.

You can see how talented his human is at the chescheshirek ArtFireShop. The winner of this auction will have his or her pawtrait done in alcohol-based ink (Copic marker) on Paris Paper for Pens. Pawtraits are 5 x 7 inches and purrfect for framing. I liked the ones in the gallery so much, I think I'm going to commission my own.

The starting bid for the custom pawtrait will be $20. Leave your bid in a comment. Bidding will be open until 12:00 noon EDT on July 12th. Please bid whole dollar amounts. This prize ships anywhere. All money raised will go directly to Baby Patches. TW will not even let me sniff it!

We're down to the final items: jewelry lovingly made by Whskr  and—wait for it!—a painting by Mariodacat's Dad! As always, I'm excited to have such great and talented furrends helping out. Thanks to everyone who's bid and for the artists who have donated. Also, my sincere thanks to everyone who's retweeted the link for, or blogged about this auction. Lastly, thanks to everyone who visits, even if they're not bidding. It's very much appreciated!

THIS AUCTION IS CLOSED! The winner is @Flicka47. Concats to Ruthi.

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  1. My staff should have more pictures of me in the house, so I'll open the bidding at $20 ;)

  2. Jeez.... yr not the only one Morris! Try bein a puppet!!!

  3. What beautiful portraits! Very talented artist!

  4. Robin captured Parker's personality - adoarable and wacky!Please bid on this great opportunity!

  5. Robin is so very talented. She does amazing work.

  6. Glogirly may be a wiz (or is that whiz) at Photoshop....but she can't paint like this!
    We bid $40!!!

    xo, Katie

  7. Hope it is going well from us across the pond.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. Just popped by to view the latest. Hope you raise lots of dosh :) xox

  9. hmmmmm...taps one nail up and down...wonder if Mom or Dad is looking???...quickly moves paw to the keyboard and hits numbers...$60...there!!! Teach them to not have any pictures of me anywhere in theh house except this stupid hard drive!!!

  10. Well...I really do need one of Cheshires mom's drawing to round out my collection of Bztats...


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